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Green Mile
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  • Very sad and entertaining
    This is a replacement for a VHS I had. I find this movie extracts
    almost every emotion out of me. It is funny, sad, thought provoking, magical, and disturbing all at the same time. I can only watch it about once a year though, because after watching it I am drained....more info
  • Much better than I thought it would be yet not as great as some would have you believe...
    I honestly didn't think I would like this movie at all. I'm not a huge fan of Tom Hanks. He's impressed me a few times before but honestly I can't think of a time when he's ever `wowed' me. I am not a fan of Stephen King in that I never really have given him a try. Aside from `Misery' I have never read any of his novels. I have seen a few of the film adaptations and enjoyed them but I have also seen some of his adaptations and thought they were dreadful so really it's a mixed bag for me. I decided to give this a chance only because a friend of mine raved it, and it has received high amounts of praise from the critics and have I mentioned yet that it was nominated for Best Picture of the Year at the Academy Awards so with that in mind I decided to sit down and watch this, finally.

    The film follows the effect one falsely accused man has on the prison guards in charge over him. This man is John Coffey, an extremely large black man accused of raping and murdering two young girls. Despite his immense size Coffey appears to be a very kind soul. This is noticed by one of the guards, Paul Edgecomb. Getting to know John, Paul realizes that he is, without a doubt, innocent but the evidence against him is surmountable and it appears that his execution is eminent.

    While this is the main storyline for `The Green Mile' there is so much more to uncover, and there should be since the film is three hours long. I've read a while back that the character of John Coffey was modeled after Jesus Christ and this makes perfect sense when you watch this film and analyze it. John's `powers' are very similar to the ones heaped upon Jesus and John's predicament is also one similar to that of Christ. Everyone has turned on John except for a few men who put faith in his power to heal. He is wrongfully accused of a crime he did not commit and sentenced to death by the men he was trying to protect. It's something I did not expect to come from Stephen King, that's for sure, but then again I've never given him a fair chance...maybe I should.

    The performances in this film also elevate the material, especially that of Michael Clarke Duncan who delivers a performance so solid and so tempered that without it the film would have failed. He is, with all due respect, the heart and soul of this film. Tom Hanks surprised me by delivering an outstandingly tender performance. It may actually be his best performance to date. Patricia Clarkson sizzles in what little screen time she has as does Bonnie Hunt and David Morse and Barry Pepper do their best to stand out amidst powerful performances by James Cromwell and more notably Doug Hutchison who plays the `evil' Percy Wetmore. Sam Rockwell is as disturbing as they come and the revelation of his character will chill you.

    Like I said in my title for this review, it is far better than I assumed it would be but it still was not as grand as some have suggested. There are moments where the melodramatic feel doesn't quite mesh right and there are some scenes that tend to drag a bit. I'm not saying that the length is a problem for it enables the audience to truly sink into the mood of the film but there are some scenes that could have been trimmed. It is not one of my top five films of 1999, nor one of my top ten, but it rests well with my honorable mentions. It is not as disturbing as `Carrie' and not as meaningful as `The Shawshank Redemption' but it rest nicely in the middle and delivers solid and gratifying entertainment....more info
  • Throught provoking
    Usually, i dont like prison movies, but with Good ol Tom Hanks in the lead and the supernatural aspect Green Mile is an exception. This movie is sickening at times (the electrocution) Uplifting (the healings) It is a death row movie. This cast and crew do a great job. the special effects are great. The End gives the viewer something to think about at least it did me....more info
  • Stephen King's Best Film Adaptations Are Not Horror Films
    This film is wonderful, although the ending is not at all what I had hoped for and I suspect that this might have been a part of why there were mixed reviews- beyond the comparisons with the book. It has a bit of Shawshank in it and some great actors that are familiar to King and Hanks best work....more info
  • Amazing movie..
    I'm very glad I saw this was actually on TV, but i bought the DVD and haven't watched it yet..I was at a friend's house when I was a little younger and his dad wanted us to watch it, which I was very reluctant to as I like Action movies as my main genre. I very rarely watch anything else other than action movies..Actually that's a lie, but they are diffinitely what I watch the most..

