Samsung SPF-85V 8-Inch Wireless Internet Photo Frame USB Mini-PC Monitor w/64MB Memory (Black)
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Product Description

Samsung Digital Picture Frame-Screen Size 8" Black Bezel. WiFi(802.11b/g) for Wireless photo transfer. Resolution 800 x 600 Brightness 200 Contrast Ratio 400:1 Input: SD/MMC/MS card reader, USB, UbiSync. Rechargeable battery, InfoLink, 64MB memory.

  • 8-Inch Wireless Internet Photo Frame
  • UbiSync USB mini PC monitor to use as a secondary display
  • 800x600 resolution for detailed images
  • InfoLink with USA Today and Frame Channel RSS information service

Customer Reviews:

  • Disappointed Samsung SPF-71E 7-Inch Digital
    I bought this product because of the brand name, I have a 42" Samsung plasma so I figured they could make a 7" screen of the same quality. I was wrong. It worked fine in the demo mode, initially, right out of the box, but when I put in my sd card the screen blacked out. I made several attempts,but it kept going out. I've read alot of negative reviews about digital frames, but I thought since Samsung was one of the big boys of electronics they would have no problem making a decent, working, user-friendly, digital frame. I returned it to Amazon for a refund. It was only $62.00, which was a very good price for a name brand when compared to other 7" frames on the market....more info
  • Samsung SPF-85V
    Overall I'm happy with the Samsung SPF-85V. The picture quality is good, it's easy to use, seems that it has good build quality.

    Yet I've only given in 3 stars because wireless connectivity is executed very poorly indeed, and that was the single biggest reason I bought this frame.

    While it does have wi-fi, and can be configured with a WEP key (no mention of WPA, but it may work...) it's receiver seem to be extremely poor.

    I have no problems connecting wirelessly anywhere in my house using my laptop. I can even access the network while in my backyard or driveway. This frame will only connect 100% of the time when it is in the same room as the router.

    If I take it into another room on the same floor the connection is spotty. It'll disconnect (and give off a chime as it does so) and stay disconnected for a while, then reconnect (same chime) and stay connected for a while. Rinse and repeat.

    If I take it onto another floor in the house it can't even detect the network. I haven't tried anywhere outdoors, but I really doubt it would work there.

    So, yeah, nice frame if you don't care to use the wi-fi functionality or intend to use it in the same room as the router. If you're the former, I'd recommend looking at some other model. If you're the latter I'm sure you'll be happy with it....more info
  • A remote would be nice
    It looks well and it works well. It's a digital frame so I can't expect it to do much else. However, a remote would be nice. When I purchased it, I didn't care about a remote but then I played with one that has a remote and it's pretty convenient to have. The menu isn't the easiest to use, I had to play with it a bit to figure it out. All in all though, it works and that's really all I wanted it to do....more info
  • Great Image /easy to use!
    it has a great image, very brilliant and clear.
    Easy to use and very fast response.
    ...more info
  • Love it!! But not perfect.
    Just purchased this Photo Frame so my wife can take her photos with her, without lugging a laptop around. Has the best picture I have seen amongst other picture frames. Love the battery feature!! Menu is not straight forward and the touch feature is a little hinky, but all in all the best picture frame on the market as of today. Great display,can be seen at about 160 degrees.

    Pleased user!!...more info
  • Decent instructions would be nice...
    Instructions or (lack of) make me want to toss this out the window. Widescreen renders half your pictures unusable unless you downsize them smaller than the screen. Hope to someday be able to set clock and use auto on/off feature, but it's not looking good so far... ...more info
  • Samsung SPF-85H 8" non-wireless version
    This is a very decent digital photo frame, but it has its quirks.

    The manual is inadequate. It tells you only how to connect the power and basic control, and that's it. The rest is on CD, which has a terrible setup program (doesn't work too well on Vista). The software is not very good. I thought the program froze on me when I try to install it. You're better off using a SD memory to port your photos into the frame rather than use the USB transfer.

    Hardware, fortunately, is better. The LCD screen is very sharp and not one of those frames with lots of black grids. There are lots of options to choose. The light-up control on the right side of the frame (a la newer HP notebook design) sometimes can be a little over-reacting, however.

    When I got the frame, I thought my frame was dead on arrival.... But it turned out I had to plug the power cord in a little more and wait a little bit for the photo frame to turn on. The manual does not mention this. The power button is somewhat well hidden (it blends in with the design, which is nice looking). You may have to press and hold it for 3-second before you'd see the light-up button to turn on.

