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100% Brand new - the super micro Bluetooth dongle features a ultra small shell, which size(9x10.6x5mm) almost the same as a coin, making itself truly portable. Incorporated a Broadcom 2045 Chipset, with Bluetooth V2.0 specification compliance, it provides stable and fast wireless data sharing solution, supports Vista, Skype and EDR, with Legal Address Code and Legal Widcom Software. Delivery raw bandwidth of 3 Megabits per second for wireless applications. Support Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN). Work with Bluetooth Compliant devices including Bluetooth Headphone, Notebook, PDA, handheld PC, Digital Camera, Printer, and mobile phone.

  • Complaint with Bluetooth V2.0/V1.2, up to 3 times faster than the old bluetooth V1.2 adapters.
  • Convert non-bluetooth enabled PCs to bluetooth enabled within seconds.
  • Great help for wireless connection with other bluetooth devices like mobile phones, PDAs and PCs for data transfer, networking, dial-up/fax functions.
  • Support WIn98/ME/2000/XP/Vista.
  • Working distance up to 20 meters with no obstructions. CD Driver, software are not included.

Customer Reviews:

  • Everything I Need
    I use a Vista PC in my livingroom and a traditional wireless mouse just can't handle the range to my couch. So, I bought a Microsoft bluetooth mouse and this dongle to make it work on my comp. Vista immediately recognized the device and installed generic drivers which have yet to give me any trouble. Syncing my mouse was a little bit of a hassle, but the adapter works as advertised for a $0.01 dongle (even if the description looks like it was done by someone who just barely speaks English). I'll update if I run into problems, but right now I would recommend this to anyone who needs to enable bluetooth on their PC....more info
  • You get what you pay for.
    My bluetooth keyboard kept getting sluggish and unresponsive and then figured out it was because the bluetooth dongle was having problems with the range(I often use my HDTV as a PC monitor). I moved the dongle to the USB plug on the front of my case and it works fine now. This dongle served its purpose for me of providing a cheap dongle to get the job done but if you use your bluetooth devices away from the close proximity of the PC and want to ensure you won't have issues with range then get a better dongle. ...more info
  • Exellent
    It is awesome, i plugged it in and it works in seconds. It handles three devices with no problems. ...more info
  • It's a waste of time!!!!!
    This product seriously doesn't work.. At first I wasn't sure whether to buy this product or not because of the bad reviews it had and also it had no brand and sounded too goo to be true.. Well I went against the grain and bought it anyway.. I regret buying it.. I so should have bought the $20 one... The only thing it has been to connect is my phone. I tried to connect my logitech bluetooth mouse to my computer but it didn't work. I thought it was the mouse cuz I have used it for almost 2 yrs. So I ended up calling logitech and got a replacement. But that doesn't connect either. Well to make a long story short... Just spend the extra money for a more expensive one... Cuz u'll eventually have to do it anyway!!!!!...more info
  • Works great, but didnt work for what I needed
    Thhis works great and with the standard windows drivers. It works with my bluetooth headset and my phone for data transfers. I wanted to be able to use Pdanet on my phone via bluetooth, but this device doesnt support activesync over bluetooth. Oh well, it was cheap....more info
  • Bluetooth Dongle
    Works great!!! I don't know much about Bluetooth dongles, but this one works great, all I had to do is plug it in. And for under $2, who can complain!...more info
  • Good, just not 100 m
    Its great but just not good for long distance.. I am getting 100M ones for non laptops.. This thing is great for laptops though. ...more info
    the price is good
    you cant use the internet with out the cd software.
    if you want to connect the cellphone, pc and other device
    i prefer to us it with out the cd software,it works better
    i used it with the cellphone and the mouse mmmmmmmmm
    is not to good. but it works with 3 or more
    devices is not the best option
    im trying to use this device with other kind of software
    maybe it will work better.

    ...more info
  • works perfectly with vista and osx
    There is another review here from July 22 from someone who clearly did not use this device. this is A2DP and works great out of the box with vista, xp and osx.
    it is in which is perfect for simply leaving it n your notebook without worrying about snapping it off.
    I got this for a notebook, but have tried it on all my pcs as well. i have used a half dozen including the anycom which this replaced. this is faster and less troublesome than the anycom for about 1/10 the price!
    the crack about "lead" by the other reviewer makes me think it is an anti china made reviewer. newflash 90% of out tech purchases are china made!...more info
  • No issues
    I'm surprised at all the bad reviews. This thing was plug and play for me, and I've had no issues at all. I'm running XP sp3 on a new machine, for a keyboard to run my PC on my TV 25 feet away, and it's been flawless. For $4 delivered, take your chances...I bet it works for you too....more info
  • What a deal!
    I purchased this to enable my PC laptop to use a bluetooth mouse. I chose this over other bluetooth adapters because of 1. size and 2. price. Both are extremely compelling reasons to purchase this particular item.

