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Spies Like Us
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  • A wonderful Comedy
    I Love This movie. I have seen it countless times. It is a great comedy. Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase in their first collaberation are a really good team. This is what brought them into Caddyshack 2....more info
  • Spies like us a true classic
    First of all it contains two of the funniest comedians of the eighties Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd that alone is a good reason for seeing this movie. Then they play their parts tremendously good so you can be sure to have some really good laughs watching this movie. You will not be dissapointed. I gave it a 5....more info
  • so corny it is great
    Really this is classic Chevy Chase/Dan Akroyd. It's so stupid it's funny. Lots of predictable but great lines....more info
  • Slapstick 80s comedy
    Premise: Dan Akroyd and Chevy Chase are actually caught cheating on the Foreign Service exam and "promoted" to be spies.

    It is a funny movie, with some great sequences. It seems like the kind of movie that would be funnier the second or third time around - or maybe late at night. Overall, I enjoyed it, but it wasn't the type of movie I would seek out again. Somewhat crude humor - not one for the family, but a fun movie overall. ...more info
  • Hilarious
    If you love to laugh, like Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd, you got to see it....more info
  • Spies Like Us
    I absolutely adore chevy chase, and this was definitely one of his best! I really suggest that you try and rent it some time....quite the best funny comedy out there!...more info
  • The best comedy ever!
    You can't beat a good comedy, and this one takes the cake! Chase and Akroyd are hilarious. Some of the best lines in movies come from this one. I've seen "Spies" a million times and it keeps gettin' funnier!...more info
  • Sad treatment of a comedy classic....
    The movie on it's own would get 5 stars from me without a doubt. I have seen this movies dozens of times and it is still a gem of a comedy. It's great for a saturday afternoon watch or to put on in the background of a party for the people who always seem to wind up at the tv for some reason. Chevy Chase And Dan akroyd were still funny when this was made. The dvd is a lame one with subpar video and sound and no extras really. Sad treatment for a funny funny movie....more info
  • Two great actors in a great movie
    Chase and Ackroyd are great together. This movie's gags and storyline are enough to let you feel like you didn't waste the past two hours watching it, but I can't think of anything in it that would make you have to watch it again and again or anything. Still, a great film for these two. Now, if only we could get another Chevy Chase/Bill Murray film, we'd be doing great......more info
  • A must for all Chevy Chase fans!
    I just finished watching this show for the first time and I have to say that it is one of Chevy Chase's best! It's hilarious and I'd definitely recommend it for anyone who is a fan of his....more info
  • I love this movie
    OK, its not great film. But if you are fans of Akroyd or Chase, or just like to gaffaw at silly movies, this one is a special treat. It helps knowing the people involved. For example, did you know that Donna Dixon who plays the seductive doctor/CIA agent is really Dan's wife! What about the fact that is was taking place in Pakistan, and drops geography names that are on the news now with the pending trouble in Afghanistan? I love the test cheating part, the UFO part, and the shootout at the outpost. Cheap laughs, but belly laughs. One of my arsenal of "make me feel good" movies....more info
  • Cool Film
    this was one of the first DVD's I ever owned. only wish it was in true 16x9 and in Hi-Def Blu-Ray. maybe in time it will be on Blu-Ray. WB has not done a Remastering (1998 Pan&Scan Only Verson as of 4/2008) of this great funny film that stars the Beautiful Donna Dixon who IMHO would look GREAT IN Hi-Def!! :) ...more info
  • Classic Cold War Comedy
    Whether you grew up during the Cold War or afterwards, you'll love this comedic reminiscence of the Reagan era. In my opinion, this is Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd at their finest. Basically they're low level government employees who get caught cheating on departmental exams. The CIA needs two decoys for an important spy operation, so they are chosen, and eventually end up in Pakistan and the Soviet Union.

    I own close to 300 movies and this movie is near the top of my favorite all time movies. Enjoy!...more info
  • One Laugh After Another!!!
    I LOVE this film!!! It's not smart ... it's not mysterious ... it's Akroyd and Chase doing slapstick reminiscent of the Bing and Crosby "On the Road" movies. If you're a "Fletch" fan, you'll enjoy Chevy Chase as his usual wisecracking self.

    Produced during the Reagan '80's when "Star Wars" defensive and offensive systems were being explored, the boys head into Russia and unwittingly launch an ICBM against the United States. Stars Akroyd's real life wife, "Bosom Buddies"'s Donna Dixon. Look for Matt Frewer of "Max Headroom" and Jim Staahl of "Laugh Trax".

