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Black & Decker EM100B Energy Saver Series Power Monitor
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $97.99

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Product Description

Includes Power Monitor - EM100B, (1) Cordless In-home Display Unit, (1) Weatherproof Electricity Meter Sensor, (1) Alignment Guide & Instruction Manual

Help your family stick to your energy budget with the Black & Decker EM100B Energy Saver Series Power Monitor. This convenient, easy-to-use energy monitor allows you to easily, accurately track your energy use, minute by minute, so you can meet your energy usage goals--whether you're attempting a more "green" lifestyle, you want to reduce your bills, or both. Not only does the monitor display your energy consumption in kilowatts, it translate your energy use into dollars, helping you easily see, minute, by minute how much your energy consumption is costing you. The monitor projects your monthly bill to help you stay within your means, and it also includes an "Appliance Mode," which isolates the energy consumption of individual electrical devices or appliances, helping you monitor your energy use as specifically as possible. The Energy Saver monitor couldn't be easier to use. The completely wireless system includes a weatherproof sensor that easily attaches to your outside electricity meter--it's designed to work with most meters. The sensor transmits information to the wireless in-home display unit, which you can read inside, comfortably and conveniently. The system requires four AA batteries, and it's covered by a 2-year warranty.

  • Energy consumption monitor easily tracks energy usage minute by minute
  • Completely wireless system allows for easy installation and use
  • Displays energy use in kilowatts and dollars
  • Includes wireless, weatherproof sensor and indoor monitor
  • Requires 4 AA batteries; covered by 2-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Wow what a great device for managing your power "Footprint"
    Watch Video Here: I a very impressed with the Black and Decker Power Monitor. It is a perfect tool in helping you determine how much energy you are using each day. While I would not buy this device in order to "save" money (it will take many months for your to recoup the cost on the energy monitor) however, it is a great way to fid out how much energy your house uses.

    Examlple - when my air condition comes on I see that I pull an additional 3000W which translates into about 0.20 cents per hour. Leaving my kitchen lights on is about 200W or about 2 cents an hour. The Black and Decker Power monitor makes it easy to track your energy footprint and what are your big energy items.

    If you want to save "money" my suggestion is to replace your incandescent lights with flourescent (or however it is spelled) this will save you about 30%. However, if you want to find modest savings while reducing your unneeded energy consumption this is the item for you. 5 stars

    PS - installation is not "Easy" but it can be done with the use of some trial-and-error... budget about an hour....more info
  • B & D Energy Saver Series Power Monitor.
    It took me about 2 hours of reading the instructions, getting the sensor over the right port on the meter and finally getting the transmitter to find the little monitor in the house. I had to call the electric company for my kiowatt/minute price, and then had to put it into the monitor. Since then it's worked perfectly. When I called the electric company for the price, they were very concerned that I was tampering with the meter so they sent someone out to check on it. We had a great time over a cup of coffee and the guy suggested I turn off the electric water heater in the adjacent apartment that was not in use and just let the one floor heater keep the thing from freezing. This saved me about a $100.00 on next month's bill! This month's savings should be about the same. ...more info
  • Very Helpful!
    This product arrived promptly with Prime and took only about 20 min. to start generating data. My energy bill has been escalating out of control, and this device is proving to be very helpful in locating the heavy users. I own a large, older home with many hungry 240V appliances, and I have already identified a source of excess consumption whose elimination will more than pay for the unit in the first month.

    My electrical meter is quite some distance from our living quarters, and I was pleasantly surprised at the range of the transmitter. I can pretty much carry the receiver everywhere in the house. If it just had a usb computer output so that the usage could be captured and graphed, it would be almost perfect....more info
  • Not bad after headaches resolved
    My wife ordered this unit for me and, at first, it was terrible. It went to SLEEP often during the day (lost its wireless connection) and especially at night. There is no Type 2 as someone had indicated in another review because when I contacted Black & Decker, I asked.

    Through working with Black & Decker's online support system, which was difficult because I could not update the case because of a flaw in the online system, they sent me another unit and stamps to send the old one back.

    The unit has pro's and con's:


    It does indeed measure the power usage and I was able to determine that our washer and dryer needed replacing because they were power hogs. I was also able to tell that there was an energy problem with our central heating.


    It does not accurately measure total kilowatts used. I had our power company install a dual meter for a week. The two outside power meters read exactly the same while the EM100B total kilowatts was 60kw lower. This throws the cost estimating off.


    If you can live with the inaccuracy, the EM100B is a good thing to have to help bring your awareness up and costs down....more info