    Being mere fractions (1/4 to 1/6) the price of other bluetooth adapters, it was irresistable, and I'm glad to say that it works fine. Of course, I do not use it for anything other than a bluetooth mouse at this point, so I am not aware of its speed in transmitting data. The dongle itself is exactly as pictured, very small and unobtrusive, much smaller than more expensive and branded dongles. It looks a little cheap, but then I remind myself that yes, it was indeed cheap...and it works fine.

    As another reviewer says, I recommend that anyone who purchases this use the software CD that comes with the device. I would not trust Microsoft Windows to do a good job with the driver. It seems to be very good software, too. It recognized my mouse immediately, and was easy to set up....more info
  • Excellent product, better than expected
    Based on the couple other reviews, I thought that I would take a gamble on it. I needed something to connect my cell phone bluetooth headset to my computer for a VoIP setup needed for work. With little information and having never used bluetooth, I gambled and I won.

    The dongle has a small foot print. The software is excellent. I was able to connect all my cell phones and the wireless headsets to the computer with out any problem. Further, I was able to integrate my wireless headsets to my VoIP application (Avaya IP Agent, in case anyone is wondering). I was pleasantly surprised to see that the device packaging says that it is VoIP capable. The software is easy to use.

    Over all, I am very pleased with the device. For less than $10 and the small footprint, you can't go wrong using this device.

    I recommend it to anyone looking for bluetooth USB adapter. ...more info
  • Doesn't work without $25 software
    And after you install the $25 software from Bluesoleil, you can't use your Wireless 802.11 internet any more (it's disabled). I've done all the things Bluesoleil support has suggested with no effect. I'm testing under Vista; XP might be okay, but you still need to buy the Bluesoleil software, which makes this dongle more expensive than the others....more info
  • Works very well but needs external drivers
    Works in Vista but after I installed the BlueSoleil software (not before). Vista never could find the correct drivers to operate, maybe this is only my case but this must be taken into consideration when buying....more info
  • don't waste your money even though it's just $3
    I'm not sure if it comes with a dedicated driver.
    Anyway I didn't get it, so just used a XP's driver.
    Seemed to be working well, but after several uses I noticed that it's not paring with my keyboard, so I needed to unplug and plug it again and again.
    In addition to that, it doesn't support a bluetooth headset for Skype.

    Finally I bough another $19 dongle and I now know why it's much expensive.
    It supports Skype and never lost keyboard....more info
  • Works great with Vista 64
    I plugged this in, went through BT discovery with a pair of Kensington stereo headphones, and 10 minutes later had perfect music. There was no CD with the package I received; the default windows drivers installed themselves and work fine on my system.

    Great value for the price.

    ...more info
  • It works great! When it wants to
    A little disclaimer, before I criticize the little Bluetooth. The dongle itself is great. I use it solely for my mouse and it never wavers in connection. Also, it was a bonus to find such a small one and a steal to find it at around $5.00.

    So here's the only problem I had with it:
    The driver that comes on the CD (Bluesoleil) is user friendly with a good GUI and intuitive way of connecting devices. However, it frequently refuses to turn the dongle on, even when it recognizes that it's attached. This is a problem when I use it for my mouse connection. I've been using my old mouse as a precaution, which is counter-intuitive. Also, it doesn't have an automatic start feature, so I have to turn it on manually to use the mouse with the keyboard.

    To make things short, this probably isn't a Plug & Play device. I'm still searching for better drivers, but it's a good product in and of itself....more info
  • works great
    Works Great, used it with some BT Headphones and a Toshiba driver and the sound quality was good. also works with my cell-phone....more info
  • Easy as 1-2-3
    I purchased this adaptor so that I could add Bluetooth functionality for my Home Theater PC (HTPC) running Windows Vista. Plugged in the adaptor to the USB port, and it installed the drivers successfully. I then tested it on my other workstation running Windows XP SP2, and it worked like a charm as well.

