QuickBooks 2009 For Mac
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Product Description

QuickBooks Pro 2009 makes accounting easy with tools to organize your finances all in one place. Complete tasks like paying employees, invoicing, bill tracking and check writing. Stay on top of your business by seeing who owes you money or which bills are coming due. Easily track sales and expenses. Quickly create your own professional-looking custom forms, such as customer estimates, invoices and reports by using any of the over 100 included templates. Share your data with programs like Word and Excel. With QuickBooks Pro, you'll spend less time on routine tasks and more time on your business. Easily create a professional website with customizable templates and drag-and-drop tools

Business finance software to organize your business with ease. Save time completing routine tasks, payroll and paperwork so you can spend more time on business.

Save time completing routine tasks, payroll and paperwork so you can spend more time on business. Click to enlarge.

Built for Mac Users

Organize data all in one place with Customer, Vendor, & Transaction Centers
Find what you need, when you need it with the new Customer, Vendor, and Transaction Centers. These Centers consolidate key information onto a single screen. The next time a customer calls with a question about his account, simply go to the Customer Center to see his contact information and complete transaction history.

Back up to MobileMe
Prevent painful data loss by backing up your QuickBooks file to MobileMe. Choose one-time or ongoing automatic backup. You can restore it at any time.

Synchronize contacts with Mac OS X Address Book
Never enter a phone number or address twice. Save typing time and errors by effortlessly synchronizing contact information between QuickBooks and your Mac Address Book, cell phone, PDA or other iSync-compatible applications. Activate QuickBooks Contact Sync, and selected contacts appear automatically in Address Book. Update a contact in Address Book...the changes automatically appear in QuickBooks. Leave the feature active to keep contact information, including email addresses, up-to-date at all times.

Add reminders to iCal
QuickBooks integrates with iCal so you can be reminded to print invoices and checks or to pay bills in one consolidated calendar and never miss a bill payment. Simply check the box next to "Show in iCal" on any invoice and a reminder is added to your calendar. And if you later decide to change the payment terms on the invoice in QuickBooks, iCal is automatically updated with the new due date.

Share data with your accountant or other Windows-based users
Share your QuickBooks data with Windows-based users, such as your accountant. Send a Mac file to a Windows user (who can update it) and the Windows user can send it back. Just click the toolbar icon: "Backup to QuickBooks Windows". As QuickBooks creates the backup, it simultaneously creates a PDF file of simple instructions for opening and sending back the file. Send both files to your accountant or Windows user.

Track financial information in one place

Track sales & expenses
Get rid of the piles of paperwork. Easily enter customer payments & bills from vendors. Since QuickBooks organizes everything in one place, you'll be able to access all past payments & bills for each customer and vendor with just a few clicks.

Pay bills & print checks
Easily create and print checks. QuickBooks will keep track of each check so you can keep tabs on where your money is going.

Create & e-mail invoices
Use the data you already have in QuickBooks--such as customer contact info & products/services--to make creating invoices a snap. Choose from pre-designed QuickBooks templates or customize the layout yourself.

Organize data on customers, vendors, and employees all in one place
No more hunting through piles of files or trying to remember where you stashed that important paper. QuickBooks organizes all your important small business information in one place, giving you easy access to a complete picture of your business.

Import data from Excel and Quicken for Mac
Get up and running fast by importing data from the tool you use to track your finances now. However little or much data you currently have, you won't have to start over from scratch.

Back up to MobileMe. Click to enlarge.

Synchronize contacts with Mac OS X Address Book. Click to enlarge.

Save time & be more efficient

Reduce data entry by downloading your bank & credit card transactions into QuickBooks
Save time and avoid data entry errors. Instead of typing in your bank and credit card transactions, download them securely from over 3000 participating financial institutions and easily import them into QuickBooks.

Enter bills and set due-date reminders
QuickBooks helps you ensure you pay your bills on time. Record bills as they come and set a reminder to make sure you pay before the due date.

Export data into Excel
Export data from QuickBooks reports to Excel spreadsheets so that you can do more complex analysis or graphing in Excel.

