Star Wars Interactive R2D2 Astromech Droid Robot
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Once the loyal companion to Queen Amdala, this roughly 14" utility droid is now programmed to be your devoted helper and friend. Grab his attention by saying "Hey, Artoo!" and he's ready for more than 40 voice commands! Ask him if he remembers his famous friends, like Luke Skywalker, C-3PO or Jabba the Hutt. Each name will stir up a different response depending on Artoo's "feelings" for that character. Just a few of Artoo's amazing attributes include moving along on his own, turning his front beam on and off, and even playing a secret message when you follow the proper voice commands. In "Game" mode, Artoo plays the hide-and-seek game of Light Tag, dances to cantina music, guards your room with his sentry alarm , or even jazzes up your next party with "Spin The Droid." Once you've mastered Artoo's "companion" and "game" modes, move on to "command" mode for plotting real-time maneuvering or programmed courses for the droid to follow! Artoo also boasts a secret cargo compartment and a unique swing-down utility arm that's also a beverage holder! Window box packaging.

Collectors young and old will appreciate the details of this Star Wars Interactive Electronic R2-D2 Astromech Droid. Complete with movie-accurate messages and flashing lights, this droid responds to voice commands and has a special arm designed to keep your beverage handy. This friendly robot is designed to be a fun companion for kids aged eight and up.

What We Think

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The Good: Detailed robot moves, makes authentic movie sounds, and holds your beverage

The Bad: R2-D2 occasionally has trouble deciphering voice commands

In a Nutshell: Star Wars collectors are sure to enjoy this cool, interactive droid

At a Glance

Ages: 8 and up
Requires: 4 "AA" batteries and 4 "D" batteries

The realistic details of R2-D2 will please collectors young and old. View larger.
Bring Home Your Own Astromech Droid
Celebrate Star Wars 30th Anniversary by inviting this movie-accurate droid into your life. Once the loyal companion to Queen Amdala, this utility droid is programmed to be your devoted helper and friend. Help him get ready to serve you by snapping his steering legs into place and attaching the projector piece to his domed top. You'll need to use a Phillips screwdriver to insert four "AA" batteries and four "D" cell batteries in his side.

More than 15-inches tall, this sophisticated R2-D2 model boasts a secret cargo compartment, a unique swing-down utility arm that's also a beverage holder, a removable sensor scope, a working light beam, sound-processing microphones, and an adaptable droid mood-status indicator. Sonar navigational technology and infrared location sensors help make him one the most advanced droids around.

Take Advantage of Three Interactive Modes
Intergalactic missions will be more fun with a reliable droid at your side. In companion mode, R2-D2 responds to commands like "Go on patrol," "Light Beam," and "Play Message." Star Wars fans are sure to appreciate the accuracy of the messages, which are culled from famous missions he remembers.

You can even ask R2 about friends including Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, Darth Vader, and Jabba the Hutt. He has a different reaction to each name based on his "feelings" for the characters. And if you hit R2 on the head, he'll make irritated beeping sounds and try to move away from you. As you get to know your droid, you'll realize that the noises and motions he makes correspond to his "mood."

In game mode, R2 responds to more complicated commands. He'll act as a sentry to protect your important stuff, dance to cantina music, spin around, or play light tag. The third mode is the most complex. This command mode lets you give pointed directions that control R2's movements. Tell him to turn left and right or go forward whenever you want, or set a preprogrammed course for him to follow.

While R2 responded to simple commands with no problems, we had difficulty getting him to respond reliably to more complex requests. We trust that, like with any voice-operated electronic system, over time it will get easier to produce a wider range of commands that R2 consistently responds to. Until then, his movie-accurate look, the way he responds to simple commands, and the convenient beverage holder make him a fun comrade.

What's in the Box
Droid body, two steering legs, projector piece, telescope piece with sensory array, and an operation manual.

R2-D2 can respond to commands. View larger.

And can double has a beverage holder. View larger.

  • Newly programmed at our ultra-modern factory, this state-of-the-art R2 series astromech droid unit is ready to obey your commands
  • Grab his attention by saying "Hey, R2" and he's ready for more than 40 voice commands
  • Ask him if he remembers his famous friends, like Luke Skywalker, C-3PO or Jabba the Hutt, and each name will stir up a different response depending on R2's "feelings" for that character
  • These are just a few of R2's amazing attributes include moving along on his own, turning his front beam on and off, and even playing a secret message when you follow the proper voice commands
  • In "Game" mode, R2 plays multiple games and spins, dances and plays music, and he even guards your room with his sentry alarm

Customer Reviews:

  • Great little droid to have around
    My son and I love this droid. He is a neat little friend to have to play with. He does respond to our commands. However, in order for him to understand what you are saying, the surrounding area must be pretty quiet.

