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Samsung SPF-85H 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame UbiSync USB Mini-PC Monitor w/1GB Internal Memory (Black)
List Price: $149.99

Our Price: $78.88

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Product Description

Samsung Digital Picture Frame-Screen Size 8" Resolution 800 x 600 Brightness 400 Contrast Ratio 400:1 Input: SD/MMC/MS card reader, USB. 1GB internal memory, starlight touch button.

  • 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame
  • UbiSync USB mini PC monitor to use as a secondary display
  • 800x600 resolution for detailed images
  • 1GB internal memory

Customer Reviews:

  • Samsung SPF-85V
    Overall I'm happy with the Samsung SPF-85V. The picture quality is good, it's easy to use, seems that it has good build quality.

    Yet I've only given in 3 stars because wireless connectivity is executed very poorly indeed, and that was the single biggest reason I bought this frame.

    While it does have wi-fi, and can be configured with a WEP key (no mention of WPA, but it may work...) it's receiver seem to be extremely poor.

    I have no problems connecting wirelessly anywhere in my house using my laptop. I can even access the network while in my backyard or driveway. This frame will only connect 100% of the time when it is in the same room as the router.

    If I take it into another room on the same floor the connection is spotty. It'll disconnect (and give off a chime as it does so) and stay disconnected for a while, then reconnect (same chime) and stay connected for a while. Rinse and repeat.

    If I take it onto another floor in the house it can't even detect the network. I haven't tried anywhere outdoors, but I really doubt it would work there.

    So, yeah, nice frame if you don't care to use the wi-fi functionality or intend to use it in the same room as the router. If you're the former, I'd recommend looking at some other model. If you're the latter I'm sure you'll be happy with it....more info
  • Disappointed Samsung SPF-71E 7-Inch Digital
    I bought this product because of the brand name, I have a 42" Samsung plasma so I figured they could make a 7" screen of the same quality. I was wrong. It worked fine in the demo mode, initially, right out of the box, but when I put in my sd card the screen blacked out. I made several attempts,but it kept going out. I've read alot of negative reviews about digital frames, but I thought since Samsung was one of the big boys of electronics they would have no problem making a decent, working, user-friendly, digital frame. I returned it to Amazon for a refund. It was only $62.00, which was a very good price for a name brand when compared to other 7" frames on the market....more info
  • Digital photo frame
    This digital frame was a great affordable gift for the 2 Grandmas in our family. The price was very affordable. The ease of use is awesome - they can load the pictures on it themselves. Great gift idea!...more info
  • Great Frame
    I got this for my mom for Christmas and she loves it. It holds a large amount of photos and is very easy to use. We have an imac and it works perfect. I would definitely recommend it. Make sure to delete the sample photos. Welcome to the future of picture frames!...more info
  • A remote would be nice
    It looks well and it works well. It's a digital frame so I can't expect it to do much else. However, a remote would be nice. When I purchased it, I didn't care about a remote but then I played with one that has a remote and it's pretty convenient to have. The menu isn't the easiest to use, I had to play with it a bit to figure it out. All in all though, it works and that's really all I wanted it to do....more info
  • Great digital picture frame!
    Great frame. Everything works like a charm. Why buy the higher priced brand when everything about this one works?...more info
  • Samsung SPF-85H Review
    This is a review of the Samsung SPF-85H (non-wireless version). Before I get started please be aware that there are many Samsung frames selectable from Amazon, but the reviews seems to be grouped together in one big pot.
    Now onto the review:
    For a digital picture frame the SPF-85H has very nice fit and finish. The frame exterior is not flat black. There are decorations textured into the frame. The power button is a little hard to find (if you don't know where it is) as it's on the back of the frame on the bottom left corner. The button is black so it tends to blend in. The controls on the frame are all touch sensitive. You touch the frame (not the screen) on the right side and they light up allowing you to make changes. After a number of seconds the buttons go dark and are like they were never there.

    The screen quality (I think) is very nice for a digital photo frame. This is my first 800x600 frame and I can definitely tell the difference. I had no dead pixels which was also a good thing.

    The menu system on the frame isn't bad. You can either go into the pictures menu, view the clock/calendar, or change settings.

    The pictures menu allows you to view photos from:
    1. The frame memory
    2. Attached USB thumb drive
    or 3. Inserted SD card.

    There does not appear to be a way to set the slideshow properties are far as order/random play.

    One of the settings of note is the ability to have the frame automatically turn on AND/OR off at a specific time of day. This is nice if you want the frame to always turn off after you go to bed so you don't have to remember to turn it off. Along those same lines you can have it automatically turn on whenever you want. You don't have to have both on and off settings enabled.

    There is no remote contol for this frame and that's one reason I had to take a star off. In this day and age almost everything has a remote control and although most people would just end up losing them, they are still nice to have.

    The frame only displays photos, so no movies. This is a bit of a disadvantage compared to most frames these days. Another reason therefore for the loss of a star.

