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  • Probably a 4
    If I take into effect everything about the movie, I should probably give it a 4, since it is far from perfect. It gets a 5 however from my sheer enjoyment of the film. No matter how many times I see it, I still watch it every time I stumble across it. The acting is fantastic, and the story follows a rocky/karate kid formula. Though if I were to list other movies that I would recommend if you enjoy this, they would be: Hoosiers, Breaking Away, Babe, Remember the Titans, and Miracle. If you want something more than the movie, then go for the special edition, otherwise you can get just the movie itself for under $10.
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  • If you like to hear a lot of cussing. . .
    This was a gift - I would not pick such a movie. The story is good and inspiring, but the cussing increases as the movie progresses. So, if you like cussing, this movie is for you - there is no shortage of foul words here.

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  • A great tribute to a guy who would not take no for an answer
    I generally don't like Sports Film but I am willing to make an exception. This film just shows that if you want something bad enough and are willing to pay the price. Then the world is yours! A great film about the human spirit!...more info
  • My new favorite movie
    My favorite movie for the last 14 years has been The Fugitive. And I finally watched Rudy and I was amazed at how great this movie is and how much I could relate to Rudy. And it is just such a great movie. It is a really great movie that everyone can relate to. Its a story where dreams can come true....more info
  • Root for Rudy
    `Rudy' is all the things that a good sports movie should be. It's emotional, it's touching, it's realistic and it has some great sports action (not a lot, but enough)...but what makes `Rudy' stand out above the rest is it's heart, and that heart is elevated through Sean Astin's wonderful performance. As Rudy, Sean shows us a boy with so much determination amidst so much rejection and lack of support. As a boy he always dreamed of playing for Notre Dame but when the time came his grades wouldn't allow it. No one but his best friend even believed in him, but when his best friend suffers an untimely death Rudy starts to believe in himself. He enrolls in a school close by in an attempt to raise his grades and get accepted into Notre Dame and when he eventually does so his family is pleased (for the most part) but they still knock him down when he proclaims his determination to make the football team. It's not that Rudy doesn't have the knowledge of the game or even the skill to play, he's just way to small to make any difference on the field. But with all his heart and soul on his sleeve he makes a difference, in the hearts of his teammates, his coach, his town and eventually his family. It's a truly heartwarming and tender film with a knock out performance by Astin. Great film for any sports buff, but for all you ladies out there wondering if this is just a guy flick, it's not. It's a movie about believing in yourself...and you'll love it if not for the fact you'll see your man cry....more info
  • "I'm Going To South Bend" ~ Dedication, Perserverance And The Power Of A Dream
    Released in '93 the film `Rudy' is without question one of the most loved sports films of all-time. Based on the true story of Rudy Ruettiger and his vision quest to play football for the Fighting Irish at the University of Notre Dame, it's a story that Sean Astin was born to bring alive on film. He's absolutely perfect as the not so talented athlete with an unquenchable spirit that will not be denied.

    This movie certainly knows how to push all the right emotional buttons just when needed and the superb production values and soundtrack create a wonderfully inspiring and nostalgic atmosphere that will pull on the heartstrings of even the most cynical amongst us. If you're a sports fan or not you'll certainly enjoy Sean Astin's magnificent performance.

    My Rating: -4 1/2 Stars-....more info
  • Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!
    This is the best football movie of all time. This is a deluxe edition that I just had to get. 22 something dollars was a lot of money though. Rudy is the most inspirational movie that is in the sports genre. Sean Astin does better in this than Lord of the Rings. He should have got best actor for this one. There is one dissapointing scene in this movie though and that is in the very end. Rudy only gets to play for like five minutes. Average sourround sound and a great picture. It is really sad when Rudys brother dies. I will have to admit I cried in this movie and guys do not cry in many movies. It is just a great story and I think a greater story than Rocky, another sports film. I do like Rocky though. If you want to cry or just see a great dramatic sports movie than this is the movie for you. God bless you and America....more info
  • What the USA is STILL all about
    Having been born out of the USA and worked and lived in France, Germany, UK (England/Scotland) and here in the USA the past 24 years (am only in my mid 40'), I have done much: I recognize true quality. This movie is a very good thank you to Daniel Ruettiger who in real life did that dream come true.

