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Songs for You, Truths for Me
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James Morrison had a dream start to his career as a singer-songwriter - his debut album Undiscovered yielded no fewer than five singles - You Give Me Something, Wonderful World, The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore, Undiscovered and One Last Chance.

Undiscovered went to No 1 in Britain, Top 30 in America and won him the 2007 Brit Award for Best Male (he was also nominated for Best Single and Best Newcomer). James's debut sold over two million copies worldwide and he became the biggest selling British male solo artist of 2006.

James's reputation as a must-see live performer also soared. Following his jaw dropping, first ever TV performance on Later With Jools Holland he went on to play amazing shows to adoring crowds, including the V festival twice in one day, the Royal Variety Performance, the Concert for Diana and the more traditional 3 sold-out UK tours.

He toured Europe, Australia and Japan, did three separate tours of America, gigging coast to coast. He also supported John Mayer on his large outdoor `sheds' tour in the US. James loved the musical appreciation in the American South, in particular. "People were awesome in Alabama - really friendly, loud and lairy. Even if you play a quiet song, afterwards they just go YEAH!!!" In August 2007 he sat down to write and record the Notoriously Difficult Second Album. And at first it did prove difficult. "As soon as I'd get something good I'd think about it and screw it up." And then the penny dropped: "Just go for what you're feeling at the time. That's how I worked on the first album, and in a way I think that's some of the reason why people liked it. It wasn't trying too hard." And so the people who really made him feel, the ones who became the subjects of his songs on Undiscovered - his family and friends - his relationship with each of them, and the new chapters in all their lives, became central to the new album. James went with whatever and whoever was on his mind, and took it from there. The songs began to flow.

"I've called the album Songs for You, Truths for Me because that's what I feel it is. It's songs for Gill and everyone else. But for me they're truths. They're how I feel."

Songs for You, Truths For Me is a classic James Morrison record that once again showcases his distinctive, raw, soulful style - but takes it to the next level. "It's less playful, more to the point," he says. "But I haven't consciously gone for a different sound. With me, it always comes down to the lyric, the melody, and the rest flows from that."

James Morrison's big, unashamedly romantic heart and generous spirit shines through like a beacon. Songs For You, Truths For Me sees the wide eyed soul-boy become a wiser man. With this he shines once more on a brilliant new collection of songs and cathartic truths.

2008 sophomore album from the British singer/songwriter. Morrison began to learn guitar when his uncle Joe showed him how to play a Blues riff. He started busking as a teen and, after several years of playing covers, he eventually started to compose his own songs. He counts Otis Redding, Al Green, Cat Stevens, The Kinks and Van Morrison amongst his favorite artists. Features 12 tracks including 'Nothing Ever Hurt Like You' and 'Broken Strings' (featuring Nelly Furtado).

Customer Reviews:

  • Just amazing
    Being that I am a huge fan of this man my review may be a little bias. James Morrison is definetly one of the greats in making. This album is not too deviated from the style of his first album a lot soulful heart felt melodies. It almost seems like part 2 or a continuation of the first album. So if you liked his first album then you are sure to enjoy Songs for You, Thruths for Me. ...more info
  • James Morrison- Songs for you, truths form me
    Very smooth and wonderful work by a NEW STAR in the music world. You woll not be disapointed in a single tract on this CD. Allan Nance...more info
  • LOVE IT!!!
    I absolutely love this album. Just like Undiscovered I love every song on the album. He is such a wonderful, talented artist and I hope he continues to make albums like this!...more info
  • gcm
    Good melodies with excellent lyrics. It's exactly what I expected as a James Morrison fan. ...more info
  • Buy it!
    Great sophomore effort. Soulful but not depressing. Even the sad love sony with Nelly Furtado was quite soulful.

    James Blunt 0 James Morrision 2...more info
  • James Morrison
    This is the first I've heard James Morrison, and there are some great songs on this CD. Very mellow....more info
  • Heard him only once
    I heard him do a couple of songs this am on "The CBS Early Show" & was immediately converted to a fan. I'm hoping this CD is as good as the 2 tunes I heard earlier today; it'll be great if they are. He reminds me of James Hunter, who I've seen in live perfromance & whose 2 CD's I own. ...more info
  • it's ok
    i had heard "nothing ever hurt like you" get a little radio play, and i really liked the groove he laid out in that song. i was hoping that the whole disc would keep that vibe going, but alas, it didn't. there is some good stuff on here, and it's a nice disc to have for some variety. he has a good voice, i hope he uses to make some hot r & b discs....more info
  • Great feel good music
    I first heard a cut of this CD on a college radio station. I liked it so much I bought the CD. Wow, great feel good music. A cross between Rod Stewart and Otis Redding. Lots of good tracks on this CD. Think I'll buy his first one too. ...more info
  • Not bad follow-up
    I thoroughly enjoy James' first album, feeling he is a really unique artist, and could hardly wait for his second album.

    His songs are very mature, dealing with relationships, hardships, emotions and he belies his youth. I could hardly believe such deep, touching lyrics flowed so easily from him. One aspect I really love about his vocal style is his emphasis, where he growls and hums. You really hear that a lot on his first album, it just adds to his distinct style.

