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Lithium-Ion battery for Dell Inspiron E1505
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Product Description

The Dell Smart Lithium-Ion Primary Battery has an internal circuit board with chips that allow it to communicate with the notebook to monitor battery performance, output voltage and temperature. It also gives the notebook a much more accurate "fuel gauge" capability to determine how much battery runtime is left before the next recharge is required. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems to ensure it will work with your computer and is compatible with Dell Inspiron 6400 and E1505 notebooks.

  • Brand New Laptop Batter for Dell Inspiron Family
  • Lithium Ion 11.1V, 4800mAh Extended Life battery

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Battery for Dell Laptop E1505
    I was sorely disappointed when my original dell laptop battery died after a 14 months of use. Since I was pass the 12 month warranty, Dell refused to give me a new battery. After some research, I found out that this is a common problem in E1505 laptop designs.

    I purchased this battery because it was cheaper than the batteries on the Dell website. This battery looks like the original battery, however it does not fit like the original battery did. However, it is not blatantly obvious. It is also similar in weight.

    With my screen brightly lit, I get about 4 hours of battery life. With my screen at the dimmest light, I get about 5.5 hours of battery life.

    The only problem I have with this battery is that the sellers say this is a Dell Battery. After examining the product, I doubt it. This battery does not say Dell anywhere unlike the original.

    So far, this battery is working well. I would recommend others to purchase this battery. ...more info
  • Do not buy anything from this store
    Like most other customer reviews, this was a terrible purchase. The batter only worked for one month. Do not buy anything from this store. I regret ever doing so myself and so will you. I would give it 0 stars but you have to put at least one....more info
    Do not buy this item. It started to fail 2 months after I purchased it, and completely failed within 7 months. The battery from Dell, while more expensive, lasted twice as long. Spend the extra money and buy it from Dell....more info
  • Worked for a little bit....
    I purchased this battery to replace the dead one in my Dell Inspiron e1505 back in March. I received it and was wowed by the battery life that it reported(8+hours). Now, 2 months later, the battery is completely dead. The computer still recognizes it as being there, but it wont charge at all....more info
  • do not buy from this vendor
    Do not buy anything from this store.
    The battery failed less than 4 weeks after putting it into service. I made the mistake of being too busy to notify the company right away. When I did, they informed me of their 30-day return policy.
    While Dell's batteries cost twice as much, they come with a one-year-replacement warranty. The poor quality of this battery and the store's refusal to stand behind their product more than 30 days makes this a very poor deal. I had the pleasure of using the battery for the equivalent of about $4 per day. Bad battery. Bad store. Bad deal. ...more info
  • Dell Battery
    A must have for someone looking for long lasting battery life. Lasts over 4 hrs. Really a good investment....more info
  • Definitely order from proven_choice!
    I second the recommendation of the previous buyer to purchase this battery from proven_choice. The battery shipped extremely fast -- only 2-3 days between purchase and delivery, and the vendor communicated very well with me. As far as the battery, so far so good -- I am getting 4-5 hours of use on a full charge. It is not a genuine Dell battery but as long as it works it's okay with me!...more info
  • the real deal!
    This is a real Dell battery, but only if you buy it from the seller proven_choice. I spent $52 on this battery after shipping, compared to $139.99 plus shipping and tax on Dell's website. So glad I did not buy it off the site, considering I just had to replace my adapter as well and that cost me nearly $100.

    Highly recommended, but again, purchase this product from proven_choice, he is a great seller and ships it out immediately. I don't trust buying any laptop batteries from any other sellers, make sure you verify that it is a real Dell battery!

    I do get 5 hours of battery life with this new one, which is great....more info