    The test-taking scene with Frank Oz ("Blues Brothers") is nothing short of hilarious (as is the videotaped scenes afterward). Some of the special effects are so-so but most of the cinematography is great and the animation and minatures are excellently done for the most part. And the beautiful Vanessa Angel shows up as a Russian soldier (wow).

    Sure it's silly but it's a great popcorn movie and has enough site gags to keep most of the family amused. The scene with Akroyd and Chase performing surgery while reading from a manual is a real crack-up. Lotsa fun!...more info

  • Not Bad
    Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd have made their share of trash, but this Cold War spoof isn't half-bad. When supported by a solid script, or at least a promising set-up, Chase can be hysterical. And this movies gives him a lot of material to work with. The classroom scene might be the single funniest moment in Chevy's career. With the exception of Caddyshack, his timing has never been this pitch-perfect. Aykroyd, as usual, plays the slightly quirky straight man. Nothing wrong with that, since his better film work usually consists of fulfilling this role (Ghostbusters, Trading Places). Spies Like Us won't blow you mind, but it does have moments of inspiration....more info
  • a lost gem
    I found this video lurking at the back of one of my cupboards the other day, so while some friends where round we watched it - and creased up larghing for a full 90 mins, we had all seen the movie as kids but had forgoten how good it was.

    Chevy Chase used to be a fine comic actor (and i'm sure if he had the right script still would be now) he works well with actor and co-screen writer Dan Aykroyd who is also on top form in this comedy.

    Not to be missed...more info

  • Super fantabulous!!!
    This movie is excellent. One of the best them guys have ever made. I suggest all that enjoy comedy to see it. I only with akroyd and chase did more together!!!...more info
  • San Jose memories
    When I was in junior high, my friends and I would ride the bus to the Go-Skate skateboard shop, harass the workers into giving us free stickers, and then go to Thrifty's with our loose change for some $0.35 ice cream. We'd top off the afternoon with a second-run movie at the Almaden Twin.

    Spies Like Us was one of those movies. And with Chevy Chase's fart scene (maybe the best ever on film), damn, a kid that age would bust the biggest gut laughing! The entire foreign service exam scene, the training camp, the doctor doctors, the missles...dude, this movie has it all.

    Go-skate has moved, ice cream is about a dollar now, and they carved up the Twin into 6 living rooms that hardly qualify as theaters, but Spies Like Us is still HELLA funny!...more info

  • Great Movie - shame about the DVD
    Well it would seem that Warner Bothers have failed again to utilize the DVD format to it's fullest! The picture transfer is poor - in some places it's obvious that they haven't even taken the time to clean up the original print. Don't be fooled - 1985 wasn't that long ago! So this movie shouldn't look like a VHS rental copy on DVD! The sound is very much below par and there are no extras; no director's/actor's commentary, no cinema preview, no music clip by Paul McCartney etc (He did the song for the movie!). Overall, if you want a laugh and you see this version of the movie for a cheap(!) price - buy it. However, if like me you love this movie, I would recommend that you wait and hang on to your VHS copy in the hope that we get a 'Collectors Edition'. Maybe we will get lucky and someone from Warner Brothers will actually read these reviews!...more info
  • Good Movie!
    Spies Like Us is a very funny although silly movie. Chevy Chase is in rare form, probably my favorite from him with the exceptions of the original Vacation and Caddyshack. I picked this one up... and didn't really expect a whole lot of extras from it. Good thing because there are no extras on this DVD! While it may not be of the highest quality from the DVD standpoint, it is a very good movie and I'm happy with my purchase....more info
  • who cant love this movie? its chevy and aykroyd!
    This movie is great. Its an american comedy classic. The special effects arnt great, the plot isnt that of a Hitchcock movie, and its full of corney humor that only Chevy and Aykroyd can produce in a way that makes it funny. Great to watch again and again. The only reason why I give this 4 stars instead of five is that I feel Warner Brothers did the movie an unjustice by rushing with the DVD. They did not bother to put any menues, or special features onto the dvd. Its just the movie and thats it. Its not even in wide-screen. Also, the picture and sound quality arnt that great either. Too bad they could have done ALOT more with it. Dispite all of that though, its still great to own just for the movie alone. My advice; buy it....more info
  • Needs To Be In Widescreen
    Great film, funny comedy with Donna Dixon eye candy.

    Already own this version and have been waiting for a widescreen release for years.

    Hopefully they'll be released on Bluray before too long. I can wait.
    ...more info