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Tivax STB-T8 Digital to Analog TV Converter Box
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Product Description

down-converts Dtv/hdtv Digital Broadcast Signals For Use On Analog Tvs singal Pass-through For Easy Intergration And Connectivity dobly Digital Stereo Compatible rf Input/output And Composite Video//stereo Audio Outputs includes Remote Control Batteries Rf And Av Cables

  • Receive free on air high definition tv broadcast
  • Analog pass through for easier connection to tv antennas
  • Supports both 4x3 and 16x9 tv aspect ratios
  • Dolby Digital
  • NTIA certified and qualified for government coupon program

Customer Reviews:

  • Silver Surfer
    Silver surfer
    I receiver this receiver in Fare time.. It is a nice looking device it works better than the other one I bought the same time, Remote works much better and sends signal for angels good and over all works great. However only thing about it bothers me is the number pad...It does not setup like other remote and "0" is on the right side of the pad and if you are like me used to the original keyboard and using the umber pad to dial you dial a "85" instead of "05". But the unit works great.
    ...more info
  • $30 price drop since April 10, 2009? ;-/
    On 4/10/09 I ordered "Tivax STB-T8 Digital to Analog TV Converter Box [Electronics], Condition: New; Sold by:, LLC - $79.99." Yeah, $80 big ones. Of course using the $40 coupon it was only $39.99. But still, if I had known Amazon was going to drop the price by $30 down to $49.99 (which is what the top of this page is showing as of today/right now), I surely would have waited. ;-/ Total bummer!

    But OK, win some, lose some.

    On 4/10/09 I bought 2 converter boxes from amazon: The above Tivax and this other model "Channel Master CM-7000 Digital to Analog TV Converter Box [Electronics] , Condition: New, Sold by:, LLC, $59.95." (Wonder if that one has been discounted as well?)

    From Channel Master reviews I thought it was going to be the "stronger/better" box, but it picks up LESS channels that the Tivax, which is my main complaint, besides it's terrible remote control. However, it does have a better TV-Guide (though very small print), and better color (example: faces are cream color vs. "white and pinkish" skin on the Tivax. And one man's dark suit jacket was black on the Tivax but a super-dark-purple on the Channel Master). You probably would not notice the color differences except that I have both TVs sitting side by side. Lastly, the Channel Master will not let you "add channels manually" but the Tivax will.

    As far as the Channel Master not picking up several of the channels that I can get on the TV, maybe it is the antenna... Currently have an old Walmart amplified RCA rabbit ears with the Tivax (more channels); but an old amplified Sony rabbit ears with the Channel Master (less channels).

    So either RCA makes better antennas than Sony, or the Channel Master DTV box is not as good as the Tivax. Take your pick as I have no idea what the answer is. ;-/

    Which is why I am back here now, looking for DIGITAL indoor amplified antennas, hoping to get all channels which SHOULD BE available in my area (per and

    PS: Last year I got a Magnavox DTV box from Walmart, cheap, but it didn't get as many channels (but was using it with same Sony antenna), and it had a lousy remote as well. Even though the above TIVAX REMOTE is very lightweight (not good), it's buttons are a decent size and in a "sensible order" on the remote itself (vs. the Channel Masters which seem to be haphazard all over the remote). The Magnavox box had miserable itty-bitty buttons on the remote....more info
  • Great, only lacks universal remote function
    We purchased this unit trying to find one that gave an extended program guide with more than just the current program and next. It switches fast between channels unlike some others I've tested. Sensitivity is very good. Easy to use remote. Its only negative is it doesn't have the capability of powering the TV off and on, so one needs the TV's remote too. It does have audio volume control on its output to the TV. Just leave the volume turned up on the TV. I would recommend it over all the others except maybe the Zenith/Insignia converters which do have the universal remote capability, but not the extended program guide....more info
  • Coupon code form does not work - no Amazon people to help
    I want to buy this product, but my brand new coupons I got will not be accepted by the Amazon online form. I have entered the number with spaces, without spaces and everytime it says I can't process my coupon try again. I have now tried 12 times and it is only 10 pm on Wednesday, May 13 and Seattle is 2 hours behind my time. I thought Amazon website is supposed to work 24/7. There is no way to email a human at Amazon or to call on the phone for help. I have used Amazon a lot in the past, but this experience makes me think I should take my money elsewhere. I have now wasted 2 hours trying to buy this TV convertor box... a HUGE waste of my time....more info
  • Great Converter
    Out of 3 converters: Insignia, Digital Stream and Tivax, the Tivax stands out to be the absolute best....more info
  • TIVAX Box
    It works well but I accidentally ordered the wrong model. I don't need the analog pass through....more info
  • Easy and quality product
    The setup of the Tivax is easy and once it was setup the picture was high quality.
    I do wish the remote could handle more items than just the Tivax...more info
  • Depends on where you live
    This is a nice little unit, with lots of features. I especially like that it has a connection for the new "smart" antennas. Tivax is pretty cheap though because the power cord is only about 2 feet long. C'mon Tivax!