Manage products & inventory

Create purchase orders
You can create purchase orders in seconds by selecting from vendors and inventory already in your QuickBooks. When you get the inventory in-house and record it in QuickBooks, QuickBooks will remember you have an open purchase order and automatically match the PO to the inventory bill.

Track inventory
Easily track your inventory to avoid overbuying and backorders. Indicate re-order points for each inventory good and turn on reminders to automatically let you know when its time to reorder.

Monitor performance & gain insights

Generate reports with one click to see how your business is doing
Get pre-designed, customizable business reports to gain insights into your business. See all available reports in one screen to easily choose the right one. Drill down with one click to see the detail behind the numbers. Export any report to Excel--your QuickBooks formatting and formulas go with it.

Get a real-time snapshot of your business, in one central location with the Company Snapshot
Stay on top of your business- see who owes you money, who you owe money to, important reminders, and income/expense performance, all in one centralized location

Manage Employees

Manage payroll & payroll taxes ; offer Direct Deposit (paid subscription required)
QuickBooks Payroll for Mac powered by PayCycle saves you time by eliminating steps and giving you the tools to get your payroll done right.

Automatically populate and print 1099s for independent contractors and federal filing
Create and print 1099 tax forms for you and your independent contractors.

Add reminders to iCal. Click to enlarge.

Share data with your accountant or other Windows-based users. Click to enlarge.

Track time & billing

Track employee time and expenses
Track time by employee, service, and customer with timesheets in QuickBooks. When you select a client to bill, QuickBooks automatically reminds you of unbilled time and expenses for that client.

Attract Customers & Manage Customer Relationships

Track customer information and related transactions
Keep customer contact and transaction information in QuicKBooks, so you can follow up on past-due accounts and answer customer requests faster. See contact information and complete transaction history for any customer.

Create & customize professional-looking invoices and other forms with advanced customization tools
Create professional-looking forms, including invoices & sales receipts. You can also customize the templates by adding your company logo and tag line to present your business uniquely to your customers.

Multiple Users

Set individual access levels for each user
Restrict access for other users to only certain parts of your QuickBooks data so that employees only see the data they need to get their work done.


With QuickBooks reports, you'll always know where your business stands. See who owes you money and how much. Find out who your best customers are and what they're buying. Learn where your business is profitable and where you're losing money. You can also customize report templates to best meet your needs.

Some of the many QuickBooks reports:

  • Profit & Loss Standard
    How much money did my company make or lose over a specific period of time?

  • Profit & Loss Budget Performance
    How do the actual income and expenses compare to what has been budgeted for the current month and year?

  • A/P Aging Detail
    Which bills are due and overdue?

  • Statement of Cash Flows
    What was the cash inflow (from profit and additional cash received) and cash outflow (cash spent) during a specific period of time?

  • Income Tax Detail
    What transactions make up each amount on my company's income tax forms?

  • Inventory Stock Status by Vendor
    What is the detailed information about each inventory item, organized by vendor?

  • Time by Item
    How much time has my company spent on each service we provide?

  • Purchases by Item Summary
    For each item or service, how many has my company bought, and what is the total amount spent?

  • Complete everyday tasks like invoicing, bill tracking, check-writing and payroll
  • Track sales and expenses and know where your business stands
  • Use the Customer and Vendor Centers to locate customer and vendor data
  • Download bank and credit card transactions into QuickBooks
  • Stay on top of your business with the Company Snapshot and over 100 customizable reports

Customer Reviews:

  • Outright Lies About Mac and Windows Compatibility and Terrible Tech Support
    I am so disappointed with this product! There are many issues I've come to expect from Quickbooks on the Mac over the years- I'm sure many other reviews discuss these.

    After spending lots of money and time upgrading my bookkeeper and myself to the latest versions and paying for their support package and lots of time troubleshooting, I am being told that some data will not transfer between a Mac and Windows. Specifically, they do not support transferring any memorized transactions or reports between the two platforms. The transactions are a very important feature to my business as we do a lot of recurring billing.

    I might classify this as simply annoying if they made it clear that some features are not supported when transferring between Mac and Windows, but I didn't see anything like that on their Web site before I purchased the product, nor was I told anything about that when I spoke their salesperson and asked about compatibility between Mac and Windows when I purchased their product and their support plan. When I called Tech Support, they told me immediately that they do not support the transferring of this data as if this was just something they never had any intention of supporting.