    Even now, in 2008 and to come, on 148 countries, how many really are true democracies? Certainly not yet in many East EU countries, a lot of China, a dozen of countries in Africa etc...America still has got the "you can do it" and "dreams can come true attitude": not bad wisdom considering that the USA is only 222 years old (since the American constitution) and not about 2500 to 3500 years old as most other countries.
    So, Rudy? Oui, watch it again and again if you ever doubt that dreams can come true. ...more info
  • Go for your dreams.
    Rudy fades with time but this uplifting film does what it is supposed to do and that is inspire people to tackle their many dreams. Sean Astin plays the title-character who is all heart and will, he wants to play College football for Notre Dame but his grades are anything but strong. The school decides to take a chance on him and his study habits and football playing florish greatly throughout the course of the film. I like this film but not as much as I used to....more info
    This wonderful movie tells a true story, that will touch your heart! I loved it! It is about a little boy who dreamed of becoming a football player for Notre-Dame. The little boy(Rudy) grew up to be a young man, with the same driven desire to be a football player for Notre-Dame.

    His father, and brothers all worked for the steel mill, and after high school graduation, Rudy (Sean Astin), and his best friend, ended up working at the steel mill too. After a fatal accident at the steel mill, Rudy changed forever, and with all the odds against him, and with everyone constantly telling him that he had no chance of ever playing football for Notre-Dame. Rudy left home to chase after his life long dream.

    My favorite scene in the movie is where the football players of Notre-Dame honored Rudy, by carrying him off the field on their shoulders after a game, as I watched this, tears of joy rolled down my face! Awesome! I highly recommend this movie! But movie people, next time, please, please, no "GD" cuss words! I though Sean Astin as a actor, was outstanding!...more info
  • And you can watch it with your kids!
    My favorite movie of all time. In addition to the film, I own a copy of the soundtrack and it makes me REALLLLY mad when other films use the music. It's like stealing. My favorite moment of the movie is when the captain of the team asks Rudy if he's ready to lead the team thru the Notre Dame tunnel out on to the field. And he says, "I've been ready for this my whole life." If you don't cry, then and there, you need CPR. The guy from WVA who called it drivel, well, I'll bet you got cut from your high school team and haven't been the same since. Don't be bitter....more info
  • A formula movie done extremely well
    On the one hand, this is a formula movie. Poor boy has challenges; poor boy works hard; poor boy ends up successful. The movies pulls all the strings just right, so that the person viewing this movie is pulled along by sentiment and a well crafted script and sound track.

    The sound track needs to be mentioned. It works quite well. The movie shows Notre Dame football practice and games during the change of seasons. Rudy, played by Sean Astin, is undersized and undertalented, but he has great desire to play for the Fighting Irish. He becomes a practice team fixture, hanging on by his fingernails because of his desire and hustle. The movie shows him desperate to attend Notre Dame and having to gain access to the University. His family is working class and can't really help him. There is an element of Horatio Alger here, as "poor boy makes good," although the "good" is not the massing of wealth.

