Whistler XTR-695SE Laser/Radar Detector with Radar Signature ID, Laser Signature ID, 7-Color Display, Real Voice Alerts and External Audio Jack
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Product Description

Whistler's Pro-Series Line! Can Whistler improve for 2009? YES! Our new SE versions of our high performance units include a feature called "Ka Max" mode. This feature improves on our already impressive Ka perfromance. All the SE models include our popular features - Radar Signal ID (RSID) and Laser Signal ID (LSID).

  • Alert Priority
  • Selectable Vehicle Battery Saver
  • Radar Signature ID (RSID) - Indicates Ka 33.8, 34.0, 34.3, 34.7 or 35.5 on the display when police radar alerts are detected.
  • Whistler Exclusive Laser Signature ID (LSID) - Laser Identifier may indicate the Pulses Per Second (PPS) transmitted by Speed Laser
  • Custom Multi-band Selectable Display can be set so that each Band alert can be a different color.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great product
    I am very pleased with this detector. I did my homework and it is definitely the best bang for your buck. Few false alarms and good advanced warning....more info
  • Very clever device: saved me 3 times on my first road trip, twice from behind!
    Bought this after extensive research and being bewildered by the alphabet soup of different types of signal and detection, but seemed to come out good value for money. Well, after my first road trip, 1800 miles from Houston into Big Bend country, its a little cracker. I just put it on the windscreen straight out of the package and away! All I needed to adjust was to switch to city mode though San Antonio and at home, but thereafter could always see where the alarm came from, after it gave me the extra set of eyes to look. Well, almost always: On one stretch of four-lane I couldn't see a patrol car or anything, but immediately pulled back 10mph to the advised limit only for the guy behind me to swing out and pass in frustration. There was the patrol car, who immediately shot passed me and pulled the other guy over. The Whistler had detected the radar from two cars behind me. Never mind how or what signals it picks up, I'd say thats about all the testimony it needs!...more info
  • Compass does not work at all
    The compass does not work at all even after I calibrated it several times in different locations. It display E most times even when I made turns or for sure drove toward North or West. The degree changed, but it is ridiculous for user to know it's heading north when it showed E 90, right? Well, I am in the city and it is hard to find a place that has no power lines.

    True, this is radio detector not a compass. However, it made me doubt its accuracy and quality overall. I recently passed a few hidden police officers in their favorite spots for speeding tickets, but this device did not show any responses. Well, it could be that the police was not using the radar, that's weird, because I know they were targeting speeding. In a few other cases it displayed the frequencies of Ka but I could not find any police officers.

    Plus, I also have trouble to read the text display. I have to pay attention to that because when heading into the radar zone, it only gives 2 beeps at the very beginning then no sounds or more alerts except for the display. So, if I wonder whether my car is out of the radar, I have to read. The situation get worse when I have sun glasses on sunny days.

    Now, I do have trouble to trust whether it is working or not and I am actually thinking to return it to Amazon. At the same time, I am driving slowly so not to pass any posted speed limits. :) (My purchase is still within 30 days.) Any comments are welcomed. Thank you....more info
  • great but hard to read
    loved all the option it gives you, like battery voltage ,auto shut off which you can set in hours starting at 1 hour, compass, the only major down fall and reason why i returned it was that i had to have it right in front of me or i could not read it....more info
  • Decent detector for the money.
    Yeah, it's probably worth the money. I've had two Escorts before this one, but both of those units cost more and had poor reliability. I just didn't want to spend a lot on a new detector, so I got this one. I haven't had this one long enough to judge its reliability.

    What are the pro's? It's very sensitive, and probably more so than the Escorts. It does a great job of sniffing out those Ka band signals from far away. I also like the battery voltage monitor and the compass, even though the compass always has a 5-10 degree error that cannot be calibrated out.

    What are the con's? Like other folks, I find the LCD readout to be dim. I haven't been through cold yet, but I find in the heat that it isn't very distinct. The power cord seems cheap and flimsy too, unlike the Escort.

