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Abba's Child: The Cry of the Heart for Intimate BelongingEXPANDED EDITION: New Preface and Discussion Guide by the Author.
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Many of us live with an awareness that our lives are ridden with anxiety, guilt, and a lack of joy and passion. Our relationship with God and our relationships with others fall far short of our expectations and hopes. In a desperate attempt to make ourselves acceptable before God and others, we hide our true selves and present an imposter to the world-someone we hope will be accepted.

The liberating message of this book is that God longs for us to know in the depths of our being that He loves and accepts us as we are. God is our "Abba," our loving Father, who knows us far better than we know ourselves. The shocking revelation of this book is two-fold. Sin has a far greater grip on our hearts and lives than we imagine. And God, who knows this full well, loves us far more than we can imagine, and longs to bring us into deeper, more joyful, passionate fellowship with Himself.

This is a book for people who are tired of the shallowness and hollowness of superficial relationships-relationships that require them to keep up pretenses. It is for those who are willing to risk being exposed for who they really are and to be loved by a God who doesn't want them to pretend they are something they are not.

"Brennan is my friend, walking ahead of me on the path toward home. As I watch him from behind, I am drawn to more closely follow on the path, to more deeply enjoy Abba's love. Thanks, Brennan." -Dr. Larry Crabb, professor of counseling at Colorado Christian University and author of Inside Out and Finding God

"Brennan Manning has the wonderful gift of making Jesus a real answer to our real questions, a desirable lover for our ever-desirous hearts. He does it again in Abba's Child." -Richard Rohr, O.F.M. Founder of the New Jerusalem Community in Cincinnati and the Center for Action & Contemplation in Albuquerque

"Brennan awakens a sense of wonder at the possibility of a real relationship with the Abba of Jesus. I was gently led closer to becoming a true child of Abba." -Michael Card, singer, songwriter, and author of Immanuel: Reflections of the Life of Christ

"Brennan Manning brings us a wealth of experience and insight from Abba's children-from ancient and contemporary times-and connects us all with the one to whom we cry, 'Abba!' This is a rich book." -Rich Mullins, former recording artist

Customer Reviews:

  • Abba's Child
    Wonderful book! It really opened my eyes about living as my authentic
    self all of the time. It also showed me the wonder that God loves me truely, deeply, constantly, and without reservation. It is not something I can ever earn, it is a magnificent gift of grace. Wow!...more info
  • Experienced Love
    Abba's Child is a revelation that all of us, as believers - Christians - need in order to ove the kind of life that will truly glorify The Lord Jesus.


    ...more info
  • Abba's Child
    This was a terrific book. On the heels of The Shack as well as The Spirituality of Imperfection.

    This book provides much needed perspective and insight.s...more info
  • One of those few "turning point" books
    Do you struggle with your insecurities? Is rejection something that haunts you? When was the last time you FELT the Father's love? If you answered yes, or never, this book is for you.

    Abba's Child grips you with the tender compassion that our heavenly Father has for each of us, because of that theme, I think that this book is dangerous and offensive to those whose spiritual security comes from empty religiosity. Throughout the book, Manning demonstrates that he has walked the difficult path to intimacy with God. He has found a way to intimacy that a generation of broken families can follow to reach new depths in their relationship with God and with others.

    For me personally, this book was the catalyst in my journey to the Father heart of God; of learning that I am acceptable and have worth. Through Manning's experiences, words, and the words of the wise whom he quoted, I have become an entirely different person.

    I was one of those Christians who liked to wear different masks, then I read this book. I have read the reviews of the naysayers, and can only conclude that they missed out.

    Oh, and I have read three other of Manning's books since this book, and they're all incredible.
    -Ragamuffin Gospel
    -Ruthless Trust
    -A Glimpse of Jesus
    ...more info
  • Profound, Challenging, Convicting and Delightful
    It's been a decade since Brennan Manning wrote ABBA'S CHILD, and the book as a whole is every bit as fresh and powerful in the 21st century as it was in the 20th. In the intervening years, many Christian authors have added an "amen!" to Manning's message about the need for authenticity and vulnerability before God and other people. His, however, is one of those rare books that stands up to repeated readings. The addition of a thoughtful study guide, written by the author, should make this particular edition attractive not only to new readers but also to longtime fans.

