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Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Ruins
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Product Description

Get ready for an archeological dig. In Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Ruins, you'll discover clues and follow a character-filled storyline that will lead you to a long-lost Mayan ruin. The game features 18 missions and 9 DS-only locations through which you are challenged to "find" over 90 hidden objects per scene. You can also unlock additional gameplay modes by locating bonus items such as Jade Masks and Mayan Glyphs. The game includes four mini-games featuring unique stylus-based controls and high score leaderboards, an interactive journal and bonus content.

  • Visit exotic locales to find over 1,600 objects in 70 seek-and-solve puzzles and 18 missions
  • Collect clues and secret objects and unlock two modes of unlimited play
  • Test your skills at 4 types of mini-games with stylus-based action
  • Earn awards, compete with friends on high-score leaderboards, and decipher fascinating journal notes
  • Enjoy a rich character-driven story written exclusively for Nintendo DS

Customer Reviews:

  • Started out interesting but gets old pretty quick
    This game is an electronic version of I-Spy type books, in which a person has to find hidden objects. The graphics are very good, especially for such a small screen. However, the game play gets rather boring, especially if you play for long periods at a time.

    This game is interesting in that it will ask the player to find an object, and it can either be that object, the word, or a clue to help you decipher what you are to find. And that can change from screen to screen. Finding a UFO in one screen may be the word UFO, while in another it is actually a picture of a UFO.

    I was under the impression there would be mysteries to solve to progress through the game. However, there are no mysteries to solve in this game. You just find all the hidden objects on each screen. There are also some jigsaw puzzle screens, but you don't have to rotate any of the pieces and they click when you hover over the right spot so there isn't a lot of thought needed there. Once you complete levels, the game tells you the next part of the story.

    Were it not for the clues to items, I would think a 6 or 7 year old could play it alone without getting stuck. The game also allows you to ask for hints, which help you find the items by flashing a box around the area to look for the next item.

    All in all, although it started out fun, it got old rather quickly, and just didn't seem to be much of a challenge. But if you like to search for hidden objects, this game will deliver....more info
  • Amazing Adventures
    Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten RuinsA great christmas present. This is a fun game for kids and adults. This game is fun, you must develope a strategy, to make it through each level. The graphics are great. The game is fun, but is not a game you, or your child will fill stressed out. This game is so much fun, you will not want to put it down. Each new level is fun and excitint. This is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer....more info
  • I love it
    I love this game and am looking forward to more like it. I loved this game when I played it on my home computer....more info
  • NIntendo ds game
    A seek and solve Mayan adventure. A fun puzzle game and fun to play....more info
  • Better than MillionHeir...
    The screen and images are definately clearer than in MillionHeir. Its a cute fun game, although it doesn't get 5 stars because the mini-games are super-simple.

    I'm addicted and will probably hold onto this and not trade it in, unlike MillionHeir... or at least until a similar game comes out :-)...more info
  • Interesting game
    Firstly, the DS is used by an 8 year old, who was heavily into those Scholastic Hidden Picture books. She popped the game in with 44 dh, and she pretty much grabbed it out of his hands to start playing. She'd get stuck now and then, then only giving it up to daddy to help her, only he had a hard time giving it back, peaking his interest for some adventure. That also happened with me, and I'm not really into these video games, but it was quite addicting. Whenever she talked to a friend on the phone she'd immediately start talking about her new DS game, that she described as an "I Spy" game. If you are or know of someone that enjoys puzzles, this would be a perfect addition to their game collection....more info
  • A little challenging for the kids
    I *THOUGHT* this would be a game where you went on a search for the ruins and in a way you do, but it is more of a puzzle game.*I*enjoyed it. My son is 9, but he still prefers games where you run around through levels catching coins, like Sonic the Hedgehog. Makes a great game for others though! ...more info
  • Love Seek and Find Hidden Puzzles~Good for Children and Adults
    I'm very much enjoying this game. You go on and adventure and have to find items in pictures that are cluttered with all manner of "stuff". When you find all in the picture then you are given a puzzle to solve. If you cannot do it in the time you have left from your seeking then you start the level over. You do get a few hints along the way but just don't go tapping the screen randomly or there will be consequences.

