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Navigon 2200T 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Text-To-Speech and Free Traffic Alerts
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Product Description

The NAVIGON 2200T offers a range of other outstanding features. Only NAVIGON provides free real-time traffic updates for the life of the product and makes it this accessible. Whether you're driving cross-country or across town, the NAVIGON 2200T will alert you to upcoming traffic. Color-coded incident icons make it easy to tell exactly what's going on, where the incident is, and, with one click, the best way to get around it. Reality View Pro provides 3D visuals of complex highway interchanges and now includes exits so you never miss another turn again. Advanced Text-to-Speech Voice Guidance speaks directions and street names. DirectHelp provides easy access to emergency services information and directions. Free Real-Time Traffic Updates re-route you around traffic congestion with color-coded incident icons, traffic flow data, and more. Advanced Text-to-Speech Voice Guidance enables spoken driving directions and street names so you can keep your eyes on the road. Phonetic technology ensures Navigon gets the pronunciation just right. Next generation Lane Assistant Pro guides you to the best lane to be in with clear lane maps. Powered by NAVIGON's next generation software, the 2200T is fast and easy to use. With fewer clicks needed to enter your destination, Navigon gets you on the road faster than the competition. Automatic Standby Feature Auto Day/Night Mode SiRF Instant Fix II GPS Receiver ATLAS III AT642D-XAC, 375MHz processor 3.5 Touchscreen display SiRF GRF3i+ GPS chip plus InstantFix II Micro SD card slot, USB 1.1 port 64 MB DDR SDRAM/2 GB mDOC flash Integrated traffic receiver and antenna Non-removable 740-mAh lithium ion battery Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Dimensions - 3.8 x 2.9 x 0.7 Weight - 4.3 ounces

  • Advanced Text-to-Speech Voice Guidance. Turn-by-turn directions with street names.
  • Free Real-Time Traffic Updates. Coverage across 80 cities for the life of your product.
  • Reality View Pro. Never miss an exit with automatic 3D guidance.
  • Auto Day/Night Mode. Adjusts your screen for better daytime or nighttime viewing.
  • Auto-off Feature. Turns off your system when you turn off your car.

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Neat Features
    I normally do not submit reviews. This is my first product review. I like the features offered by Navigon 2200T. I must admit the lane assistant feature is really useful - especially when driving thru complicated freeway interchanges. The Reality view is also a really neat feature - which by the way is offered only in the Navigon products. What I also like is the Tex-to-Speech feature. This feature is also found in most GPS Systems offered today. I use this product when I travel out of town and using a rental car. Impossible to take the incorrect freeway exit/on ramp/interchange. I do recommend this product - if you do not already have one. Just don't go out and buy the house charger from Navigon or anywhere else. It will cost you an arm and a leg. Instead go to Big Lots! They have one for only $3.00 and it really works like a charm. The Downside (if you can call it) is that it sometimes takes a few extra minutes for it to get a satellite connection. I hope you find this review helpful....more info
  • Decent
    It's decent, but I wouldn't buy it again, nor would I recommend it.

    Here's what I do like about it:
    - Very compact / lightweight

    - Looks good

    - Traffic works well SOMETIMES (will cover this more later). It helped route me through back-roads (that I didn't know about) on my route to work, cutting my commute time in half.

    - Seems to have some addresses in its database that my TomTom One didn't.

    Here's what I don't like about it:
    - Usually takes an incredibly long time to get a signal. 4-5 minutes. When you're in an unfamiliar area, 5 minutes of sitting there feels like an eternity. Driving around helps pick up a signal faster, but if you don't know the direction to go, it can be a waste.

    - Traffic seems to only monitor major roads/highways. For example, I've had it tell me that a highway is congested, only to route me to some even more congested side/back-roads. It can route you into worse traffic than you're already in, effectively slowing you down even more.

    - The user interface leaves a lot to be desired.