    But, it all comes down to where you live & how good of an antenna you have to honestly evaluate these converter boxes. As for us, we live in an area of New Mexico that gets terrible reception. Luckily, once the digital conversion happens, we will still be able to view low power translator analog stations on our analog TV's.

    The stations we are able to get with this converter box come in well ... only about 7 though for our area.

    Remember folks .... it's location, location, locations and antenna, antenna, antenna! LOL!

    ...more info
  • Piece of S***, er JUNK!!!
    What can I say about this piece of junk, i've had it for 2 months and used it for a total of about 2 hours, and the stuipid thing keeps turning itself off every 10-15 min. Its really annoying as it takes about 30 sec to restart and interrupts the programming. I must admit I was seduced by the relatively good reviews, but heed the negative reviews, prob not worth the time and shipping to return to the company, so will dump it in the local landfill, hopefully the crappy components don't leech in to the groundwater and mutate some kids....more info
  • Very pleased!
    We own two APEX DT502 converters but needed another converter for another TV. I went with the Tivax brand after reading the comparisons and features it has and I'm so glad I did.

    The Tivax model STB-T8 is a snap to set up and the silver box matches our Philips VCR/DVD Combo and DirecTV satellite box. The initial setup onscreen menu display is easy to understand and follow. It found just as many channels as the Apex converter: 21 channels here in SE Portland, Oregon. I live near Mt Scott, and in line to the the PDX international airport located 8 minutes away along with huge fir trees nearby my house of over 100 ft high. However, the Tivax found all 21 channels without difficulty or having to rescan as what we went through with the Apex converter.

    I love how you can press the INFO button or the SIGNAL button on the Tivax remote and it will show you the signal strength of the channel you are watching (unlike the APEX) AND the EPG (electronic program guide) is much nicer to read, access, and use compared to the Apex. Another great thing about the Tivax is that if you are unable to locate the remote, you can easily use the on board buttons on the Tivax converter box - not so with the Apex.

    Both the Tivax STB-T8 and Apex DT502 converters have a way to utilize a Smart Antenna. So I bought two APEX Smart Antenna's from Best Buy ($45 bucks each)- a bit odd though as they also have rabbit ears. But they are were the only Smart Antenna's I could find online and locally. Even though the Apex Smart Antenna's look very nice with a digital clock and can work amplified or not, they are horrible to deal with all around. Naturally I rushed the antenna's back for a refund right away. A lesson learned: Just because something is more expensive, doesn't always mean it's better.

    The simple inexpensive rabbit ears Philips antenna model SDV2210/17 found online with Amazon and at Walmart for $9.86 works so much better and without frustrations for both converters. Also the RCA model ANT1450 Multi-Directional digital flat amplified antenna found on Amazon (and Walmart) works quite well with the Tivax (and the Apex).

    We've used both government coupons, but we absolutely love this Tivax converter so much that we plan to buy two more to replace the Apex converters.

    Now if only I can find a decent digital FLAT Smart Antenna, we'd have it made!

    Side note: Both the Tivax and Apex converter get VERY WARM when placed horizontally as how they should be placed. However, I found that when they are placed on one side in a vertical position, they run much cooler and work just as well in that position. I figure if they run cooler, they will last longer too. ...more info
  • Great unit, volume control not good
    I like the unit, it works great! The big problem is that the volume contol the the TV and Tivax unit work independently. You have to power each unit on and off. The volume control has to be adjusted between the Tivax unit and the TV. The volume the Tivax is lower than the TV, so when you power off the Tivax the TV is very loud. I like the unit very much otherwise. I might suggest a unit with a universal remote....more info
  • WATCH OUT!!!
    BE CAREFUL. Note the fine print. If you order the Tivax STB-T8 digital converter box but find that you don't get good enough reception or enough channels in your area to justify the $50.00, Amazon will not let you return it and you will be out all of your money. Consider supporting your local retailers and economy by purchasing a converter box from a local retailer who will allow you to return it if your results are not satisfactory....more info
  • Reception could be better
    The reception is a bit "out of focus". It is not as clear as thepicture on my digital TV which is on the same Antenna....more info
  • Simple to use
    This thing works like a charm. Piece of cake to set up and figure out. Just buy it, put your search to an end....more info
  • Best one yet.
    Has a good picture quality. The remote is a little troblesome when trying to turn on and off the converter box and the function buttons are not symetrically located. They seem out of sync with each other. I find this one has, overall, a much better quality than the first two I had to return.
    ...more info
  • No S-video, but works well and is easy to use.
    I bought three Tivax STB-T8 ($49-$40=$9), and one Channel Master CM-7000 ($59-$40=$19, twice the cost). I favor the CM-7000 due to the S-video out. Both units get good reception. The STB-T8 has more intuitive setup and controls (I can never remember what button to hit on the CM).

