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Clip-On Rubber Coated Case for LG VU CU915 / CU920, Black
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Product Description

Rubber coated plastic clip on case keeps your cell phone safe and protected in style Case adds a splash of color and provides protection from scratches Clip on case allows easy access to all buttons, controls and ports Shock absorbent and shatterproof Color: black Material: hard plastic case with rubber coating Accessory only, phone not included Compatible with: LG VU CU915 / CU920

  • Rubber coated plastic clip on case keeps your cell phone safe and protected in style
  • Case adds a splash of color and provides protection from scratches
  • Clip on case allows easy access to all buttons, controls and ports
  • Material: hard plastic case with rubber coating
  • Compatible with: LG VU CU915 / CU920

Customer Reviews:

  • Great phone protector for LG Vu
    I brought this along with the screen protector. This case fit the phone perfectly. It allows you to use all the side features and the camera without having to remove it. It is great with covering the smears that I kept getting on the phone. It more like a hard plastic instead of rubber and snaps together. It isn't the silicone type so you don't pick up all the dust either. I am loving it!!!!...more info
  • Great case for the LG Vu and bargain!
    Great easy to clip on case for the LG Vu. Designed well to access buttons, charger slot, etc. easily without the need for removal. The screen area is left open and you have the option to buy the screen protector to prevent scratches....more info
  • Good case, good price
    The price is definitely right for this case. I bought a rubber slip on case from the AT&T store for $30 and I hated it. This case is great though. Snaps on in two parts..very sturdy, not too bulky, clip is optional, gives the phone a good grip. All of the buttons along the side are easily accessible. There is plenty of room for the charger cable to be inserted. Along with a screen protector, this case provides great protection.

    The only thing I don't like about it is the white that is visible along the inner edges. Not a huge deal at all but it would look great if it were black or dark grey. I should also note that this case does not cover completely around the call/receive buttons. The area under the touch screen and above those buttons is exposed. I think that this is a good thing since the buttons would be difficult to press otherwise....more info
  • does the job
    i really like this case, although i have not taken it off so i am not familiar with it's difficulty to remove as the other reviews suggest. however i really like the feel of the case and lint and debris does not stick to it. it is a perfect fit. thanks...more info
  • I love this case! =)
    This case is much better quality than I expected, considering the price. I love the way it looks and the texture has a really nice feel to it, similar to microfiber cloth. It really improves my grip on the phone so I don't feel it's about to slip away from me.

    All the phone's buttons are still easily accessible, and the case doesn't add too much bulk, either. Totally recommend buying one of these vs. the overpriced versions at the cellphone store and, for such a small investment, if you decide you don't like it for some reason, you can afford to try a different one....more info
  • Marvelous!
    I purchased this case a couple weeks ago, and I love it! It snaps on securely and snugly and feels good in the hand. Access to all of the Vu's outer controls is extremely easy. I also like that the clip that comes with the case is optional; I am not using it, but for those who wish to, they can attach it.

    The only minor drawbacks I can tell so far are that the case does not come with a screen protector and that the case is very hard to take off. But those aren't bad things, right? This way, annoying bubbles won't appear on the screen due to the screen protector after a period of use, and the phone will not accidentally pop out of the case if dropped.

    All in all, an incredible product! ...more info
  • Case is awesome!
    Although my case did not ship with the belt clip, the case itself works well( though the clip would have been awesome).
    The case clips on very easily in two pieces and has some slot on the side for the user to easily remove the casing for other purposes. It's not all that hard to open the case, but it's not easy either. The case fits nicely and does not weigh down the phone too much.Also make sure yu have your SD card and battery in before you put it on, to avoid future hassle with opening it. The casing has openings for the various buttons on the side and the antenna on the side as well.
    Overall, the case works very well, will protect it very well, and I'm satisfied with it!...more info
  • Great Case For The LG VU
    This case is really nice. It really adds something to my LG VU. I really like the rubberized feel to it, I feel more confident about not dropping it. It was super easy to install. Just make sure that you have your memory card installed, etc. because this thing is hard to get off once you put it on....more info
  • rubbery rubber case.
    1 cent is quite a good price for this product + shipping. my item had a delay in shipping (probably the post office's fault). but otherwise, the product came in a yellow envelope and fit very well. it is hard to pull off once you snap it on your 920, so i got a plastic pick (found at the end of a haircomb), and was able to open it up. it's handy to open it up in case you need to install a memory card. case looks pretty slick, is rubbery, and allows me to take pictures w/o worry of dropping it....more info
  • Great product, Works as Advertised.
    I was a little surprised it was a hard rubber-type material. Came together well. Only problem I had was that one small corner of the case has a sharp edge that was not coated - I had to file it down myself. Other than that, it's a great case. ...more info
  • Very satisfied
    I purchased this case in addition to a silicone one and have decided to use this. Good access to buttons, good protection, and good look. Very satisfied....more info
  • Not EXACTLY as pictured but too inexpensive to complain about
    I recently purchased this clip on case for my LG Vu because I wanted to protect my investment (I purchased the phone off contract - what can I say? Freedom isn't free!). Anyway, the case is durable and gives me access to all of my side controls and the camera. Also, since the LG Vu is a touch phone, I still have access to all of my onscreen functions. The only thing is that the case does not go around the buttons as pictured, but that's no big deal - as long as I can easily access my buttons, I'm cool with it. Besides, the case is only a penny! I feel that my phone will be very well protected in this case....more info
  • Case is good with an exception....
    I do like the LG Vu case. It was very easy to get on by simply snapping both sides together. The keys and speaker are accessible. My only con would be that after a day the rubberized case picks up dust particles. I havent tried cleaning, because it doesnt look that bad, it just isnt as shiny and sleek as the phone itself is. The reason I even got a case is because the phone was SO sleek that it slipped out of my hands a few times lol....for one penny plus shipping, you'll be happy you bought this case for $3, so worth it!...more info
  • one dislike, everything else good
    my only problem with this product is that its difficult to open the charger port unless you have long enough fingernails or something to pry it open. other than that, i find nothing wrong with it....more info
  • Phone stopped working when I fixed on the phone
    I tried to put on the phone it fits fine but the touch screen functionality doesn't work as the clip-on hugs the phone too tight. Although it is for the LG VU it sucks. I ended up buying another clip on and pay the shipping again. It was waste of money and time....more info
  • fits perfectly
    For a few bucks (including shipping) I can't ask for a better deal. The case fits my phone perfectly, leaving room for the charger port and other buttons on the side of the phone.

    I experienced the same problem other reviewers had - it's hard to open back up again. Just make sure you have nails!

    The belt clip totally does not match and I don't use. Wish there are other colors to choose from too. For the money, I am not complaining...more info
  • OK
    this is a nice bit of protection. Don't get this to make your phone look super cool! its sort of cheap and it is painted black. Which means that if you scratch it, you will see white plastic. In my humble opinion, this case will not save your phone if you drop it on the sidewalk. But, this case provides ample surface area and tactile friction to give even the most buttery of butter fingers the security they need to use the phone....more info