    The ending is wonderfully manipulative--but very effective. The emotions wash over the viewer. This is an engaging movie, with many fine performances by the actors. If you like sports movies, this is worth looking at.
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  • [Really three-and-a-half out of four stars] Not as good as 'Miracle', but inspiring nonetheless!
    Sean Astin's best to date, and maybe 'Rock's
    too! Real life story about 5'9", 175 lb. LB
    Rudy Ruddiger, who FINALLY gets into game @
    Notre Dame for two plays @ end of 5th rSr
    season. How about the profanities and taking
    the lord's name in vain by Dan Devine look
    alike in here, at 'TD Jesus U.'?! What was
    up with that outburst? Nonetheless a fine
    but flawed film. Lot more to the Rudy story
    that didn't get told but then we are talking
    about Hollyweird! - R.A.S...more info
  • RUDY
    A very Worth while movie i would put it up there with matt damon & Robins williams movie ?? and sean connery movie Forest?? a Nice family dvd...more info
  • Great!
    This is one of those movies you can watch over and over again. Rudy is fantastic character, very well played by Sean. Putting this on blu-ray makes the experience even more fun. If you have never seen this definitely go out and get it, you will not be let down...more info
  • Incredible Movie
    Well I love this movie? It's perfect. I mean, a small-town dreamer goes and practices for the Domers (9-2 baby!) and somehow works his way to get to play in a game and get carried off the field! That's not an easy thing to do! But my opinoin is probably a lot different from other people's because I want to play for the a USC fan is gonna hate this moive.
    That's all I wanted to say! Bye!...more info
    Director David Anspaugh who brought us the brilliant HOOSIERS has another winner in this heartwarming true story of RUDY, a young man whose dream of playing for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish reached a heartfelt fruition in his last game as a senior. Sean Astin was an inspired choice to play the title role; as he proved later in the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, Astin is the kind of man who would be the kid brother or best friend to other men; or the shy, introverted boyfriend to a really nice girl. Astin is also an actor who embellishes his roles with a rare intimacy and credibility that works especially well in a film like this. He is ably supported by Jon Favreau as his rotund best friend; Charles S. Dutton who is marvelous as the maintenance man who serves as a surrogate coach/father to Rudy; and Lili Taylor as his girlfriend. RUDY pushes all the right emotional buttons, but it is also a very upbeat and uplifting story of one young man's temerity and patience....more info
  • against all odds
    I just finished watching the DVD of this movie. Based upon a true story, it is one of the best sports movies that I have seen and one of the better movies of all genres. The acting is supurb. Rudy battles against almost insurmountable obstacles to reach his lifelong dream. I felt Rudy's emotions as the movie progressed and the beautiful orchestral score helps to draw the viewer/listener into the story. The quality of the DVD is first-rate and the special features and interviews help to give the viewer insight into Rudy's story.

    If you cry at movies, plan to shed a few tears of joy with Rudy....more info
  • Neverending Story
    I never grow tired of this movie. My son attends Notre Dame, so it has a special meaning for me. There is an excitement surrouding this University. From the Stadium to the Dome to the Grotto, there is a certain magic and "RUDY" brings it out....more info
  • How much are you willing to give for your dream?
    This film teaches the lesson that doors only open for you when you push, and it teaches that lesson more effectively than perhaps any motivational film ever made.

    Dan Ruettiger pushes through years of daunting physical, social and emotional obstacles to achieve two minutes of actual playing time for the University of Notre Dame. Was it worth it? Who are we to question another person's dream? All that matters, is that it was worth it to him.

    Contrary to the opinion of another reviewer, I believe that that game time was bestowed not out of pity, but as a fitting tribute to the constantly inspiring dedication shown by a young man who, by all rights, had no business wearing that gold helmet.

    He gave HIMSELF the right to wear it by doing everything possible to put himself within touching distance of something that should have been impossible, and by doing so, he (through this film) creates a grand and powerful analogy of nothing less than the American Dream.

    How much of your life is up to you? You won't know until you push up against what look like limits and obstacles, until you reach for what looks to be out of reach, and find out if your push is hard enough and your arm is long enough. To do this, you will have to overcome your own fear, the doubt of your friends and family, and the reluctance of all the people who just want to shut their doors in your face; and even then you may fail. But no one ever made anything of themselves by scoffing at dedication and heart.

    As Wayne Gretsky once said, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." This wonderful film is about being willing to take the shots again and again and again, to risk everything for something you want more than anything else. Certainly there are more noble, more admirable dreams than to play football for a particular university; but if you think this film is just about a kid who wants to play football, you obviously have a pretty big blind spot....more info
  • Good enough to make a grown man cry!
    Great movie! Glad it is finally on BLU. Love the music, love the story. If you have never seen this, BUY IT NOW. One of the best movies you will ever see in your LIFE!...more info
  • Rudy
    This is one of my favorite movies. GREAT that it is a true story. The real Rudy is behind the dad in the bleachers at the end of the movie....more info
  • Completey Marred by Wack Pacing and Annoying Plotline
    Look, my low rating does not account for any lame reasons such as the main character is from Notre Dame, or the fact that I am not a Notre Dame fan, though I'm not (Side Note: Go Trojans!). Rather, while this film is somewhat entertaining (hardly), the moral is pedestrian and tacked onto something as trivial as Football, and the pacing throws off whatever power the movie has.

