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Sharp Aquos LC46D65U 46-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV
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Product Description

The AQUOS LC46D65U sets a new standard for large-screen flat panel TVs. With Full HD 1080p resolution and an elegant new design, it produces a breathtaking picture quality that is second to none. The LC46D65U utilizes Sharp's proprietary Advanced Super View/Black TFT Panel with Spectral Contrast Engine, providing high Dynamic Contrast Ratio, 6ms response time and wide viewing angles (176?H x 176?V). The LC46D65U is HDTV with built-in ATSC / QAM / NTSC tuners and include 5 HDMI? inputs, compatible with 1080p signals, and 2 HD 1080p component video inputs. The LC46D65U features a sleek piano black cabinet with subtle recessed bottom-mounted speakers. The included table stand easily removes for wall mounting applications.

  • 46" HDTV LCD-TV with Full HD 1080p resolution
  • 10,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • 5 HDMI? inputs (v1.3 with Deep Color)
  • PC Input for better viewing experience
  • RS-232C Input for control

Customer Reviews:

  • Great TV with no disappointments
    I've had this TV for 6 weeks now. I don't have a lot to compare it to but it has been great so far. Here's what I can tell you:

    Reception on digital over-the-air channels is far superior compared to a Toshiba LCD we were using; living in north-central Illinois I'm picking up most Chicago and some Milwaukee stations. The picture quality is great. The picture size mode can be changed very quickly with the touch of a button (Sidebar, Stretch, Zoom). It connects perfectly to my computer using a standard monitor cable, and gives 1600x1200 resolution. Sound quality is very good and I rarely use my stereo speakers. I measured power consumption at 220 watts which is pretty good for a TV this size. Just be careful with the TV stand, especially when setting up. It scratches easily.
    ...more info
  • Very poor contrast, pumps out heat
    We bought this Sharp Aquos at the same time as the Samsung PN50A550 50-inch plasma.
    The difference is night and day in favor of the Samsung.
    Dark shots are horrible with the Aquos, and the general picture quality is not in the same league. When you get glare (anytime overhead lights are on) the Sharp becomes almost unusable.
    If this is due solely to the lcd vs. plasma, then the plasma gets both of our thumbs up. We had an older 32" Sony CRT and I keep kicking myself for replacing it with this Sharp (the only real benefit here is it looks cooler when it's off).
    Also, the Sharp Aquos pumps out heat from the front of the screen. You can feel it radiating from a couple of feet out like a heater. I can only imagine what it's doing to our energy bill and it's hot enough to make it uncomfortable.
    The only positive thing I can say is it has a very small border so if you want to maximize your screen size for a small spot this is the best we saw (which is mainly why we bought it since it squeezes perfectly in a nook of our living room....more info
  • Sharp Aquos LC46D65U
    excellent picture, very easy set up, sound volume using TV speakers is relatively low (have volume set at maximum for most programs)....more info
  • No problems, and delivers the goods.
    We purchased this set a couple weeks ago, and have been using it to great enjoyment every day. Everything works great, the picture is fine, and it was very easy to set up. The sound is even good; better than many of the reviews here led me to believe.

    This was my first flat-screen TV, and I was a little worried about it being complicated to connect and fine-tune. But no, it was a breeze, and it looks great.

    One of the reasons for selecting this set was the anti-reflective screen. I have a living room with lots of windows, and wanted to make sure I wouldn't have trouble viewing in the daytime. This was the most matte of screens out there, even compared to other LCDs. Excellent performer in that respect, both in the store and in the home.

    A couple of notes, though: By default, an "auto contrast" feature was enabled. This boosted the brightness on dim scenes, and dimmed it on bright scenes. That's about the stupidest thing I ever heard of! You couldn't watch a show the way it was intended to be seen. But it was easy enough to turn off.

    Second note: we bought it from Amazon, which was great. But I watched the price every day for a month. It fluctuated a lot. One day, it was MUCH lower than usual, and I snagged it. The next day, it was back up again. So be patient and improve your deal....more info
  • Fantastic
    Based purely on the sale price, this is a fantastic tv in this size. I went round and round with all the different brands and styles and by far this is the most bang for your buck as long as you get it on sale. I am not going to blither on about how amazing the picture is nor am I going to bash it for its shortcomings. I will however say the main features I was seeking are pretty much all there. There are 5 count them 5 HDMI 1.3 inputs, it is a wonderful 46", native 1080P, anti-glare matte screen, and is energy star compliant.