    Also, I've found that it "falses" a lot. When I drove through Birmingham, Alabama recently, I found it just made an almost continuous racket as I drove through on the interstate. I found it falsed so much that it was almost useless, because it couldn't be trusted. However, I live in a smaller city, and it doesn't false as much there. Nevertheless, it does seem to pick up weak and stray reflections of real radar signals as I drive, and it will show those reflections as strong "pop" and "pulse" readings. It's annoying....more info
  • XTR-695
    It's kind of hard to say how well this works. It has found three police radars since I purchased it. I live in a big city. I turned of X and K band, leaving Ka & Laser on. False positives are almost nil. Overall, I'm happy with this product. I purchased based on online proffessional reviews of the xtr-695. This unit seemed to be the best for the price. Only the Valentine and Escort scored higher....

    P.S. My first order for this product never arrived. Amazon promptly sent out another unit. This is just a "Kudos" to Amazon's Customer Service!

    Joel...more info
  • whistler
    This is a verry good radar detecter,lots of features&options for settings I drive a truck all day long and have always had radar detectors best for the price. ...more info
  • Lives up to the tests and reviews
    I have been using radar detectors since the 1970s when Whistler came out with the first detector on the market. Over the years, we would upgrade as technology requires. I have owned several Whistlers, Bel, and Uniden detectors. In the few weeks that we have owned the XTR-695, I can honestly state that it is , hands down, the best radar detector I have ever owned !! The detection range is fantastic on X,K, and KA band including pulse and POP. So far, we haven't encountered any Laser, but you're pretty much toast anyways with that unless you are very lucky. I highly recommend this detector. It is not only the best in class (under $200), but according to the tests on some of the radar test sites, it even beats the Escorts and Valentines in several tests. ...more info
  • Great detector, worth every penny!
    Whistler XTR-695 Laser/Radar Detector with Radar Signature ID, Laser Signature ID, 7-Color Display, Real Voice Alerts and External Audio Jack

    I spent months searching for the right radar detector. Everyone always kept talking about cobra, but I was never impressed with them. When I saw the new whistler xtr-695 I was somewhat cautious. I had never heard of the company so I didn't know what to expect. When I bought it the first thing I noticed was its solid construction and sleek look. When it came around to trying it, it outperformed any other radar detector I have ever seen/used. I stand by it 100%. My friend has recently purchased one and he loves it to. It has all the features of the 500+ detectors also. Its a great buy and worth every penny. Where I go to college it is very hilly. It even detects cops flawlessly when they are coming over hills, turns or hidden very well. Its an amazing detector. If you want to get the best value for your money buy whistler. ...more info
  • works great,poor display
    It seems to work ok and it's nice to be able to lock out bands ,such as x band. The real problem is the display. I read other reviews about this problem but didn't think it would be that bad.I was wrong. I even have it mounted on the upper part of the windshield which is near the rearview mirror but it is nearly impossible to see the display no matter what color you set it to. It's fine for night time. They should have forgotten about the different colors you can set it to and just made it so you can see it. I am keeping it only because it is suppose to be a very good detector. I think the pro 78 would have been a better choice....more info
  • Whistler XTR-695, worth the money.
    After recently receiving a speeding ticket (72 in a 55) that cost me $201.00 (Ouch!) I dedided that a radar detector would be a wise investment. I realized that if I had a radar detector that day I would not have gotten a ticket. First I checked to make sure radar detectors were legal in my state and then I did some homework finding that the Whistler XTR-695 seemed like a good value. I thought that even if the radar detector only saved me from one ticket then it already paid for itself. I can't speak for everyone, but it seems that in my area police and sheriff's deputies are out in force writing tickets trying to make up for the lost tax revenue of the sluggish economy. Once I received the radar I installed it right away. It was simple to install and the suction cups are sturdy. I have no trouble reading the display, day or night. It took me about a month before I started to put my trust in it, but since then it has saved me from at least 2 speeding tickets. The radar warns you in plenty enough time to slow down. I really don't use many of the extra features like the different colored display lights. If the only reason you decide on this model is the digital compass, get a different model. As with any digital compass it is hit and miss (unreliable) and I wouldn't use it for actual navigational purposes. This was my first radar detector and I am satisfied, but if I had to do it again I would buy the Whistler Pro-78, which is basically the same radar detector without all the extra features....more info
  • Good Value for Money - Relative to a ticket!
    While skeptical of product at first this has proved to be a valuable travel companion during recent road trips. It effectively detects radar enforcement and does not seem to struggle with excessive false alarms....more info
  • Whistler XTR-695 Review
    If you want the best radar detector for the price, buy the Whistler XTR-695 NOW! I REALLY wanted a Valentine 1 or a Passport 9500xi but I refuse to pay $500 or more for a radar detector. I researched and scoured the Internet to find a good, reasonably priced radar detector and the Whistler XTR 695 kept popping up with rave reviews. For the price ($145), standard 3 yr warranty (vs. 1 year with the $500 units)and the options/performance it is the best unit for the price, hands down. I drive mostly highway to and from work and this unit is perfect for that. Everything works as advertised and I received the detector within 5 days of ordering...I couldn't be happier. I'm sort of a techno nerd when it comes to the options that this radar detector has such as radar ID and laser ID. It provides the frequency of the radar or laser being used so if you see the freq then you know that the alert is legit. It does work well and helps ID the real cop from the false alarm. Speaking of which, this unit does not false like the Cobra or cheaper Bell units do. X-band, primarily used for automatic door openers at stores or businesses, etc., will cause false alarms in the city but using the built in filter options (if you drive a lot in the city) will alleviate the false alerts. X-band is really only used by small-city cops with small budgets that haven't upgraded their equipment so I'd be surprised if you saw this type of alert on the road with a cop attached to it. Buy it...you won't regret it! It has saved my bacon twice already but remember that most cops (so I'm finding) use the KA pulse option, or instant on. Very few cops are just leaving their radar guns on anymore unless its just K-band. The really nice thing about this radar detector is that it tells you which band is coming up in both audible and visual form with color background of your choice for each alert. Hope this helps in your purchase and have fun learning......more info
  • Whistler Radar/Laser Detector
    A good all around detector. It gives enough advance notice of threats and the audible alerts are loud enough to be heard over the radio. ...more info
  • Whistler's Newest Detector is Cutting-Edge