    Anyways, this movie is very sad, but an excellent story that captures your attention and your heart. I highly recommend everyone to see it. I don't wanna make this a long review, but it's very captivating and everyone does a great job in it..Go see it!!!!!!!!!...more info
    The Green Mile was a lot better than I ever imagined. I was very shocked the movie had humor as well! This is a must-see!!!...more info
    This film is a very great masterpiece. The story is so engaging. I have read the wonderful novel that this film is based on and the film stays true to it in both spirit and story. It is also well acted, well, shot, and well written. If you love Stephen King films, you will love this. Recommended....more info
  • A Stephen King movie actually WORTH watching.
    As opposed to most Stephen King books made into movies, I was surprised at great this movie actually was. The Green Mile may be rather long, but you don't feel it. It is one of those movies in which you get attached to the characters and when it ends, you end up with one of those "That's it?" feelings.
    As far as the special edition version of this film, it is totally worth it.
    Packaging is also good (plastic packaging, not that inconvenient paper one)....more info
  • The Green Mile
    I love this movie. Its a great one to watch just alone or with the whole family. Either way IT'S GREAT. Thanks a lot....more info
  • Why is disk 2 of this set the same as disk 1?
    Imagine my surprise when I put on disk 2 of this set and it was identical to disk 1 and the film started again. The second half of the film is not on it. Anyone else have this problem? ...more info
  • Disgusting!
    Don't you want to see a man screaming and writhing in agony? Can't you picture steam coming off his head as he blows out his vocal cords for five minutes, every second total excrutiating torture because one of the sick guards decided to cause him EXTRA pain by not wetting the sponge that conducts the electricity?

    The people that made this movie are sick, degenerate, sadists...just like the character they portray so well on the screen....more info
  • A Must See
    A great movie, as simple as that. Moving, inspiring, and thought provoking. Packed with great performances. This is a great movie with a great story and a great script. So behold, you are in the presence of greatness....more info
  • Amazing film
    One of Tom Hank's finest movies, has a wonderful trama, when I started watching I never imagine were the storie was going, was just fantastic, a genious movie from beginning to end....more info
  • Great Film, slight issue with some of the printings
    So I am one of the many people who received this product with two discs of the same material. One said "Disc 1" and the other "Disc 2", so one would assume they held different footage. Wrong. But, because Amazon is so awesome, I shot them an email and the issue was fixed in a timely manner. I guess it was an issue with the manufacturer because it seems several people on here have had the same issue. But the film itself is amazing! And Cheap!...more info
  • Awesome movie!!!!!
    Since its release in 1999, I have had 7 or 8 people tell me how good this is, but I have always stayed away from it simply because of its use of the electric chair, the last thing I want to see is someone eletrocuted I have thought over the years, well, I decided to give it a look, & man, I can't believe that I ignored it for so long, this film was awesome, I still can't get my mind off it, there is nothing I can't say here that hasn't already been said, except to say, that it is truly inspiring & sad, that I teared up at the end, I hate it when movies do that to me, but this is one of the best films I have ever seen, It is over 3 hours, but trust me, you won't notice, Highly Recommended!!!...more info
  • A MUST HAVE ...
    This is one of Tom Hank's best movies.
    I cried and cried and cried.
    You have to see this brillant movie....more info
  • Wonderful and Inspiring
    The Green Mile is an exceptional movie about love, hope, hate, despair and transformation. It is also about the battle between good and evil. If you haven't seen this movie yet get it and sit back and enjoy.

    Frank Scoblete: author of "The Virgin Kiss and Other Adventures"...more info
  • Magical
    I loved this movie! The ending was unexpected and much enjoyed. It really makes you value love and life. ...more info
  • Worth Seeing, Even if There ARE Some Problems...
    Such a great film is The Green Mile, which is based on the six-part novelette by Stephen King. yes, I can hear some of you now: "Stephen King? No way would I watch such a thing!" But in this case, you would be wrong, as the story, faithfully adapted to film, and the acting are beyond reproach, IMO.

    I'm not much of a Stephen King novel fan (Carrie and The Shining took care of that), but I did a bit of research on the novel to see how it corresponded/not corresponded to the film. Apparently, King issued the Green Mile as a series of 6 short stories/semi-novels from 1995-1996, which were later combined into one long novel which became the film. The continuity of the film is done amazing well, when one considers its origins.

    The Green Mile is a flashback story of a Paul Edgecomb, a one-time upper ranked correctional officer at Cold Mountain Prison in Louisiana, whose work area was "The Green Mile," the long corridor of jail cells set aside for men destined for execution. His story/ies take place in 1935, so during the depths of the Depression, which hit the South and Midwest at its hardest. Like funeral parlor workers, correctional officers are not without work, though the threat of firing/layoff always hangs heavy over all the correctional officers' heads throughout the film.

