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Toshiba 26AV502U/R 26-Inch 720p LCD HDTV
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Product Description

Take advantage of 720p HD picture quality and an impressive feature set with the 26AV502U. This model is a great addition for any home theater, and can also be used as a computer monitor by using the PC Input. Built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM digital tuning allows for tuning of standard cable channels as well as off-air digital broadcasts, in addition to digital cable-in-the-clear broadcasts. 4 Item Universal Remote Control Auto Aspect Control Sleep Timer Channel Browser Channel Labeling Input Labeling Rear A/V/S Inputs (Rear / Side), 2x ColorStream Component Video Inputs, 2x HDMI v 1.3 Digital Inputs (Rear / Side), PC Input (15-Pin D-Sub), Dolby Digital Audio Output, and Analog Audio Output (Fixed) Dimensions - Width 26.44 x Height 18.01 x Depth 3.70 (671x457x94mm) / 26.44 x 19.78 x 9.18 (671x502x233mm) with stand Weight - 20.28 pounds (9.2kg) / 21.82 pounds (9.9kg) with stand

  • Toshiba has changed the title only on this model for 2009, but all specifications are still the same. You may receive the U or R version.
  • 720p HD LCD Panel
  • DynaLight Backlight
  • TheaterWide Picture Modes
  • Discrete IR Codes
  • Vesa Compatible

Customer Reviews:

  • Great TV
    I bought this TV for my bedroom and it is the perfect size. It doesn't take up much room at all. Great picture and sound quality. Very energy efficiant....more info
  • What An Upgrade!
    I love this flat screen TV. I had bought a new JVC tube TV a few years ago which, surprisingly, went dead after just two years. So, I bought an old 20 inch tube off Craigslist for $20. I'm not that picky, and ignored my friends when they teased me about half my screen turning everyone "green" and the fuzzy picture. Still, I was sticking to my guns. Until I bought my 89-year old mom, a 22 inch flat screen a couple of months ago.I decided to pick a price point and when a 26 inch flat screen hit that point, I would jump on it. I had targeted this Toshiba and was tracking it on several sites. Amazon, in all their brilliance, dropped their prices the days after Christmas and scooped their competition. I also knew that I could trust Amazon, as opposed to sellers I never heard of, and so I bought this set from them. It arrived way before the promised date, and was fairly easy to set up. It works great, easy to use, volume is fine, despite a couple of reviews to the contrary. Would recommend this to anyone looking for an apartment-sized TV, or one for a bedroom. What a difference in viewing from anything I've had before....more info
  • Good Value, Above Average Performance
    I bought the Toshiba 26AV502U LCD TV from for $369.99, I think is very good price for the performance of the TV. First the TV arrived on time as advised by Amazon but as I opened the box and switched on the tv there was no power sign and after struggling for couple of hours and calls with Toshiba customer care found that the TV was defective. My family was very disappointed and we had to ship it back, that is why I did not give it 5 stars. Anyhow the replacement arrived fairly quickly and it was working.

    I read other reviews regarding sound not okay but I did not found any issue with it, I think the dolby sound is great.
    I hooked up the tv with toshiba dvd player and there was no need for the dvd remote, in fact my son lost the toshiba dvd player remote.
    Picture quality is great, I'm using the $19 antenna from Radio Shack and get about 35 HD and Analog channels for free....isn't it great in this state of economy.

    Sharpness is little low, but considering the price, I think its okay.

    ...more info
  • Thought it would be have a better more vivid picture
    I guess I should have bought a plasma. This tv is fine, but you must adjust the color, brightness, contrast etc. for every channel. I don't think it's the tv. But unless you are sitting right in front of it the quality of the picture changes. I guess that's because it's an lcd, like my laptop. But for the size and the price and brand, I think it's a good deal. I have been enjoying it much more than my 20" Tosiba analog flat screen....more info
  • Toshiba LCD TV review
    I worked for Toshiba in their TV assembly plant, so I was somewhat biased. I kinda have this love/hate relationship. I want them to be the best, but I am skeptical of their products. The LCDs were made in Japan when I worked there, so I assume that could still be true. This set is great. There may be better sets out there, but for the price I paid, I don't think this set can be beat. I love the digital tuner and the HD capability. I am already planning on how I can afford to replce my other 2 sets with and LCD. This set looks good; it doesn't look bulky or like a computer monitor, as I've oticed some LCDs can & do. Inherently, the LCD is a bit pixelated, but that's the nature of the beast....more info
  • HDTV for the bedroom
    Bought this for Xmas present for the wife and put it in the bedroom. Decent size tv for the bedroom, wouldn't want any smaller. HD looks very good and my upconverted DVD's look good as well, just two short HDMI cables do the trick. Lots of good features and tweaks on this tv. I have a plasma for my home theater and this product confirms that the plasma is superior in color accuracy, black level retention, angle of viewing and SDTV. I replaced a 20 year old set so my Toshiba LCD HDTV still looks great. Overall, satisfied....more info
  • Issues happen less frequently after updating to firmware 1.02
    After using the 26AV502U for a few weeks, I notice three minor annoying problems:
    1. While changing channels, if you land on an analog channel, there would be no sound. Only way to get sound back is to change to any channel and back again.
    2. The first box in Fav Browser will not work correctly. (fixed with firmware 1.02)
    3. The TV would freeze up randomly. So, just power it off and back on.

