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    A very funny movie which stands up well today after 25 plus years. Multi millionaire playboy Arthur Bock has very few close friends, save for his butler (Gielgud) who's all but raised him, with mixed results. The problem is that Arthur dates tramps until he meets a beautiful young shoplifter (Minnelli) whom he cannot marry due to prearranged plans between the Bock and Johnson clans.Stormy weather ensues, with probably the least likely heroine coming to the fore at the film's climax. Throughout it all,though, it's Gielgud who really stands out, sparing no one with his haughty, sardonic remarks, and playing a key role in the film's final outcome, just before his untimely demise. You're really missing some good fun if you've never seen this comedy!...more info
  • "Tell her Chief Inspector Flanigan from Homicide is here. That'll get her down in a hurry!"

    The late, great comedic genius Dudley Moore does a star turn as Arthur Bach the lovable lush in this 1981 comedy also starring Liza Minnelli as the love of his life, Linda Marola, and Sir John Gielgud as Hobson, his snooty but faithful manservant.

    ARTHUR could not have been made today. His incessant drinking, comic then, would be considered so Politically Incorrect today that nobody would want to touch it---the sequel, ARTHUR 2: ON THE ROCKS, released a bare two years later, was already being criticized as too flippant in its treatment of alcoholism. So went the Reagan Revolution.

    Regardless of the political climate, ARTHUR is a funny film. The witty by-play between the two Englishmen, Moore and Gielgud, is so dry snd razor sharp it has yet to dull after twenty seven years and countless viewings. Moore described their dialogue as "the give-and-take between two RAF pilots during the War," and that is as accurate a description as can be found anywhere---

    "Yes, Arthur?"
    "Do you know what I'm going to do?"
    "No, I don't."
    "I'm going to take a bath."
    "I'll alert the media."


    "Arthur, I see no reason to continue this conversation [with Linda Marola]; that is, unless you're planning to knock over a fruit stand later on this evening."


    Linda [To Arthur]: "What should I wear?"
    Hobson: "Steal something casual."


    Bert Johnson [Athur's father-in-law-to-be]: "I protect what's mine. And I do it in an ugly way."
    Arthur: "Um...I can see that."
    Bert Johnson: "I killed a man when I was eleven years old."
    Arthur: "When you're that age I bet you don't even know there's a law against that."
    Bert Johnson: "He was hungry. He came into our house. To steal our food."
    Arthur [waving a hand]: "Oh. Well, he was just asking for it."
    Bert Johnson: "I took a knife. And I stabbed him in the kitchen."
    Arthur [horrified]: "I guess your family ate out that night...what...with that man... lying there on the...floor."


    Perry's Wife [screaming]: "WHAT DO YOU WANT???????
    Arthur [startled almost sober]: Yaaahhh! I was looking for Linda I hope this is the wrong house excuse me!
    Perry's Wife [screaming]: "MY HUSBAND HAS A GUN!!!!!!!"
    Arthur: "I'm sure he does, Madame. For all I know, he probably shot it while you were shouting."

    ---and so on. ARTHUR contains some of the funniest and most memorable one-liners ever written for the screen, and the dichotomy between Arthur's stuffy Old Money family, the gentle Arthur, and the solid working class Linda is riotous. When viewing ARTHUR, I am always surprised at how fast this film moves along, the hallmark of an enjoyable experience.

    With nary a slow spot, ARTHUR is guaranteed to entertain. ...more info
  • 3 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    A fun and witty comedy that makes the most out of Moore and Gielgud's considerable comic talents, Arthur is hurt slightly by Liza Minelli (who isn't nearly as charming as the screenplay makes her character out to be), but nonetheless represents quite an enjoyable 110 minutes in front of a screen....more info
  • What a great movie!
    This is one of my favorite movies. And, the price is right. The only complaint I have is that I just can't find it in the widescreen version. Nonetheless, it's worth every penny and I'll watch it many more times....more info
  • How could anyone not love this!...
    This movie is hilarious, I mean just the butler alone is enough to make you [wet] your pants. This is really subtle humor, so you have to listen to the dialogue. I promise you that you'll enjoy this flick unless you are and Iraqi. Arthur is about a rich dude name Arthur (who'd of guest?) who falls in love with a waitress who doesn't care about his money, but unfortunately Arthur's stern father wants him to marry a Waspy prima donna. The young lush turns to his wise and loyal butler for assistance and advice. Arthur was a huge hit when released in 1981, as was its Oscar-winning theme song by Christopher Cross. Sadly this is the only film ever made by writer-director Steve Gordon, who died less than a year after the film's release. Consistently funny and heartwarming, Arthur was hailed as a tribute to the great romantic comedies of the 1930s. This is a must see and definately a must buy! See it today!......more info
  • Great at any age!
    My grandmother owns this movie, and one year we got tired of watching Pretty Woman (though it's still a classic in the family, year after year you need a new movie) so we put in Arthur. We laughed hours after the movie was over, and it's become a new holiday movie for us. Any time of the year you can hear any of our family quote the movie when we're all together. You can imagine how happy I am to have found it on DVD!...more info
  • Classic Comedy
    Who wouldn't want to be a millionaire drunkard? Arthur seems to have it all, but has some choices to make about love and life. A lighthearted comedy which will bring back good memories....more info
  • Great movie, mediocre DVD
    I was a junior in high school when 'Arthur' came out, and thought Dudley Moore was the cutest thing. The movie is funny, the music is cool, and Liza Minelli is great.