    Those were some of the highlights, there are more for instance it has a pleasant appearance with a narrow bezel and several other functional features that I won't go in to. Plus, I don't know of many places where you get white glove delivery for free!

    Is there better, sure, but for under a grand I don't think you can match the features, size, and quality. Overall I would recommend this for anyone on a budget....more info
  • Sharp Aquos LC45D65U
    I researched this product over several months before making a final that I have it I am happy with my decision...upon weighing out features, price, size, other products, other merchants, reviews, etc. it was the best choice for my family...

    I do wish it had a USB port and maybe a media card port for cameras or camcorders...but I knew this in surprise...their are other work arounds for this limitation...

    I would recommend this product if asked!!!...more info
  • Very contrasty; Lots of digital noise
    We had purchased a Sharp 42", which looked great right out of the box. Thinking that bigger would be better, we took it back to the store and upgraded to the 46". What a mistake.

    First off, the factory default settings looked similar to the "solarize" setting you might find on older video cameras. There was far too much contrast, and reducing the contrast from the menu settings left a flat, dull picture on the screen. In other words, there was no way to adjust the contrast to a pleasing image. The skin tones either looked too pink (higher contrast) or gray (lower contrast); there was no happy medium.

    In addition, we'd reset the image to factory defaults and for a few minutes, would get a mildly acceptable image (and I use the word "mildly" generously.) Within a few minutes, though, the solarize/contrast problem would show up. The TV didn't seem to be able to hold its color.

    There was a LOT of digital noise, and selecting High noise reduction made no difference. (In fact, it was difficult to determine if the Noise Reduction setting had any effect whatsoever because we couldn't see a difference between Low, Medium, High and None.)

    We put in a phone call to Costco "concierge" technical support (which is where we purchased the TV), and we went through steps to reduce any static buildup which may have been in the TV. It didn't help. We were advised to call Sharp Tech Support.

    We called Sharp Tech Support and received a technician who liked to talk but not to listen, as he insisted that we needed to subscribe to HD service ("This TV was designed for HDef service")from cable to get an average image. It didn't matter that one day earlier we had a Sharp 42" which look great; the technician insisted that even that 4" difference would great emphasize imperfections of the image (increased noise, increased contrast, etc.). Now, this may or may not be true, but we had a hard time believing that Sharp would put out a product that was so far inferior to the one a "step" below it. We ended up going back to a 42", because I don't care to pay lots-o-$$$ for Hdef service; I just want a large TV which displays a decent image.

    My final review is this: If you would like a 46" or larger and subscribe to only digital service, Sharp probably isn't the brand for you. The 42" Sharp looks great and appears to be the largest/maximum set for Sharp engineering before degradation sets in. ...more info
  • Blinking Green Lights
    The LC-46D65U was great until one day it decided not to be great anymore. In the middle of watching my favorite team play the Sharp's picture just shut off. The two green lights on the front indicating OPC and Power began blinking non-stop. I was unable to tell if the LCD was on or off. After pressing the power button I received a high pitched noise from the LCD and then back to nothing again. It is two months old so I contacted Sharp and Best Buy to see what the hell happened to my relatively new Sharp Aquos. Both replied by saying the problem could be a number of things and they had to send out a tech to inspect it. I have found online that this problem is prevalent. I am one among countless individuals who feel that spending $1500 on a non-functioning unit is ridiculous. I feel robbed by Sharp. Even if it can be fixed I am certain I will be in constant worry that this problem will happen again. Don't purchase this product. Buy Samsung or Sony. Sharp has a major quality control issue that has affected too many of its customers and that is unacceptable....more info
  • Very satisfied with new Sharp Aquos TV
    Good picture and fairly easy to understand. Very good quality for price. Would recommend it highly....more info
  • Love this tv
    We originally purchased a Sanyo 52 LCD at Wal-Mart and took it back. This Sharp is a big improvement over the picture we had with the Sanyo...more info
  • Sharp
    Was shipped on time and arrived ahead of schedule. We are very pleased with the picture and especially the glare free screen - easy to set up. ...more info
  • sharp lc46d65u
    amazing picture 5 hdmi i have insignia, audiovox, and polaroid but sharp beat them all in all aspect...more info