    There are Jade masks and ruins that you find in each picture thet will unlock mini-game puzzles to play if you don't want to spend much time. Even when you start over the picture may look the same but they will have you finding different things. I have the Titanic version of this type game on my PC and love it also.

    Highly recommend for children reading age and up. Lots of fun a great relaxation puzzle game. Thanks Amazon for the chance to review it....more info
  • Great Game for Kids
    I thought this game was going to be Zelda-like. I hid it from my 5-year old until I could check it out. What a great game for kids. It's a treasure hunt. Think I-spy with an adventure theme. Each level has a list of things that you must find in additional to bonus "glyphs" and "jade masks" that unlock other levels. In between levels there are memory match games that add to point totals. This is an easy game and kids will love it. If you are a serious gamer looking for an adventure saga this is not it. ...more info
  • Good hidden object game
    The only drawback for me is that instead of a few searches and then a puzzle (for instance), there is a puzzle after each search. I like the searches better so I like a set up like Millionheir more....more info
  • This is our favorite game!
    This game has been the favorite of our 7 yo and both of us parents ever since it arrived. I admit that after playing it addictively for 2 days in a row we all put it down for a while because you do tend to get tired of the same scenes when you are playing it 24-7 (ha ha!). But a less obsessive enjoyment of it sets in when you pick it up again, and it has plenty of variety and challenge for all of us. I have now reached the forgotten ruins, but as a lover of puzzles I still pick it up to play it all over again. Our 7 year old is getting advanced reading practice from having to read the list of items she must search for. We all do tend to skip over the journal entries- they weren't all that exciting because they didn't actually challenge us with much of a mystery (it was too easy to predict what would happen) or archaeological facts. ...more info
  • Addicting but gets a little old
    I like seek and find games and find them addicting. However, I thought this one would have a little bit more of a story line. I was also hoping that with new levels there would be new areas to explore and different mini games, but it got a little repetitive....more info
  • Colorful find objects
    This game is full of color and easy paced "find objects" game. I have 4 DS objects games now and this is one of my favorites. I have to spend hours at the VA hospital with my husband Nintendo DS is more entertaining then a book or magazines. It's kept me sane and content & I would recomend this gaming tool for any of us "senior citizens"...This particular game is layed back and pretty easy to see the objects. I higly recommend this game for all ages....more info
  • A Really Fun Puzzle Game.
    I purchased this game because I absolutely love puzzle games. The game is fun and can keep you entertained for hours. The only problem I have with this game is the fact that where the screen on the DS is so small you have to move the screen from side to side and up and down to find all of the items in certain areas/boards. This gets to be alittle bit of a pain after awhile, but if you can make it through that then this is an Awesome game. It would also make a great gift for anyone that has a DS as well. Overall its a great game, but can get alittle repetative. ...more info
  • a little brain training goes a long way
    Hmm. Will finding hidden objects in various scenes on my DS help me when it comes to finding my car keys in the fridge or the TV remote in the bathroom?? Probably not, but the brain workout couldn't hurt!