    So why only 3 stars? Because the only way you can see this movie is by buying this 1997 fullscreen release, and that just won't cut it on today's HD widescreen TVs. I'd love to see a remastered anamorphic widescreen version, that would rock! And I think a lot of people would buy it. What do you guys think?...more info
  • Wonderful Comedy, But...
    "Arthur" remains wonderfully entertaining after more than 20 years, although a DVD remaster would be appreciated ("Arthur" was one of Warner's earliest DVD releases).

    Also, contrary to an earlier review Dudley Moore did not win an Oscar for his performance. He was nominated for Best Actor but lost to Henry Fonda for "On Golden Pond." ...more info
  • Wow! The Definition of Film That Ages Very, Very Badly! Terrible DVD Version Too!
    I feel sorry for the late great Dudley Moore as he's a much much better comedian than he is portrayed as here in a very poor movie in far too many aspects. The script is poor and the jokes age very, very poorly too. The only exception for some reason seems to be Sir John Gielgud's lines which were able to raise a chuckle or two from me and his was the only redeeming acting feature from this film. "That" song was another redeeming feature written as it was by the great Burt Bacharach but otherwise, this is a poor excuse for a comedy and actually a poor excuse for a film.

    I actually enjoyed Dudley Moore's performance as a guest on "The Muppet Show" a whole lot better than his work here as he seems woefully miscast here. I can't understand how the script can be so unbalanced and it seems as if only Gielgud was reading his lines while Moore and Minnelli seemed to be making it up as they went along. I truly struggle to recall the last time I watched such a boring and totally uninspiring film.

    Not that this matters given the lousy content but this dvd version is also very, very poor. It hasn't been restored or remastered and so the picture quality is average at best while the sound quality is pathetic; it was so soft volume wise and even when you increase the volume a lot higher than you'd usually do for other dvds the quality is still so poor that you have to struggle at times to hear the dialogue but in the case this film I guess you could say that it's a blessing here.

    Very bad film, even worse quality dvd makes this a very highly not recommended film. Please don't judge the late great Dudley Moore's comedic qualities by this film as a great talent like his deserves to be remembered differently. Practically anything that he's ever done is a vast improvement to his "work" here....more info
  • Great Comedy
    The one movie that deserves a 25th anniversary, widescreen, special features, out-takes and commentary....and where is it? One of the funniest comedies of all time. Come on whoever owns this copyright. Make it happen!!!...more info
  • Too Bad It's Full Screen
    Although the cinematography is not the best part of this movie, I guess most people would still want to see it in its entirety, not in its modified full screen format, which happens to this US release. To get this movie in widescreen, buy the UK release instead, and this is really too bad for a movie which is American. 2 stars deducted....more info
  • Good Movie, Poor DVD
    This is a nice DVD, if you don't mind that 27.9 percent of the original theatrical image has been removed for the DVD exhibition, so that the DVD image fills your entire 4:3 television screen (theatrical aspect ratio - 1.85:1; DVD aspect ratio - 4:3). If you're okay with that, enjoy!...more info
  • A Comedy Classic
    "Arthur" is one of those classic films that ages like fine wine. 23 years after it was released, you can still find undiscovered nuances and scenes that make you laugh non - stop. And even thogh three of its key elements have passed on (director Steve Gordon, John Gielgud and Dudley Moore), it still remains heartwarming and rediculously funny.

