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  • Just plain bad
    This film was just plain bad. It had . . .

    > Bad acting. > Bad plot. > Bad dialogue. > Bad stunts.

    . . . In short, it was just plain bad....more info

  • Definitely not one of Arnold's best...
    Eraser has a few scenes that will keep your attention, but overall the movie displayed poor acting, stunts that are impossible and a mediocre plot. This movie possibly will be owned by many, but remembered by few. James Caan was the only talent that Eraser has to offer. Sorry guys, my wife bought it, I watched it, gave it away and divorced her....more info
  • Censorship!
    I'd just like to know if this Eraser dvd is the full uncut version. I bought the vhs here in the uk a few years ago, only to find it had been chopped to pieces. So much had been taken from the cinema version to get a 15 instead of an 18 rating that even the train hitting the limo at the end was gone. I mean, what the crap? it was very annoying to say the least and I've recently hired the dvd and that too is missing the final explosion along with having several other very badly edited scenes. What is with the distributors? I thought we'd got over this whole chop everything to pieces thing that went on back in the 80s/90s. So if someone on here reading this knows if this is the full version, then I'll order it from here. Eraser is a great movie and I'd love to see the full movie again. Cheers....more info
  • "Trust me"
    I had this on laser disc and the blu-ray is way better for picture and sound quality. Pretty good action flick by "Ahnald". Robert Pastorelli just about steals the show with his performance. The "pay-back" is justice well done....more info
  • It is really 3 1/2 stars, but some people gave only 1 or 2...
    This movie was, and will be played on channels like TNT, Spike, TBS at least couple times a year. I end up watching it whenever I happen to flip channels and see it. So far, I would say I watched about 5 times.

    It is by no means 5 stars, nothing profound. It does have the typical Arnold Humour/violence/special effects, which are entertaining and I liked the acting of James Caan. He is a solid actor as you all know from Godfather. That being said, I would never pay to watch this movie as you can see it many times on cable etc, but I would not have complained if I had paid money at the theater.......more info
  • fatastic treat
    man if youre an arnold fan, you would love this movie, its an in an out an action film which keeps you jumping in your seats. well i have watched this movie more than 25 times, still its keep you entertaining when you are watching it again and again. if you are an action fan, erazer is definitely the best in your collection...more info
  • An Excellent movie
    Great movie for Arnold. Vanessa did a great job as well. The Blu Ray transfer is Fantastic!!! A must for your collection. ...more info
  • Ahhhnold
    Probably one of his better, later movies....i enjoyed every minute of action. Bare bones release but the price is cheap for Blu-Ray....more info
  • Eraser - Blu-ray Info
    VC-1 BD-25 Single layered Blu-ray disc
    Running time: 1:54:31
    Movie size: 21,632,907,264 bytes
    Disc size: 21,969,097,832 bytes
    Average video bit rate: 14.90 Mbps

    Dolby TrueHD Audio English 1773 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 16-bit / 1773kbps (AC3 Core: 5.1 / 48kHz / 640kbps)
    Dolby Digital Audio English 640 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 640kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio French 640 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 640kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio French 640 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 640kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio German 640 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 640kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio Italian 640 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 640kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio Japanese 640 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 640kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio Spanish 640 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 640kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio Portuguese 192 kbps 2.0 / 48kHz / 192kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio Spanish 192 kbps 2.0 / 48kHz / 192kbps

    Subtitles: English / Chinese / Danish / Finnish / French / German / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Norwegian / Portuguese / Spanish / Swedish

    Number of chapters: 44
    Extras: Zero...more info
  • Good solid entertainment from Arnold
    I can't imagine why this film got so many bad reviews in the media. Maybe it was because it came on the heels of "Last Action Hero" and the critics were still annoyed. Whatever the reason, pay no attention to those people; if you love Ahhhhnold (and I sure do) you will be sure to like "Eraser."

    The plot is relatively simple, in fact, you will be likely to pick up on the "secret" early on in the film. But the action is non-stop, there are no gratuitous car-chases (which cause me to knock off more stars than a black hole) and there aren't even any stupid helicopter tricks ( It's been DONE. and done and done...)