    Again, if they were upfront about this, I might not like it, but I would respect it as their decision to make. But, I looked again at their Web site (much more carefully this time) and did not see anything indicating this issue. Same thing here with Amazon - on the pages where you purchase the product and where they mention the feature there is no asterisk, link, etc., explaining that there may be certain things that don't work and the experience I had with Tech Support (and the supervisor I spoke with) was that they had zero interest in helping me or trying to rectify this situation in any way.

    UPDATE: I just called their sales line, pretended I was a new customer and asked about the mac/windows compatibility. I asked the sales person if I could send the file back and forth with a windows user, have us both enter data and never lose any data. He assured me that, yes, I could do that with no problem. I confirmed with him that there would be absolutely no data lost when doing this, again he assured me there would not be any data lost.

    I would avoid this program at all costs. Even this issue doesn't apply to you. After seeing the way they treat their customers, I suggest never buying any program from them again....more info
  • Mac upgrade required
    I bought Qickbooks for Mac 2009 - am happy with the product, but it required an upgrade to OS X Leopard (10.5.6), another expense....more info
  • Steady improvement on an already good accounting applciation.
    Quickbooks Pro 2009 For Mac shows that Intuit is taking the Mac platform seriously. Intuit has constantly made great strides in making Quickbooks look and behave as Mac users expect. They are adapting Mac technologies into the Mac version and the results are fantastic.

    There are to many improvements for me to start mentioning them all here but this application has become a wonderful Mac application in appearance AND functionality.

    My experience tells me that the more an application NEEDS to do the more likely users will find something to complain about. That said in my opinion Intuit is doing a GREAT job with QuickBooks for the Mac and I applaud them.

    Give it a try and I think you will understand my praise....more info
  • I should get miles for the amount of time I spent in India tracking this
    I have had great success with Amazon in the past. I am a prime member and really do like the ease of the process until now. I ordered the product with a two day shipping. Our condo association has a lobby where packages are left and we have had very little problem with theft over the years. After 3 days I looked on line and my Amazon account showed that it had been delivered the day before at 9:30AM.
    I called customer service "Dallas India" and I could not seem to explain to the rep that I did not want a new one shipped until we found out if the first one had been stolen.
    She finally relented and said she would call the delivery service (I had never heard of them) Could we please stick to the major players?? Well I called back the next day as she requested (again India) and the rep noted that indeed the previous rep was to have contacted the Delivery company but ah....she had not done it but could we send you a new order. I again said I wanted to contact the delivery company as I wanted to know exactly where they had left the package.
    I finally called a 3rd time and this time I got Amazon stateside and was given the delivery dispatch number. I called the delivery service and found out the driver had not left his truck, simply saw we had gates and took the package back to the facility and sent it back to Amazon. My tracking still showed that the package was delivered (3 wasted days after this). I don't know whether to be more upset with the lazy driver (every other delivery company gets it) or Amazon who kept incorrect information on the tracking site until I had wasted 3 days. I still have not bought the Quick books (exhausted) but I did buy a lovely Seico watch and went somewhere else on line to purchase it. I have been ordering from Amazon for years but no this was not a good experience. ...more info
  • About what you'd expect for Mac
    Financial software has long been a weakness for Mac users and unfortunately QuickBooks 2009 doesn't really improve the situation. My own motive for upgrading from QuickBooks 2007 Mac was to obtain the DirectConnect functionality that the 2009 Mac version now includes. However, several support phone calls later to my bank, it turns out that my bank (Bank of America) still does not support the Mac versions (as of March 15, 2009). [One can blame this on the bank but I wonder why Intuit would release software with different connection protocols between Mac and PC. Go figure.]

    Whether or not QuickBooks is for you is something you should think about carefully, comparing your requirements with software specs, and then verifying those specs by running the demo. If you aren't up to this (and I note that configuring and testing Quickbooks is time consuming) you may want to steer clear.

