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Rachel Getting Married [Blu-ray]
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When Kym (Anne Hathaway - Golden Globe Nominee, Best Actress, Motion Picture (Drama)), returns to the Buchman family home for the wedding of her sister Rachel (Rosemarie DeWitt), she brings a long history of personal crises, family conflict and tragedy along with her. The wedding couple's abundant party of friends and relations have gathered for a joyful weekend of feasting, music and love, but Kym - with her biting one-liners and flair for bombshell drama - is a catalyst for long-simmering tensions in the family dynamic. Filled with the rich and eclectic characters that remain a hallmark of Jonathan Demme's films, Rachel Getting Married paints a heartfelt, perceptive and sometimes hilarious family portrait.

Pitched between Robert Altman's A Wedding and Noah Baumbach's Margot at the Wedding--but more cautiously optimistic than both--Rachel Getting Married marks a change in course for director Jonathan Demme. Granted, few Oscar winners have walked a more diverse path. After a series of documentaries and remakes, the Silence of the Lambs helmer tries his hand at the intimate chamber drama. With the help of actress Anne Hathaway and screenwriter Jenny Lumet, daughter of filmmaker Sidney, he pulls it off. The festivities kick into high gear once Kym (Hathaway, with smeared eyeliner and unkempt hair) takes a break from rehab for her sister's big day. It soon transpires that Kym, who hides her wounded soul behind a veil of sarcasm, serves as the Buchman's resident black sheep. The problem goes deeper than drugs to a tragedy in which she played a part. As Kym, bride Rachel (Mad Men's Rosemary DeWitt), their parents (Bill Irwin and Debra Winger), groom Sidney (TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe), and the rest of the bohemian Connecticut brood struggle with the past, the nuptials continue, graced by performances from past Demme collaborators like Sister Carol East (Something Wild) and Robyn Hitchcock (Storefront Hitchcock). The hours between reception and after-party contain humor, affection, and painful revelations. In the press notes, Demme claims that he and cinematographer Declan Quinn (In America) attempted to make a film that looked like "The most beautiful home movie ever made." Using handheld cameras and believably flawed characters, they've done just that. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

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Customer Reviews:

  • Anna Hathaway
    Ann Hathway is a fake actress and i know what i'm talking about. People look at her on the outside and say she's a good actress...NO shes a good person. People don't look from within her. She is slso a monatone actress. She is only in the bussiness for her looks. Her eyes and eyebows are completey dull and FAKE. The director is a GOOD Director, but made a serious mis cast!!

    Thank you....more info
  • Jeff Getting Annoyed
    It's boring. It's impossible to like any of the characters. But where this movie - a flick that so aims for realism - REALLY loses its way is when it makes us all sit through an absolutely excruciating wedding rehearsal dinner. Are there really rehearsal dinners, after all, at which every ANNOYING, SELF-CENTERED guest has to stand up and make a speech? Or where various guests read poems, tell jokes or play saxophones during a sort of pre-rehearsal-dinner talent show? And if there WERE such a dinner, would you ever, EVER want to be stuck for so long with such an utterly awful group of show-offs?

    Even if you make it through the dinner, do real families actually stage competitions to see who can load a dishwasher the fastest? Hey, they do in Rachel's family! Then onto some more unlikable characters in unlikely situations. So it goes.

    Gritty and real as it wants to be, "Rachel Getting Married" is packed to the gills with the kinds of events and characters that only exist in movies. Yes, it bears the Demme brand. But that only makes it a pedigreed movie, not a good one. Much like the Stanley Kubrick misfire, "Eyes Wide Shut," this flick got better notices than it deserved upon its release. But don't be fooled. This is a great example of a good director making a bad movie. It will be found out. ...more info
  • Mothers and daughters
    With its look at a dysfunctional family of artsy "silk stocking" East Coast liberal types and its handheld camera work, this almost seemed like a new Woody Allen film of the Husbands and Wives variety, but there are elements of it that are thoroughly Demme, particularly the use of musicians and the multicultural wedding setpiece that ends the film. The use of deep-depth-of-field digital video really pays off during this colourful sequence. It has a nice structure, moving from the self-centredness of Kim (Anne Hathaway) to a closing shot that finally puts Rachel at the center of things, and I love how it finally suggests that what's really wrong with this family is the neglectful mother (Debra Winger), who has since moved on to a second marriage. Just like some of Woody Allen's films, it's almost shamelessly amateurish in places (the rehearsal dinner, the fight between Kim and her mom, the sketchy editing before and after Kim crashes the car, almost as if Demme hadn't really shot enough footage, etc.), but the true test of how engrossing you'll find all this is your tolerance for self-absorbed rich people. Mine's at a low ebb, but I'll give this film at extra star anyway because it elevates Anne Hathaway to the rank of real actresses. I look forward to her delivering something even better....more info
  • The bond of family
    Anne Hathaway is great, Debra Winger, too...and newcomer Rosemarie DeWitt, playing two sisters and their estranged mother. I wish Winger's role were larger, meatier, but good to see her again. One of the best American actresses.

    This is a film to see if you not only tolerate well, but actually like, such wacky, highly educated, freewheeling and wild Connecticut families with multi-ethnic friends and eclectic tastes. Filled with fine world music, the film wraps itself in color and light, and the music flows with it all the way.

    At the core is Rachel's sister Kym, home for the wedding, from rehab, and a mess of self-focus and pain. No one knows how to approach her.