    Manning begins by beckoning Christians to come out of hiding, the place to which we retreat out of shame or guilt in the misguided belief that God is berating us as harshly as we are berating ourselves. In that place of hiding, we further nurture our false self, which the author calls "the impostor" --- also the title of the chapter that has generated more responses than all the other chapters combined, Manning writes in the preface to the revised edition. Apparently, it's an image that resonates with a lot of readers.

    Our masks, our pretenses, our hypocrisy, our outward displays of saintliness, Manning contends, rob us of the thing we crave the most: intimacy with God the Father. That intimacy is far more attainable than we can possibly imagine as we refuse to come out from hiding and expose our true selves to God, to other people, and most of all, to ourselves. It is only when we shed our false identity and accept the unconditional love of our Abba --- our heavenly "Daddy" --- that we can experience the passionate love relationship with Him that we have long craved.

    Manning's gift as an author lies in his often brutal honesty about his own failures. That's what sets his works apart from those of so many other Christian leaders, the ones who preach authenticity but admit only to their prettier and pettier and less frequent "mistakes." Manning is unafraid to expose in print his own sins, including those that are ugly, major and chronic. As a result, he has earned the right to speak into the lives of people who need to be equally transparent with God about the ugly, major and chronic sins they try so hard to keep hidden.

    Now for the "I wish he hadn't written that and I suspect he does too" part: Manning uses the term "inner child," which was a whole lot more acceptable in the early '90s, although there were plenty of us who cringed whenever we heard the phrase even back then. And while it may rankle our present-day sensibilities, it's easy enough to get past. But newcomers to ABBA'S CHILD --- particularly those who are unaware that the original text is 10 years old --- need to understand the context of the time in which it was written. "Inner Pharisee" is another term that might sound a bit dated. However, since the inner Pharisee is still very much alive and kicking and doing its dirty work in us --- don't ask me how I know this --- that phrase probably warrants continued usage.

    Those who have come face to face with their own brokenness --- and those who need to --- will find both comfort and hope in ABBA'S CHILD, particularly through its many memorable anecdotes and illustrations, such as the story of the "rabbi's heartbeat" --- which became the title of another Manning book that was released earlier this year. Saturated with the themes of God's grace and love, ABBA'S CHILD is one of those treasured books that manages to be profound, challenging, convicting and delightful, all at once.

    ...more info
  • We Are Beloved
    As I read this book I was struck time and time again by its quaint simplicity and its penetrating truth-telling. Brennan Manning is perhaps the foremost writer of Christian Living books since Henri Nouwen and he shows it again in this magnificent little book. It is short enough for a quick read but deep enough to come back to over and over again as we are attacked by self-hatred. There is perhaps no bigger emotional/psychological plague during our time than self-hatred and Brennan helps us see that this disease comes from every but God. Brennan helps us see that we are God's beloved, his special creation, and that he wants what is best for us. Part of this divine desire is that we love ourselves because God asks us in his Word to love others as we love ourselves. How then can we love others if we have not love of ourselves? Brennan helps us see that we can't, at least not honestly. Reading this book helped me see that I am not alone in my battle with self-hatred. Thank you Brennan for writing it and this is a book that every single Christian should read?I would give it 10 stars if I could!...more info
  • This book will change your life if you let it
    It's hard for me to describe this book; it's been instrumental in my own personal growth. Suffice to say, Manning has nailed the single-most pervasive problem in today's church: the utter lack of self-worth in the presence of a perfect God.

    Manning showed me that there the idea that I can somehow be good enough, or smart enough, or holy enough to justify God's love is at best, a fantasy. The truth is, God loves us utterly and completely, and there's nothing we can do to change that.