    - The routing is really, really dumb sometimes. For example, lets say you need to take an exit for a highway going south. That exit is 2 blocks away. 1 block away is the exit for that highway going north. It will have you take the north exit, travel down that highway and turn around somewhere else. Makes you say "WTF?". This happens quite frequently. I just happen to use GPS in areas I'm moderately familiar with, and all the time it makes mistakes and tells you to go on the wrong exit.

    So yes, it works OK sometimes... but most of the time you're dealing with the irritating problems I described. I was hoping to find a good "bargain" GPS, but this just makes me wish I spent a little bit more money on a Garmin....more info
  • 2200T vs old model
    Navigon 2200T 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Text-To-Speech and Free Traffic Alerts

    Before anything else, I think Navigon products are so much better than Garmin GPS products overall. I had used some Garmin models and never liked it. Navigon has better GUI, more intuitive and provides the important informations.

    I had 2100 and I bought 2200T as replacement thinking its a good improvement over the old one. not so much. some of it are even for the worse. here are the things that navigon could have been better. Good things about this GPS are already covered by most reviewers.

    - Exit numbers are tiny which requires you to bring your magnifying glass while driving. the older model, 2100 doesnt have that problem.

    - It has trouble finding signal and takes a really looong time. 2100 doesnt have that problem.

    - Touch screen is not as good as Garmin GPS. its not as responsive. sometimes you have to touch it twice.