    This is my first radar detector, and I spent hours and hours researching and reading reviews. I was going to initially go with the Bel Vector 955, which is one of the industry leading detectors out there, but the sheer amount of features and performance drew me to the XTR-695.

    I've owned this detector for a month now, and every option in this feature-packed detector comes in handy. First time it went off, the RSID flashed up with the frequency, indicating a positive match on a known police radar. One mile later, I passed a state trooper. Since then, this little device doesn't disappoint. I've set colors to certain bands so I know just by the color what I'm up against. The periscope leds give you a quick heads up, even under the loudest circumstances. Even on windy roads in the countryside, I can still detect radars coming up in enough time to let me react.

    One of the greatest features of this detector (I think) is the sheer stealth of it. I chose this detector over the Bel because the Bel has a silver casing that reflects sunlight, giving everyone a clear view that you have a detector. The Whistler is jet black, leaving no glare, and besides the two windshield cups, people really can't see that you have a detector until they are close to you (Whistler recommends you install the detector as low as possible on the windshield, right above the wipers, got my first laser detection when I finally did that).

    The XTR also has several modes of dimming, so you can essentially tell the detector to turn off all lights until it gets a signal. Coupled with the fact that I've turned off X-Band to reduce false alerts, this detector stays silent and out of sight until I need it to be, which is really great since I believe a detector should be as small a distraction as possible until you really need it.

    One of the biggest gripes people have with this detector is that the display is a little hard to read. Sure, it doesn't look like GPS device when it goes off, so this doesn't bother me, and I consider it an added bonus since I don't need a marquee on my windshield just to tell me the letter "K" and the number "9" (which indicates the band and strength). I can read mine just fine when it goes off, and i don't need to read it when it's not detecting anything. You don't even need the display since a woman's voice can alert you to the band, and the periscope leds flash faster with the strength of the signal.

    All in all, a strong detector for a steal. My buddy has a Valentine-One, and while I didn't feel like spending $500 on a top-notch detector, the Whistler XTR-695 is worth every penny (it's saved me a speeding ticket a few times too!), and the RSID and LSID is worth it alone, since when I see those frequency digits displayed, I'm 99% confident that there will be law enforcement around.
    ...more info