    But he will patrol the room and is a motion detector which are great features. Also, he is cool to have on display, if you are a Star Wars fan. If you are, this is a must have. Outside of the R2 DVD projection player with the millenium falcon remote, this is the best product available.

    It is very durable. We have a Bulldog and the R2 is still working. But if R2 can survive the Clone Wars, he can survive a Bulldog, ha ha ha......more info
  • novelty
    My 6yo is totally into everything Star Wars. We got this for him as a present. He was thrilled to open it! Once we figured out the commands (you have to say certain words, in order) he played with it for a little while. You have to hit its head to "reset" it. As a parent, we are constantly trying to teach our kids NOT to hit, right? LOL! The laser tag game isn't as fun as we were expecting because you have to stay pretty close to R2. Dance Mode seems to be the most popular choice in this house.
    All in all, its an entertaining toy. But, its a novelty and poor R2 will probably end up in a corner collecting dust for us....more info
  • Barely worked and went downhill from there...
    My daughter wanted this for her eighth birthday. Used brand new batteries (confirmed the full charge with a meter). From the start, it would only accept a small subset of the commands and only from me - it wouldn't recognize the voices of any of our three kids or my wife, no matter how clearly spoken in a room free of all other noise. Even with me it would work at most a few minutes before going first into "bad R2 mode where it refuses your commands." But despite what the manual said, it would not respond to "behave" or a verbal reset command. Once in this mode it eventually had to be turned off and left off for a while before it would work at all. If you left it on instead, it would eventually even stop acknowledging commands at all. After a few days of giving it more tries in more and more controlled situations (just me in a totally quiet room, etc.) it got more and more erratic. For example, even when I could get it to respond, its action to any command was to go straight backwards, ignoring its sensors, running into a wall and continuing to spin its wheels until turned off...

    Even after all these tests I checked the batteries and they were still near full, so it wasn't a power issue. I wanted to exchange it (in case ours was just bad) but Amazon is no longer selling it directly (only through third party vendors) so I accepted a refund and my daughter got a Nintendo DSi instead, which she's much happier with....more info
  • Still learning...
    I purchased this R2D2 Robot for my 5 and 7 year old boys for christmas and they we're absolutely thrilled! After watching videos of it on You Tube, it was at the top of their Xmas list! The first day we couldn't get it to do much, but being that it was Christmas we had a full house with alot of noise, you definetly need a quite room. The next day we got it out and we we're able to get it to perform some of the commands, but it wouldn't move. Then all of the sudden that night, it just started roaming around, the kids we're very excited, needless to stay. Now that it "woke up" it definetly has it's own little personality, it gets in a bad mood quite often. We've gotten it to do alot of things, but after a few weeks there are still a few we can't get it to do. I haven't spent a whole lot of time using it, but I think it's kind of a learning process. I thought maybe ours was just defective, but after sending for a replacement from Amazon (which was a very easy process and we got to keep this until the new one arrived) the new one didn't work at all! So, we've decided to hang on to the first, the kids are happy with it, so that's what matters. I paid $99 for it in December, but I see it's gone up since then. They are $165 at Disneyland, but that's just ridiculous! I think it's way overpriced, but Star Wars toys usually are, as is pretty much everything these days....more info
  • R2D2 Robot
    Overrall, the R2D2 robot is a good toy that doesn't require any remotes; the voice activation and voice recognition are good features that can teach children the importance of listening skills....more info
  • Nice novelty item, but don't waste your money for toy value
    As the father and husband to a family of Star Wars fanatics (we'll call them Padme' and Obi-Wan), we HAD to have this gizmo. We played and played and played with it for about 5 minutes until the novelty wore off and it's ability to respond to commands resulted in backtalk bickering generally reserved for my 5 year old.

    I returned the first one we purchased because it was defective. The replacement arrived and it was obviously a unit someone else had returned, no doubt irritated at the lack of fun it provided.

    This toy / collectible is neat to look at, but it's really not very fun to play with if you can even get it to work. It's a nice try, but don't waste your money.