    Here on the latest album, he still sounds fabulous but all but one song are stripped of this emphasis, which is too bad. I wonder why.

    The duet with Nelly Furtado I could do without. I'm not really famililar with her artistry, but the nasal vocal is not to my taste.

    All in all, a good second effort but the first album's still my favorite of the two....more info
  • Stevie Wonder, have you heard this?
    The Production credits take up half the liner notes; and the long list of musical influences takes up the other half (though it is laudatory that for once a highly derivative artist acknowledges the people he/she...borrowed from).
    I asked the sales help (at the famous Book Store chain where the promo was being played constantly over the PA) is this a new Stevie Wonder album? Not bad.
    The response was something like...Stevie Wonder? Yeah, I've heard of him, but...... One of the folks was representative of the probable target market and this tells me that the highminded effort to list the influences like Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and many others (I'll toss in Rod Stewart and Amy Correia for the reimagined list) ultimately has no meaning.
    To the actual tracks: "The Only Night", "Please Don't Stop The Rain", "Nothing Ever Hurt Like You" (with a touch of EJ's "Sad Songs"), and "Fix The World Up For You" (let's try "Border Song" and/or Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" as "inspirations"), are pretty strong.
    Vocals are fairly raw but upfront, a bit samey (as to pitch and expression); acoustic and electric piano very agreeable (reminiscent of the keyboard sound on the Doors' "Riders On The Storm").
    Forgot to add the cover jacket artwork is also "retro" - say, circa 1963 Dylan?...more info
  • Soulful, funky, beautiful, outstanding
    I bought both James Morrison's cds together, and I honestly can't tell which one I like better - which is saying a lot considering I find it rare that artists put out two equally good pieces of work back-to back. I played this cd at a dinner party recently and as soon as I put it on, everyone wanted to know who the artist was.
    James' voice is rich, raspy, smoky, passionate and soulful, and it's able to pull off a range of musical styles which is well-served on this album. His songs are a wonderful mix of blues, rock, jazz, and pop.

    Favorite tracks:

    You Make it Real
    Once When I was Little
    Please Don't Stop the Rain

    If you like John Mayer, Gavin DeGraw, and Josh Kelley, you'll *probably* like James Morrison. He's one of those artists who, no matter how bad your day has been, you can put on their music and instantly you'll feel calmer/better/happier. This album is a great buy!...more info
  • Retro soul/blues, with an endearing earthiness and honesty.
    Winner of last year's best British male at the Brits, James Morrison burst into the public consciousness in 2006 with his debut album Undiscovered.
    It went straight to the top in the UK album chart, produced five singles and sold more than two million copies worldwide.
    Morrison's second album sticks quite closely to the same tried and tested recipe that bagged him his Brit award, and that's no bad thing.
    Big ballads, introspective lyrics, a husky voice and collaboration with various talents (probably most notably with Nelly Furtado on "Broken Strings") mean that the new album should enjoy similar success to "Undiscovered".
    Often compared to James Blunt or confused with Chris Martin, Morrison's latest offering suggests there's more to this boy from Rugby than sugary pop tunes.
    In reality, it owes more to the earnest style of James Blunt than the pure, often magical universal accessibility of Coldplay, but there's certainly plenty of charisma, lots of emotion, and even a decent collaboration.
    Fans will not be disappointed, but it's not just a fans' album.
    Once again the singer/songwriter shows his mainstream appeal but with a bit of edge.
    Morrison is defined by his husky set of vocals (that occasionally sound like Rod Stewart, especially on album opener "The Only Night"), but is clever enough to adapt his style so that few songs sound the same. He also persists in keeping things more upbeat than songwriters such as Blunt, couching his sentiment in songs that are capable of being enjoyed.
    "Songs for You, Truths for Me" is far from hardcore. But for the most part it's on the right side of sweet and let's face it, there's something distinctly brave about wearing your heart on your sleeve like that.
    "Nelly Furtado partners on the little over-produced, hit-bound "Broken Strings" and his sister is the focus for the uplifting "Dream On Hayley", but it's the ups and downs of Morrison's relationship with his grilfriend Gill that provides the raw material for many of the songs.
    The hot and harried "Nothing Ever Hurt Like You", the prayerful "You Make It Real" ('like holy water, washing over me') and the testifying organ-stoked "Precious Love" explore the emotional landscape in a way fans will appreciate.
    The album has an endearing earthiness and honesty".- The Mirror
    Highlights : "Save Yourself", "Broken Strings", "Nothing Ever Hurt Like You", "Dream On Hayley", "Love Is Hard".
    All the Lost Souls
    Viva La Vida

    ...more info
  • amazing!
    James Morrison has an amazing voice and an amazing soul to produce music like this. His music makes me feel at ease and lessens the stressors of my life! I could listen to his CD over and over all day and not got tired. I cannot wait until his next CD!...more info
  • Phenomenal soul singer
    This man injects such intense feeling into his lyrics. You really feel his pain and devotion ---- to his love interest --- and to his craft. A. well conceived and produced album that I listen to over and over. Thank you, James, for sharing your truths....more info
  • Awesome Morrison
    Love the stories in the songs and the melodies are just so cool. Morrison is the man!...more info
  • Thanx
    Thanx for the speedy service, and I must say this is one of the best albums I've ever heard!...more info