    There is a brightness control. The difference is very subtle, but noticeable. It has a built-in clock, which you can turn it on, but it's hideously huge and can block away about 1/3 of the photo. I do like the scheduled on-off thing, as I do put it in my bedroom, so I can program it to shut off right around I went to bed and auto turned on around the time I wake up.

    The frame not only can resize your pictures' physical dimention (i.e., resolution) to better fit the screen for you, but it also resize the file size. The frame comes with 1 GB of internal memory, which I think is very generous.

    One can choose from a dozen transition modes, three slideshow speed and shuffle modes. The last is very nice as you can organize your photos in folder and shuffle pictures in particular folder or randomize all photos in memory. This allows adequate control over how you want to playback your photos.


    1. Excellent price
    2. Sharp, detailed image
    3. Schedule on/off
    4. 4:3 aspect ratio
    5. Beautiful frame design
    6. Lots of features


    1. Awful documentation
    2. Quality issue
    3. Over-reactive control
    4. Clock feature is inconsiderate...more info
  • Good but not great
    This is the very first picture frame I own. It will accept a lot of media types and have the option to move them to the local memory for later use. However, connecting it to a PC for direct upload did not work for me. I am not sure if it is a Win Vista issue, but the memory space was not recognized and the frame stayed in "configuring" mode while connected. I opted to load the pictures to an SD card and permanently leaving that card in the frame. One thing people keep complaining about is that it is a widescreen format frame. You would have to crop your pictures to a 16:9 ratio. That was not a big deal for me except that some pictures are difficult to do so due to placement of people or objects in the original photo. The picture quality is great. It does lack a motion sensor switch. The frame will be permanently on and the power switch is at the bottom back of it. If after reading this you still want it, be my guess. I don't regret purchasing it....more info
  • Picture Frame Samsung 71E 7 Inch
    Samsung SPF-71E 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame (Black)

    I bought this digital frame for my boyfriend. It is easy to use, very practical. My only complaint would be that some images cannot be seen clear enough, but for the price I paid I am satisfied!...more info
  • Great frame in a sexy package!
    The image is great, and the frame is sleak, what you would expect from Samsung....more info
  • Excellent digital frame
    I purchased this as a gift for my husband. He has really enjoyed it, and has gotten lots of compliments on it. He keeps it on his desk at work, he's a teacher, and the kids and other teachers enjoy coming by to watch the pictures. ...more info
  • cyanosis (excuse the pun)
    Even with proper rebalancing, all photos continue to exhibit a pronounced - and inumprovable - cyan skew. Amateurs probably won't be particularly disturbed, but anyone who understands color balance will consider this just a toy....more info
  • Excellent!
    My frame works perfectly. Very accurate color. With any frame you must make sure your images are as good as they can be before loading them. I made all color corrections and resized my images to 800x600 before loading them to the 1 gb internal memory. I had one issue that took a little figuring out. Some of my jpg images were not recognized when originally loaded. It took a while to figure out but I finally realized the images that were not recognized were saved in Photoshop as "progressive" jpg's. Once I resaved them as "standard" they displayed perfectly. After using the frame I wanted to buy two more but the sale ([...]) had ended. I will watch for future sales and purchase this frame again....more info
  • Great Frame Bad Manual!
    Great price and does the job, but the manual is seriously lacking! I bought this as a gift and it was well received. The frame looks great! Noticed a few problems as I went to load photos... manual does not give you a step-by-step breakdown on how to do anything. Also, it does not include pertinent information including how to best save and format your images, image size info, and how to best save the images onto the actual frame's memory.

    I bought this and it said it was "new," but was blatantly not! The frame had small scratches and the parts were obviously re-wrapped. Some parts were wrapped with kitchen cling-film lol! Also, the small USB socket is out of line with the frame which renders it almost unusable. I wanted to leave seller feedback, but somehow it is not an option. Hmmm?

    Despite the issues, I would actually buy it again as it makes a great gift!...more info
  • Samsung picture frame
    There were very few instructions given. I also cannot get a picture to stay rotated. Every time it comes up in the picture list, it would need to be rotated. I have since removed those pictures. It also has a very touchy power cord that pulls apart at the connection to the frame and loses power if the cord is moved very much....more info