    The story revolves around Edgecomb's correctional charges, but most particularly around a prisoner name John Coffey (" the drink, only not spelt the same," says Coffey [Michael Duncan Clark] upon arrival). Condemned for the brutal rape/murder of two little Louisiana girls, it doesn't take Edgecomb (brilliantly played by Tom Hanks in a dramatic role worth his muster) long to realise that the man and the act don't seem to correspond.

    The film takes time to develop each character, which I always enjoy: Edgecomb's fellow officers are decent upstanding men with a tough job, but they do it well - combining their jobs into father-confessors and tough disciplinarians, but never forgetting that, except by the grace of God, they could easily be behind those bars as well. Certain "nemesis" characters are also well-developed - for example, Percy Wetmore [Doug Hutchison], the nephew of the governor's wife, whose purpose in being a correctional officer becomes clear by midway through the film. More chilling is the prisoner William Wharton [Sam Rockwell], aka "Wild Bill/Billy the Kid" (the references are explained in the film) who hides a secret beyond his evil deeds known to the officers. As in the case of many King films, Wharton's character looks eerily like Stephen King himself (I have always suspected it's written into movie contracts with King that at least one character must faintly resemble him).

    However, the enigma of the film (and its main thrust) is the character of John Coffey - a slow, child-like mountain of a man played with pathos and and earthiness. Like Wharton, he too has a secret to hide, but as this slowly reveals itself, it is far more uplifting than that of the former.

    The film (rated 18(UK), corresponding to its R rating in the US) runs 188 minutes (slightly over 3 hours), but the story is so intriguing, you rarely notice the length (in many ways, you want the story to keep going). There is obviously some violence (it's a prison, after all, as the main locus) including three executions in the old-style electric chair of the times (one such execution is really quite graphic and worth fast-fowarding after about a minute or so, as you'll get the point). However, none of the violence is, IMO, gratuitous and merely advances the points of the story.

    Be on the lookout for a few continuity/errors on the film, which are worth noting here: the most serious "factual errors" I happened to note, as a Southerner, were in geography and premise: the movie is set in Louisiana, with the prison is called "Cold Mountain Penitentiary." In the opening prison scenes, the backdrop is a set of weathered, tree-covered mountains similar to the Blue Ridge or Smokey Mountains of the Southeastern U. S. However, there are no mountains of any kind in the state of Louisiana. The highest point in the state of Louisiana is 535 ft. above sea level, and is in the far northern part of Louisiana, right near the Arkansas/Louisiana state line (however, to be fair, this does appear to be the part of the state where the film is set). Further, set in 1935, this film depicts executions in Louisiana being carried out by electrocution, but the Louisiana Legislature did not change the method of execution from hanging to electrocution until 1940. Additionally, executions were carried out at local courthouses in Louisiana until 1957, when they were moved to a specific state prison.

    The only other anachronism/error I noted was that, in 1935, it was highly unlikely that a radio station in Depression-era Louisiana would give airplay to a Billie Holiday record. Timewise, this film was set 2 years before the death of black singer [...] Bessie Smith, who died in 1937, while on the way to a show in Memphis when she was killed in a car accident in rural Tennessee. The rumours surrounding her death still persist: it is said Smith bled to death because Jim Crow Laws in the South prohibited a white hospital from accepting a black patient, and Smith was turned away, to die in a black hospital in Mississippi some 50+ miles away. IMO, it's important to note this since, as great singers as Smith and Holiday were, sadly, neither were known by radio airplay for white audiences during their lifetime (most of their white audience popularity occured only from occasional live performances at mixed clubs, but actually grew after their respective deaths).

    In all, The Green Mile is film worth seeing. Nominated for 4 Oscars in 2000 (and sadly outbid that year by The Cider House Rules), and winner of 13 prestigious film awards, including the People's Choice Awards, this film will intrigue you, challenge what you think you know about good vs. evil, life vs. death, and whether miracles still occur. ...more info
    When I saw this film I LOVED IT.

    Afterwards, discussing it with close family and friends, I couldn't decide exactly WHY I loved it. I mean the story isn't that great - in fact it's a bit unrealitic and just silly.

