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Garmin nvi 275T 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator
List Price: $379.99

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  • Bight 3.5-Inch Diagonal Touch Screen Color Display
  • 320 X 240 Pixels, Qvga Tft Display With White Backlight
  • Sleek, Ultra-Thin Design Fits Easily In Pocket
  • Preloaded With City Navigator(R) North America Nt & Europe Nt
  • Bluetooth(R) Wireless Technology For Hands-Free Calling

Customer Reviews:

  • good, not great
    We bought this because we needed coverage for both US and Europe, does this, works well though sometimes has trouble getting satellite coverage and can get confused, at least in rural Scotland. ...more info
  • Capable Device, But Expensive Maps and Updates
    First the good: The Nuvi 275T is a capable navigator that gives precise spoken instructions and seems to find good routes to specified locations. The display is nice and even readable in adverse lighting situations. The battery life could be a bit longer that one could use it on a bike or for hiking. It runs less than 4 hours, and the batteries cannot be exchanged (this also means it will die an ipod-style death in a couple of years). A great feature is that it can directly be fed with locations through Google maps, so one does not have to use the silly Garmin software anymore for this task. I summary, this is a pretty useful device.
    Now the bad: It says on the box that the maps are guaranteed for 60 days after purchase to make sure one has the newest data in there at the time of purchase. Logging on to Garmin however yields a mechanism that only allows to update either the US or the Europe maps, but not both. If you want both you have to pay for the other one...I would call this procedure misleading. Also: 'Lifetime updates' (of course, typically Garmin, only for the lifetime of the device, i.e. for about two years) cost $149, which, considering the current price of the device of <$220, can only be considered a joke. In summary, on the map side, this is a typical Garmin Nickeling and Diming scheme! I really hope for the moment when the iPod Touch will have a GPS receiver, and one can download Google maps on it for free. It needs to be kept in mind that map data are generally made available for free by the US and other governments, i.e. downloading the stuff onto a proprietary device should be cheaper....more info
  • All that you could want
    I have been using this unit for over a month now, and it is all that it is advertised to be. It is very accurate - it even took a friend and me to a place that he swore wasn't there. Love the bluetooth and picture features. It is easy to carry in your pocket. I can't wait to take it to Europe this Spring and use the included maps. I plan on entering all the towns I plan to visit and pictures of specific sites. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone that travels in the US and Europe....more info
  • My First Personal Gps
    I have used all kind of Garmin GPS before but this GPS is the best. Fast Satellite detection, fast recalculations, free traffic updates, bluetooth and text to speech. I prefer the 3.5 version as it is very handy when u r travelling though the ads can be lil intrusive but its a very small price to pay.
    In all a great garmin product ...more info
  • Not worth the price!! :|
    I got the nuvi 275T with great expectations and excited about the cool new traffic alert feature.

    Unfortunately all of this was flushed away very soon.

    1. The GPS keeps giving the message "Poor satellite reception" every 15 mins. It recovers though, but well it keeps happening so it is annoying.

    2. Battery life just 2 hours!!!

    3. Does not give create your own route feature, avoiding part of the route or something, I went to LA for a trip, I wanted to find lodgings nearby. I saw a Hampton Inn with the next exit sign, but the GPS showed no nearby places to stay. The very next was 24 miles!!

    All in All it was just an Ok gps but surely not worth the price paid.

    I am going to email Garmin tech support with the same but for now, this device is ready to be returned...more info
  • Nice Unit
    I bought the Nuvi to guide me around Spain on a recent trip. I had my doubts whether the unit would perform as advertised, but overall it did well. Initially it took some time to find the satellites, and then afterwards it found them relatively quickly.

    There were a few operational issues that I have come to learn are problems most GPS' experience. For example, the voice would say turn left and the screen would show us having to make a right turn; the screen was usually correct. While driving, that uncertainty can instill serious doubt, and when you are in unknown territory, with road signs in a language other than your native tongue, doubt can quickly turn to panic. It also makes for intense conversation between the driver and passenger, whether to continue trusting a device that points you in two directions at once. Another instance of doubt: Even though I updated the map just before embarking on the trip, Nuvi insisted we were driving on a dirt road, haranguing us to get back on track, while we were driving on a new four lane superhighway that was obviously the correct route. What concerned me is that while the highway was new and it connected two major cities (Salamanca and Avila), I had updated the map a week before, so this should not have been too much of a surprise. While using the unit back in the States, it had me making a turn the wrong way down a one way street in Manhattan, which could have had disastrous consequences. I will advise Garmin on that one.

    The amazing side was the technology, accurately keeping track of our speed, distance from and time remaining until we reached our destination. It was reassuring to have the double check against a printed map while en route. The unit is extremely well made, and accessories such as the window clamp, adapter and hard pillow that sits on the dashboard to hold the unit (rather than the window clamp) are sturdy and top rate. The unit is small and the screen size is perfectly adequate to read and guide you (I don't really see the need for a widescreen one). It fit easily in my fanny pack or shirt pocket for security, so as not to leave it in the car.

    One major downside that I would grade Garmin one star for is their map update policy. You pay a premium to get a unit like this that has both US and European maps. The flexibility is terrific, but if you want to update the maps you have to choose which set of maps to update. You want to update the other set too? That will set you back $70!! That is petty nonsense. As I understand, this unit is new to the market. Amazon claims their turnover is high, so you always get a current map. Yet, when I checked the Garmin website, there was an update available for the maps on my Nuvi. And by updating it, I used the one and only free update offered. Again, petty nonsense.

    Using the menu system requires some getting used to, and if you are in a hurry to input something on the fly, you will not be happy; it takes multiple steps and tapping to spell out the cities and street names, or scroll the Points of Interest lists.

    Still in all, the unit provided a peace of mind that I have rarely had while driving overseas. The accuracy to literally bring you to a doorstep in a foreign country is remarkable. Like all things technical, perfection is not possible. This is a useful tool. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 275T
    I love my GPS. It works great. It's not absolutely perfect but then no GPS could possibly be perfect when the roads are being reconstructed. But Garmin has promised a free map upgrade when it becomes available. I've found every address I've plugged in and I got there easily. You can divert to Points of Interest and then continue on...the other day I had to find a grocery took me right there and back onto my final destination. This thing is cool in bluetooth. It actually has most of the phone numbers of the points of interest and you can call ahead using the GPS (via your cellphone of course). Once you slave your cell to the GPS just remember that your GPS is where you talk and not the cell phone. I got this particular model because it has European maps. I like the 3.5 inch screen, it's fully functional and super easy to see and use. It's easy to carry and put away. I use the bean bag dashboard mount because it's quicker than sticking it on the windshield. Changes voices. I have mine set to British English. You can walk with this little gem too. All in all, it's a great little unit at the very best price. Does a lot more than I've described here. Currency conversion, upload photos, and more. ...more info