    There are a lot of explosions, especially of vehicles blowing sky-high but hey, we have to give the special effects guys something to do, and the secret weapon's effect is also pretty cool. Vanessa Williams underplays her role as FBI whistleblower, and James Caan is just superb as the heavy. The surprise fun came from the Wise Guys, who pay some debts in the plot. They were amusing and added a bit of fun to the action. The only dull spot was the Russian baddie, who was unconvinicingly Russian (despite the gratuitous "dasvidanya"--maybe thrown in by the director who realized this guy was about as Russian as Russian dressing. )

    I found the suspense pleasantly gripping, and if it wasn't the smartest film on the block, it sure was plenty of entertainment....more info

  • Another great Arnold movie!
    A must have for Schwarzenegger buffs, full of action a little comedy and great supporting cast. Vanessa Williams is an added bonus. ...more info
  • ERASER blu-ray review
    since nobody is gonna review the blu-ray version i will.well to say the least this is a very clean no means reference quality.but a nice clean transfer.if you are a fan of this movie you will be thrilled.the dolby true hd is where this blu-ray really shines.once again not reference quality but very satisfying.if you had the dvd this soundtrack blows it away.the only thing to note is when you pop this movie in, the movie starts right away so to get the dolby true hd soundtrack you have to go into the menu and change it because it uses the standard dolby digital 5.1 by default.which i thought was kinda weird but oh if you like this movie get it!15.00 you cant lose!...more info
  • Thrills & Spills
    I found "Eraser" in a local budget bin & remembered it fondly. As John Kruger, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the type of hero we like to watch. Always the good guy, he's not afraid of bashing a few heads, shooting the bad guys or jumping out of a plane without his parachute. Vanessa Williams, who's now the nemesis on the "Ugly Betty" TV series, does a good job as computer analyst Lee Cullen trying to do the right thing. James Caan who got panned for his performance as Agent Robert Deguerin seems like he could be a good guy for the first few scenes. The late James Cockburn as the agency head Beller flies above in planes and seems to be on the side of the good guys. Roma Mafia does a nice cameo as the reporter that Lee phones. Then of course we hear how the reporter was killed. If you look closely, you can see Camryn Manheim (formerly from TV's "The Practice" & now on "Ghost Whisperer") as a nurse. Charles Russell who had directed Jim Carey in "The Mask" does a good job of keeping the pacing popping. We're never far from the next explosion. Arnold's wrestling match with a crocodile may be the highlight of the film. This is a high-energy action film that puts your brain in neutral and pleasures you with thrills & spills. It plays well 10 years after its initial release. Enjoy!...more info
  • Great Video - Fair movie
    Others can argue over the quality of the movie. I just wanted to replace the non-anamorphic DVD with a better fit for my projector/PS3 setup. The blue-ray copy doesn't disappoint. The details are great (maybe a bit too good when it comes to the FX shots). Dark levels are good and the details definitely carry through. The movie auto starts to the menu on my PS-3. No previews or advertising is a bonus in my book. Just a press of Enter on the remote starts the movie with no fuss. ...more info
  • very good action adventure film...........
    Arnold does good job here being larger than life witness protection specialist. Robert Pastorelli gives a great performance and provides some humor that lightens things up a bit. James Caan in what turns out to be a bad guy role is also a plus. Good special effects shoot out at the end. Good for what it is and that's not bad. Recommend!...more info
  • You've Just Been Erased!
    U.S. marshals protect people who have messed up in their life and are then 'erased' to start a new life. The best marshal is John Krueger (savior of the human race, Arnold Schwarzenegger) has just been assigned to protect the beautiful Vanessa Williams because she uncovered the new phase gun developed by her company. James Cromwell makes a brief appearance, but commits suicide in a second. It was grisly! After many attempts to get rid of Williams, Krueger saves her life and erases her whole life. Friends of Krueger turn on him and want to get rid of Williams, but he doesn't let that happen! Nobody betrays the immortal genius! Krueger pretends to be a balloon delivery man, jumps out of an airplane, cooks alligator meat, and picks up two phase guns (which must weigh a thousand pounds) and has no mercy for the crooked agents. The Herculean force is the only person in the world that could lift those enormous weapons and the fight between he and James Caan is vehement! A classic to remember forever for Schwarzenegger fans!...more info
  • Action aplenty
    As Always Arnold Shines as a Hero, the premise is unusual, and the story most entertaining....more info
  • Action From Start To Finish!
    This was definitely an action packed film. Our hero Arnold plays the role of the good guy. Arnold is the "eraser" who is employed by the Federal Witness Protection Program. He helps people dissapear after they testify for the government in criminal cases. Thanks to Arnold they can start new lives. The villain is played by James Caan who is a cop gone bad. Throughout the film the forces of Caan are trying to kill Arnold and a female witness that he is protecting. Arnold survives every attempt.The movie is action packed with some dazzling escapes by Arnold and his witness. They come close to being killed several times. The ending is especially good. This is without question a very good movie. Watch it and enjoy....more info
  • Great humorous action flick and Vanessa's great too!!!
    This one of those tongue in cheek super pace action flicks that Arnold is famous for making. There are lots of humorous moments from the Mafia guys to fighting CGI Alligators and falling out of a jet plane without a parachute only to catch it on the way down. Anyone who takes this film seriously needs some mental help. But it's a great ride and thoroughly enjoyable....more info
  • Not bad
    This is an action film, with a smart tough guy and a woman he needs to protect. I saw it, and now I can't remember a thing about the plot, though some of the details I do, like when Arnie used a refrigerator door for protection but still got his hand skewered.