    Very easy to use and install. Highly recommended for anyone trying to add Bluetooth functionality to their computer....more info
  • Now W/O CD- worthless for more than simple file transfers
    Well- now that this bluetooth dongle ships without the drivers on CD it is very limited in what it will do. I can perform simple file transfers to my mobile phone only through the Windows XP Bluetooth Devices screen. The Windows XP drivers do not provide any of the bluetooth "services" my mobile phone needs.

    I saw on other sites where this dongle used to ship with very out-dated versions of Blue Soleil software. So you may also find that this dongle really won't work for your device without purchasing this other parties software....more info
  • not worth the headache
    I just got it today in the mail. First it is plug and play with windows if you can get windows to recognize it which it didn't do the first three times I plugged it in. (not a problem with my computer because my other dongle (Rosewill) works fine and get picked up first time every time) I bought at the same time I bought this a Logitech mouse and Sony headset which neither have a problem with the Rosewill dongle I have, but the mouse constantly disconnects with this dongle on my Toshiba Satellite I bought it for, this dongle has just turned into a waste of $6. It works fine for a few minutes maybe even longer and then out of nowhere the mouse disconnects. It only does that with this dongle and not the Rosewill so it isn't the mouse. I tried it with and without the included software and it did the same thing. I tried it with the Toshiba bluestooth software same thing, and just the drivers windows would download, once again same thing. This was just a waste of money!!! ...more info
  • Driver not provided - Buyer BEWARE
    I'm sure this works just fine with some laptops, depending on what comes pre-loaded. That said, my computer needs the driver for this dongle. I telephoned the company, they answered the phone right away. They told me this product is supposed to be plug-n-play, promised help and sent me a the driver via email - for the incorrect dongle. I replied immediately and did not hear back - it's been a few days since this communication. Poor customer service after what promised to be excellent service.

    For an example of what should come with this dongle, click here:

    PS I was a little nervous when I purchased this dongle for 2.95 - I see now that it is one penny, but with the shipping it works out to the same amount I paid for mine. In this case, when you factor in the wasted time and effort, it was NO bargain.

    That said, for those whom this product is truly plug and play, I'm sure it is a dream. Other reviewers might be able to comment on this - it appears from what I can see that it is plug-in-play for XP. I would be interested to hear if others with the same configuration needed the driver or not :)

    Windows Home Premium
    Service Pack 1
    Inspiron 1525
    Intel core2 Duo CPU 32 bit...more info
  • Won't work with Vista drivers. I had to download them.
    I ordered two. They came in about 10 days. No disc for the drivers was included. Vista recognized the device and installed it, but it would not work with Skype. I downloaded the drivers from BlueSoleil. It now works with Skype. However it was tricky to load the new drivers. I had to put the dongle in another usb port on my laptop inorder to be able to load the new driver. Vista kept loading the old driver or it says that the drivers are up to date. The range is about 15 ft before you notice some interference. The BlueSoleil drivers I downloaded are just for a 15 day trial before I have to pay for them. I think it is about $20. I'm not happy....more info
  • Outperforms my expectation
    I was looking for a mini bluetooth dongle that can go with my Acer Aspire One netbook. As candidates, I had this mini dongle against one made by IoGear (over $30 including S/H)

    Initially I was a little hesitant of buying this dongle because this dongle is basically 'brand-less' very cheap-looking product. However, for less than $10 (including $4.95 S/H), the price was low enough to convince me to have a go.

    The package contains a mini dongle with an installation CD that includes user manual and installation software. When I plugged this dongle to my Acer Aspire One, Windows XP finds a matching driver and enables it. YOU SHOULD AVOID THIS. Instead, install IVT BlueSoleil software in the installation CD. BlueSoleil software makes device pairing easier and also provides easy access to several Bluetooth-enabled services. I tried three Bluetooth peripherals so far: two BT wireless mice and one BT headset. All three devices worked very well.

    Although I am very pleased with this mini-dongle, the reason why I can not give five star rating is the lack of technical support. Initially my external DVD drive had some problem with reading the included CD-ROM. It could be a real headache if I couldn't get it done by using desktop PC & copying all contents of CD-ROM to a USB thumb drive. I couldn't find any web address or any brand/manufacturer name in the package to search for software/driver downloads.