    The acting is aqequte, but the somewhat good acting and okay setting is marred by the WACK pacing. THe problem is that it just seems rushed. It doesn't feel like a journey. Maybe that's because you cannot make a road to this "dream" condensed into less than two hours (with credits, from birth as well, no less), but each scene feels tacked on. It's just throw away, and it feels like a hastily thrown together script and a series of skteches. Take for example, the diner scene with his best friend. He gets into a fight, then he's dead 2 minutes later. What's with that? I think if there were more screen time of him, I think it would be a lot better. Heck, the only way to even make the death feel like it has impact would to show just how much time they spend together.

    Also, I hate the notion of this whole dream and the fact that they even try to pass it off as inspiratoin. Look, Rudy, I realize all your life you were weak and were undersized. But to me, is it really worth it? No! I don't have the skills to be an actor, do you think I'm going to waste my time trying to get some 3 second rule in a dinky movie? I'm not going to waste my life. Big deal, you recorded one sack. The fact is, the dream of doing something that is out of your reach seems a waste, especially when it's something like Football.

    Rudy is really a movie worth skipping. And forget the fact it's accurate, the coach, who is considered an atagonist, actually insisted putting Rudy in. So really, this is not edgy or realistic, it's still HOllywood moralizing. The only inspiration I felt was the inspiration to smash the DVD into the wall.

    D+...more info
  • Inspiring
    A friend gave this movie to me to watch. I loved it! I went through every emotion, and by the end my sister and I were cheering aloud. I recommend this movie to anyone of any age. It has a great story line, and the moral of the story is worth it. Five stars isn't nearly enough....more info
  • Rudy
    Rudy is based on a true story about a young boy (played by Sean Astin) growing up in a blue-collar family with a dream to someday go to college and play football at Notre Dame. His family and teachers say he's not smart enough, not athletic enough, and why doesn't he accept his fate working in the local steel mill with his father and brothers. He refused to let his dream die and becomes a walk-on player.

    The original movie came out in 1993. Sean Astin was in The Lord of the Rings. Ned Beatty portrays his father. David Anspaugh is the director.

    Rudy is one of my all-time favorite movies. The acting is wonderful, especially Sean Astin's performance. The fact that it is a true story kept me watching from the beginning to the end. The music score is well written and inspirational.

    I would recommend Rudy to anyone, young or old, who has a dream and needs the inspiration to pursue it.
    ...more info
  • Rudy
    Awesome and inspring movie. Great entertainment and great to use as an object lesson that one can accomplish anything that you set your mind to....more info
  • Great for kids
    I just watched this with my nephew, a 10 year old who wants to play football some day. What a great movie for a kid his age! Not just because of the whole "follow your dreams" message but also because it's just an entertaining movie. You get a real sense of how someone can accomplish a lot with nothing more than his own motivation and desires....more info
  • Rudy -movies
    Purchased as a gift for a neighbor and friend and they loved it
    A very Heartwarming movie which I enjoyed and I know they did also...more info
  • Speedy Service
    I ordered a DVD and it arrived well before the promised delivery date! Excellent service. ...more info
  • Get your head outta your ass! See the facts!!
    While that remark may be harsh, and to some actually taken in a mean-spirited way, please read it once more, and consider it in love. Because Rudy had to do just that, and while in the film it wasn't said quite in that manner, that was the point. And in the end, the man with the dream, the one who listened to all the taunts, teases, and endured the agony of defeat, came out swinging. All adversaries whether friends or just plain creeps, they all ate crow in the end. The ones who encouraged Rudy shared in the joy of his victory!

    Hey, you watch this and you just think to yourself about how easy it is to throw in the towel. To get so disgusted with everything life throws at you, and just quit. I've done it, even seen some people do it with life. Life was just too tough, therefore suicide was the easiest way out. But it seemed to me that sometimes Rudy had that tough love when he wanted to give up. When he tried to say that a whole year at Holy Cross was a waste, his boss, the maintenance man told him this, "You got your head so far up your ass about that damn football team, you missed the fact. You just got a year of top quality education. Waste? Don't be wastin' my time!" If that doesn't wake you up, then keep dreaming! Listen to the ones who mentor you. You might not always like what they say, but they're usually always right!

