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Spies Like Us
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  • Slapstick 80s comedy
    Premise: Dan Akroyd and Chevy Chase are actually caught cheating on the Foreign Service exam and "promoted" to be spies.

    It is a funny movie, with some great sequences. It seems like the kind of movie that would be funnier the second or third time around - or maybe late at night. Overall, I enjoyed it, but it wasn't the type of movie I would seek out again. Somewhat crude humor - not one for the family, but a fun movie overall. ...more info
  • Pan & Scan killed the DVD
    This is a GREAT Chevy Chase/Dan Aykroyd classic, but because it's only availible in PAN & SCAM (yes, I said SCAM) I'd give this DVD a score of ZERO if that were an option.

  • A fun enjoyable comedy
    If you didn't like the William Freidkin Chevy Chase espionage flick Deal of The Century (1983) You well enjoy this seemingly interesting, funny and slapstick comedy. It has hilaroius moments all throughout the movie but at the same time John Landis makes it real by exploring the Espionage and secret world of the government. Set in the time when the Soviets were in conflict with the U.S. Chase and Aykroyd go from Their oddball jobs to cheating on a test, to Secret operative training, and to Pakistan to pose as doctors (when they encounter The Afhgan freedom fighters they start to feel comfortable) until they find out for real that they are not doctors they escape to India and then ride camels to the USSR. It is a laughable comedy both stars are great this is probably their best collaberation.
    Directed by John Landis
    Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Donna Dixon, Frank Oz and Bob Hope...more info
  • A wonderful Comedy
    I Love This movie. I have seen it countless times. It is a great comedy. Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase in their first collaberation are a really good team. This is what brought them into Caddyshack 2....more info
  • A great combination of one liners and visual gags
    After first seeing this movie in the theaters in 1985, I often rushed to the opportunity to see it again in the years following. Unfortunately these opportunities were few and far between. Chase and Ackroyd make a great pair, and their antics can be appreciated by any audience. I highly recommend this film....more info
  • Could have been a better edition
    This is by far one of my favorite movies, and I have to say that I was a bit dissapointed that the folks at Warner Bros. didn't spend more time with added extras like "widescreen". All in all, I think it's a great buy....more info
  • I love this movie
    OK, its not great film. But if you are fans of Akroyd or Chase, or just like to gaffaw at silly movies, this one is a special treat. It helps knowing the people involved. For example, did you know that Donna Dixon who plays the seductive doctor/CIA agent is really Dan's wife! What about the fact that is was taking place in Pakistan, and drops geography names that are on the news now with the pending trouble in Afghanistan? I love the test cheating part, the UFO part, and the shootout at the outpost. Cheap laughs, but belly laughs. One of my arsenal of "make me feel good" movies....more info
  • Nice, fun movie, but... full screen?!?
    I've wanted to buy this title on DVD for a while, and finally I got to check if it was available... I found it, clicked "add to cart" in excitement... and then noticed the warning "Full screen format". Full screen? Yuk! What inane studio would release a theatrical film in any other format than the only acceptable one, widescreen? Thanks (not), but I will wait for a proper DVD....more info
  • Not Bad
    Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd have made their share of trash, but this Cold War spoof isn't half-bad. When supported by a solid script, or at least a promising set-up, Chase can be hysterical. And this movies gives him a lot of material to work with. The classroom scene might be the single funniest moment in Chevy's career. With the exception of Caddyshack, his timing has never been this pitch-perfect. Aykroyd, as usual, plays the slightly quirky straight man. Nothing wrong with that, since his better film work usually consists of fulfilling this role (Ghostbusters, Trading Places). Spies Like Us won't blow you mind, but it does have moments of inspiration....more info
  • Very, very funny!
    Yet another mediocre movie in a lengthy string of losers for all three of the principals involved here: director John Landis and stars Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase. Chase and Aykroyd play a pair of bumbling would-be CIA agents who are spotted cheating on the entrance exam. So the CIA decides to use them as bait in a mission to flummox the Russians. Lots of pointless slapstick and mugging, but Landis hasn't made a genuinely funny film since Trading Places. This film isn't very clever or funny, but it's not a complete waste of time....more info
  • doctor, doctor...
    Hysterical! Classic 80's comedy. Should be in everyone's collection. Mostly clean humor- suitable for minors....more info
  • One Laugh After Another!!!
    I LOVE this film!!! It's not smart ... it's not mysterious ... it's Akroyd and Chase doing slapstick reminiscent of the Bing and Crosby "On the Road" movies. If you're a "Fletch" fan, you'll enjoy Chevy Chase as his usual wisecracking self.

