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Mystery P.I. Portrait of a Thief
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Product Description

Become a private investigator in Mystery P.I.: Portrait of a Thief. Track an art thief to recover missing paintings recently stolen from a private collection. The game features 18 missions with multiple locations in each, including 9 DS-only locations. Collect awards, encounter new characters and keep track of your game in the case log while unlocking secret gameplay modes and mini-game free play. Mystery P.I.: Portrait of a Thief also provides a dual screen interface and touch-screen functionality.

  • Find over 1,600 objects in 70 seek-and-solve puzzles within 18 locations
  • Test your skills in 4 stylus-based mini-games, with high-score leaderboards
  • Keep track of suspects and clues in your case log
  • Collect bonus objects and unlock two modes of unlimited play
  • Enjoy a rich character-driven story written exclusively for Nintendo DS

Customer Reviews:

  • Mystery P.I.
    It seems to be difficult to get to the next levels after solving the mystery. For some reason it keeps starting the player over on the same game....more info
  • Lots of Fun to Pass the Time Away
    These Hidden Objects games are fun & addicting. Once you start playing, it's hard to put down. You have to find lots of hidden/embedded objects within a certain time, but you'll rarely feel rushed because there's plenty of time allotted. There are also several mini-puzzles, such as matching, & rotating puzzle pieces. I will say, though, that there are limited "pictures" that you must find the objects in (maybe about 6), but there are still many objects in each that make it challenging to play. ...more info
  • Decent game
    Yet another "I Spy" or search and find game. It's similar to "Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Ruins", but with my horrendous eyesight, I had a hard time finding some items in this one. In one puzzle, a "king" was one of the objects. I immediately thought chess piece, which was the case, but there were a few pieces that were clicked on before I nailed the right one. Maybe it was just my horrible vision, but having multiple similar items is annoying. I kept clicking and had gotten points deducted. If it were a PC version, I think I'd be able to see them better, but on the tiny DS screen, I need my granny glasses :( All in all, it's still an interesting game, and although I have much more to learn about it's bells & whistles, I'd recommend it....more info
  • Not a mystery game...more like ISpy
    Mystery P.I.
    For Nintendo DS
    Basic Reading Required
    E rating: good for all ages

    This is a family game that is a little misleading from its title and brief description. I was expecting a true mystery game where you hunt down clues and figure out who the theif is. It is not like this at all.

    The game is more like I Spy or a hidden objects game, with a few other games thrown in.

    The basic premise is this: You are a Private Investigator and you must uncover the mystery from the scene on the screen. You start in one room and find all the hidden objects. From there, it leads to a "clue" about the next location you need to check out. Repeat.

    The first part of a typical round is a picture on the bottom touch screen with a list of objects on the top. Your job is to find all the objects from the list in the picture and touch them to get points. In general, this is fairly straight forward. However, it does require reading skills and a broad knowledge of common objects, as some of the item descriptions are not simple (for example, 3 astrological signs; a great white; squeezebox; 3 shelled reptiles; in the night sky [for moon]). Other descriptions are very direct (3 shells; 2 stars; a moon). Once I explain to my 7-year old daughter what they are, she can independently play the game. There is a hint button if you can't find an object. If you randomly touch the bottom screen too many times, a penalty is given. Also, in each of these type puzzles, there is a jade mask and part of a glyph that you need to collect. It is used at the end of the game for a final puzzle.

    The second half of the round rotates between various puzzles: a jigsaw puzzle, matching games, find the difference between the pitures, etc. These are also very easy, and because there is no penalty for guessing, it is easy to just touch the bottom screen until you get it right.

    All of these games are timed. When you first start out, you have 20 minutes, but as you progress, the time allowed for each round is shorter.

    Once you finish the second round, either the picture from the first puzzle or a picture from the second puzzle indicates where you go next. And off you go to the next ruin, to repeat the above procedure again (and again). You do not get to freely explore. It just sends you to the next place.

    Point are added up depending on how many minutes you have left on the timer and whether you used any hints. As you increase the total points you have, you advance from amateur detective to more advanced. I have no idea what the increased levels do.

