The Philadelphia Story
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  • Good screen adaptation of the play
    Tracy Lords is getting married again. This time to a man who worked his way to the top instead of starting there. Dexter her first husband invites himself to the wedding and the wedding preparations. Also inviting their selves with a little blackmail to the wedding is a writer, and photographer, from a magazine of dubious reputation.

    Throw in a philandering father and a friendly uncle. We watch as they go through the motions and emotions of courting and re-evaluating their lives.

    This is basically a comedy and yes it has all the actors and writers to make this a piece of cinematic art. However you will find it is just fun to watch.

    ...more info
  • The Philadelphia Story
    One of the greatest comedies of all time, Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, a young James Stewart. I am a great fan of all, a most have movie. ...more info
  • one of my favorites
    The Philadelphia Story is one of my all time favorites. The casting of the 3 leads is wonderful.The role of Tracy Lord was tailor-made for Katharine Hepburn. She plays the part with the perfect balance of haughty arrogance and vulnerability. Cary Grant is snappy and sexy andJames Stewart is charming and loveable. This has been remade several times but has never been improved upon....more info
  • Loved this movie
    I really like Katherine Hepburn, but her role in this movie was phenomenal...if only it had been in color then I think it would have really sparkled. I have watched this movie numerous times and I'm always finding a new joke or snarky/funny remark. Enjoy!...more info
  • Philadelphia Story is Fabulous!
    One of the best films of all time! Fans of Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant are in for a treat with this one....more info
  • A must for Cary Grant fans
    This is a great classic and a must have! Amazon made this so easy to
    purchase and receive. If you get this movie, you will also need
    His Girl Friday and Bringing up Baby "Thank You!"...more info
  • Great Story!
    Love this movie! Can't decide which version I like better - this one or the one with Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby! Both are great!...more info
  • Still Terrific After All These Years
    #51 on the American Film Institute's Top 100 List, "The Philadelphia Story" is a 1940 comedy that has never lost its popularity. It's the film that rekindled Katherine Hepburn's then-ailing film career, the only movie James Stewart ever won an Oscar for, and a movie that Cary Grant demanded a huge salary for. Surprisingly, the movie is actually funny to this very day.

    Grant plays C.K. Dexter Haven, a millionaire who has recently separated from his wife Tracy Lord (Hepburn). Now, Tracy is getting remarried and Dexter has hired two people from the gossip magazine Spy to cover the marriage. They are Macaulay Connor (Stewart) and Elizabeth Imbrie. Neither one is happy to be there. Connor is on the verge of quitting his job at the Spy, as he fancies himself a writer and is sick of writing gossip articles. Elizabeth fancies herself a painter and is sick of taking photographs of rich people. Pretty soon, Connor finds himself falling for Tracy as Dexter finds himself falling for her again.

    Stewart deserved his Oscar as he steals every scene he's in. As I said, the film is still very funny to this day (a rarity, since comedy has changed so much over the years). Anyway, "The Philadelphia Story" is not my favorite film of all time. It think there's plenty of films on the list placed beneath it that are much better, but "The Philadelphia Story" is a charming film that is definitely worth your time.
    GRADE: A-...more info
  • Great Commentary
    Unless you're from Mars, you already know this is a classic. Just look at that line-up: Hepburn, Grant, Stewart and Cukor. I just wanted to write a review so that I could recommend the 2-disc version, since it has a wonderful commentary track by Jeannine Basinger. This is now the second DVD commentary that I have enjoyed by Ms. Basinger, the first being 'It' starring Clara Bow. She obviously does her homework since she imparts information on practically every aspect of the film she is commenting on. I do wish she would occasionally take a breath and enjoy some of the film, but this is a small complaint. ...more info
  • All Star Cast
    Another great movie with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn funny with love...more info
  • Great classic movie
    With a cast like this, you can't miss.
    One of the best!...more info
  • the philadephia story
    just about the best work of kathyn hepburn. can't go wrong with the
    fun they all have...more info
  • Excellent movie with great acting and writing
    This is a classic and one of the best movies, with great cast and great writing. I strongly recommend it....more info
  • Great Fun
    A must for every fan of Katherine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant. Funny, sad, touching, wonderful!...more info
  • Old Fashion Movie
    Excellent movie for all movie lovers. Good, old fashion fun with the best possible cast. Worth watching a lot more than once!...more info
  • Classic
    Ther is one problem with this movie- which of the three stars outperforms the others? Cary Grant is simply Grant and the story is full of wit that draws many laughs even if you have seen this movie a dozen times....more info
  • Its a Classic
    I do believe this classic will continue to span generations. Besides containing many stars of its time, it is clever and smart with wonderful performances by the entire cast. More than two thumbs up if I had more thumbs. ...more info
  • What's not to love...
    What's not to love about this movie. It fun, fast paced & fantastic. The DVD looks like someone burned it on their home computer & LightScribed the label. But, if it was, they did a good job. I was skeptic when I opened the case, but the quality is fine. No complaints here.
    ...more info
  • A great love story for the entire family
    I am a huge James Stewart and Cary Grant movie fan. This movie has one laugh after the other.This is a great love story that the whole family can watch and enjoy! The way the movie ends is the way you want it to.There is a time when you think that it is going to go the opposite way for Cary Grant...He gets the girl!...more info
  • Funny and clean--how often does that happen?
    It seemed for a while like I was fated never to watch this DVD. I received it as a Christmas present and having heard from another classic movie buff that I just HAD to see it, I was quite eager. But one thing after another came up and I only just got to watch it last Sunday.