    Moore plays Arthur Bach, a very rich and usually very drunk playboy. He lives in a posh Manhattan mansion with his faithful and wise butler Hobson (John Gielgud in an Oscar - winning role). Arthur enjoys taking long baths, playing with toys, and drinking. But he may inherit 750 million dollars a wealthy Long Island blond. There's one loophole in this plan: Linda Marolla (Liza Manelli in her best screen role since "Cabaret"), a waitress who captures Arthur's heart while shoplifting. What happens is a gaggle of nonstop laughter that gets funnier with every viewing. So, take a bath, order some booze, and watch this comedy classic....more info

  • Rating - 9 stars
    This movie is still one of the funniest movies ever and with the most memorable, repeatable lines. It is a family favorite and has been for all these years....more info
  • lol movie
    dudley moore will make you laugh till you cry. i wish i was that funny when i was drunk....more info
  • Sir Gielgud steals the show.
    As others have noted, Arthur is a delightful comedy taken from the 1930s screwball "My Man Godfrey" genre. It is an effectively told, outlandish story that winds up succeeding despite some dodgy jokes and an overabundance of lukewarm sympathies.

    However, without Sir John Gielgud (a gentleman who truly deserved the knighthood), the film's faults would be much more apparent. He elevates every scene he is in with his impeccable refinement and a wit that is sharpened to perfection. He is the pillar in a film which desperately needed credibility.

    And the title song is a classic.
    ...more info
  • Touching
    What really makes this film is the heartwarming friendship between Gielgud and Moore. It is definitely a film to watch and enjoy on a rainy day. Very entertaining although it is entirely predictable....more info
  • What's so funny ...
    ... about a loud, obnoxious drunk who spends most of the movie laughing at his own feeble jokes? (Any third-rate stand-up comedian has better one-liners than he.) The story is a trite replay of the "poor little rich man meets golden hearted girl, and love conquers all" theme, without any attempt at originality or sophistication (anyone who compares this favorably to 30s screwball comedies needs his/her head examined). The script doesn't even bother to exploit the most obvious opportunity for humor, the English/American divide - unless I missed something we aren't even told why all these Englishmen are in the States and what it is they are dong there. Absolutely awful - the only redeeming aspect of it is Sir John Gielgud ("SIR JOHN", NOT "SIR GIELGUD", PLEASE, LIKE ANOTHER REVIEWER WROTE!!!) who is mildly funny most of the time although again the script does not bother to develop his character: while he supposedly loves Arthur loyally and deeply, in one scene he calls him - quite deservedly - a useless little sh.. or something along those lines, but this is never repeated and never explained, just a throwaway line without any relevance to the character. A wasted 97 minutes. ...more info
  • good movie
    this was a pretty good movie. it was entertaining. dudley moore was pretty fun in this movie. it was good....more info
  • Romantic Comedy Classic
    No movie better captures the charm and romance of New York as this one.

    The standout performance is, of course, Gielgud. I've noticed that whenever actors have done butler roles after "Arthur", there is always a faint echo of Gielgud's stylish turn.

    Dudley Moore is utterly endearing. Watch for his piano performance during the movie.

    Liza gives an excellent, underrated performance. I particularly liked the scene in which Hobson (Gielgud) pays a visit to the Queens apartment of Liza's character in an attempt to convince her to go to Arthur's engagement party.

    Also, a winning musical score by Burt Bacharach, Carol Bayer Sager, Peter Allen and Christopher Cross.

    ...more info
  • Sick Humor
    Arthur was considered a very successful romantic comedy after it was released in 1981. The strong cast had much to do with the film's early success. However, times have changed during the past twenty-two years and the movie's humor about an alcoholic and his antics has begun to look just plain sick....more info
  • Best Video Ever
    This has to be probably THE best ever movie created. Hilarious. Dudley Moore shines as the booze laden, pampered, vastly wealthy heir to the family fortune being forced into marrying a woman he doesn't love lest he lose the entire aforementioned fortune. Liza Minelli is wonderful as the lower class love interest and her father is just brilliant in his string vest! And of course Sir John Gielgud reigns supreme as the posh butler whose love for Arthur ultimately sobers the spoiled brat. Classic lines "Waiter I'll have another drink. Would you like another fish?" that will stay with you forever. Could watch this again and again.

    My husband laughs insanely at this film, then spends the remainder of the week quoting various lines at me. It's fun for the whole family, no X-rated words, no sexy scenes, no violence - a great, fun caper....more info
  • Irresistible and utterly unforgettable; a comedy for the ages...
    This is one of those surprisingly delightful films that rarely gets the attention it deserves yet for some reason got that attention. Watching the movie I was floored at the fact that it won two Oscars and was nominated for more. It just does not feel like an Academy movie at all, with over the top yet resoundingly sincere performances that just don't seem like the type the Academy would recognize, and yet Dudley Moore found himself an Oscar nominee and John Gielgud actually WON the Oscar.

