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Xbox 360 Limited Edition Red Wireless Controller and Play & Charge Kit
List Price: $64.99

Our Price: $50.50

You Save: $14.49 (22%)


Product Description

Contains limited edition red wireless controller and play and charge kit / Bundled with a Play & Charge Cable and matching red rechargeable battery Built for lag-free play Integrated headset port for Xbox Live play Adjustable vibration feedback for longer battery life

  • Limited Edition red finish, with newly designed black accents
  • Includes Play & Charge Cable and matching red rechargeable battery for nonstop gameplay
  • 2.4 GHz technology with up to 30 feet of wireless range
  • Integrated headset port for Xbox Live play
  • Adjustable vibration feedback for longer battery life

Customer Reviews:

  • Smooth and Awesome
    This item is pretty much what you would expect. It's an Xbox 360 wireless controller, with a rechargeable battery and cord to charge it with... all in red (minus the cord)! It works fine and definitely allows you to get attached to one of your controllers, if that's what you want. I'm enjoying using it and it gave me an excuse to get rid of a controller that is a little sticky (soda, perhaps? or people not washing their hands before playing?). If you accept that you're paying more for a different color and you're fine. That's marketing for you....more info
  • excellant controller...
    love the like all the others.charging system works fine....more than anything else....LOVE THE COLOR!...more info
  • an obviously great product
    The same great controller as the other official Xbox 360 wireless controllers, but this time it comes in the stunning awesome color scheme of red and black. This controller will provide your hands comfort and ease for hours and hours of gameplay. Its buttons and stick layout, along with its great shape lend a natural feel for the best console controller around. The wireless is amazing. There is no lag whatsoever, and no drops in wireless conectivity. It is also very efficient with batteries, as it can last over 12 hours of continious gaming. ...more info
  • Good so far, but feels cheaply made.
    My favorite color is red, so naturally I wanted this controller as soon as I saw it. The first one I purchased was broken, though; the battery pack would not hold a charge. After exchanging it for another it has worked well enough, although it feels a bit lighter and more cheaply made than my other 360 controllers. I have a feeling they've started using cheaper materials to cut costs. Overall, I suppose I don't have any real complaints about the controller, and the red color is very sexy. Just make sure to save your receipt in case yours doesn't work when you get it home!...more info
  • Worth the price
    All your local stores offer this for $64 and up. $44 including shipping!! You'd be crazy not to pick one up. It showed up quickly and undamaged. Ready to buy a 2nd one and guess where I'll get it?...more info
  • NEW D-PAD!!!
    Ok well not totally new since it does look the same. Overall the controller appears to just be your basic 360 wireless with a play and charge kit and new color scheme (who can't appreciate a nice vibrant red with black analog sticks?). The big difference with this controller comes in the D-Pad. On the other wireless controller,the D-pad has four contact points being up, down, left and right. The big difference with this particular controller is now there are eight (8) contact points, the diagonal directions being added. You can tell a huge difference if you use the D-pad in circular motions. For all you looking for an improved D-pad for fighting games but don't want to spend money on a controller only for fighting games, this makes a great alternative. I have been using it for Street Fighter IV and it works great. ...more info
  • Looks great, acts a bit weird
    This controller looks great. Compared to the old white controller it looks more vibrant and the bumpers and triggers look great as well. I also find it to be a bit smaller and lighter than the regular white controller. However, the battery acts up sometimes. I will charge it for a long time and it will still have two bars, and I soon as I unplug the charger it will say 3 bars. This is a minor issue and I don't think it's too big of a deal. In my opinion this controller is definitely worth the purchase....more info