    I would recommend this book for anyone who seeks a genuine relationship with God....more info
  • Letting God love you
    What a great book. It really helped me realize God loves us, regardless of our failures and shame....more info
  • Lost Faith in the God who once loved you???
    Ok, then this is the book for you. I actually purchased this one on the cd set... and wow... what an awesome, intense & passionate series. After several listens, and once on a personal quiet retreat... this served up just what was needed. It does start slow, and is filled with intense, intellectual verbage, and you may need to remember it is worth the digging through to get to the meat. I have shared this with my entire family, and highly reccomend it to anyone who may have forgotten how dear, how precious & how much our Father in heaven loves us. Be prepared for a journey into your faith.. again... If you have lost hope in the God of creation... enjoy this journey with Manning. It will bring back into the arms of a loving Father... Indeed, you are Abba's Child!...more info
  • utter crap
    God is about relationships and fruits of the spirit, He is not about abandoning everyone and everything to find Him. This dude is so contradictory, depressing, negative, angry etc. I just don't see how anyone can read his stuff and not vomit. If you're depressed and need to feel worse, dive right into his stuff, if you are a Christian trying to learn more about God, yourself, and the world around you in a positive, enlightening, Godly way then skip this waste of trees and find something else to read or do....more info
  • Abba's Child
    Once again Brennan Manning has hit the nail on the head and pierced my heart. For monthes I did my best to read this book but could not. Every word hit me to the core and made me think. Manning has the ability to speak to your heart and make it past all of our defences, opening us up to God's amazing love for us, as broken as we are. In this book he looks at the imposter that we place over our real self to hide from all of the pain and sadness in our lives. Manning reminds us that we were all created special by God and that His love is more than we need. Manning calls for us to understand the imposter and to accept it as part of us, a part that Jesus loves unconditionally and desires for it to accept His love and forgiveness. Manning is wonderful at getting the reader to understand God's love and leads you to God's feet where you can't help but surrender and love Him. Anyone struggling with who they are and realize that teh imposter is alive and well in their lives needs to read this book....more info
  • Breakthrough Book
    I found this book a breath of fresh air. In the Christian church, there are those who emphasize "Trying Harder" and there are those who emphasize "Trusting More."

    I recommend this book for anyone who has grown weary of trying harder and needs to learn to trust God more.

    Another good book is "A Scandalous Freedom" by Steve Brown.

    Good stuff....more info
  • Direction for closeness with God that I've searched for.
    This is the finest, heart baring, book that I ever ever read; and I have read many hundreds. This is a volume which goes straight to the source and doesn't promote any psycho-babble or fancy sounding theologies. It is YOU...and your CREATOR/SAVIOR. Thank you Brennan...more info
  • Excellent book!
    Abba's Child is a "must read" for anyone who desires a closer relationship with the Heavenly Father! A great book for small groups!...more info
  • Brennan Manning preaches a false gospel - don't be fooled.
    Fr. Brennan Manning is a Franciscan priest who attempted to marry without being dispensed from his vow of celibacy in 1982. He has since peddled a false gospel that is built around the idea that God's pardon is unconditional - a euphemism for saying that you can be forgiven for your sins without repenting and amending your life. This is a lie, and a defense mechanism Fr. Manning has evolved to assuage his guilty conscience. If you really want to seek the Mercy of God, I suggest you read "Divine Mercy in my soul", the diary of St. Faustina, avaulable here on God's Mercy is endless, but you cannot be pardoned if you are not sorry; Fr. Manning's false gospel will do you no more spiritual good than it has done him. He needs your prayers and your pity - not your money or your reading time. ...more info
  • One of the most moving books about grace...
    Brennan Manning is a thelogian who cuts through modern-day theologic mumbo-jumbo to the naked Truth of the Gospel...that God loves us desperately and that the knowledge of His unrelenting grace is life changing and life shattering. If someone asked me how to find God, I would hand them a copy of the New Testament and a copy of Abba's Child....more info
  • One Of The Best Books I've Ever Read
    Just the chapter on "The Impostor" alone is worth the price of the book. This book is life-changing. I'm on my third time through to make sure I don't miss anything and to reinforce what I've already learned. Brennan's style is unique. He is so real....more info
  • Deeply spiritual
    This is a deeply spiritual book that gives so much insight to ideas that many Christians won't look at. I have grown in my faith by reading it....more info
  • Life Changing
    Abba's Child is a life changing piece of art. The depth and passion with which Brenan Manning writes is amazing...the insight he is able to deliver into the human desire to be with God is incredible. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a more intimate relationship with God our Father...Abba....more info
  • Great Book for those searching for Intimacy with God
    One of the few books that will hit you square between the eyes with the truth that we all live the life of the impostor. We put on a front to protect ourselves from being hurt. Our heart cries out for intimacy with God. It is not through rules, legalism but it is this relationship that I am God's child no matter what I do. Discipline is the Father's love displayed but my standing as God's child never changes. This book gives you a firm footing on which to stand in a world that wants to beat you down....more info