    If you want S-video get the CM, else get the Tivax (cheaper and easier to use)....more info
  • Works Great, But Needs a Good Antenna
    The auto scan picked up 3 or 4 channel even with just rabbit ears, but I think with a good outdoor antenna or possibly a good indoor amplified one I'd get a lot more. Easy to set up, nice remote, good reception on the channels I did get. Overall I'm satisfied with it....more info
  • tivax stb-t8 converter box
    This box did pick up more stations than a previous one made by magnavox sold at Walmart. It is easy to use with an easy to use menu. The only drawback appeared to be the remote sensitivity, thats why I gave it only 4 stars. It has a narrow range so that from my chair on one side of the room the remote wont function. you have to be more straight on for it to work, whereas the magnavox remote worked from that location. The volume control and mute is also a nice feature so that you dont need the Tv remote, just set the volume high on the TV and let the converter remote control it....more info
  • Works Well Great Picture
    After visiting review sites of digital to analog TV converter boxes, I chose this model. More than one review in particular noted that the picture quality of the conversion was excellent. Picture quality is paramount for me. Well, the reviews were correct. The picture quality is excellent. Admittedly I don't know a lot about analog to digital and digital to analog converters, but this one works very well. Very easy to set up, and easy to understand and navigate menus. I was up and running with high definition digital programing on my old CRT/Cathode Ray TV in approximately ten minutes.

    Whether any converter would give you the same picture quality I cannot say. My instinct tells me that a digital signal should be pristine no matter what the receiver, so I guess the key is in interpreting/converting that digital signal to a clear crisp analog signal for your old TV to display. If that is the key then this unit does a very good job. Per the reviews better than many other models.

    In the end I paid a bit more for this unit (picture quality was important to me) as the average price for a converter, I think is about $50.00 per unit. I paid 60.00 ($59.99). Note: Amazon dropped the price by $10.00 since I bought it. Now it sells for $49.99. Now it is inline with the average price (as I understand it). With the $40.00 Government rebate this is a very affordable unit. If you buy it I don't think you will be disappointed....more info
  • Great buy!
    The Tivax converter is absolutely THE best! It's ability to allow analog and digital signals is unique. I like the way that it allows complete control of your TV using it's remote. The added features of signal strength and program info are terrific. Can't go wrong at this price!...more info
  • Look Great, Good Price, Hope They Work
    I bought two of these Tivax STB-T8 D-to-A converters, mostly paid for by the U.S. Government coupons furnished by us taxpayers. I have cable TV, but when the winds blow (and we do have the occassional hurricane here in FL), the cable is the second thing to go out - right after the power. So, I have a generator, and a TV, but when the power's back on, bhe cable isn't, so it's time to haul out the antennas for each TV. That's when I'm going to need these converters if I ever want to find out when the cleaning crew will be in my neighborhood (and how FEMA is doing). When the time ever comes, and we really need these converters, I sure hope they work. But, until then, they give me a sense of security, and they look nice next to my emergency water supply....more info
  • It works.
    Since it's the only converter I've owned, I don't know how it compares to others. It does the job, but the remote leaves much to be desired.

    The buttons on the remote have no tactile feel. For instance, often I have to press the on/off button twice to get a response from the converter. Or, when trying to manually change channels, let's say I press the number 5. Sometimes there might be no response at all, and sometimes I might get "55" or "555" instead. (I thought my Hauppauge WinTV remote was pretty bad in this respect, but this Tivax is far worse. I have no such problems with my Onkyo and JVC remotes.)

    In addition, the converter is very sluggish in responding to the remote. It takes several seconds before I know whether or not my input was correct, and I get a channel change.