    Overall, it is a big thumb-up for a $10 mini-bluetooth dongle.
    ...more info
  • Nice and Small
    Its working as I wanted. I wanted to make my laptop Bluetooth enabled to use with Jawbone. Its paired well and working fine. Great for its price and great for its size. Does not have very good range. Does not have a physical switch to turn off. Always blinking blue light does not indicate anything. ...more info
  • Get It!
    Get this for your PC. I bought a Bluetooth mouse for my PC, and needed an antenna(dongle) to enable the PC to find the mouse. This is tiny, inexpensive, and works. Do not go to Office Depot and pay $29.99!! for the same functionallity, when you can get this smaller package, at a more econoical price, dilivered right to your home or office....more info
  • No good if you want to conncet more than one device
    This worked well until I connected it to a second device. It can not hold the signal of two devices. The second connects and the first is lost. Beware. Nowhere on the description does it say that it does work on more than one device at a time. There are many other USB Bluetooth dongles like this that say they work with 7. I will buy one of them now....more info
  • Great delivery from Hottestdealsever. Good product. Poor out of the box software.
    Out of the box software is not great. I removed it and installed Nokia PC Suite on WinXP to t/fer data to/from cell phone. Would recommend seller and product. ...more info
  • Does not work at all
    I wanted this because my other bluetooth adapter was a bit large for very mobile use and I was afraid of hitting it and damaging the USB port.

    This one does not work at all. The driver says "hardware is fine". The hardware is recognized but there is no transmission even if the destination device is held 1 inch away. If I put in my old one everything works. That's all I can say.

    The software it comes with is nice. The hardware I received does not work at all....more info
  • It does work but did not meet my needs - bundled software is garbage
    This mini 2.0 USB Blue Tooth dongle has potential but the bundled software ruins it. I paid about 5-6 bucks (including shipping) for it - the reseller had it to me in record time. At this price point, really, there was not much for me to lose and my expectations were not that high.

    The dongle ships in a plastic pack with a mini CDROM. The mini CDROM has software (Bluesoleil that enables Blue Tooth features that go beyond the basic Windows XP Blue Tooth capabilities, including A2DP (stereo music).

    The dongle is tiny. I have an Acer Aspire One netbook and the dongle barely juts out from the side of the netbook - a clear improvement over my Targus Blue Tooth USB dongle, which is 1 1/2 inches long. This improvement, however, was the only improvement to be found.

    When using this USB dongle in a Windows XP environment, you really have two choices:

    1) Plug it in and let XP detect and install a generic Blue Tooth driver for the device
    2) Install the Bluesoleil software

    If you go with the XP drivers, you are going to be able to use a decent and stable set of features, such as a reliable Blue Tooth mouse connection.

    If you go with the Bluesoleil software, it opens up the functionality of the device and provides additional features that the XP drivers don't support, such as stereo music.

    The problem is, the Bluesoleil software is not good. The user interface is ugly and non-intuitive. You'll just have to install it to see for yourself. Additionally, the software is, by design, crippled. Per the help menu, patches and upgrades will cost you. You can purchase a full version that, among other things, removes the data transfer speed-cap so that you can listen to MP3s without hiccups.

    Setting aside the fairly annoying and yet not deal-breaking aspects of the software is the fact that the software doesn't play well with the audio drivers of my Acer Aspire One netbook. If I try to open an audio gateway to my Motorola BT stereo headphones, the Aspire RealTek soundchip drivers crash and crash again. And that is if I can even get the software to agree to create an audio gateway; it doesn't seem to be able to do so reliably.

    I searched for information regarding the Bluesoleil software and the majority of the search results returned ways to work around the issues and many results even outlined how to reconfigure competitive software packages to work with the dongle in order to circumnavigate the Bluesoleil software altogether. I tried every trick that was described. I found some success in working with different software hacks but the time I spent was not well spent.

    Back to my old Targus BT dongle, it was about 25 bucks. I installed the included software (WIDCOMM) and it just works. Five minutes of fiddling and it all works. It's silver and pokes way out and is pretty lame looking, but it gives me no grief.

    In the end, I guess if your time is worth nothing than the cheapo BT dongle is for you. However, if you want the BT dongle to just work out of the box with no issues for every application that you expect it to work for, do some research and pay for what you expect to receive.

    I have to caveat that this dongle and the included software may be just fine for you. For me however, it did not meet my requirements which are: BT mouse, BT stereo headphones and BT cellphone connections. All at once. Without any issues. The Targus dongle does this and I guess I'll just live with its unfortunate form factor.

    ...more info