    Well, I have to say this is one of my favorite movies of all time. Although I have never been a fan of Katharine Hepburn, I really liked her in this. She played the part of Tracy Lord, a wealthy young woman who is about to marry for the second time. However, her ex-husband C.K. Dexter Haven (Cary Grant) has other ideas. He sends in two reports from Spy Magazine (Jimmy Stewart and Ruth Hussey) to do a story on the wedding. Tracy's precocious young sister Dinah (Virginia Weidler) stands by, avid for scandal. ("Mother, maybe he's going to sock her again!")

    This is a good, clean movie. This makes it possible for the whole family to watch it, although young children will probably not see the point and be bored. The only reason I left one star off was because there are virtually no special features on the DVD.

    Once you see "The Philadelphia Story" I bet it will be on your list of favorite movies, too!...more info

  • Delightfully done.
    Always wondered where High Society,the Movie, came from. All is revealed.
    Think Grant & Hepburn were sensational. Having seen High Society first, have to say Sinatra & Holm were a better team than Stewart & what's her name; and Sinatra did a much better job on Grace Kelly than Stewart did on Hepburn! This Movie was good value tho'....more info
  • My, she was yar...
    They make few movies of the level of quality as "The Philadelphia Story." This movie is just full of life, good and bad. Cary Grant, James Stewart and Katharine Hepburn are a trifecta of astounding talent, and they blend together with ease and style. Like real people, everyone has their faults and their strengths. Everyone is right and wrong at the same time, in their own way.

    The dialog is so amazing, you want to quote it at every opportunity, although your life probably doesn't provide the opportunity to drop these kinds of quotes. The "High Society" at play, and the lowbrow crashers making their nickels and dimes all the while allowing their pretensions to art...this is great drama.

    The DVD is not particularly exciting, and is a surprising let down for such an amazing film, however a film this great doesn't need extras. The main course is filling enough.

    Definitely something you will watch over and over again. One of the best....more info

  • The Golden Age of Hollywood
    Katharine Hepburn recreated her Broadway role as the spoiled brat socialite caught between 3 men, her ex-husband (Cary Grant), her boring fianc¨¦e, and the sneaky reporter (Jimmy Stewart) who's come to cover the society doings and snoop into a brewing scandal. George Cukor directed this sparkling, witty, fast-paced 1940 movie that propelled Hepburn into Hollywood fame and provided the structure for many knock-offs, including, several decades later, High Society.
    The Philadelphia Story gives an excellent intro if you're into following the trajectory of Katharine Hepburn and the other fine, famous actors who starred in this film....more info
  • Five-star cast, three-star script, four-star final product...
    This is still a lot of fun, but it is also showing its age, nearly 70 years after it began life as a Broadway play. But Hepburn and Grant and Stewart in a romantic triangle (or a square, considering Kate's got a stuffy fiancee as well) is going to be worth seeing, even now. Many fine moments here, my favorite ones all belonging to Cary Grant. If you are a fan of any of these three legends of Hollywood, you would consider this movie a must-see....more info
  • The Movie I can watch Over and Over!!!
    Of the romantic comedy, screwball comedy and regular vanilla comedy, this movie ranks Number 1 in all three categories. The movie has three of the greatest actors/actresses in the history of motion pictures and they play off each other perfectly in this movie. The screenplay utilizes the haughtiness of Katherine Hepburn spot on early in the movie then goes on to show her all too human side later in the film. Jimmy Stewart is well deserving of the awards and acclaim he earned for the role of wisecracking tabloid writer with a talent for more than just sensational stories. Cary Grant does what he always does, plays the perfect foil to the female lead and does it so smoothly. The rest of the characters are well cast, as well, from Uncle Willie to Seth Lord to the social climbing George Kitteridge to Dinah, the precocious younger sister. It's an outstanding clean comedy that everyone should see over and over to catch all the little nuances and humor. If I could only see one movie, this would be the ONE. I heartily and enthusiatically recommend this movie to all movie buffs....more info