    One quite interesting, if not geek attractive feature, is the ability to use the frame as an extension of your WINDOWS (sorry Mac) desktop. Effectively you can connect the frame via USB to your computer and then a menu system on the frame asks if you want to use the frame as attached storage (for adding/removing photos) or as a screen. This is made possible via the frame manager software that comes with the frame. This is cool because now you can move a browser of your choice over to the frame and then play a video or online slideshow (ex: You can conceivably throw something like skype onto it and chat with someone in that screen while using your entire main monitor for everything else.
    The only negative here of course is you have to keep it connected via USB and the USB port is on the side of the screen. It would have been nicer if the port was on the back.

    Importing photos onto the frame can be done in 1 of 3 ways.
    1. Via USB cable to your PC/MAC you can drag photos on the frame.
    2. Via USB thumb drive you can copy pictures or just play a slide-show right from the thumb drive. This effectively expands your total picture storage above the quite large built-in 1GB.
    3. Via SD card. As in #2 you can either play a slide show right from the card or you can copy to the frame.

    Both 2 and 3 require no interaction with a computer, so the frame doesn't really have to ever touch a computer again if you don't want it to.

    All in all, even though this frame lacks some of the standard features of other frames (movies, etc) the ability to use it as an actual LCD screen can be seen as quite a nice benny to some folks that would be keeping their frame in their computer room anyway. ...more info
  • Digital picture frame review.
    I would have liked to have seen the instruction manual for this product. It was poorly written, a single page only and I never have figured out how to set the clock. Fortunately, we did finally figure out how to get the photos to run and are running the frame constantly in the kitchen and are enjoying it. The other 2 things I wished were pointed out was 1. The frame has 120 MB of internal memory AND 2. an SDHD chip will NOT WORK with it. You need an SD chip. Unfortunately, I bought the SDHD chip....more info
    Amazon says it was delivered the Saturday before Christmas, however it surely wasn't delivered to me! Luckily, I purchased it on my Chase credit card and they were kind enough to refund me my money since there is no contact number to speak with someone from Amazon.. I unfortunatley can't offer my opinion on the item itself, but I do recommend purchasing this on a credit card (in case you never get it). ...more info
  • Details Annoying
    I bought this for a Mother's Day present. It took me about two hours to figure out how to load and display photos, so I wrote my own manual to send along with it. The most annoying thing is the arrogance of manufacturers who cover the plastic surface of a product with little stickers extolling it's features, then having to mar the surface with smears and scratches getting them off. After that, the photos look fine....more info
  • Love it!! But not perfect.
    Just purchased this Photo Frame so my wife can take her photos with her, without lugging a laptop around. Has the best picture I have seen amongst other picture frames. Love the battery feature!! Menu is not straight forward and the touch feature is a little hinky, but all in all the best picture frame on the market as of today. Great display,can be seen at about 160 degrees.

    Pleased user!!...more info
  • Great Image /easy to use!
    it has a great image, very brilliant and clear.
    Easy to use and very fast response.
    ...more info
  • Samsung picture frame
    There were very few instructions given. I also cannot get a picture to stay rotated. Every time it comes up in the picture list, it would need to be rotated. I have since removed those pictures. It also has a very touchy power cord that pulls apart at the connection to the frame and loses power if the cord is moved very much....more info
  • klawrence
    This is a good product. It took a while to download the pics because the instructions were rather vague. But it's a nice gift....more info
  • Samsung SPF-85H 8" non-wireless version
    This is a very decent digital photo frame, but it has its quirks.

    The manual is inadequate. It tells you only how to connect the power and basic control, and that's it. The rest is on CD, which has a terrible setup program (doesn't work too well on Vista). The software is not very good. I thought the program froze on me when I try to install it. You're better off using a SD memory to port your photos into the frame rather than use the USB transfer.

    Hardware, fortunately, is better. The LCD screen is very sharp and not one of those frames with lots of black grids. There are lots of options to choose. The light-up control on the right side of the frame (a la newer HP notebook design) sometimes can be a little over-reacting, however.

    When I got the frame, I thought my frame was dead on arrival.... But it turned out I had to plug the power cord in a little more and wait a little bit for the photo frame to turn on. The manual does not mention this. The power button is somewhat well hidden (it blends in with the design, which is nice looking). You may have to press and hold it for 3-second before you'd see the light-up button to turn on.

    There is a brightness control. The difference is very subtle, but noticeable. It has a built-in clock, which you can turn it on, but it's hideously huge and can block away about 1/3 of the photo. I do like the scheduled on-off thing, as I do put it in my bedroom, so I can program it to shut off right around I went to bed and auto turned on around the time I wake up.

    The frame not only can resize your pictures' physical dimention (i.e., resolution) to better fit the screen for you, but it also resize the file size. The frame comes with 1 GB of internal memory, which I think is very generous.