    - History of addresses is keeping only the last few places you entered. I cant remember how many but its around 8 to 10 addresses only. the old model, 2100 actually keeps a lot of past addresses. again, backward design.
    ...more info
  • nice compact GPS with traffic update
    compact, slick look, find satellite fast, traffic very up to date, no problem so far ...more info
  • Disappointed
    The high feature set of the 2200T is not matched by its performance. Pluses: bright screen, lane assist and free traffic info
    Minuses: database missed even common, fairly large street names in the Princeton NJ area. Few POI, database cannot be searched by name.
    Returned item....more info
  • Needs work
    I replaced a refurbished TomTom with this Naigon. I was intrigued by the traffic alerts and the price. It takes forever to get a satellite signal - a fact that was driven home when a friend showed me his new Garmin GPS navigator and it fired-up right away. I need to use this one some more, but so far I have not been impressed....more info
  • Inferior quality map
    Lots of features but the necessary features are not as good as compared to the other GPS systems (Tomtom and Garmin). I am a user of Tomtom 720. I wanted to give it a try but I did not like the quality of maps on this gps. The information displayed on the screen while navigation is limited. POI's are also limited. Finally i decided to return the product....more info
  • Navigon-the undiscovered gps
    Navigon has many of the same options as the "namebrand" gps systems. I think it gives you more for the money than the "namebrands". It shows you the street signs as they appear on the road and many of the smaller units come with free traffic alerts for life. It is very easy to use as well....more info
  • Navigate Me !!
    This appears to be a very good product. However,it seems that the Navigon techs could include a users manual and an adaptor for the 12V!!...more info
  • Great product!
    This my second GPS. The first one was for me and the second a gift for a friend. I love the reality view and my friend loves the traffic reports. There is no looking at the screen for the street because it tells you in more than enough time. I highly recommend this GPS!...more info
  • Works great
    I like my Navigon potable GPS. Never failed me yet and the display is crystal clear. This is my first navigation system and I think it is better than my friends of other brands. The display is excellent, clear and easy to read....more info
  • Not bad for the price
    We purchased this for a trip after our Magellan died (it was only a year old). I love the split highway screen for exiting when you are traveling--it makes it easy to see if one lane or two exits. We had a difficult time trying to get it to recalculate the route when we didn't want to use the road it wanted us to. Maybe we have a setting wrong somewhere. Unlike our Magellan, the maps are very new (we know because it has the nearby expressway extension that was just completed in the last year) and if you watch for the right package--you can get 3 years of map updates included--which kicks the snot out of Magellan and Garmin's $80 updates. The instant traffic updates were helpful too when on the road with construction. The battery life could be a little better but, overall, it is a great little GPS for the money. Much better than our old Magellan which is gathering dust in the corner still waiting for service to call me back....more info
  • work great
    Brought for gift for self when traveling. Love the way it shows exactly what lane you need to be in while driving and exiting. another feature Speed limit- Even if pain sometimes the speed limit warning is helpful too, really needed in small towns who never post their speeds but love to catch you. Well worth the money for so many features some you do not find on other GPS's....more info
  • Navigon 2200T
    The finding of a satellite is sometimes slow. The mount supplied does not work in my car. When you deviate from the original route, the device eventually reroutes you correctly. I am still working on the traffic alerts and points of interest, so it isn't as intuitive as I'd expected....more info
  • Phenominal
    I own a Garmin which I have had for 5 years. I am not knocking Garmin which happens to be a great brand, but for the price I paid for the Navigon and all the features it has, the Navigon wins hands down. I love the free traffic alerts which actually are accurate. The graphics are grea. Very user friendly. I don't take wrong exits like I used to with my Garmin, especially at those complicated multi-ramp exists and junctions. GREAT PRODUCT. ...more info
  • Takes time to get used to but works great!
    Entering address takes time getting used to. Have to enter state first, before entering address, although it is meant that way since it gives address suggestions. Otherwise, it shows very useful view of the route and 3D view of the lanes. It only takes time to get GPS signal if it was off for days before or if you are in a tall building area. Traffic is nice, but would be useful if it had voice recognition so you could pay attention to the road. Overall, great value!...more info
  • 2200T a decent unit
    Upon opening the box, my first impression of the 2200T was that it might be too small. Think a deck of cards. After a week of use, I can say it is plenty big. I plugged it in to charge and skimmed through the manual. Powering the unit up and making the initial setting was simple. I have read complaints that the Navigons menus are not intuitive, but I really have not had any more difficulty than I have had with others I have used when traveling with associates - this is my first GPS. I have experienced none of the touch screen problems other have reported, makes me wonder if they calibrated it. Satellite fix is reasonably quick, but certainly not instant. Routing is very quick and accurate, although it does tell me my home is on the wrong side of the street. Re-routing is almost instant. The text-to-speech is fair, but works well enough. The "Reality View" feature is fantastic! Very helpful at multi-option exchanges you are not too familiar with. I have not yet run into a traffic alert situation so that is as yet untested.
    All things considered, I like this unit. The biggest issue to date is that the auto dimming of the screen has not worked.
    ...more info
  • Love It
    This is a great product for the price. Very easy and intuitive to use. Many options like speed limit warnings (can be turned on or off), saving and accessing addresses very easy. Big screen and clear pictures. Sometimes the touch screen is a little hard to hit with fingernails. Wish I had gotten one earlier!...more info
  • Very good!
    This is my first GPS purchase and so far I love it. I've had it a few months. I've traveled out of state and to new destinations and haven't had any issues. It's small but I have no problem viewing the screen. I love that it doesn't say 'recalculating' every time you change course, like I've seen other people's GPS do. I also love how you can set it to warn you if you are over the speed limit, whether by 5, 10 or 15 mph increments (your choice), the 3D view, so you see the highway signs just as you are driving 'live'. I have yet to have recieved any traffic alerts on here. Not sure if that is by chance or not...I've only used the device about 5 times. I do hope that actually will work. It does show you the speed limit on the screen of the device, at all times when driving. All in all I like this GPS, and am glad I waited to get this one with these features!...more info
  • great unit but died after 3 months...
    I was looking forward to receiving the 2200T and it does not disappoint. At first, I could not believe how much technology is offered in such a small box. Definitely a marvel of engineering packaging. The only disappointment was reading the negative reviews; they are simply not accurate. My device synced up to the satellites within 30 seconds, and traffic info a few moments later. Reality view is a plus, and text to speach is quite natural. The lifetime traffic stream is the best feature by far; the system will route you around a traffic jam automatically or by a system prompt. And, Navigon doesn't charge a subscription fee, like most other gps manufacturers. I disabled the suspend feature because each time you disconnect from the power source, the unit shuts down, quite annoying. Also, the lower left button is shown as a backwards arrow, but should have the power icon, because it behaves as such. Despite these minor faults, the 2200T is on par with the best in class gps units, and competitively priced at $129 it is a "best buy" in my book!