    Scattered between levels is a short narrative, which is supposed to be the adventure part. It tells a story about finding new clues and other characters. However, this narrative does not become incorporated into the next level. You just go back to the two game rounds with the I Spy and second round mini-game. Honestly, it is pretty useless.

    3 star rating: The reason I gave this a three star rating is because of its repetitiveness. There are 17 levels and they are pretty much all the same. Around level 8, I became bored with the same hunt. However, my daughter is still having fun finding objects, as she is a huge I Spy fan. In addition, because the picture is so small, it is often difficult to identify objects. I found myself having to turn all the lights off in the room and tilting the screen to more clearly identify whether the brown blob in the corner was the shell I needed to find.

    Overall, this was a fun game, especially for I Spy fans, but very repetitive. If you are looking for a good I Spy game, I would go with the I Spy series of computer games from Scholastic. Cuter rhymes, spoken words for those who aren't as advanced readers, and better graphics. Also, they have more interesting objects to find with neat features, like you have to look through a microscope to find things, and a good centralized theme (such as Haunted House)....more info
  • Addictive *GAME*PLAY* But Gets Repetitive...
    MYSTERY P.I. PORTRAIT OF A THIEF by Spin Top/ Pop Cap Games is exactly like their previous release Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Ruins for the Nintendo DS.

    Basically the game is a search for the hidden items in the picture as you play a detective searching for stolen paintings. In order to progress in the game, you solve each puzzle by finding the list of items and then solve mini-games.

    The mini-games consist of Mah Jongg, Memory, Rotating Tiles to complete the picture, jig-saw puzzle, all of which where on "Amazing Adventures...," plus new mini-game word search.

    The game is pretty easy and you can play without the timer. And though it does get repetitive, I found it addicting to play.

    I did find that I had to tap some of the items just right or else it wouldn't register on the touch screen. If you get bored easily then this is NOT the game for you. But if you like playing static/repetitive type games like puzzles or solitaire then you'll like this game.

    It's also like Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir but that game has a little more variety to it. ...more info
  • Same thing over and over
    I had no idea that this was a search and find game of objects. You just repeat yourself over and over and I was very bored....more info
  • Likeable enough...
    I've been playing this for about a week now. The majority of the time is spent finding items in various locations, and there is some challenge to it. The small games in between the searches are not difficult.

    The graphics are very nice. The music can get rather repetitive, but it's pleasant enough. The game play is very slow. If you are looking for something simple to kill time, this is a good game. If you are looking for action, look elsewhere....more info
  • I'm now search and find game addict!!!
    Ok, I've admitted I'm addicted to these type of games. I loved Amazing Adventures and Mystery Case Files MCF. If you've found yourself loving those, you'll like this one too. For those who haven't played those, you go into rooms and search for items that are totally out of place in the room that are on a list. This makes it harder to find them and to recognize them for what they are when you see them. It sounds so simple but there's just something abnout it that makes it so much fun. Just lots of fun and a highly recommended game for anyone of any age....more info
  • Fun game
    Mystery P.I. Portrait of a Thief is a fun search-and-find type game that is sure to provide hours of exercise for the mind. My seven year old daughter loves it, and even my four year old finds it fun to search for things in the game. Highly recommended for anybody who loves puzzles, mysteries, and searching for satisfaction....more info
  • Search and Find (I-Spy) puzzles, not a mystery solving game
    Mystery PI: Portrait of a Thief is primarily a search-and-find game of the I-Spy variety. It is not a game where you collect clues to solve a mystery.

    I found this game to be mildly entertaining, but nothing memorable. The repetition of search scenes and mini-games got tedious, and the lack of any kind of mystery-solving aspect was disappointing.

    This game has 20 "chapters". Each chapter contains 4 or 5 search-and-find puzzles, a simple mini-game, and then some pages of a mystery-solving journal. I'll explain each of these components separately below.

    Each chapter contains 4 or 5 of the search-and-find puzzles. There is a list of items to find within the picture. The picture is larger than fits on the touch screen, so you must scroll around to find them. The graphics are decent, but not great. A few of the hidden items are almost impossible to see, but most are reasonable. This part of the game is timed, but you are given a very generous time allowance. There is also a hint button available.