    This film is fine to pass the time, but there is no reason to buy it or savor it. Recommended tepidly. While it is too bad that I no longer enjoy this kind of mindless action film, I guess there are better things to do with my time. While watching, I continually felt myself thinking, OK, whatever, some guy thought this up, I paid for it, what am I getting? Not anything new, that's for sure. And I didn't forget myself and get enveloped in the story....more info
  • Arnold Knew How To Make Entertaining Films
    A dozen years ago, this Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick was fairly hot stuff but I wonder if it would have the impact today since special effects continue to be so much better and we've seen so many of these type of action stories in the past 12 years?

    One of Arnold's keys to his successful career in films was simply that his movies were entertaining, and that's why people come to the theaters. High-brow national critics often forget that. "Eraser" is a prime example. Entertainment alone is how this particular movie survives since common logic doesn't exist here and violence and profanity are overdone. But, despite it's low-brow tastes and stupidity, it's still generally fun to watch if you can put your brain on hold for two hours. It's also fun to hear, too, if you have a nice surround system.

    This movie has one of the most outrageous action scenes I've ever seen on film, even to this day: one in which Arnold hangs from the outside of a jet airplane, finally lets go, free-falls to catch his parachute that had been ripped off, and then has to worry about the jet plane which had circled around and was going to smash him!!

    The audio came into play nicely each time the super rifle that was featured in the movie was shot. Vanessa Williams plays the female lead satisfactorily and James Caan is very effective as the villain. Robert Pastorelli and James Coburn also add to the fun. A few laughs along the way help this no-brainer to become even more entertaining. ...more info
  • Script needs watering
    Chekov can rest easy in his grave. The playwrite, not the guy from 'Star Trek'. He hasn't been born yet....more info
  • Action Packed and Well Worth Your Time!
    Eraser brings to the screen the story of a US Marshal involved in the Federal witness protection program who is charged with the safety of a woman whose testimony could put some high ranking officials behind bars. Things get a bit complicated though, when the high-ups fight back...
    Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vanessa Williams (who is simply GORGEOUS!!!), Robert Pastorelli (whose character comes close to stealing the show), James Caan, James Coburn, Joe Viterelli, and the rest of the cast, have truly outdone themselves with their performances, which are outstanding to say the least! All the actors, without exceptions, give it their 100% and it really shows (the chemistry is AMAZING)! Very well written and very well presented, the movie is without a doubt guaranteed to provide more than just a few thrills.
    A bit more "exposure" from Vanessa Williams and the film would be a solid 5!
    The setting, the plot, the dialogues, the ACTION (!) and the music are all wonderful.
    In conclusion, Eraser is a movie definitely worth watching and one to seriously consider adding to your movie collection if you are a Schwarzenegger fan. 4.5 Stars
    ...more info
  • Blu Eraser!!!
    Arnie's action packed film Eraser makes it's Blu Ray debut!!! And it looks and sounds superb,better than the DVD version!!! No extras on this disc though,but still a great Blu Ray Disc!!! Recommended!!! A+...more info
  • The best no-holds barred action since Commando
    What can I say? Arnold has done it again with his latest film, "Eraser".

