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Logitech 920-000924 DiNovo Edge Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac
List Price: $159.99

Our Price: $109.55

You Save: $50.44 (32%)


Product Description

Your Mac computer has met its match.If you're looking to complement your Mac with the world's most advanced keyboard, look no farther than the Logitech diNovo Edge, Mac Edition!

  • PerfectStroke key system for typing that?s silent, natural and fluid
  • Recharging stand that stores and recharges keyboard
  • Innovative TouchDisc for navigation and scrolling
  • Optimized Mac controls for easy one-touch access to Mail, Safari, iTunes and more
  • Bluetooth technology for long-range wireless control (up to 30 feet)

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice Unit
    I haven't really explored all of the features of this keyboard and the companion software. But the basics work really well. I am quite happy with the unit....more info
  • diNovo Edge ROCKS!
    Logitech 920-000924 DiNovo Edge Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac I ordered this from Amazon and it arrived quickly even with free standard shipping. This is the exact keyboard I needed to work with my new MacBook Pro. I've used Logitech for many years in the PC world and when I decided to try OS X, I figured I'd give this keyboard a try. The keys seem very much like my old favorite IBM ThinkPad; the spacing is perfect and the keypress has just the right feel. The very thin design, with the black and silver mix is a perfect match for the aluminum and glass laptop. I already love the TouchDisc, too. It is very handy to have that choice rather than use the mouse or reach up for the touchpad on my MacBook Pro. The other main feature is the one-touch access to most of the programs I use on a daily basis. Needless to say, I'm highly recommending this to anyone looking for a classy, efficient keyboard. I'm positive you won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • 3rd time's a charm
    This is the third wireless keyboard I've used in the last six months and this is by far the best. The item description wasn't really clear about the trackpad but yes it is a circular trackpad on the right, with dual scrolling edges. The keyboard looks and feels great, and is perfect for my home theater setup (bluetooth paired to my Mac Mini which is hooked up to a tv). Other wireless keyboards have really tiny option/control buttons for some reason but this is a full-size keyboard which is fantastic. The touchpad lights up when you touch it and is pretty cool. The wireless 2.4ghz wireless keyboards I've used in the past have really odd connection problems while the logitech with bluetooth works perfectly, even from far away! I highly recommend this keyboard....more info
  • Much Better than Expected
    Over the past four or five years, I've purchased six keyboards from varies makers--mostly Apple. Last year I decided to buy the new aluminum Apple keyboards (both the wired and wireless) and they were superb, much better than any previous keyboard. However, I found the keys too short for efficient typing; and, overall, the keyboards felt smaller, as if my hands were being pushed together in an uncomfortable distance from each other.

    I waited a while to buy the DiNovo Edge. The price was too high when it first came out. Now that it's in a Mac version, I decided to try it. And, quite frankly, it's one of the best keyboards I've ever had. The little Star Trek controls on the right side are appealing, but nothing I couldn't live without.

    The physical keys on this keyboard is what makes this product better than all the rest. It just FEELS right. The keys are perfectly aligned; they are deep enough to get good resistance and feel when typing; they're quiet; and the keyboard itself is very responsive. Apple's wireless keyboard has some lagtime, but the Edge works perfectly. If there is some sort of lag, I can't notice it (however, it was quite noticeable with the Apple aluminum wireless keyboard).

    That being said, I'm very pleased to have purchased this product. It looks good--not as good as in the product photos, but good enough. I sincerely hope this will be my last keyboard purchase for a long time. But you never know what Logitech will throw at us next year...just the novelty of the new product might lure me....more info
  • Smokin Hot One Sexy Board.....The Best!!!
    Wow...amazing keyboard..pc of art....if you own a mac why not pair it with the best buy the Edge.
    Couldn't be any more pleased...will buy a back up just to have. This thing blows away anything I've used over the last 20 years....24" imac and the dinovo this is how we roll.....on a 1-5 I'll give it a solid 10..thanks amazon fast ship and killer price!!!...more info
  • Solid Bluetooth Keyboard for the Mac
    I purchased this to replace the newer Apple keyboard. I was impressed with the build and extra features. However I think the integrated mouse is unnecessary and the device would be much better served with a dedicated number pad. The home, end, page up and page down keys do take a little while to get comfortable with. I'm not a fan of Logitech software and I set up the keyboard without having to install anything in OS X (though I did lose access to the custom function keys). I really liked the key action of the Apple keyboard and found the diNovo only slightly less enjoyable in that respect. Finally I absolutely love the audible feedback when the caps lock key is pressed. If you can get over the price, this is a very nice keyboard.

    EDIT: In light of Logitech's newest diNovo keyboard, Logitech diNovo Mac Edition Keyboard, I feel I should adjust my review. Had I known that Logitech would release a diNovo Mac keyboard with a full numeric keypad I wouldn't have been as critical at the lack of said keypad on the diNovo Edge. After 4+ months of use with the Edge, I would still heartily recommend it....more info
  • Buy the Apple Keyboard and mouse
    I've been thinking about getting a Mac Mini for the past two years, since I've got a 22 inch monitor that's been begging to be hooked up to a computer. Ordering this keyboard was the excuse needed to go ahead and get the Mac Mini. Well, both the keyboard and the computer arrived at the same time, however, a mouse was still needed to get both units up and running. Fortunately, I was able to temporarily borrow a usb mouse from the pc and get everything to work right a way. So far so good, for the Mac Mini and this keyboard work like a charm. The scroll pad could be improved to have the same multi touch capabilities as the Apple Mac Pros and a keypad would help too. If this keyboard had both multitouch and keypad, I would rate it a 5 star....more info
  • new to mac user says thumbs up
    at first i was not sure what to think but 1 month in i love it. mac keyboards have nothing on this. even apples web site sells this for much more. highly recommended!...more info
  • I Love This Keyboard
    I hunted around for a wireless Bluetooth keyboard that would work and look great with my iMac and this is the keyboard. The most remarkable thing about the keyboard is how infrequently it needs recharging. I pop it into the recharger holder stand about every two weeks for less the four hours and it has never run out out of charge. The size, weight and balance is perfect for my lap and I can store it on the iMac's stand when not in use. The media features are great but I do miss the numeric keypad that could have been in that space. If you are in the market for a solid good looking Bluetooth keyboard, this is a perfect choice....more info