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PNY VCG96512GXEB VERTO GeForce 9600GT 512MB DDR3 DVI + DVI + HDTV/S-Video Outputs PCI-E 2.0 Graphics Card- Retail
List Price: $114.99

Our Price: $94.68

You Save: $20.31 (18%)


Product Description

Big on performance and easy on the wallet, the PNY Verto GeForce 9600GT video card offers unheard of graphics processing power at a wallet friendly price point. Enjoy awesome frame rates in the latest DirectX 10 games.

  • Features 64 Processor Cores to greatly accelerate your games and any computationally intense task
  • Features 512MB of on-board graphics memory to load the latest high-resolution games and ensure a stutter-free gaming experience
  • Full support of Microsoft DirectX 10 grantees support for the latest games
  • Supports the PCIe 2.0 Bus standard as well as offers dual-monitor support via 2 DVI outputs plus HD/SD TV output
  • Toll-Free Techsupport and 3 year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Super Deal
    Great deal-Card worked great-as far as noise??-I dont get it!! I have 2 cards running SLI and I'm not getting any. I hear a fan--WOW--I can tell people that are interested in buying, my Keyboard makes more noise typing than my pc!!This seems to be a really GREAT card for the money (and with a $[...])- the price was even better!! ...more info
  • Absolutely Beautiful
    First off, somebody else wrote about a "jet engine" noise, and I have no idea what that's about. My machine is as quiet as it was before. This card is absolutely beautiful. It does everything it's advertised to do and more. It's quiet, fast, and has decent VRAM. Every problem I had with my old card is solved now. I am impressed beyond words. My Valve games (like Half-Life 2) look great and I get absolutely no lag. I did a stress test in Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, which uses Valve's "High Dynamic Range Rendering" technology, which is a whole new level of lighting control and graphics attached to their Source engine, and maxed out the graphics. I achieved 60 frames per second. I was in awe. Also while playing some of my other first-person shooters, like Call of Duty: World at War, I was able see things I never noticed before using my old setup, like heat-ripples from gunfire! Even older games like the first Half-Life look great. Even X-Plane likes this card, and X-Plane is hard to please sometimes. One of my favorite parts of this thing is the cable that plugs into a special S-Vid on the back and lets you output video in standard s-video, RCA, or PbPrY, which is great because I do a lot of video editing.

    nVidia does it again!...more info
  • Very good for the price.
    I bought this card from Amazon about two months ago. I used Riva Tuner Software to over clock it and it performs almost as well as the 9800 series, but at a much lower cost. I recommend it for lower budgets. I noticed a very big improvement from my PNY 6800 GS card. Worth the price 100%! My games took on a whole new look....more info
  • Amazing card for the price,
    I love this card. Runs using my stock 350w Dell Internal Power Supply. Plug it in and go.

    I edit lots of HD video with this card. It has sped the process dramatically. Using Windows Movie Maker I can see the edits immediately. Gone is the jerky play back in edit mode. Sure half that is due to my outstanding existing system. I would consider this card a must if your editing HD.

    Play lots of Crysis with this. I am running with very high graphics settings and getting about 57-64 fps full screen 22" monitor. This is with a Q6600 2.4ghz quadcore 4gb ram. Gets a little Jerky but after rebooting things clean up nicely....more info