Calphalon Simply Stainless 12 Piece Cookware Set
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  • Stainless steel interior and exterior surfaces. Aluminum core bottom for even heating.
  • Domed tempered glass covers make it easy to monitor foods while they cook. Lids are oven safe to 450 degrees F.
  • 100% dishwasher safe
  • Low heat transfer handle

Customer Reviews:

  • Very good, works as expected
    Very nice quality, no manufacturing defects and all the lids fit like they should. I think the set looks a lot nicer in person than the photo on the Amazon page. I especially like that the handles are solid, not hollow underneath; they are also connected to the pots with a "y" design, like the more expensive sets.

    I do wash mine in the dishwasher and they still look nice, although I've noticed minor etching (like scratches, but shorter -- could these be pits??). The only utensils I've used with them so far have been nylon, I've only scrubbed them with a microfiber dish cloth as needed, and I use gel in the dishwasher; so I'm not sure how the etching is happening. But this doesn't seem to impact performance, and maybe I'm being too picky. There is no way I am going to wash these by hand -- I don't have room for most of them in my sink, and being able to wash them in the dishwasher was the #1 reason I bought them.

    Eggs do stick - I'm still trying to refine my technique because the literature says if I get the temp (both pan and raw food) just right, they shouldn't. I'm glad I got the set on sale -- I think it is worth what I paid. I love the cookware more and more each time I use it. I guess that nagging voice in my head worrying about the non-stick pans I had been using was affecting me more than I thought. It's such a relief not to worry about that any more.

    I haven't had any issues with the handle on the glass lids or on the pans themselves getting too hot -- I haven't even needed to use a potholder to handle them on the stove yet. However they do get very hot in the dishwasher, so hot they can burn my fingers if I don't let them sit for a while before putting them away.

    I was worried the set might be damaged during shipment, but there was so much packaging, so many boxes within boxes, there was little chance of that!...more info
  • Affordable, heavy, relatively high-maintenance, complete
    This is a simple, unsophisticated but complete and useful set. You get exactly what you see in the images attached to this item. My wife finds this set ideal for most of the daily cooking and, if she is happy, I am happy.

    - Packaging: excellent
    The box that I received had in it another box which, in turn had the box holding the cookware and each piece was carefully wrapped to avoid any scratching.

    - Looks: very good
    If you like the looks of stainless steel, then this set is for you. All metal pieces are polished to near-perfection and the finish for the aluminum bottom is hardly distinguishable from the body's.

    - Maintenance: somewhat demanding
    The Amazon blurb says that the set is 100% dishwasher safe. It may be so, but Calphalon RECOMMENDS hand washing so, if you want to preserve the looks, it's probably better to avoid the dishwasher. Calphalon also warns against the use of any abrasive cleansers or cleaning pads, oven cleaners or other caustic cleaning solutions, baking soda, bleach and so on.

    The use of sharp metal utensils to cut, chop or whip foods in the pan is discouraged while the pans are hot.

    - Oven and broiler use: yes
    Both the pans AND the glass covers can be used in the oven and under the broiler for as long as the temperature does not exceed 450F.

    - Ergonomics: hot, heavy
    I have no major complains except for the steel handles that tend to get hot as the pan gets hot. Anyone used to those Teflon or rubbery handles should be careful.

    These pots are HEAVY. Stainless STEEL is just that.

    - Overall rating: excellent, for the price
    So far, we are pleased with this purchase. With a little care (see maintenance note above) we should have this as our main cookware solution for quite a while. This is a very good set and it very much lives up to our expectations. It's not perfect but it should be an easy five-star within its price range....more info
  • Amazing value for great product
    I was bargain hunting for nice stainless steel cookware and found a perfect match in this set. It may not be the aboslute best stainless set on the market, but it has to be the best you can get at the great Amazon price. Out of the box, this set was beautiful - exactly how it looked on the Amazon website. I kept pulling out piece after beautiful piece from the box in pure delight over this purchase. I still can't believe the price I paid for everything I received.
    Each stainless piece is heavy and sturdy and seems to cook evenly througout. The lids provide a decent seal, not quite snug-tight. All pieces clean up easily after use, although they seem to have lost a bit of the original luster. I suppose that is normal. This purchase was one of my best ever....more info
  • Calphalon Stainless
    The stainless cookware from Calphalon is very high quality (as with most Calphalon products). All pieces are made from high quality, thick stainless, and are built well. The glass lids seem pretty strong, but I am still nervous about dropping one (they are quite heavy). I'd prefer metal lids, but I guess glass is nice for watching the food while covered (if you're into that). The handles will heat up if you are cooking at high temps for a long time (30 minutes plus), but for normal cooking they stay cool enough to hold. As for cooking with them, stainless is not my number one choice for cooking because it does not respond as quickly to flame adjustments as aluminum or copper. The difference in response time was immediately noticeable to me because I am used to the anodized aluminum. However, for everyday use, this set is great. Food comes off fairly easy and you don't have to worry about acidic recipes wearing the finish. Overall a very good product. ...more info
  • Very Nice
    The product itself is very nice and cooks wonderfully. The only thing that happened with my order was the lid on the large frying pan had a dent in it which would allow steam to escape. I called Amazon about it and they gave me a credit towards the item because they could not replace the lid since the item was discontinued. They recommended I contact Calphalon. I called Calphalon and they ended up sending me another lid from a different line because they didn't have any of left in the line I ordered since it was discontinued. I didn't mind, as long as it worked! My new lid came quickly and I am very pleased with the outcome of everything....more info
  • Simply Calphalon
    This is a great set of cookware for the money. Pots and lids heavy duty. Even heating and lids seal perfectly. Be careful adding salt to these pans cold, as it will stain them. With barkeepers friend an a little elbow grease, you can remove these spots. Just remember to add salt to hot food....more info
  • Great Cookware
    This cookware is great. It's heavy, healthy (stainless steel), and the lids fit multiple pans including the frying pans. Great for sauteeing and steaming even in the frying pans. The only drawback seems to be a slight discoloration on the inside of the saucepans after use the first time. I followed the directions. This may disappear. I haven't used them very much yet as I'm still trying to find space to store them....more info