    Produced during the Reagan '80's when "Star Wars" defensive and offensive systems were being explored, the boys head into Russia and unwittingly launch an ICBM against the United States. Stars Akroyd's real life wife, "Bosom Buddies"'s Donna Dixon. Look for Matt Frewer of "Max Headroom" and Jim Staahl of "Laugh Trax".

    The test-taking scene with Frank Oz ("Blues Brothers") is nothing short of hilarious (as is the videotaped scenes afterward). Some of the special effects are so-so but most of the cinematography is great and the animation and minatures are excellently done for the most part. And the beautiful Vanessa Angel shows up as a Russian soldier (wow).

    Sure it's silly but it's a great popcorn movie and has enough site gags to keep most of the family amused. The scene with Akroyd and Chase performing surgery while reading from a manual is a real crack-up. Lotsa fun!...more info

  • funny like a donkey eating a whopper
    do you think that a donkey eating a whopper is funny? if so, you will love s.l.u. an american classic (if the only 2 movies ever made were this and Fiefel Goes West...)...more info
  • A must for all Chevy Chase fans!
    I just finished watching this show for the first time and I have to say that it is one of Chevy Chase's best! It's hilarious and I'd definitely recommend it for anyone who is a fan of his....more info
  • Needs To Be In Widescreen
    Great film, funny comedy with Donna Dixon eye candy.

    Already own this version and have been waiting for a widescreen release for years.

    Hopefully they'll be released on Bluray before too long. I can wait.
    ...more info
  • so corny it is great
    Really this is classic Chevy Chase/Dan Akroyd. It's so stupid it's funny. Lots of predictable but great lines....more info
  • A fun and entertaining 90 minutes
    This movie definitely doesn't rank as Chevy Chase's or Dan Akroyd's best film, but it holds its own. There are some great bits, and classic Chase physical comedy. The plot is predictable, but there are some fun ideas about Government hideaways and secrecy. I picked this up in a bargain bin for $5, and don't regret it. It takes me back to my childhood, when I watched this movie a hundred times in a month, as it was the only VHS tape I owned....more info
  • quite weak
    The story is about special agents saving the world from some bad guys in the US government. The idea is similar to the 007 movies, but it is really not comparable. The movie is quite primitive, the story is predictable, the jokes are about old Cold War era stereotypes. The acting would be ok for some late night show episodes but not a full length movie. ...more info
  • The best movie with Spanish subtitles I have ever seen!
    This movie is one of the greatest movies with Spanish subtitles I have ever seen in my entire life! The movie was okay in it's original form, but with the Spanish subtitles, it was a cinimatic masterpiece! Me and my friend Robocop have already seen this movie 12,487 times! It's fantastic! Chevy Chase and Dan Ackroyd were good, but not as good as Bruce Davidson (who plays one of the wacky spies) and Tom Hatten (who plays one of the corrupt generals). I loved Tom in the KTLA Popeye show, and I love him in this movie. I love him even more now that his lines appear in Spanish for all the world to see! I highy recommend this video to all who truly appreciate the art of Spanish subtitles in movies!...more info
    Spies like us is a tip of the hat to the great Bob Hope Bing Crosby "road pictures" of the 1940's.