    He plays Witness Protection Program employee John Kruger, in charge of "erasing" people's identities in order to protect them. This time his charge is Lee Cullen (Williams), a woman who knows too much about the dirty dealings at a weapons corporation.

    There's not really much more you can say about the plot. And I don't think anyone who goes to see Schwarzennegar films really cares. There was a director who once said to Roger Ebert that in order for a movie to be great, it has to have at least three good scenes and no bad scenes. And in Ebert's review, he said, "This movie has four good scenes and no bad scenes." And I would have to agree with him on that point.

    Despite the probably many impossibilities in this film, such as the cannon-guns used by the bad guys, this movie kept my attention throughout. The one-liners (Arnold's trademark) were fast and funny, the action was the best of any Schwarzennegar film in history, and Pastorelli was great as the Mafioso- witness who was helped by Schwarzennegar in the beginning of the film, providing even more comic relief. If I wasn't cheering, I was laughing. And that's what an action movie should be....more info
  • Suspence
    An exciting movie of the working of our government to hide informants and the underworld's attempt to get to them....more info
  • Arnie's last great action movie
    Eraser is Arnie's last wholly enjoyable actioner before the rot set in. Overshadowed at the time by The Rock, it's a much better proposition by far. Co-written by Wild Bunch scribe Walon Green and co-starring Peckinpah regular James Coburn, it's full of subtle and not so subtle Sam Peckinpah references in general and The Killer Elite in particular - not only does that film's star, James Caan, play the Robert Duvall role this time round, but after the film's dockyard bust-up he even ends the film walking with a cane again. Fortunately, unlike Peckinpah's laziest film, the action scenes here are handled with a gusto and energy by director Chuck Russell that both embraces and excuses their absurdity, whether it be Arnie playing chicken with a jet while hanging from a parachute or taking on a reptile house full of killers and escaped alligators ("You're luggage!"). And if you like Alan Silvestri's score, you can hear it again in Judge Dredd!

    The DVD doesn't have much going for it - just a trailer and widescreen or fullscreen versions of the film - but it's not the kind of film that needs much in the way of extras anyway....more info
  • Not my favourite
    There's just something about Arnie movies that always grabs me, and makes me want to watch them. I've seen a few that definitely haven't been my favourites, and Eraser is one of them. I feel the more that I see films of Arnie's that I haven't seen before, the more I love the ones I've seen loads of times - Terminator, Twins, True Lies etc.

    The storyline is in no means OTT. It doesn't have the intriguing aspect of Total Recall for example. Arnie plays John Kruger, who specialises in 'erasing' people in the Witness Protection Programme. The film opens showing exactly how he does this, which is quite interesting.

    But then Vannessa Williams (Lee Cullen) comes into it, and really, she just didn't work. There was no chemistry between her and Arnie whatsoever. I don't particularly want them to start ripping each other's clothes off, but there was nothing between them at all. And in my opinion, it's always off-putting when that happens.

    The story then continues with John trying to keep Lee out of danger, and keep himself out of danger himself. There's one totally ridiculous scene, where John is hanging from a plane door, about to directly fall into the path of the plane engine, which just so happens to be on fire! His parachute then gets ripped off, and he has to free fall after it, and also has to worry about the plane preferably not crashing into him. It's a totally unbelievable scene, and definitely the highlight of the movie. But better done in Point Break I have to say. The alligator scenes also had me barely breathing, as they were amazing!