    ...more info
  • R2 is definitely an entertaining toy
    I purchased R2 for my boyfriend because he saw this little guy on y0utube and he looked like so much fun to play with. Previous reviews had me a little nervous because it seemed like the previous R2s purchased had some type of response flaw. I took a chance and purchased this R2 as a x-mas gift. He came in a very unique cylindrical plastic box. It didn't have toy written on the casing, so it had felt like a real android had been brought. I shoved some batteries in his compartment, and we immediately tried to play with him. The stubborn little android didn't listen to the commands, but after a while it seemed to do as he was told. His stubborn charm mimics R2 from the movies, and the more interaction there is with him, the more he seems to learn. We haven't had any functional problems with R2, although he tried running over the 2 ferrets we have when he went into patrol mode. (which was actually very hilarious) Now, he's just kept untouched to try to keep him in like new conditions. He's a very entertaining android holding true to his character. Definitely a must-have for any Star Wars fan....more info
  • Just ok.
    R2D2 has been somewhat of a disappointment for us. He only recognizes commands about half the time and does not recognize commands from my son hardly at all. R2D2 has potential to be fun if it wasn't so frustrating....more info
  • Fun but Frustrating
    R2 definately has his own personality. No amount of begging or pleading can make him do what you want if he is not in the mood. R2 is a lot of fun and he makes the family laugh when he dances or refuses to obey. He spends a lot of his time rebelling, but when he finally does obey his commands then everyone is amazed. This is a great toy for any Star Wars collector but be warned it takes some time getting him used to your voice. We have had him a week and still can not get him to obey more than 60% of the time. We are still resetting him often. I think the kids enjoy that feature though so that they don't get bored with R2 always doing what they want...they kind of enjoy not knowing what his response will be. The temper tantrums have taught the boys to be patient and to remain calm and talk slowly when R2 ignores them, so I definately think it was worth getting this item to teach them patience. Several of the codes have worked such as getting him to replay movie scenes. However we still cannot get R2 to follow us or to replay the Darth Vader scene. R2 also is a lot of fun to watch roam around the house on the patrol mode. He seems happier when he can roam and chat to himself. Alarm mode is cool as well to let you know when someone has entered the room. All the boys, including the husband love this toy. I don't know when the fascination with it will end, however it is still a neat item to have if you collect Star Wars. Oh, and plan on stocking up on the batteries. R2 likes to eat them! (We have had to change them after about 4 days) ...more info
  • Astromech Droid is a likeable little fellow
    This toy was bought for myself, a 63 year old boy when it comes to some robotics. My wife and I found the little fella to be very funny with his "Star Wars" vocabulary and antics. His voice recognition is actually pretty good! External appearance and assembly are exemplary--nice moldings and detail, as well as paint.
    I haven't had a chance to play with him much, so can't address just how durable and reliable he is.
    A very nice product--highly recommended!!
    Bob...more info
  • R2D2 a fun, but challenging pet
    Star Wars Interactive R2D2 Astromech Droid Robot I purchased this as a gift for my 30+ year old daughter, an attorney and a type A personality. She needed something that would provide her with a source of laughter.
    R2D2 has been perfect for her. He follows her, and he also can register pleasure and displeasure. He has his moments, where he even has his tantrums, yet he still can be a real help, carrying her beverage, or lighting the room. He guards the house, while she and her husband are out. He has brought laughter back to her, and is a delight....more info
  • R2D2
    This is a very cute product. It doesn't work all the have to reset it a lot in order to make him listen to your commands. I bought this for my older son as he is a star wars collector..wouldn't recommend it for a younger person who has no patience as it can be frustrating. I bought it for the collector factor, so in that regard I am very satisfied with it....more info
  • A great statue, but....
    It looks great, but it seems to do whatever it wants, no matter what you say. Several times I try to get it to do one thing, only to have it do something totally different. And I'm getting tired of Light Tag. Which seems to be it's favorite thing to 'do'. 'Artoo, do you remember...' 'Beep... bloop.. burp' *spin around and start celebrating for finding me* So... it looks cool, but I'm not impressed with the vocal recognition for commands....more info
  • Starwars starwars......
    I bought it as a present for my kid ...The item came packaged good and was at my door ready for christmas and even faster than i expected.... I was really surprised by the features and command setting of the droid so i also tested it as well along with the kid... I have to tell you its a blast to watch it but its voice recognition is not as good as it could be.... Smaller children can get frustrated trying to get R2 to work.... But it will certainly keep them interested for a while... For the price its a nice well constructed toy that lucks "interface" and routine variation on autonomous movement ...That means that sometimes R2 doesnt really do much without commands... Other times it does not respond or understands the commands , so it takes a while to get used to operate ...
    It also takes a lot of batteries so make sure you got some in hand......more info
  • R2-D2 voice activated robot
    Agree with the age of 8 and up. You must speak very clearly and have no background noise such as tv or radio. Star Wars fans will love it. ...more info
  • Great robot
    OK, I go this for my 12 year old son. He is a star wars nut. He simply loves it. He learned all the commands and tricks right away. When he gets stuck he goes to youtube and gets extra tips that are not in the manual. Overall, it is pretty cute and fun to play with. I think if is a good toy for an older child 10 and up. R2 can be a little fussy and a younger kid would just get frustrated. Overall and awesome must have for a collector or Star Wars fan....more info
  • R2D2
    This is a wonderful toy, the sensors work great and the voice recognition is ok. Fun to play with....more info
  • If you love Star Wars, buy it!
    I bought this for my nine-year-old son for Christmas 2008 and he absolutely adores it! It is so cute and Amazon did a great job! I almost didn't get it because it was delivered to the wrong address but Amazon shipped another out right away. R2D2 is so cute...but be warned if you're not a hardcore fan of Star Wars and don't like R2 in the movies then don't buy it. R2 acts the same way he does in the movies. He has a little temperament but it really can be cute and the best thing is you can always just tap him on the head to get him back to "normal" or cut him off. My son loves the dance command and he had dancing one night 8 or 9 times well I guess the 10th time was not the charm for R2 because he got started talking really fast and shaking his head then the next thing you know he whips around and turns his back on my son. We all were just rolling in the floor laughing it was so cute. He really is adorable and has become my son's new best friend. He guards his room and he has even gone hunting for my son when he's walked out of the room. Very good buy for the money!...more info
  • That little droid and I have been through a lot together... you ok R2?
    ... and he will answer back!!! - Always loved R2 since I was 10 in 77 and I cant believe this toy actually exists. Went to my local jawa dealer the day he was available and took him home with me. A must have - super fun, really excellent quality - build and functionality - HEY R2 - MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!...more info
  • Recieved defected R2 can't exchange!
    I just bought this R2 unit from Amazon and opened him up to try him out. The first thing I noticed is that his left leg wheel wouldn't work. He kept just spinning in circles trying to follow me with a defected leg. I tried manually turning the wheel and it turns freely, but will not turn mechanicly. Then I noticed that this unit looked used, as it had a few scratches on the lense and body. I called Hasbro for technical support and they said the unit cannot be exchanged, only returned! I tried Amazon, but there is no exchange policy, JUST return! Amazon said I can re-order an R2 unit, but I will have to pay the price labeled on him! I paid $79.00 for this unit on December 15th, now they are a lot more! I'm very highly dissappointed that I am stuck with a defective droid that the company should be responsible for!!...more info
  • R2D2
    It was delivered quickly. It requires a relatively quiet atmosphere to recognize voice commands. It requires a lot of fresh batteries. I think it's pretty cool....more info
  • Interactive R2D2
    This by far is the best toy investment I've made in a long time! The Interactive R2D2 is a big hit with my son and everyone we bring him around! ...more info
  • R-2 D-2
    The toy is very cute, but does not do half of the things that should, very difficult for a child to play with, I think it was a great idea, but it didn't work. Sorry If I offended anyone....more info
  • A great fun toy
    My 8-year-old grandson absolutely loved this toy. He was thrilled with it at Christmas and had so much fun. Every time I talk to him he tells me how much he loves it. Buy it, the product will be enjoyed....more info
  • Amazing toy !
    Lot of fun with this little droid, for 7 to 77 years old kids :-)...more info
  • Best Robot For the Buck!
    R2 is a hit in our house! This little fellow is non-stop fun. Our son loves playing with him more than playing with the dog (R2 is much more obedient). Getting around the house is generally pretty easy for R2. He can almost always get himself out of a jam. His voice command capability works well and his sensor capability and programming are excellent for a robot at this price point. While the range of commands are limited, R2 does everything he's been programmed to do with excellence and even surprises you from time to time. We have had no problems at all with him.