    My husband and I both played this game nonstop for a couple of days. The graphics in the puzzles theselves are excellent. Trying to find the hidden objects was a challenge because there were so many different "layers" that the object could be hidden in. It was an excellent activity for my brain training routine and I found it hard to resist playing when I should be doing other things.
    But then it got old. The storyline really doesn't go anywhere nor do you really use clues to solve the overall story as a game. There are only a few diffent locations and you continue to visit the same locations over and over again so you basically get to know what objects can be found and where. Progressing to diffent levels didn't seem to be relevant either nor did it change the difficulty since you were still finding the same objects in the same scenes. The mini-games didn't do much for me. I only completed them to get to the next level. It would have been better if they unlocked some clue that you could use to solve another puzzle. With the exception of finding objects in the pictures -- which we both really enjoyed -- this game was a little dissapointing....more info
  • great game
    i did review this already then it said it didn't take so if you see this review twice, i apologize. i played this game for 4 hours and finished it. you have to find objects in a picture then when that is finished, you go on a a mini game, like a jigsaw puzzle. it does keep your interest, even though there really isn't much variety but still, it is fun. if you have a short attention span or only a few minutes to play a day, this game would be good for you.
    ...more info
  • Like Samantha Swift PC games, with clean graphics for DS
    This is a review from my son (9 years old). He mainly plays action games (e.g. Pokemon) on the DS. But, he likes puzzlers. This game is very much like the Samantha Swift style games on Big Fish (and other sites). A combination of finding things/clues, exploring, interacting with other characters, etc. The quality of the images (graphics) is very good, especially for the DS, as that is normally an issue.
    The model is levels, as in normal DS games. These are called missions here, but they amount to levels, which must be completed (and can be returned to). Some unlock special little games, which have nothing to do with the main game (or missions). The one complaint he had was that the missions are not different enough. This works OK in that he comes back to it every so often (between playing other DS games) and so it seems fresh.
    The puzzles include finding hidden objects/letters, matching things, jigsaw style puzzles, difference spotting, and the like. Each takes advantage of the touch screen reasonably well.
    I much prefer to have my son playing puzzle games vs. just action ones, so this is a very good choice. Others like Brain Age lost his interest way too fast (and we have a Sudoko board). So, this gets his brain working, even when traveling.
    ...more info
  • Great little game!
    While my 7 year old son held no interest for this game, the rest of us really like it. My kids are ages 12, 16, and 18 and they all like it, as do I. The main part of the game is an object search type of game, but there are mini games within that are just as fun too. Very nice graphics and music...there is a good "feel" to the game itself. The puzzles and mini games are fairly easy to do, and not super challenging, but the game is an addicting one. If you like puzzle type games, this is the game for you....more info
  • Decent; could be more game options
    Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Ruins isn't one of those games where a main character goes through a maze in the "Forgotten Ruins". You go through levels, or missions, by solving puzzles. To name a few types of puzzles, there are.......