    The film is an entertaining little comedy about a rich young heir named Arthur who falls in love with a struggling actress named Linda. She loves him despite his money, but his father is adamant that he marry another woman. With the threat of losing his money, Arthur relies on his trusty butler to help him make the right decisions and ultimately `get the girl'.

    It's a feel good movie, nothing more nothing less.

    That doesn't overshadow the fact that it is a wonderful movie. Just because it isn't as deep as you may want your Oscar fare to be doesn't mean that it isn't worthy of all the praise and adoration it has received. It is wonderfully constructed, wildly entertaining and is memorable to boot. You could watch this movie over and over and never tire of it; that is for sure.

    The acting is also a nice touch. John Gielgud is the standout, and the Oscar he has proves that. He is witty and sharp and heart touching to boot. Dudley Moore, in my opinion, also should have won the Oscar. Sure he was up against dramatic heavy weights like Warren Beatty and Henry Fonda but seriously, his pitch perfect comedic timing is flawless and needed to be recognized. He plays the majority of the film drunk yet he never lapses into mediocre repetition but is constantly fresh and his performance is beyond rewarding. Liza Minnelli is decent here, but she falls to the wayside when you consider her leading man. Still, she has talent and that charismatic touch that elevates her performance.

    It's witty, charming, touching and most importantly unforgettable. It's a surefire comedy that you will enjoy and can enjoy again and again. ...more info
  • It just doesn't get any better than this-
    This has been one of my favorite movies for a long time. Recently I was happy to see it on DVD which is a relief from watching the old, grainy VHS versions.

    I hadn't seen it in years and watched it today to find myself amazed at how well the movie stands up to time. It's one of those rare, perfect storms of comedy where great writing (truly funny line after truly funny line) is paired with great direction and outstanding performances all at the same time.

    Dudley Moore got an Oscar nomination for "Arthur" but lost (although John Gielgud won for best supporting actor). If Moore's performance in "Arthur" doesn't win a Best Actor Oscar -it's proof that no comedic actor could ever win the title (another example is Gene Wilder in "Young Frankenstein").

    Steve Gordon crafts the film beautifully keeping true to each of the characters and the warm-hearted tone of the story. Quite simply, IMHO the movie is a rare gem. It's only sad that Steve Gordon passed away just a year after "Arthur" was released.

    Regarding the DVD, it's so/so. Although the video quality is a leap over the old VHS copies, there is still no widescreen version available.

    The DVD has a few extras that are nice but it's just not enough. One example is commentary from the Director stating how he greatly wished how certain deleted takes and scenes could have been included (because they were hysterical), but that he had to make tough choices for a final edit. The DVD, being the perfect format to include such material, certainly should have offered it as well.

    This, the original "Arthur", is a classic comedy that is one for the books....more info
  • Arthur dvd
    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE! Great quality! Took longer to receive than I thought, but now that we have it we're thrilled.Thanks so much :-)...more info
  • One Woman's Opinion
    My all-time favorite comedy movie. No matter how many times I watch it, I find myself laughing as soon as the music starts and the credits begin rolling. All of the characters are hysterically funny and were brilliantly cast....more info
  • Charming Funny and witty Dudley best
    Poor alcoholic rich boy makes good. Dudley Moore was at is maximum charm with this performance. He brightened each scene with his antics and his subtle remarks. The man who never worked could have everything, including the beautiful Susan, a marriage arranged by their families. But then he met and unorthodox young female who had just been caught shoplifting, a common sort, and she changed his life.

    When I heard about Dudley becoming ill this is the movie I immediately thought of....more info

  • A Message to all of you Moron DVD Companies
    When it is in the Original 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio, I'll buy it