    The biggest drawback of this section is that the same scenes are used multiple times. The image is exactly the same each time the scene is re-used, but the list of items to find changes. But there is significant overlap. So on a given scene, you may be asked to find "3 blooms" four different times. You quickly memorize exactly where those 3 blooms are.

    Each of the 20 chapters concludes with a mini-game. These are very simple games, like memory matching, two varieties of jigsaw puzzle, a simplified mahjong, and a word search.

    These games are somewhat entertaining. The picture-based games (the jigsaw puzzle varieties) lose their appeal due to repetition - you must solve the exact same jigsaw multiple times. Even in the "unlocked" mode, you only get to solve 3 jigsaw images - the same 3 that you've already solved multiple times during the main game play.

    As you finish each chapter, you are presented with a few paragraphs of an investigator's journal to read. This is the only section of the game that has anything to do with a solving a mystery, but it's not interactive in any way. You are simply reading a story, a little bit at a time. It's an okay story, given the constraints.
    ...more info
  • This game is addictive
    It's a seek and find game, and it's not so easy to decipher all the items you're looking for, so some become a challenge. If you get stuck, it does offer you hints. You move from building to building unlocking clues.

    It became addicting to me and I had to relinquish it to my 10 year old who also likes playing it. ...more info
  • An "I spy" game with a mystery to solve, fun at first, but gets boring pretty fast.
    This game is in the I Spy category of games where you have to find hidden objects on each screen which will take you to another place. Some paintings have been stolen from the museum and your task as the Private Investigator (P.I.)is to find them.

    You pick a building and then the game presents you with a screen where you have to find the objects mentioned in the game. Finding a paintbrush and the key in addition unlocks the bonus mini games.

    I was bored after playing this game for 2 hours as finding objects gets monotonous after a while. I yearned for more action or strategy in this game. The graphics are just average and caused eye strain as I concentrated hard on the screen trying to locate hidden objects.

    I am disappointed to report that I did not find the game as fun as some other reviewers, and this is not a game I would play over and over again. However, if you like the "I Spy" or find the hidden object type of games, you may enjoy this more than me....more info
  • Peeper pleaser, sharp eyes and good memory needed......
    This is a pretty good game if you like solving puzzles. The puzzles are not that difficult but because they are timed they can still be challenging if you are trying to maintain a high score. Some of the clues will get you running for a dictionary, using words that are not commonly used in a normal day to day vocabulary. After all you can't find an object if you don't know what it is. This adds a slight learning value to the game. I am 59 years old and I am slightly red/green color blind. Some of the small objects like "red bug" were almost invisible to me. I did find them all but I had to resort to using a lot of "clues" to find the little bitty ones. I think the game screen is probably designed for younger sharper eyes. I spent about 20 hours working on it before I solved the game. Then I read the instructions and realized I could have raised my score a lot if I had read the instructions first, but it would have taken me longer to solve it. Some of the almost invisible objects I found were when using random clicks to search them out. Points are deducted for clicks that don't score a hit on an object. All in all I think it a pretty good game that gets you thinking a little and one that puts your short term memory to the test. I enjoyed playing it.

    (Mary makes me play the games, tough job but someone has to do it)
    Stephen Cunningham
    ...more info
  • Great Fun
    Love the game, it is challenging and fun. Only thing I wish is that my screen was larger. ...more info
  • Hidden Items, Seek and Find Fun
    This game is basically the same as Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Ruins, just with different pictures and a different "story." That's not a bad thing because they are both fun if you're looking to play mini games and find hidden items, but buy one or the other, not both. ...more info
  • Lacking quality
    Disappointed with this game. There wasn't enough clairty in the pictures. Sometimes I wasn't sure if I had clicked on the right item in the search. Could not tell what it was!! Having played the Millionaire game I thought this would be the same but no comparsion in quality. ...more info
  • A good time-killer
    I personally didn't think this game really had much to do with art theft. There's a plot and an investigation, but it happens without your help except that you have to find all these hidden items and if you find them, then you've got your "clues", but it's never really stated what they are. If you go all the way through, you find out who did the crime, but not really why or how. The pictures are so small that it's hard to see some of the items. You can see them but not in enough detail to tell what they are. I have pretty good eyesight and still had trouble with this. Still, it's surprisely addictive and you can work on it a while and then do something else and come back when you're ready. It's well worth the money....more info