    1. Find the hidden items - This is fun because sometimes they trick you with giving what your looking for a fancy name, just the word in text, ETC.
    2. Flip cards over and match a pair. There are two types of this game : A. Match Identical B. Match Similar
    3. Two pictures - find the differences.
    4. Jigsaw - This is the hardest one because of the DS' touch screen. The jigsaw pieces rotate and the rotation buttons on the touch screen is too close to the buttons to scroll through the pieces. So it can be frustrating.

    You pretty much have a repeat performance of the same types of puzzles over and over again. There's not that much variety. That's the only problem. Otherwise, it's pretty fun
    ...more info
  • total fun
    as soon as i got this game, i thought i would try it out and well, that lasted over 4 hours. this game is alot of fun. there is a story to it but i really didn't pay much attention to it. the main point is to find items in a picture they give you, like find a shovel, hat etc. then after you find them all, you go to a mini game, like a jigsaw puzzle, and then you advance on. it is really fun and i finished the whole thing. when you finish it, you can go back and re-do the puzzles or play the mini puzzles. if you have a short attention span and like those kinds of games, this is for you.
    ...more info
  • Touch Screen is a nice compliment to I Spy style gameplay
    My 7 year old was excited to see an exotic looking adventure title for the DS, he was even more thrilled when we found out that core of the gameplay mimics the ISPY series of books where the reader spots hidden objects in a picture. What is neat here is you get to poke around the various screens with your stylus and are rewarded with a shimmering sound effect when you poke an item from the randomly generated list each level throws at you. The gameplay is sharp as it takes away from your score if you are just tapping at the screen blindly. Also nice is the gameplay timer as optional if you don't want to feel the pressure, as well as a save feature that lets you quit in the middle of the adventure anywhere. The minigames that follow the poke and seek adventure are basic but oddly addictive, particularly the memory match games. Each of these games can be unlocked for unlimited freeplay outside of the adventure,(with a little effort). This game was a sweet find as it feels and plays like a more grown up version of one of my sons fav DS titles CRAYOLA TREASURE HUNT. The excellent artwork/design and solid concept make the stylus controls shine in the decently written main story, and side games. Fun and hard to put down. ...more info
  • A game worthwhile...
    The puzzles are challenging but fun, which is a plus. However, when you complete the game mode "Unlimited Seek and Solve", you can go back and visit the locations but you are not allowed to find the items again. That is disappointing. All in all this game really was fun, challenging, and educational. I highly recommend it especially for kids, teens, and adults who do not want to grow up. ;-) ...more info
  • what adventure
    I play quite a few hidden object games and this is the woursed one by far. The levels are just the same areas over and over. Instead of changing back ground it uses the same like 3 or 4 over and over so it gets boring quick. I felt this game was a waste money, my grand-daughter didn't care for it either....more info
  • Love this game!
    I love this game! I love hidden object games, but have had a hard time finding one I liked on the DS. True, you go through the same areas finding things, but you're looking for different things. And even though it's the same area sometimes it's hard to find what you're looking for. I like the mini-games and the unlimited play where you can go and find everything in the area. I'm almost done with the game and look forward to starting over again to beat my score. :)...more info
  • Fun for seek-and-find, but minigames are a yawn
    I must be the last person in the universe to try out a seek-and-find game... it was new to me! I found it fun and challenging--although I kinda wish the circumlocutions in the clues had gotten harder as the game progressed. The artwork was great, and I didn't mind revisiting locations, since there were enough of them that the contents seemed new each time.

    What I didn't enjoy were the minigames that were unlocked. Mah-jongg style games are fine, but when I realized that you could pull tiles off vertically as well as horizontally... well, it just wasn't much of a challenge. The concentration/memory game was slightly more fun, but honestly, I wound up seeing the mini-games as something to get through to return to the seek-and-find. The framing story has the thinnest of plots, but that's okay, I wasn't really expecting much.

    If you like seek-and-find, buy this game for that element alone....more info
  • What's So Amazing? (Add a Star... My son loves it!)
    I love puzzle games. I love the Search and Find sections of my favorite childhood magazine. I love to play Match or Memory. I enjoy working puzzles. I love games of all types. The Amazing Adventures was supposed to be all of these games (and more!)... wrapped into one super fun quest! Well, there is a quest... a quest for fun. There is not much fun to be found. The games are very repetitive and boring.

    When I say repetitive and boring, I don't mean it is for young kids. It isn't. Even they would get bored with it. The items that they have to find in the Search and Find game are written; they would have to know how to read well just to play the game. Some of the items are ambiguous; I didn't even know what I was looking for! It was a big disappointment and a total waste of time. I don't think I will ever pick this game up again.

    So, why did I give it two stars instead of one? Well, I believe puzzle games are great. I like games that make you think. This one definitely does that. (In my opinion, Puzzle Quest is a much better puzzle game.)

    Seldom do I alter my reviews once submitted; I will have to go against the norm and admit I was wrong! I still feel the same way about this game... nothing has changed, except... My 7 year old loves it! He feels so much joy and excitement as he finds the items and figures out the puzzles and other challenges. His excitement about the game is forcing me to change my mind! If I could raise it up one star.. I would! ...more info
  • Fun if you like hidden object games!
    This is a very basic game. There are various pictures filled with objects and you have to find specific ones and click on them. The pictures start with your plane and sort of move into the jungle. There are some mini-games in between hidden object games that can be fairly fun. I'm not a particularly big fan, but if you are, it seems like it'd be fun.

    Bottom Line: If you don't like hidden object games, don't buy this game. If you do like hidden object games, it's very worthwhile.

    The only complaint I had was that since I have a screen protector on my DS the game could be hard to see in certain light....more info