    Till then, KEEP IT...more info
  • Excellent comedy, but....
    Why is it that such a great movie, it was made only in full screen and horrible sound?
    I had my home theater at its loudest and I could barely hear it.
    Great movie, wrong format, horrible sound!!...more info
  • i love this movie!! i would recomend it to any1!!!
    i loved this movie the first time i watched it. i love everything about it except when hobson dies. the whole thing is hilarious. after i watched it 4 the 1st time i could recite all mu fav parts along w/ the actors. 1 of my fav parts is when arther tells this drunk that he lost his father not just calling him his butler. and on a final note i agree w/ arther fish have to get tired of seafood. if you haven't seen this then you absolutly have to....more info
  • alert the media
    I have a friend who looked for a year for this movie on dvd in brick and mortar stores, I ordered it for her and she had it in a week, and by the next week, she'd watched it ten times. Its a very good movie....more info
  • "I wish I had a dime for every dime I have..."
    How could anyone NOT love this movie? The first time I was introduced to Arthur, was in 1984. I was 9 years old & I absolutely loved it. Hobson's one liners alone are worth the price of the DVD. "Steal something casual..." It is still just as funny today as the first time I've watched it. More so has I've grown older considering I was able to comprehend the jokes that had originally gone over my head. Barney Martin was HILARIOUS as Linda's father, Dudley Moore was excellent as Arthur but Sir John Gielgud absolutely took the cake as Hobson. This is the kind of movie that is impossible to pass up if you are channel surfing. I have seen it dozens of times & it never fails to make me laugh hysterically every time. 5 stars are just not enough....more info
  • Comical and Touching
    4 1/2 stars would be more accurate. While many comedies revolve around the cruel ridicule of certain parties, this is a MAJOR exception. We meet the millionaire Dudley Moore who seems to be a heavy drinker. But is he a drinker by nature? Perhaps not. His father wants him to marry Susan, (who he doesn't love) for financial reasons. Later, Arthur meets the poor (but likable) Linda. While Arthur seems to know that there are some things that money can't buy, he is realizing he may seem to know real love. In his small role, Linda's father goes from suspecting Linda's dating life to cheering it. But if we want to understand him, he probably doesn't want to think of his daughter being destitute after he dies.

    While Arthur loves Linda, he is afraid of being disinherited and has to make a choice between love (Linda) and money (Susan). Geraldine Fitzgerald tries to make the choice easy. She says to marry Susan and cheat with Linda, but Arthur can not do that.

    The character who steals the movie is John Gielgud as Arthur's servant. t first, he seems to abhor Arthur for his heavy drinking and self absorption. (Much like a father would be annoyed by his son at a young age.) One of his most memorable lines is: "Arthur, if you feel unloved, welcome to the world." But is he so unfeeling? Realizing he may not be around much longer, he explains to Linda that he won't be around much longer, and he asks Linda to his role.

    The most wonderful thing about this movie is that portrays the transition one goes through from the love a 'father' has for his 'son,' to the love a man shares with a woman.

    There is an interesting mix of suspense, menace, comedy, and a happy ending. It is a wonderful, beautiful, poignant movie. ...more info
  • Wholly Moses! Dudley wins an Academy Award for this film!
    Back in the 70's,British-born Dudley Moore was little known to the American public even when he supported Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn in the 1978 Paramount film FOUL PLAY. The following year,he co-starred with Bo Derek in "10",which was his first starring American film. The disappointing WHOLLY MOSES followed in 1980. That same year,Moore did this film with Liza Minelli,daughter of the late Judy Garland. It was filmed in New York City and was theatrically released in July 1981. Moore won a Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Arthur Bach,a drunk millionaire who goes broke. Arthur is engaged to Susan Johnson(pre-L.A. Law Jill Eikenberry) but the engagement is broken and Arthur's money is taken away by Susan's father. In one of the first scenes,Arthur spends the night at his apartment with a hooker named Gloria. Then Arthur meets Linda,a diner waitress(Minelli) in a department store where she is shoplifting. Arthur and Linda hook up immediately. But the wedding between Arthur and Susan almost happened. Susan was dressed in her wedding gown and Arthur tells her at the very last minute that he's in love with Linda. Susan's father enters the chapel and beats the crap out of Arthur. The movie soundtrack album has been long out-of-print(it was never re-issued on CD). It features ARTHUR'S THEME(Best That You Can Do) performed by Christopher Cross. That song is available on some CD compilations and was one of 1981's top hits. For the next eleven years,Moore relentlessly made movies such as SIX WEEKS with Mary Tyler Moore,UNFAITHFULLY YOURS,BEST DEFENSE with Eddie Murphy,LIKE FATHER LIKE SON with Kirk Cameron,LOVESICK with Elizabeth McGovern,MICKI & MAUDE with Amy Irving and Ann Reinking,CRAZY PEOPLE with Daryl Hannah,BLAME IT ON THE BELLBOY and of course,ARTHUR 2:ON THE ROCKS with Minnelli. ARTHUR 2 was theatrically released in 1988 and wasn't as successful as the first film. Sadly,Dudley passed away in March 2002 of complications from diabetes. He was 66. I dedicate this film to his memory. Also in ARTHUR 2,Cynthia Sikes resumed the role of Susan Johnson since Eikenberry was immersed in L.A. LAW....more info