MI-5, Vol. 6
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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 01/20/2009 Run time: 586 minutes Rating: Nr

Changes are afoot for both the BBC spy series MI-5 and the team of agents it revolves around in this sixth season of action and intrigue. Its sixth season marks the first time a season followed a single story arc; in this case, the agency seeks to ease tensions between the governments of Iran, Britain and the United States after the latter convinces Britain to conduct an air strike on an alleged chemical weapons train bound for Tehran. The show's strident anti-American tone also seems to have been toned down in favor of straight-ahead espionage, which is a welcome departure from previous seasons. And while the personal lives of the agents seem to have been back burnered this time around, viewers will still find plenty to keep their pulses racing, from a plague outbreak in London, bomb blasts and multiple assassinations to a cliffhanger conclusion that puts the lives of agents Adam (Rupert Penry-Jones) and Jo (Miranda Raison) in jeopardy. The change in story structure is a refreshing change of pace for MI-5, and boosts the suspense level in each individual episode; as usual, some of the story elements require some leaps of faith on the viewer's part, but as a whole, Volume 6 is a worthwhile addition to the show's canon.

Extras include commentaries by the production team on the first two episodes, as well as interviews with cast members Penry-Jones, Raison, Hermoine Norris and Peter Firth; Raison also gets her own separate video diary, which takes fans along for a peek behind the scenes of the show. A longer making-of featurette provides even more backstage glimpses, and a brace of sixth-season promos round out the special features. American viewers should know that the episodes presented here are uncut and include the ten or so minutes trimmed from Stateside broadcasts to accommodate commercials. --Paul Gaita

Customer Reviews:

  • Spooks Series 7 delayed in UK until Oct 09
    Instead of coming out this February, it's been delayed until late October. Typically British?? At least it's half the price in the UK of what Americans are being overcharged. That doesn't make sense since the Brits always pay way more for DVDs....more info
  • Great entertainment
    MI 5 never fails to entertain and engage. Why can't US tv series do as well as the British. ...more info
  • Excellent, better than "24"
    Excellent (as expected) British TV series with more emphasis on intelligence gathering + analysis, and characterization than action (compare to the nonetheless entertaining American counterpart "24").
    Horrible DVD price on Amazon US. Buy the DVDs from "Amazon UK" instead, but be prepared with a multisystem (PAL / NTSC) DVD player - recommendations: Oppo from Amazon US or a modified Denon/Pioneer/JVC from "www.220-electronics.com"....more info
  • Too Expensive--Not worth it
    The $80 cost of this DVD is ridiculous. We love this series and have seen all of the prior episodes but no way would we pay $80 for Season 6!!!! I would recommend that you rent this from your local library. They do not charge and they order almost all BBC material and certainly will have this. Amazon should wake up and price this more reasonably....more info
  • mi 5 series 6
    sorry, cannot review this product. it will not play in dvd.australian area/zone not compatable.will possibly not order future dvd's because of this happening again....more info
  • i have to agree
    such a tremedous series,but too much $ for just 10 eps...it would be nice to know why..it is not just amazon..bbc items are very expensive all over...tell us, someone at amazon has to know......more info
  • BBC does it again
    MI 5 is one of the best spy thriller shows out there. I like it better than "24". This season was the Iran story. They did something different for this season The story arc begins with a british planned and staged bomb in Tehran. Then epissode after episode follows this story arc until the season finale. BBC knows how to create entertaining television. Its a shame all we get here in the US is BBC America....more info
  • Art Thomas, Luzerne, MI
    Maybe The Best Ten Hours of Spy TV I Have Ever Seen!!! (Maybe the best TV of ANY GENRE!)

    I have watched every episode of MI5 available through DVD - the only way U.S. viewers should do it in order to get the whole story. Season Six was riveting beyond any TV experience, including 24, which I have ever seen for this type of show. It was hard to stop watching, and a couple of nights I stayed up way later than I should have because I had to find out what happened next. Every episode flowed into the next to make what, in effect, was a ten hour movie.

    One of the major factors that make MI5 so exciting, and probably somewhat real, is that no one, no one, is safe. They may not all die, but the "service" can take its toll in so many ways.

    This can be very heartbreaking because another aspect of MI5 that makes it special is the characters. We come to identify and appreciate these folks because they are humanized more than is usually seen in these types of series - warts and all! Far from shining heroes in all their affairs, these spooks make all kinds of mistakes both on and off the job, they lie, cheat, steal, behave badly and come apart at the seams as the stress eats away at their psyches. In other words, they're just like you and me, only with a much tougher job description.

