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Grill Alert Talking Remote Thermometer
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Product Description

Awarded five stars by Good Housekeeping Magazine. Enjoy carefree cooking with our wireless remote cooking thermometer.Grilling on the BBQ is a great way to entertain. Constantly standing next to the grill, however, is not. Now you can have the freedom to mingle with our remote meat thermometer for BBQ. A voice prompt alerts you when your entree is Almost Ready' and Ready.' It's one of the hottest BBQ gifts you can give! A remote meat thermometer for BBQ takes the guesswork out of grilling.Insert the stainless steel probes in the center of the meat. Select the type of meat and how you would like it done. And let our wireless remote cooking thermometer do the rest while you entertain guests or simply relax knowing that you will not overcook your food! Brookstone BBQ gifts sizzle with innovation.Remote meat thermometer for BBQ works from up to 300 feet away.Belt clip for added freedom.Display backlight for convenient night grilling.Water resistant for easy cleanup.Wireless remote cooking thermometer operates at 433Mhz.Uses two AA batteries and two AAA batteries (not included). Looking for tasteful BBQ gifts? Grill Alert is a prime choice.Cook to perfection and never worry about overcooking again! Any chef could use a wireless remote cooking thermometer. They make great BBQ gifts! Order today! Step away from the grillThe wireless transmitter sends temperature readings to the monitor up to 300' away. Just insert the stainless steel probe into the center of the meat, select the type of meat (Beef, Lamb, Veal, Hamburger, Pork, Turkey, Chicken or Fish) and choose how you want it cooked (Rare, Medium Rare, Medium or Well Done). Clip the receiver to your belt, get away from the grill and socialize with guests or work in the yard while your dinner is cooking. "Your entree is ready"Display shows target and current cooking temperatures while the bar graph tracks your cooking progress. Cook food to perfection every time and never worry about overcooking; the voice promp

Customer Reviews:

    I received this for Father's Day last year. I was skeptical - but it actually works. I can put some tri-tip in the smoker and hang in the pool or chat with guests while keeping an eye on the large LCD display. The range is very good, I can sit in the pool with the display next to me on the deck (at least 20-30 feet away) or go back inside the house. It beeps and talks to you a few minutes before your food is at the desired temperature. I use it primarily for beef, and the settings (rare, medium, etc.) are pretty accurate. This is especially good for large cuts of beef since it is often difficult to gauge whether the meat is pink inside or not. I would highly recommend this. Easy to set-up, then all you do is select the type of meat and the desired cooking level. Pork and seafood default to only one setting choice (well-done) but you can just use the temperature readout to cook to the desired temp. ...more info
  • works excellent
    Used this product on pork ribs, chicken & beef tri-tips and worked perfect with my Big Green Egg cooker....more info
  • No worries
    Not just a novelty. Really works great. Good range with the receiver. Takes the guess work out of grilling....more info
  • Stopped working
    I used the thermometer about 7 or 8 times and it stopped working. I have seen several reviews complaining that the probe fails so I'm hoping that's the problem.

    Update 2/27/08: I ordered a new probe from Brookstone for $25 (incl. shipping) and it is a much sturdier design than the original. I assume they were getting a lot of complaints and returns so they redesigned it. So far the new probe is working fine. Interesting to note, I gave a negative review of this product on their web site and they never published it, although they sent me a thank you note for my review....more info