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LaCie 301270U 1TB Ethernet Disk mini Home Edition
List Price: $188.99

Our Price: $166.99

You Save: $22.00 (12%)


Product Description

With the Ethernet Disk mini - Home Edition, your household's digital library becomes accessible from inside and outside your home in just a few minutes. The LaCie media portal,, enables access from anywhere for uploading or downloading files to your Ethernet Disk mini at home. Simply drag & drop your photos, for example, and make them accessible to your relatives and friends via simple email invitations. The pre-defined folders and personal shares enable easy management of your family's digital library. Listen to your music from your networked sound system with the embedded iTunes server. The Ethernet Disk mini - Home Edition provides peace of mind by automatically backing up all of your home computers at your convenience.e.

  • Gigabit Ethernet connection
  • Media streaming and playback
  • Backup software for PC and Mac
  • Archiving on external USB drives
  • Easy to set-up and configure

Customer Reviews:

  • I returned it.......
    i didn't like that you had to install an app to configure. you also had to configure online. I thought you could use it as a usb can't it's only a network drive....more info
  • Awesome device
    Had this great toy since 3 months now and I can access my files wherever I go. It is simple to set up and to use. Easy to back-up and has a USB plug for printers and other USB drive.

    I have not tested the security of data, but I would not trust any of these networked device for sensitive information.

    Disadvantages: sharing between users could be improved....more info
  • Spins continuously
    This drive makes a racket even when no one uses it. I'm not sure what it is busy doing, but I would think it should go into an idle mode most of the time. It does not appear to do that. I have only owned it for a month and have not figured out if there is a configuration step I missed.

    Another detraction is that it requires a software install for another machine to look at the drive as a simple drive....more info
  • Time Capsule is much simpler for Mac Users...
    After doing a ton of research on network attached storage devices, I opted for this well reviewed LaCie.

    I'm sure it does it's job well, it's just that I'm not a strong network guy and I found the set up cumbersome, confusing and unsatisfying in the end. Don't get me wrong.. I'm a bit of a tech head... I've built my own computers, have no problem reinstalling an operating system from scratch, rebuilding or upgrading a computer system, etc.

    I was mainly looking for a way to backup my laptop wirelessly on my network. My main computer is a MacBook Pro and I've been using OS X's Time Machine to do my backups.. I've been very happy with it and it's saved me a couple of times already.

    Well, after set up of the LaCie, I realized I had to set up an account via the LaCie website in order to use the drive at all. I then realized that Time Machine wouldn't easily backup to a network attached storage drive without some tweaking. I also didn't like the way I accessed the drive... it was confusing to set up and I never really got it going.

    I opted to return the LaCie and purchase a Time Capsule instead. Sure, the Time Capsule was more than double the price, but the ease of installation and use makes it well worth the cost....more info
  • Local network hard drive
    Third LaCie HD I've purchased -all in use. Other models are backup for individual Apple computers and this one (301270U) will join AirPort network soon as I can determine software setup. Virtually no printed guidance and online is scant so far as I've been able to find. However, a solution WILL be found!

    Consolidation of HDD manufacturers appears to involve LaCie. Hope the quality is maintained....more info
  • Frustration in Mass
    LaCie mkes a great product, but packaged with poor software, minimal instructions and hardware/software that ultimately did not work was a killer for this product. I was looking for an external hard drive that I could keep at home and access over the internet. I have an Apple Airport Extreme and an iMAC of which the "Ethernet Disk Mini Home Edition" was connected to the Extreme via GB Ethernet. So far so good. After the software failed to recognize the existence of the newly installed hard drive for about 3 attempts, it all of a sudden recognized it. Yeah, great, now let's get this thing running.

    The skimpy instructions comprised about 10% of what I had to dig up on the internet to even get close to getting this thing to work. After a couple of hours, opening up several ports, and entering a bunch of poorly documented parameters into LaCie's host site, it finally, sort of worked.

    Every time I got into the LaCie Home Drive with my MacBook Pro, I would have to log in. Not a problem. Very slow data transfers, but it did actually limp along with the iMAC in sleep mode. The problem started with the inconvenience of having to log in from my local iMAC to access the local LaCie Home drive. Not just once, but for each and every folder on the drive. Nuts! Again there was extremely slow data transfer rates.

    Next I decided to change some of the security setups, like a different password. Fine, except the lame software again failed to recognize the existence of the hard drive. Forevermore the drive couldn't be seen by their own software. Then after too many futile attempts to get their software to work, the iMAC eventually couldn't log into the hard drive.