    As a result, these all-too-human secret agents don't always win. They get played all the time, especially by other intelligent groups who are supposed to be allies. It is truly a looking glass world. Indeed, this is a major theme of Season Six.

    Sadly, as mentioned in other reviews, the relentless action and intrigue pushes the private lives of Adam, Harry, Ross, Jo and others to the side. Unlike earlier seasons, there isn't a lot of down time. They may need to get back to that in future seasons or they risk losing a vital element.

    As an American, I am interested in seeing my country through the eyes of others. At first, it came as a surprise to see the anti-American thread in the show, but as the legacy of Bush-Cheney has rolled out over this decade can anyone really be surprised by this? Season Six makes sure we don't miss that point. The season finale, involving two agents facing long torture and horrible death, virtually editorializes this as one of them, not surprisingly, loses their mettle faced with the terror. Despite the agitprop - I agree but it was facile - this was a powerful moment.

    This is great television, start with Season One and sleep when you can.
    ...more info
  • Do NOT buy! Please!
    Protest the egregious over-pricing of this collection: don't buy. Rent through Netflix, or just download episodes. Don't support this type of price gouging....more info
  • The best show/series on television
    By far the fastest paced multi-level show I've seen. While we like 24, there is more dimension and character development in MI-5. I wish the U.S. were releasing season 7 rather than only season 6 though. I don't know why we're a year behind the UK! ...more info
  • Price escalation
    I am in agreement with other posts - this price is absurd. I would suggest we all stand firm and resist ordering at such a price. Someone at Amazon has to be listening!...more info
  • The Best Season Yet
    When I came to write a review, I was stunned to see the season only rated 3 stars from viewers--until I realized that the low rating was a result of people complaining about the price, not the show. Yes, the set is pricey, but the purpose here is to review the PROGRAM. And in my opinion, this was the tightest, most engaging season yet. Superb writing, heinous villains, a couple of complete surprises, and a great cliff-hanger. Instead of spending my money on most of the junk currently playing in the cinemas, this is much more rewarding entertainment. (And there are no cell phones ringing, noisy children, or candy munchers to contend with!)

    PS Where can we start the Hermione Norris fan club? :)...more info
  • Priced too high
    I agree with the posts about MI5 being priced too high. Amazon has even raised the price substantially over the past few weeks.

    My wife placed an advanced order for MI5 season 6 a few weeks ago for the (then) over priced rate of $55.99. Since then, Amazon has raised the price nearly 30% and now calls it a deal for $71.99. I guess it is a deal, for Amazon, but not the consumer. Still, the series is great. One of the best shows on television....more info
  • huge $$ difference w/some bbc shows' dvd sets R2 v R1
    I bought (the brilliant and even better than S5) Spooks Season 6 (I've been buying Spooks since S4 versus 1-3 as MI-5 and overpriced) in Nov 08 for around 15 pounds. Right now it's around 22 pounds but be patient, it'll go back down. I think I got Season 5 for 12 or so pounds. Right now, as we wait for selfsame S6 of MI-5 to come out in US, at a wildly high price, S7 is about to be released at amazon.co.uk (Feb 09) for around 25 pounds -- Season SEVEN, a season ahead of us on verge of release much cheaper than season before (yet on our horizon) UNaffordable on R1. There's only one sensible answer and that is to purchase a multi-region dvd player. I had one for ages not even realizing it until it broke down and I got the same model Phillips again (no more expensive than any other topnotch dvd player) since I love the brand and was thrilled the second time around to discover it was region-free and suddenly my horizons (dvdwise) were limitless. Despite shipping costs at amazon.co.uk being steeper than in US, with the exchange rate being more equal at the moment than in days of yore you can't beat the prices for SOME (some are the same) bbc shows at amazon.co.uk. E.g., I got the complete and gorgeous set of Sharpe (Sean Bean/15 disks) for ... 25 pounds! It went back up, doubled I think, after and at the moment isn't available but that's an example of the kinds of bargains you can get at amazon.co.uk. Oh, by the way, to whet your appetite, as it has mine, in Season 7 of Spooks, Richard Armitage joins the gang. I'm going to try to wait until it goes down to 15 pounds but the thought of Armitage as the new lead is so tempting I'll probably go the pre-order route for 25 pounds (around $38, plus if you buy the ages-ago-released-in-the-UK S6 of Spooks, that which has prompted this note, it'll only cost you around $35 at the moment and much less later on if you have the patience to wait a bit). Hoping all these details were at all useful, Trina
    ...more info
  • Too expensive
    I agree with the other posters. This is far too expensive, and the alternatives of Netflix or, for those with region-free players, importing from the UK makes sense.

    But I love the series, so I expect I will enjoy this season....more info