    My TV came with firmware version 1.0, I updated the firmware to version 1.02 and problems 1 and 3 seems to occur less frequently....more info
  • Usage, non-technical evaluation

    This 3rd HDTV is for kitchen but bedroom, dorm, would be ideal. At 26 inch, the 720 resolution is fine with a beautiful sharp picture, whether the broadcasts are in 720 or the highest 1080 format. (analog still works, too.) We use it with the built-in tuner as there is no cable TV here and we don't have DISH. It took one call to Toshiba support in Illinois on a Saturday to understand how to find the autoprogram for the TV tuner. The manual could be better. Support was great, the TV automatically tuned in 63 TV channels in Mid Mar, 2009, with about half of them already in HD. (San Francisco area.) This is better than the earlier HD tuner on a far larger, more expensive TV which tunes only 43 channels on the same antenna. For movies, a single cable connection (HDMI) from the DVD player to the TV does it to see all the NetFlix movies and DVDs. We've had power failures here and tried reprogramming the TV with a different antenna with the same good result. The TV advertised 'deeper black' and it does seem to have a great contrast range because of this. Larger LCD TVs at 39in and 42in compare nicely with this little Toshiba 26 in.
    The remote control on the Toshiba can run the DVD, tape player, TV and the cable/satellite box. Even if it only did two, it's a big help. I wish the volume and ^v channel buttons were at sides instead of adjacent to each other in center. We use this in a lit room but in dim light it would annoying. I wish the control lit up.
    Our model is one from Amazon Warehouse resale as it had been returned and either tested or reconditioned. I can't find the claimed cosmetic defect. I've checked for stuck pixels on the screen - little dots of light - and can't find such a defect. Amazon ships fast, unlike some other sellers on their network.
    One person can uncrate the TV, attach the stand if not screwed on already, attach the antenna cable and plug in the DVD player cable. There are stenciled pictures of the cable ends next to where they plug in - neato! Add two batteries to the remote control. On the remote, slide the only sliding switch to TV, press power, then SETUP GUIDE.
    The TV should be ideal for games. The display is fast - I tried this on the computer. Sound is Ok but not what you should have for home theater. For theater, buy something over 42 inch with a big sound system, too.
    This Toshiba was good buy for our usage.
    ...more info
  • Great
    Great Product, Excellent Shipping Time especially over the holidays. Easy set and excellent product. Great Service. Thanks...more info
  • BEST 26-inch TV you can buy
    I have two of these in my home, and both have been working flawlessly for several months. The tuner circuitry in this Toshiba is absolutely the best I've ever used. Even when signal strength fluctuates due to surrounding obstructions and interferences, the tuner has an uncanny ability to fine-tune the station and then lock the reception on the signal. Both the video and audio performance of this unit are superb, the onscreen navigation is well-designed and easy to operate, and the flexibility for different input configurations is excellent. I'm especially thankful for the broad-width pedestal base, which provides a VERY stable placement. The Toshiba pedestal for this TV is far superior to many others I've seen which tend to be small and therefore could allow those other TVs to tip....more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for
    This TV was exactly what I was looking for at the price I wanted to pay. It has a great picture and great sound. Perfect TV for the bedroom and uses hardly any space....more info
  • Decent value, could be better..
    Picture is nice with 2 exceptions - black level & backlight uniformity. This TV would be just fine in a brighter room, but I bought it for the bedroom & it just doesn't cut it in the dark.. Blacks are dark gray at best, & the backlight is pretty uneven IMO. Then again this is my first LCD TV, maybe I'm expecting too much. Just ordered a new Samsung to replace, hopefully that will meet my expectations....more info
  • Review of the Toshiba 26 in LCD
    So far so good on the purchase of the Toshiba 26 in Lcd. The picture quality is fantastic,very good picture. We are pleased with the purchase.

    Cal....more info
  • Excellent product for the price
    I purchased the Toshiba 26AV502U for $399 in January 2009 from 6th Ave Electronics in NY/NJ metro area. The picture quality and sound remain excellent for use in our kitchen where we have it wall mounted with a Sanus MF202. This allows us to easily change the viewing angle but for most part we view straight-on. I knew when purchasing this is not going to be par with a Regza/Bravia/Aquos experience. But it delivers good performance for the price.

    Our viewing on this set is mostly news or evening prime time shows and some sports events. Sound quality is terrific. Our provider is Verizon FIOS. We have set the pic resolution to 720p. I do not think 1080i adds to viewing experience on a 26" tv. I too agree some very dark movie scenes are difficult to view. We have the FIOS media DVR attached to another tv. I have noticed a red "bleed" (on something like a woman's dress) when viewing a previously recorded 'live' show but I have not seen this effect while viewing on demand or scheduled movies or shows. I assume problem is with the FIOS DVR quality and not the tv.

    We have used tv occasionally with a laptop but we need to reset the pic size and resolution defaults for the tv everytime we go from FIOS to laptop and back again....more info
  • Seems good so far
    I picked this up as a TV for the bedroom. I was thinking about one of the store brands for a few dollars less or pay the same for a bigger display. Ultimately I decided to bet on the Toshiba name. Time will tell. Delivery was fast. Set-up was easy. I have it hooked up to an extra HD-DVD player I had. HD and standard DVD material look very good at 720p. Volume seems fine for a bedroom set, no additional audio system hooked up. So far only one complaint; I couldn't program the TV remote to operate the DVD player, and they're both Toshiba products. That's one of the reasons I went Toshiba and now I have to use two remotes. Not a big deal but an unnecessary inconvenience....more info
  • Good Buy
    The price and the quality are just right for my purpose--a bedroom TV. It works well and has an excellent picture--particularly in HD mode....more info
  • Flat Screen TV Review
    Accurate item description. Excellent customer service and pricing, prompt delivery, and overall complete satisfaction with the product. I will continue to do business with without hesitation. It was a very pleasant experience.
    Karen, Boston, MA
    Toshiba 26AV502U 26-Inch 720p LCD HDTV...more info