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Ultra Slim Hard Shell Bluetooth Carrying Case for Aliph Jawbone and Aliph Jawbone II + Bonus Young Micro TM - Live Green WristBand
List Price: $29.95

Our Price: $9.99

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Product Description

Young Micro Branded Non-OEM Case. 1 Year Unconditional Warranty if purchased through PCMicroStore

  • Compatible with Aliph Jawbone and Aliph Jawbone II
  • Hard shell EVA storage case that protects your bluetooth headset from everyday wear and tear
  • Mesh storage compartment for small accessories
  • Interior of case is lined with felt. Rubberize heavy duty zipper head.
  • Exterior Dimension 3.2 x 2.6 x 1.25 inch. Can easily be placed in pocket or purse. Bonus Young Micro TM - Live Green WristBand

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect size for Jawbone II
    Sturdy, easy to put in coat pocket or briefcase to protect it when going through airport security and so forth....more info
  • Just about right
    I bought this for my Jawbone 2. Unlike the other reviewers I find that it regularly turns it on and off even if the thing is just sitting on the desk. The solution is to remove the earpiece and lay it inside flat.

    I like the size and the look of it. It comes with a caribiner so you can attach it to something else, like a backpack. Overall I'm glad I got it but to get five stars it would need to be custom made for the Jawbone 2, not inadvertently turning it on, and taking up a little less space....more info
  • Bluetooth carrying case
    I purchased the Ulta Slim hard shell carrying case for my Jawbone Bluetooth. I really can't say I would recommend this product because the zipper on it splits open. Very easy way to lose your bluetooth. Just not a good buy!...more info
  • Great
    The product is great! Don't have to worry about the buttons on my bluetooth being pressed from being in my pocketbook. I do wish the case had come with a keychain hook or a string....more info
  • Made to last
    This case is just what I needed, keeps my Jawbone II clean and safe from scratches, it also makes it alot easier to find just in case it gets misplaced (trust me, I couldn't find the device for about a week, prior to getting this case)

    The case has a good feel to it, it has an inner hard shell, the outside feels like some kind of foamy material while the inside has a smooth suede like material, it also has a small mesh compartment which I haven't used but I would imagine this can be used to store memory cards or extra sim cards.

    No problems so far, this case just feels like it was made to last!...more info
  • Good case
    I got this for the new Jawbone 2, which is smaller than the first Jawbone. It's a good case, and I got it mainly because it's a bit bulky and would make it harder for me to lose my headset. It fits nicely in a jacket pocket, but it's a bit too bulky to be comfortable in a pants or shirt pocket. It's sturdy enough to where I think if I were to drop it my Jawbone would be unharmed, but not so sturdy that I'd be comfortable stepping on it. The only practical issue with it is sometimes when putting the case in a tight pocket, it presses the button on the headset to turn it on....more info
  • Mixed feelings about this case.
    If you're considering purchasing this case, you can choose to use it and protect your headset and the very fragile, easily bendable ear loop or not use it and suffer the consequences. The biggest tradeoff however, in using it is that when you close it, more often than not, it turns the Jawbone II on and slowly drains your battery. Then, when you go to use the headset, there's no charge left....more info
  • Perfect case
    The case is great to protect your headset. It has an interior pocket to hold your extra battery for your phone and the ear slig when you put the headset away. I would suggest that you lay the head set on its side so you are less likely to have it turn on while it is in the case, especially if you keep your spare battery in there. I have only had it turn on once in the case and that is because I hadn't cleaned out my purse. The little green braclet can go. I think I threw that away. I dont wear stuff like that....more info
  • Works great, could be a little smaller.
    I was terribly worried about simply cramming my Jawbone II into my pocket on a regular basis. The on button kept getting pushed, there's pocket lint, it could easily be lost... So I picked up one of these "universal" cases and it's working pretty well so far. The biggest issue is that it's more than twice the size of the Jawbone so it's not gonna fit in every pocket. But issues with the button getting pressed are easily avoided by putting the Jawbone on its side without the earloop. And now I don't have to worry quite as much about losing the Jawbone or covering it with lint....more info
  • Case for Jawbone
    Works great, nice and compact. Does the job of protecting the jawbone and preventing it from turning on when stored in bag. You do need to place the jawbone on it's side though due to size....more info