    In essence, this Demme film is about a searing family tragedy that's not been discussed, so as to clean all the hearts. Tragedies or secrets in families create wounds and scars that never heal. But they can be addressed, given fresh air, and treated with emotional ointments that allow all family members to begin to move forward.

    The scene of bride-to-be Rachel bathing her emotionally broken sister so lovingly is beautiful. Love and forgiveness set the tone. There is not a family on earth that can't relate to some part of both the horrifying family tragedy and the blooming redemption that come as a ghostly guest to Rachel's wedding....more info
  • Don't waste your money or time.
    This movie was so bad on every level. I was wishing everyone would overdose by the end. What a bunch of dreck and drivel. I can't believe this was an Oscar nominated movie....more info
  • It makes you want to smack Ann Hathaway's character
    After watching Kym, Ann Hathaway's character, for about half an hour I wanted to just to smack her. A chain smoking, ex drug addict who had spent the last several months in drug rehab, Kym is so full of herself and so demanding that she always be the center of attention that it's no wonder she ended up the way she did. She demands throughout the movie that the focus be on her rather than her sister Rachel who is getting married.

    This is one of those "slice of life" type movies that doesn't really end up having much of a plot, but rather is more like a reality show, looking into the lives of other people as it plays out. That's why I gave it only 3 stars, because I don't find this type of movie particularly entertaining and prefer movies as an escape from everyday life rather than looking into it. That said, the acting and directing was superb, especially Ann Hathaway's character. All of the character's personalities were well developed and by the end of the movie you felt that you knew them on a personal level....more info
  • Intense, moving, powerful movie
    This is one you will remember. I don't usually write reviews, but came across a lot of negative ones for this film, so I wanted to put in my two cents.

    This film is terrific, and not just because of Hathaway's performance. It feels real on so many levels, and there is much to talk about days after seeing it. If you are looking for a light film, obviously this is not it. But if you're looking for a fantastic film that will stay with you a long time, this is it....more info
  • Hathaway is pitch perfect, but the movie is pretty decent
    A drama about a dysfunctional family wedding that forgets to put the fun back into the dysfunctional. The wedding itself is interesting to watch, with it's intimate portrait of two uniting families; particularly, watching the rehearsal dinner is like being a voyeur - it's like crashing a private party without being invited to it. Anne Hathaway is very effective in her role as a recovering junkie who committed an accidental crime too horrendous for the family to bear. Hathaway manages to get the audience on her side and we feel not only sympathetic towards her, but we feel protective and defensive on her behalf. Unfortunately, the movie tends to drag a bit too long and one earns more for Hathaway's screen time than the rest of the movie....more info
  • Horrible
    I can't remember seeing a movie as bad as this. The quality of the picture and the editing was almost amateurish. Can't believe the Oscars and Golden Globes even considered this for an award. The only reason I gave it one star is because the web site wouldn't let this go through without a rating. It deserves 0 or negative stars....more info
  • Anne Hathaway is wonderful, Rachel Getting Married is horrible
    One of the films I was the most looking forward to seeing this past year, was "Rachel Getting Married". From the wonderful reviews, I couldn't wait to see it. And to my surprise it turned out to be a real turkey. Anne Hathaway is far and away the best thing about this film. It is a very slow moving film, that lacks a clear sense of direction. ...more info
  • Hugely Disappointing
    From the excellent reviews and decent movie commercial I was expecting something magnificent....but I got possibly the most dull and irritating movie I have ever watched. To be honest I didn't even watch the last half hour..maybe it got better,though I doubt it. This movie nevertheless does have great actors who perform well - but the characters they are playing are so utterly boring and pretentious that it just became an unbearable viewing experience. Treat with caution....more info
  • "The Most Beautiful Home Movie Ever Made" That Doesn't Tell Much about the Characters
    Jonathan Demme's "Rachel Getting Married" follows a dysfunctional family whose member Rachel is getting married. But here Rachel is not the center of the story. It is Kym, Rachel's sister, returning home from rehab for weekend.

    Anne Hathaway plays Kym. I like Anne Hathaway, but I didn't like Kym. No, it's worse because I really didn't care who Kym is or what this troubled girl does. About 15 minutes in, I started to think: "OK, her acting is not bad, but what's the point of the film anyway?"

    "Rachel Getting Married" soon becomes like someone's wedding video, which is occasionally interesting, but ultimately boring with never-ending footage of someone singing and speaking about people we are not even interested in.

    Perhaps Jonathan Demme takes the easy way out - lazy filmmaking in the name of documentary style. His eternally shaky camera chases the actors pretending the wedding guests, recording their dialogues that are not particularly interesting. Today YouTube offers much better home videos that tells something about much interesting people.

    Sometimes the director remembers that he has to further the thin story, so he randomly employs clich¨¦ after clich¨¦ - an AA meeting, a tragedy in the past, a slap in the face, a car crash, etc. The list goes on in Jenny Lumet's script, but there is nothing remotely emotional or insightful about the badly edited film.

    But perhaps the tedious, rambling narrative, or my uncomfortable feeling watching uninteresting characters yelling and musing, is exactly the point the film is trying to make. Maybe we should stop complaining and watch these professional and non-professional actors (including Demme's mentor Roger Corman) doing what they can do.

    They are not to be faulted - they did good job. Anne Hathaway, who is nominated for Oscar for her turn in this film, is certainly riveting though her acting tends to be one-noted. Sadly we are not allowed to learn about her character except a few obvious things. In fact I couldn't figure out why all these family members should be behaving like that, or why we should care for that matter.

    ...more info