    Chase and Dan Ackroyd play two low-level CIA agents who are sent on a rather bogus mission in Afghanistan to basically be expendable decoys.

    The boys are dropped inside a giant crate from a plane and when opened, they are lounging about eating Doritos! So well do they play their Hope Crosby roles that there is a tribute of sorts to the old patty-cake game when they encounter a couple of Russian agents.

    later, in the tent of a shiek they have to pretend to be doctors and perfrom surgery. Bobe Hope himself makes a cameo appearance.

    Of course, the boys eventually are the heroes of the movie and get the girls. Funny movie...more info

  • Instant Classic
    If you are a comedy movie person, this better be in your collection. Chevy Chase and dan Akroyd are a pair that will that no older person will never forget. Both men play "spies" or what they think they are, but actually they are both decoys for another group of spies. This movie has it all, laughs, women, men(for the ladies) and even bob hope!...more info
  • who cant love this movie? its chevy and aykroyd!
    This movie is great. Its an american comedy classic. The special effects arnt great, the plot isnt that of a Hitchcock movie, and its full of corney humor that only Chevy and Aykroyd can produce in a way that makes it funny. Great to watch again and again. The only reason why I give this 4 stars instead of five is that I feel Warner Brothers did the movie an unjustice by rushing with the DVD. They did not bother to put any menues, or special features onto the dvd. Its just the movie and thats it. Its not even in wide-screen. Also, the picture and sound quality arnt that great either. Too bad they could have done ALOT more with it. Dispite all of that though, its still great to own just for the movie alone. My advice; buy it....more info
  • John Landis not yet fading!
    Wow, these guys really hit the spot!
    Classic, duo-film, what can I say, just so much fun!
    Love everything about it except perhaps the too sugarsweet,
    happilyeverafter end!
    For the fans a must, go buy it, now!!!...more info
  • Hilarious, but they need to release it in Widescreen
    This is a hilarious movie from the 80s, especially now (considering part of it takes place among Afghani warlords back when the US was supporting the Taliban against the Soviets). Its combination of sweet one-liners and the cynical anti-nuclear proliferation story will make it a "keeper" for years to come. "Spies" picks up where Stanley Kubrick's "Dr. Strangelove" left off, and throws in a couple of sexy ladies for good measure. It takes an appropriate jab at (then) President Reagan by showing one of his cheesy musicals.

    One of my favorite parts is when Aykroyd and Chase get dropped into Pakistan in a huge container filled with chips and beer (their "spy" supplies). Another is when the Soviet/American negotiations are really a game of Risk/Trivial Pursuit!

    This movie should be released in a widescreen edition as soon as possible because "pan and scan" ruins the director's carefully arranged scene compositions.

    Listen for Paul McCartney's rousing theme at the end of the movie called (what-else) "Spies Like Us"....more info
  • Good Movie!
    Spies Like Us is a very funny although silly movie. Chevy Chase is in rare form, probably my favorite from him with the exceptions of the original Vacation and Caddyshack. I picked this one up... and didn't really expect a whole lot of extras from it. Good thing because there are no extras on this DVD! While it may not be of the highest quality from the DVD standpoint, it is a very good movie and I'm happy with my purchase....more info
  • Chevy and Dan, Great Together
    Just what you'd expect from these two comedic geniuses. A funny laugh out loud film that could be compared to "Stripes," but much funnier in my opinion. This is a must see as it is a true Classic....more info
  • Intelligence insulting
    I was extremely disappointed with this film. It's a terrible shame because I love Dan Akroyd! It just wasn't funny at all. At some points I was bored to the point of wanting to go to sleep. Chase and Akroyd's characters never reached the potential they seemed to have at the beginning of the film, and the attempts at humor were ridiculous (in a bad way). I'm not sure how this has 4 stars here on amazon. I generally love comedies and am rarely ever disappointed with a movie, but that's exactly what happened with this one. Surely pass this one up....more info
  • San Jose memories
    When I was in junior high, my friends and I would ride the bus to the Go-Skate skateboard shop, harass the workers into giving us free stickers, and then go to Thrifty's with our loose change for some $0.35 ice cream. We'd top off the afternoon with a second-run movie at the Almaden Twin.