    Other than these two complaints, it does what it is supposed to do: convert all the available digital channels in my area to analog. Sensitivity and auto scan are good. It is better than nothing, and it was cheap. ...more info
  • Honest Reveiw
    OK... I'll skip the bull and get right to it... This is by far the best box I've purchased (aside the Philco TB100HH9).
    After purchasing 2 Access HD converter boxes as well as the elaborate Terk HD amplified antenna I was still struggling for a signal in a suburb of Detroit (not suppose to happen). I decided to spend a couple extra bucks on a Philco TB100HH9 and a Tivax STB-T8. Even after using a plain wire for an antenna I had a better signal then the Access HD box and the Terk antenna... I suppose I would give the Tivax STB-T8 and the Philco TB100HH9 a big thumbs up... I'm ready to throw the Access HD boxes in the trash!
    It's not supposed to be about the "signal" but that seems to be the case.
    ...more info
  • -
    box is good. good picture. I like the button for return to previous channel. Most don't have that feature. But it doesn't have any control to turn TV on or off.. what a pain... ...more info
  • Sansonic vs Insignia Converter Boxes
    When I first purchased the Sansonic FT-300A converter box for my 27" Magnavox set, the box would not work. The menu screen came on the auxillary portion of my television screen without any problems. But the box would not pick up any channels. The screen on the box would stay dark (even after scanning for channels in my area.) I became extremely frustrated with this box because the box would not pick up any digital channels; this incident also occurred just before the first transition deadline this year. I did not want to go through another night of not being able to see MacNeil-Lehrer again. Therefore, there was only one alternative: the box was faulty.

    I made purchases of new antennas and cabling all to no effect. The box still, would not receive any digital signal channels. Cost totalled: $250.00. This led me to believe the Sansonic FT-300A was defective. I truly found it hard to believe. When connecting the box to my television set, the menu from the converter box would operate in true form but no digital signals would be received.

    I thought I would have to order Direct TV and pay $40.00 per month for one year, $480.00. But I did not want to do that. Money is tight for the family as is.

    Finally, I purchased the Insignia NS-DXA1 Digital to Analog TV Tuner Converter Box for Regular TV Sets. Total cost: approximately $33.00. The unit worked right out of the box! The unit also had a display menu that would give me all of the HD (High Definition) and DS (Digital Signals) signals when scanned. Not only would the channel display, but the menu would also give you information about what you're watching. The only drawback that I have with this converter box was on specific channels, the picture (clear picture) would not fill my 27" screen completely. If the channel had more than one digital setting then you could switch to the second channel by pushing the "Guide & > " characters right on the remote control. The Insignia converter box scanned all of the channels right out of the box at my specific location.

    Now, I don't have to worry about June 12, 2009 digital deadline and at a pretty good cost-per-savings too. Let it come!...more info
  • How to make the remote work better..
    This box has worked well for us, we are pulling in a lot more channels and the picture is great. The only drawback for us is the program guide leaves something to be desired when you have been spoiled by having DishNetwork's guide for years. We haven't found a way to be able to look at what is on another channel without changing to that channel, which we were used to. Also, a few people complained about the remote not working well- having to be at the perfect angle. We had that problem to, until I realized that there is a clear plastic static-cling covering the front of the box! I peeled that off, now the remote works great! I wish everything could be so easy to fix! ...more info
  • Excellent Product. One of the Best Converter Boxes.
    I bought the Tivax because the Zenith DTT901 was unavailable at the time and I'm glad I did. I have 3 of the Zenith boxes and they work great. They are very sensitive to weak signals, are well made, have a great picture, and easy to use. But the Tivax rivals the Zenith in every way and may actually exceed it. One thing I like about the Tivax is the Signal Meter. It is far better than the Zenith and may be the best among all the digital boxes. I made a list of all the TV stations I receive on the Tivax along with the signal strength. The Tivax has a large bar graph but also shows a number in percent, 100% being perfect. I was amazed how many stations were 90% to 100%, about 30 in all. The Zenith also has a bar graph, but it is smaller and only says Good or Bad for the signal strength. The Signal Meter button is located on the Remote Control on both units. Speaking of the Remote, the Tivax is by far the best. It is large and easy to use. The Zenith is not bad, but no where near as easy to use. Overall, I would say the Tivax is an excellent unit. It is slightly larger than the Zenith, but if you have the room, I would probably choose it over the Zenith, although I am still very pleased with the Zenith. Either way, you can't go wrong....more info