    If you get just 1 thing out of this film, just remember to get up when you get knocked down. Don't let jerks get the best of you. John Hagee said, "When God sends you out in the ocean to catch Moby Dick, TAKE THE TARTER SAUCE WITH YOU!!!" The final lesson in this is simple. Don't apologize for your efforts. You will always have the kind of people who tell you, "Look at who you might be hurting, you only think of yourself." I've had to learn that sometimes, a simple SCREW YOU works just fine with that crowd, and I just kept my eyes open. Is this a tough lesson to learn? Oh yes is is! Is it worth it? Even more so. This movie is awesome for old and young alike, because it touches the soul, and ultimately builds a warrior. Kudos!...more info
  • Best sports movie ever?
    It's rare when a movie can affect the culture and vocabulary of a society. Rudy is such a powerful and memorable movie that it has made such an impact. The term "Rudy" is now used in reference to the bench-warmers on high school and college sports teams. For example, if a team is getting blown out or is blowing out another team, at the end of the game, the coach might put in the scrubs who rarely get to play. Seeing this, someone in the stands might say "Hey, look, the coach is putting in the Rudy," or "The Rudys are coming into the game." There you have it. A movie that has affected the way we speak and think about the players who spend most of the game on the sidelines. Rudy (the movie) is entertaining, emotional, funny, and teaches a good lesson without being preachy. The football scenes are great to watch too because they actually look real, unlike other sports movies. And if you've ever warmed a bench (I have), you can take some solace in Rudy's plight. I've never met a serious athlete who didn't love this movie. A lot of people consider Rudy to be corny and cliched, but if you've been a Rudy, or if you've known one, then you'll see this movie for what it really is. The casting is perfect, with Sean Astin giving what I consider to be the best performance of his career. The music is also inspiring, and has been used in many other projects besides the movie. If you don't cry or cheer when Rudy puts the hurt on the opposing quarterback, then you might not be human. Rudy is easily one of the best sports movies ever made, and continues giving comfort to mediocre athletes everywhere. ...more info
  • Great Movie!
    I went to ND and graduated in 1985..I missed Rudy by ten years! I would have loved to be around to watch history being made! It just goes to show you whether it's then or now, what determination will do!...more info
  • A Great Movie!
    This rudy movie was the best football movie ever! Thought When I watched it there where some bad words that where not for children. But The movie was great!...more info
  • True-to-Life Tale of Simple Dreams
    RUDY is the story of a boy chasing a dream, who in the process becomes a man. It is a plot formula that we have seen before, time and time again. So what makes RUDY stand out so much in my mind? I think what makes this film so successful is the fact that it is true to life, unlike many sports films. In your typical "underdog" film, the sports team faces another losing season, only to channel their hopes and dreams into winning the state championship, the World Cup, etc. It is a concept that is generally played out exclusively "on the field," presenting the audience with a myopic view of the world in which sports are the only thing that matters. I often wonder to myself, after seeing such a film, "What happened to them after that?" And unless we're watching THE MIGHTY DUCKS, who decide to answer the question by putting out more movies, that question is left unanswered.

    RUDY is very different. Here is a story about a dream. It is not a dream to score the winning touchdown of a bowl game. It is not a dream to play professional football. It is not an unrealizable fantasy that is sloppily achieved through the magic of filmmaking. Instead, it is a simple dream: to dress for one game on the Notre Dame football team. That's it. Moreover, RUDY is not the story of a man who accomplishes his goal in one season. It takes him years of hard work and disappointment. The effect of telling such a story is epic. By the time our hero finally takes the field, the emotional intensity of that moment is much greater than in most other sports movies I've seen. I am generally not really relieved or emotional when the underdog team finally wins the match-even if "We Are the Champions" is playing in the background, asking for our tears. But I wanted to see Rudy (Sean Astin) take the field so bad, I was extremely involved in the film.

    Sean Astin does an incredible job in this role and I think it is by far one of the best performances of his career. In short, if you like sports movies in which the underdog triumphs in the end, you will love RUDY. It blows the genre out of the water. Instead of focusing solely "on the field," this film focuses more on the transformation of Rudy's character and the surrounding details and experiences of his life. RUDY is definitely worth owning in your collection. ...more info
  • Inspiring & Motivating , GO IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A great movie for all ages. The ultimate movie about never giving up on your dreams and the sacrifice that comes along with winning. ...more info