    I just don't think Eraser holds up with some of Arnie's other movies. The last movie I saw was Total Recall, and while I didn't understand it, and it left me racking what little brains I have, I still remember most of it. Eraser just comes across as a throw away movie, which is forgettable, and not that special up against his other movies....more info
  • Fun for the whole Family with a little violence
    The Eraser DVD

    The Eraser starring Arnold The Eraser DVD

    The Eraser starring Arnold Swarzzennegger and James Caan is one of my favorite movies. Arnold plays John Kruger who is specializes in "erasing" people's identities, in this case Vanessa Williams plays a FBI whistleblower that is going to testify against a very important person and Arnold must protect her from assassination.
    The plot is relatively simple, in fact, you will be likely to pick up on the "secret" early on in the film. But the action is non-stop,). There are a lot of explosions, especially of vehicles blowing sky-high but hey, we have to give the special effects guys something to do, and the secret weapon's effect is also pretty cool. Vanessa Williams underplays her role as FBI whistleblower, and James Caan is just superb as the heavy. The surprise fun came from the Wise Guys, who pay some debts in the plot. They were amusing and added a bit of fun to the action.
    I found the suspense pleasantly gripping, and if it wasn't the smartest film on the block, it sure was plenty of entertainment.

    Recommended for Arnold fans and fans of action movies.

    Gunner January, 2008

    ...more info
  • Eraser
    I've seen this movie three times and am still on the edge of my seat. I thought the acting was quite good....more info
  • Perplexed
    I have seen the movie before and I liked it, that's why I ordered it.
    However, I have not received it yet, so I was wondering why you wanted me to review it. If you can have whoever I bought it from send it to me, I would be glad to review it.

    Thanks...more info
  • great
    all i can say is that i love this movie
    lots and lots of action ...more info
  • Weak, overkill, distasteful
    I was debating whether to give Eraser two stars or three, but then I realized that giving it three would mean that I liked it more than I disliked it. It was something that I would say "Eh" about. There were some cool parts, and it was definitely packed with action, but it went completely overboard by the end. There was a surprise at the end that made the movie seem to be going somewhere, but then they ruined it again with another surprise that counteracted it. Arnold was invinsible as always, which I can accept and appreciate, but with all of the situations in Eraser, nobody is that invinsible. My interest faded through the second half of the film. Eraser was weak. It is something that mostly guys would enjoy, and kids would feel cool watching it, because of its nonstop action violence and its R rating, which only reflects the violence and some language. For a better Arnold role, watch Terminator 2, and don't pay attention to Eddie Furlong's bad acting. It is more believable that a terminator can be so invinsible!...more info
  • ERASER??? More like TRUE LIES 2! A real Arnold thriller!!!
    ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER explodes to the TV screen as U.S. MARSHALL JOHN KRUGER of the WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM, assigned to protect LEE CULLEN (Vanessa Williams), a woman who is willing to testify against illegal weapon dealers. But, something goes wrong. A fellow Marshall and friend of JOHN's is working for the wrong team and trying to cover up the deadly plot to take out KRUGER's witness. Now, everyone at WITSEC is trying to kill KRUGER and CULLEN believing that they are the real enemies. Will ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER be able to prove his innosense and save the day in an explosive action thriller?!!!

    Directed By: Charles Russell (The Mask, Bless the Child) and starring ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER (End of Days, 6th Day, Predator), JAMES CAAN (Mickey Blue Eyes), VANESSA WILLIAMS, and DANNY NUCCI (Crimson Tide, The Rock, Titanic)- ERASER is an action rush of sheer explosive adventure!