    Also, none of the actors are heroes of mine - I'm more of a John Wayne-Arnold Schwarzenneggar-Steve Buscemi-sort-of-guy. I don't even like Tom Hanks and that old Black guy, or the big bald one (sorry - I forgot their names!).

    Anyway, this conundrum got me thinking, until FINALLY I realized THE SECRET of THE GREEN MILE! It's all done with horrorscopes!!! For example, Tom Hanks is a Cancerian. It is no secret that the Cancerian colors are silver - like prison bars - and GREEN, as in 'Green Mile'! Also the Cancerian keyword is `SECURITY' and Cancerians are known for being sensitive and motherly guys. Obviously, one of the best jobs for sensitive, motherly guys is prison warden, like the one portrayed by Hanks in the movie.

    I haven't checked this theory out with other movies yet, but I'm sure this example proves pretty convincingly that Hollywood uses horrorscopes for casting.

    ...more info
  • Sad Double Disc release
    For such an incredibly wonderful and breathtaking movie... the Two Disc Special Edition version is a waste of money. With only a few minutes of deleted scenes, one additional documentary and a photograph montage, the money spent on buying this version is lost considering the movie was disected into two separate pieces with half placed on each disc. For a movie that aired at over 3 hours in length, certainly additional scenes were available. Furthermore, interviews and promotional material could have been made available to fill an entire disc while leaving the original theatrical release intact on one disc. Whoever created this version of such a fabulous movie, erred egregiously....more info
  • Green Mile
    I think a single disk would have been better - .-. switchingdisks is a pain...more info
  • Not King Fan, but Great Movie
    I am a Tom Hanks fan; that's the only reason I watched this film, and it took me years before I finally watched it for the first time this past summer. Now I scratch my head, wondering why I didn't - just because it was a Stephen King novel? Duncan plays an incredible character; I think he makes the movie. While the story has its "unbelievable" parts to it, it is still a very....realistic? movie, in my view. How many times has our legal system executed an innocent man? And how many times have the guards and those who were closest in proximitry to the death row inmate have known this and not been able to do a thing about it? ...more info
  • We ALL Walk Our Green Mile In This Life - The Hard Part Is Keeping Your Dignity Along The Way

    This is one of the best movies I have ever seen bar none. Yes there is a bit of supernatural tinge to this movie but it in no way whatsoever takes away from its power. At a run time of 188 minutes yes this movie is long. The movie takes its time to fully flesh out the people and places so much the experience becomes part of your being. When the movie begins it seems so painfully slow. This old dude seemingly now in his doltage who we later learn in youth was a prison guard walks out of what seems to be an old time 30's era pretty mundane incredibly unremarkable black and white dance \ musical movie shown in an old age home in tears.

    Little did we know that we would be joining him in that crying spell near the end of the movie on learning the seqnifience of that particular old movie and why the old guard walked out in tears. Once the story starts being told the pacing and action picks up quickly weaving slowly the entire sick somber tapastry of prison daily life on death row \ the green mile. We soon get to know each of the guards and the more over the top prisoners. The movie builds the characters including some the prisoners so completely you feel as if you know them.

    I can not see anyone watching this movie without being changed for the better by the experience of its like. I can honestly say I will never again be the person I was before watching this movie. This movie made me look inside myself and see that despite my being a generally good law biding person I still have so much room for improvement. This movie touched my very soul and spoke more directly to my joy, pain and life experience than any other experience I have known.

    With first rate movies like the Green Mile I seldom give away too much about the plot because, I want to do nothing to steal their power and impact for those who purchase them. All I can say is if you choose not to buy the Green Mile DVD you are cheating yourself of one of this life's finest most awesome experiences I can think of. I have lots of movies I like because they are funny or nice but, if I had to destroy my entire vast collection of DVD's and were allowed to keep just three, you can assure yourself The Green Mile would be one of the three I'd save because, to me YES THE GREEN MILE IS JUST THAT GOOD! I might buy a second copy just to have a spare.
    ...more info
  • Awesome service
    I ordered movies so they are hardly related to quality review. However, all items i have ordered in the past have been great. Met expectations to the upmost.Delivery has always been fast and items correct. Thanks Amazon...more info
  • absolutely excellent
    Tom Hanks and Michael Clark Duncan were phenominal as well as the rest of the cast was good. I have watched this movie at least 6-7 times....more info