    Spies Like Us was one of those movies. And with Chevy Chase's fart scene (maybe the best ever on film), damn, a kid that age would bust the biggest gut laughing! The entire foreign service exam scene, the training camp, the doctor doctors, the missles...dude, this movie has it all.

    Go-skate has moved, ice cream is about a dollar now, and they carved up the Twin into 6 living rooms that hardly qualify as theaters, but Spies Like Us is still HELLA funny!...more info

  • Chevy Chase in his Prime!!!
    I just picked up the DVD of this flick as I had seen it years ago in the theatre and remember it being funny. Well, it still is. I laughed out loud the whole movie. This is Chevy Chase in his prime!! Reminds me of his perfection in the first Vacation movie. As for DVD quality, I was quite pleased with the picture after reading alot of negative reviews on the quality. It was everything I expected from a 1985 movie of this caliber. Clear and bright colors with an occasional artifact from a lousy transfer print. The audio was a different story. It is just 2 channel which is ok on a $9.99 disc, but there was an annoying hissing sound through most of the movie. After fifteen minutes I started playing with the options on my stereo and got rid of it on the 'Cinema C' setting. Yes, it is pan-n- scan and the scene selection menu is nothing but the Warner Bros Logo(can't beleive they couldn't even load the picture that was on the case!?!?)and there is not even a trailer, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. The colors are brighter than the VHS and if you have a decent sound system, you can dispell the hissing sound(or just pretend you're watching it in the forest with the wind blowing thru the pine trees!!) Still a VERY funny movie. I would say the scene with Chevy taking the 'Spy Exam' alone is worth the price of this disc!! Get it already!!!!!...more info
  • Doctor....
    This film is great. Chevy Chase and Danny Aykroyd are two fantastic comedic actors and the film follows the traditions of the old Bing Crosby and Bob Hope duo pics. reviewer Marshall Fine is a complete tool. Okay, it's no Animal house- but it's still very funny and entertaining. Don't listen to his fodder, go get the movie yourself!...more info
  • Funny with many memorable lines and scenes
    Chevy and Dan follow the footsteps of the Bob Hope and Bing Crosby comedies of the 50's (there is even a Bob Hope cameo). Although its script has cookie-cutter predictability, the comedians make laughs left and right.

    With a reasonable price - you can't loose with this one....more info

  • Funny!
    This is one of the most funny movies you will ever see. Bringing Chevy and Dan together is a perfect combination for a movie filled with endless comedy....more info
  • Classic Cold War Comedy
    Whether you grew up during the Cold War or afterwards, you'll love this comedic reminiscence of the Reagan era. In my opinion, this is Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd at their finest. Basically they're low level government employees who get caught cheating on departmental exams. The CIA needs two decoys for an important spy operation, so they are chosen, and eventually end up in Pakistan and the Soviet Union.

    I own close to 300 movies and this movie is near the top of my favorite all time movies. Enjoy!...more info
  • Mostly stupid, but a few funny spots
    This movie was the absolute worst film from John Landis' otherwise respectable repertoire.

    Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase's comedic talents are clearly wasted by a [bad] script and paper-thin characters.

    The gist of the movie is that Alyroyd plays the straight man to Chase's character. Both are low-grade intellegence agents sent as decoys on a mission to launch a missile from the USSR in order to test out the US "Star Wars" defense system.

    In a thinly-disguised swipe at the "Star Wars" concept, the system misses the missile and nuclear war is about to ensue...

    The ending is both predictable and dumb.

    There are some funny moments, but when the highlight of the film is Bob Hope dressed like the late great Payne Stewart, you know there aren't many....more info