    There is no better buy in a robot at this price point. R2 has become a permanent part of our family. Now we're waiting for C3PO!

    ...more info
  • A Great Gift Idea
    I got this toy for my 10 yr old son for Christmas! He is fascinated with Star Wars! He plays with it constantly! It is a great gift for someone who likes robots or Star Wars! It does everything it says it does! It is really neat!...more info
  • Surprisingly Durable! Kids are still playing after almost 2 years!!
    My wife actually bought it for me, but my kids soon co-opted it from me. It's an enjoyable toy that has held up to the kids, though they really haven't been particularly rough with it. The voice commands don't work as reliably as I would like, but the toy is fun. My kids enjoy chattering at R2, though they haven't quite grasped the need to give a sequential series of commands. They especially like to watch R2 going into Dance Mode. Overall, I highly recommend it....more info
  • Greatly Disappointing
    This R2 is not responsive and requires dead silence to remotely function properly. MY 6 YEAR OLD WAS VERY DISAPPOINTED as was I to this useless decoration....more info
  • Unreliable and broken down
    We bought my son an R2D2 this past Christmas ('06), and it worked beautifully for 6 months. Then suddenly it does nothing you ask of it, and answers every command with a funny noise. We've tried reset, replacing the batteries, and finally contacted Hasbro. They responded by saying there is nothing they can do, and that they can't replace him, but would replace him with any other of their products of the same price range. So what does that mean? They shouldn't be marketing the product, since it obviously is defective. I didn't expect a $100 product to last half a year. Cheap and cheesy...don't waste your $$....more info