    Keep in mind, that everything in the initial setup was painfully slow too. Each individual parameter gets written to the drive one parameter at a time. First comes the password - and it takes 10 minutes? Next parameter - and it takes another 10 minutes? Come on guys. Hello! It's right over here! Setup took about 7 to 8 hours - full of frustration as you could imagine.

    The answer to remote data access by several computers of the MAC variety is to open a ".MAC" account. .MAC is fast, well behaved, packed with tons of features that are simple to set up and use, and it's convenient. If you love your MAC and Leopard, you will love setting up .MAC (about 15 minutes for the pair of MAC's) and using it's rich features.

    The other LaCie hard drives are fast and reliable and have always been a favorite of mine, but this one is rendered into a dumb brick by extremely poor and incomplete software, questionable hardware, and a frustratingly difficult user interface when it decides to limp along on its terms.

    I may have gotten a lemon, but there are too many things going on here and should be a warning for consumers to look elsewhere....more info
  • Disappointed
    It started out so promising -- a network storage device for under $200, capable of acting as a media server and with access anywhere as long as you have internet connectivity.

    The read/write speed was never good, even with the laptop connected to the router on a wire. The read/write speed of my iOmega portable external drive, connected via USB, was blazingly fast in comparison. Nevermind wireless (54-mbps g network) -- I rather watch the paint dry.

    I then started having issues with my music files (stored in the FamilyMusic folder) and the iTune server. I was unable to see the files if I am connected via the browser. The iTune server doesn't load half of the time even though it is visible within iTune. At some point, even when it does load, it loads only a fraction of the music files.

    I still use it to store photos and as a file server for files that I don't want to carry around on my laptop all the time. As far as using it as a music server is concerned, I am looking for something else.

    Lastly, LaCie should really make this device to support Wake on LAN.

    *** 8/2008 ***
    I have intermittent accessing sub-directories that I didn't create with Windows Explorer. No such problems via the web interface.

    Also had problems with running iTune over the network. The drive/library is always visible but not the contents. After researching a few blogs, I deleted all the album artworks, which were obtained when I had these songs on my laptop, and that seems to have fixed the problems. Apparently, these 'extra' files were confusing the drive. ...more info
  • Don't bother
    I bought the ED Mini a year back exactly and it has been full of problems. After 3 months of use the disk randomly stopped working and I couldn't get it to show on my desktop. After weeks of back and forth with the online tech support (they only reply once a day) and making me do redundant tests, none of which worked, they claimed that the problem was the power cord. In spite of my explaining to them that I had the drive checked by an authorized dealer and who had told me that the drive was dead, Lacie sent me a power cord. It didn't work and they finally asked for the disk to be sent back. Once repaired, it worked exactly for 3 weeks, just enough to back up whatever was on my computer till it stopped again. Tech support is still aggravating me by making me go through the same steps again and guess what, they're sending another power cord. This is a really bad product. Please don't waste your money on this....more info
  • I'm Impressed
    yes, it was a pain to setup - but I'm very impressed with what its letting me do right now... Access my entire iTunes library wirelessly over my Airport Express (over multiple machines at once!) For just over $100?! Wow. ...more info
  • Good network server especially for $99
    I have owned this drive for 7 months now and it works very well. All of my files were moved from my three computers onto it so each can now access anything. I got the rest of my family to create folders on the drive so they are using it too. Even my iTunes library is completely on here. I made sure to create a backup of this drive too, which I update regularly.

    It does spin up quite frequently, but it is not a problem for me. I like that I can access all my files from anywhere in the world. Since I travel a lot, it makes it easy to get to music, photos and personal data....more info
  • Not the best product but useful
    1. It is as slow as online reviewers say. I'm using a 100MB network, dunno if its faster over GigaBit network.
    2. I had hoped that user access cotrol would be similar to that of windows shares. i.e granular control over who can access what shares.
    3. You cannot create your own shares, you only have the defaults. FamilyShare and MyLibrary.
    4. FTP access not simple to setup, I still haven't done it, because it was not straight forward the 1st time, and i work in IT (programmer not networking). If it annoys me, how will a non technical person do it?
    5. Cannot use Partimage to create ghost my HD image to it over the network, doesnt seem like Linux much. At least not from bootable CD's.
    6. Conversely, I did Vista's Image Backup and restore of 38GB's to it and it worked fine, slow though.

    If i figure out the FTP and the Linux thing, then i'd give it 4 stars. Still wish it had better user access controls and I wish it was faster....more info
  • a little quirky, but solid
    this product needed some updates to run would disable its connection with the router spontaneously, but now that the updates are done it works great. Now I just need to figure out how to get the fios modem/router to work properly without restarting it once a day...more info