    UPDATE 4/17/09: software will not load...called factory to confirm I need the unit re-flashed! So now I need to get around with my rental car using paper maps! Navigon will repair at n/c under warranty, and I need to send unit back. Very disappointed....more info
  • Slick little unit
    Bought this GPS device for my parents for Christmas, and was quite impressed. The UI is great, and I've had no problems picking up satellites on the road. Very slick....more info
  • Excellent product
    I purchased this item three weeks ago and can tell you I think it is awesome. The main reason I bought it was for the free traffic info. It works well giving you a heads up when there are problems and gives you alternate routes. The GPS works very well, the only problem, I find is it take a while to find the satellite. Keeping the unit in stand by mode will save time finding a satellite. I like this unit and recommend it, good features and the price is right....more info
  • Great Product at a Great Price
    Free lifetime traffic
    Lane assisst
    Speed limits and speed warning
    Great directions, all for under $200. Plus, on Amazon I got the 12 updates over 3 year deal for around $40 s&h. Where other brands charge $90 for a one time upgrade. ...more info
  • Excellent product but lack of signal
    I got this product because of the excellent and interested features it has. The design and the features are great. Therefore, it requires a lot of time (15-20 minutes) to detect a satellite signal. I wish if Navigon will work on that. ...more info
  • Great for value!
    I've been using this device for 2 weeks. For me, the satellite log-in takes less than 30 seconds. Only once it took over a minute, and that was in downtown Portland, OR. My favorite feature is how it says "CAUTION" every time I speed. Maps are very recent and accurate. Take a wrong turn, it immediately re-routes your route. Voice guidance tends to be a little tricky to understand at first, but it's good overall. Overall, it's a great little device....more info
  • golden pearl
    It's the best g.p.s and i had made a lot of money from my work after installing it because i drive a lot and it calculates fastest routes and avoid congested highways....more info
  • A bargain for the performance and features
    For years I have been using my HP iPaq pocketPC to host GPS software such as Routis and TomTom Navigator. But when the price of dedicated portable GPS devices started to approach what it would cost to update my software and map data, I thought it might be time to consider that alternative. I set my criteria to include text-to-speech, auto zooming, traffic updates, lane-assistance, and reality view. In looking at the Garmin, TomTom, and Magellan line of products, it appeared that the price for all that would easily exceed $300. But then I found these features in the Navigon 2200T for under $130--including traffic updates for the life of the device. This definitely was a bargain. So I decided to try it out. I'm please to say I am quite satisfied with the Navigon 2200T and its implementation of these features--especially the reality view and lane assistance. Traffic updates work well--if only to give me enough warning to head for a restroom in anticipation of an unavoidable slow traffic situation ahead. Satellite acquisition from a cold start takes a couple of minutes, but that's not really an inconvenience, especially since I can actually acquire sufficient satellite data while indoors in my house before leaving. Reacquistion from "standby" mode is almost instantaneous. Navigational computations and re-routing is quick and, in my opinion, optimal. Multiple interim destinations and nearby POI's along the route are easily selected. The user interface requires a little time to become familiar, but it easy enough to master. Other than daytime/nightime views, there are no options for map color schemes from which to choose. Battery life away from the car is slightly over an hour. So if you want to use your GPS in pedestrian mode, you are better off leaving the GPS in standby mode to extend battery life, referring to it only occasionally to gain your bearings. Navigon offers 3 years of quarterly map and POI updates for just $79. That should be just about right for the time to replace the GPS with newer technology. In the meantime, I'm quite satisfied that this device will get me where I want to go without any hassle. ...more info