    MOVIE NOTE: This movie might as well be TRUE LIES 2. ARNOLD is back, he's a U.S. MARSHALL SPY-Like hero, He has big guns, he's protecting a woman against a vengeful nemisis, he has great one-liners, he battles terrorists, crocodiles, jumping out of a speeding plane- trying to catch his parachute, shooting huge EMP guns, breaking into a high security weapons building, and blowing up a house by making a trap that will light a fuse in the house! That is TRUE LIES 2 to me! Anyway, we'll have to see what TRUE LIES 2 has in store for us when it comes to theaters sometime within the next 5 years...

    MY REVIEW: This movie ROCKS! The special effects are great, the stunts and action sequences rule, the story, acting and directing are spectacular, and the humor is good too! THIS MAY NOT BE ARNOLD's BEST FILM EVER, BUT IT SURE MAKES HIS TOP 10 LIST!!!

    Rent this movie or buy this movie today action fans!

    ERASER is rated "R" for STRONG LANGUAGE and STRONG ACTION VIOLENCE THROUGHOUT. 1 hr 55 min....more info

  • A catalog edition with some highs and some lows
    Eraser is a good action flick but, is this edition good enough to satisfy the fans?

    Well, technically this BD is quite strong. The master used is in very good shape and there's nothing important that can distract us. The video quality is satisfactory with an average detail level and a little softer picture.
    Audio track isn't as agressive as we can hear in newer productions but the action sounds vibrant enough to feel the movie.

    The low point is obvious: there's no extra content. Well, most of us like to dig a little inside the production, so this issue it's disappointing but, overall, the more important thing is the movie and Warner did their homework right with that.

    For a catalog title Eraser is a thumb up....more info
  • Ah-nuld can do better
    A hollow piece of movie-machinery with waste-of-space Schwarzenegger as some kind of FBI agent who specialises in Witness Protection. Action and effects are piled high to little effect; the film has no center, no driving force and no charm. Director Charles Russell tries to keep it all together but he clearly doesn't have a clue....more info
  • Defense Industry & Government Corruption All The Way To The Top!!!
    John Kruger (Arnold Swartzenegger)is a U.S. Marshal who protects federal witnesses and erases their old identities. Lee Cullen (Vanessa Williams)an employee of the President of Cyrez Corporation, manufacturer of top secret weapons (Electro-Magnetic Rail Guns} for the military. She finds out he's selling weapons to terrorists, turns F.B.I. informant & gets a CD copy. Confronted by the President as an informant with a wiretap he threatens her but shoots himself in fear of prosecution as she escapes to the F.B.I.! Refusing witness protection she goes home, the agents are killed & they're after her! John Kruger arrives at the last minute battling and is wounded but saves her takeing her to his New York City safe house, warning he only works alone. John discovers that his boss/trainer, U.S. Marshal Robert Deguerin (James Caan) is the mastermind behind the sales of weapons to terrorists! Robert takes John hostage on a plane,drugs & frames him for murder and fights him almost crashing the plane as he escapes after sending emergency evacuation pager signal to Lee to leave the safe house and meet him at the New York Zoo. Tracing the call, they go to the zoo, battling John & Lee who escape. John discovers Lee has a backup CD but needs Cyrez's computer to read it's encryption. Faking a pizza man's heart attack they arrive as Paramedics and get in. They read the CD's weapons system delivery time and place at New York harbor docks but Lee is taken hostage! John's friend/witness has Union /Mafia friends and family that run the docks so they enlist their help for the final showdown. John phones the Ultra-Secret Agency Secretary (James Coburn) & tells him that his boss Robert,Cyrez V. P .& the Secretary of Defense are all involved in the weapons sale to terrorists and where to come to stop them. The firefight battle is on after nearly being killed by his boss they stop the shipment and the Ultra-Secret Feds arrive arresting survivors. Lee testifies before Congress but they blame it on Cyrez's dead President and may escape justice! John & Lee fake their deaths and arrange a final erasure of John's boss Robert,Cyrez V. P . & the Secretary of Defense!Available Subtitles: English, Spanish, French Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), French (Dolby Digital 5.1),DVD Special Features: Production Notes, Actor Filmographies, Theatrical Trailer, Scene Access, Interactive Menus....more info