    Alternatively, if you simply must use QuickBooks and you are running a Mac you might consider going the VM route (e.g. purchase VMWare Fusion and install a virtual PC on your mac to run QuickBooks for PC within)....more info
  • Wow, finally Quickbooks 2005 is here for the MAC! What took so long?
    Love the look, the Navigator window sections and the color menu. Seems like it works faster and easier than 2007. Anyway, I'm happy camper with this one! ...more info
  • Great Improvements for Mac Users
    After a brief review of the new version of Quickbooks, I am impressed with the upgrades. The new home page setup, customer/vendor/transaction centers, and the new reports setup have much improved user interface to make common tasks quicker and easier.

    Things still missing: Ability to AUTOMATICALLY load bank transactions without going to a bank web site and downloading files (mint.com does this without a problem, why can't quickbooks) and easier ways to send out mass statement updates to clients via pdf and e-mail without selecting each one. These features would really bring it to 5 stars for me....more info
  • oh my god what a nightmare
    i bought this software for my small business, running mac os leopard 10.5.5. immediately i had problems printing statements - the first DAY. i would get an inexplicable error message and the statements would not print.

    since Intuit has ZERO FREE TECH SUPPORT, even when the problem is theirs and not yours, i had to pay $79.00 to get a tech support guy from india on the phone. he told me to delete two files off my hard drive from the installation, and voila! the statements started printing. why they haven't fixed this in a patch i have no idea.

    but then it got worse. the next time i launched, the files were back. not to mention every time you delete these files, you have to re-register your edition online. and the printing problem was WORSE. so three more hours spent on tech support with another guy in india, and he determines that my data file is corrupted and i need to send it to Intuit so they can fix it for me. so he directs me to the Intuit website so i can upload my entire data file (full of confidential information), but apparently the Intuit data services website is only compatible with internet explorer! no uploads from safari or mozilla foxfire are possible. he actually had the nerve to ask me if i had access to a windows-based computer to upload to their website!

    so i asked him if i could just email the file, and after waiting 10 minutes on hold, he comes back to advise me that no, he cannot provide me with an email address, i must BURN MY DATA FILE TO A DISK AND MAIL IT TO THEM.

    dude. FORGET THAT. this is 2008, welcome to email.

    so i opened a new data file and recreated my ENTIRE COMPANY FILE from scratch.

    and guess what? two days later the same error message started popping up in my new, fresh data file.

    data file error? yeah, right. this is a major software error that they can't fix, and in the mean time i can't send out a single statement to my clients. i am uninstalling and seeking something that actually works.

    Intuit pays lip service to being mac compatible, but this software is glitch-ridden and if your data gets lost, you have absolutely no recourse. you can pay money to talk to a tech support person about the problems within THEIR software, but they can't help you. they don't have a clue.

    mac users, don't waste your time and money....more info
  • Excellent in all areas
    For the small business I run, this product does everything I need. I wouldn't recommend anything else....more info
  • Very good for small business accounting
    Now that Macs are being used more and more by businesses, QuickBooks for Mac is a solid tool that small business owners can rely on to manage their companies, just as I do with mine....more info
  • Problems registering
    Update: I had problems registering the software but the issue was eventually resolved. Other than registration issues, the software works great. ...more info
  • Quickbooks for Mac not like PC
    I have been Quickbooks user for PC at work and home, but when I got a new iMac computer at home I had to switch from Quickbooks PC to Quickbooks for Mac. The programs are similar, but there is about 20% of things that are different for Mac. I had no choice to buy the program and I don't like Quicken. The only thing I found that troubled me is that QB for Mac will not allow you to undo and reconcilation after you finish it. You have to manually go into the register and un-check each item and start over. You can however print the detail of your last reconciliation, so at least you can see what items you checked and be able to uncheck them. You are able to save your PC data and transfer it to your Mac. That would very helpful when switching from PC to Mac ...more info
  • Horrific registration issues, no support
    Stay away from this software!!!! Just bought the Mac version and it won't register on the computer. I can't get the software to work. When you call customer support they only have a message that sends you to a web site where they ask you to sign up for $350.-/year customer support in order to be provided with a support number. The joke is: tried to do that but the web site doesn't work either!!!! This is the worst software nightmare, or a joke, depending on how you look at it. ...more info