    One can choose from a dozen transition modes, three slideshow speed and shuffle modes. The last is very nice as you can organize your photos in folder and shuffle pictures in particular folder or randomize all photos in memory. This allows adequate control over how you want to playback your photos.


    1. Excellent price
    2. Sharp, detailed image
    3. Schedule on/off
    4. 4:3 aspect ratio
    5. Beautiful frame design
    6. Lots of features


    1. Awful documentation
    2. Quality issue
    3. Over-reactive control
    4. Clock feature is inconsiderate...more info
  • Photo frame!
    The picture is very clear on this digital frame and it is nice that it has an AC adapter that allows us to display the picture frame anywhere and at any time. ...more info
  • Samsung SPF-85H Frame Quality Inconsistent
    I purchased 3 frames for 3 different gifts. One worked as I would've hoped, except the menu reaction & photo loading is disappointingly sluggish. The other two frames did not work, and because the documentation is ridiculously non-existent, it took about 3.5 hours of hit or miss (trying things in different sequential order, poking around in the menus and rebooting several times) to finally conclude that the frames would need to be returned.

    Just so you have an idea what was wrong...(1) USB cable connected the frame and my computer - but my computer could not access the frame's drive, so drag 'n drop did not work. (2) Next I tried memory stick, which when trying to 'copy all' photo's from the memory stick to the frame's internal memory, I received an error message, "Copy Failed. There is no more memory." Strange - since there wasn't anything loaded on the frame's internal memory yet. (3) Next I tried the SD Card, and had the same problem in trying to 'copy all'. After several attempts I gave up.

    Other issues were the frame locked-up on the Samsung opening screen and it was frustrating that the menu response was so slow when I pressed a button. (Although, one of the frames had a very quick menu response time... I do not understand why each of the frames were so different in performance.)

    The one of three frames that worked well was a great deal, assuming the frame will have a long life (Costco $55). However, since it was a huge time sink to trouble-shoot the two malfunctioning frames, and the time it will take me to replace & test the next two or research and buy something else...I give this frame only two stars for unreliability.

    ...more info
  • High Magnificient
    Easy to set up, easy to load pictures, and a pleasure to all who watch the slideshow of babies, kids and grownups....more info
  • Great picture quality, nice interface, one quibble
    I just got this photo frame yesterday, and am extremely pleased with the purchase. The picture quality is great with the 800x600 resolution, the touch interface is intuitive (controls light up on the right side of the frame), and the frame itself is visually appealing.

    The fact that you can download pictures into multiple folders onto the internal drive is a cool feature, and you then have the choice to play all the pictures in a folder, or all the pictures in the photo frame (across all folders). The frame always forces you to run a slide show, but if you want to only display one picture then you can limit your slide show to one picture(which will refresh over and over again). The ability to upload pics via USB flash or a USB connection to your computer was also convenient, and the 1GB internal memory is WAY more than enough - the photo frame must convert my large images to 800x600 images and 300MB worth of pictures on my PC (114 photos) are only taking up 40MB worth of space on the digital frame's internal memory. So 1GB internal memory should be good for about 2500 photos, far more than I ever intend to have in the frame!

    The quibble: when you download larger photos into the photo frame and it does its conversion, the conversion software is a little buggy. Every time I copied my set of approximately 120 photos onto the frame about 4 or 5 of the photos would get corrupted (meaning the top half of the photo is 2 inches to the left of the bottom half or something similar happening). Scrolling through to find a particular picture isn't very fast; the internal memory store seems pretty slow, so it took a while to find and delete the corrupted pictures and then re-upload them. The good news is that if you upload a single picture at a time to replace corrupted images, they seem to convert just fine. So it's a somewhat random issue, and if you're aware of it and the fact that just deleting the individual picture and re-uploading it by itself is the best way to go, you'll be fine. (because if you try to delete all pictures and reload all of them in one shot, you'll probably have problems with a few different pictures)

    So all in all, now that I understand this one quirk and how to deal with it, I'm really happy with this purchase.
    ...more info
  • Nice Frame
    This is a nice basic digital frame. The sizing for some photos seems off however, so you have to select the stretch option....more info
  • Good product for the value price
    I purchased this to put on my desk at the office and I couldn't be more satisfied with the value for money.

    I am not a photophile and was simply looking for something to view pictures of my friends & family at work. Though the frame I bought (the 7 in version) had a pretty great price (~$50) I was a bit skeptical on account of some of the other reviews. I'll tell you now that if you're looking for something basic that will do the job, go ahead and click "Add to Cart" now.

    Some reviewers complained about the screen aspect ratio but what I've discovered is that a lot of my pictures vary in size and shape anyway, so there isn't any one screen that will accomodate all of them. The little bit of black border is not a concern for me.

    Other reviewers commented on the screen/picture quality. Here I will say that this frame is *adequate*. It's nothing fancy, but again- it does the job for a great price. If you happen to be looking for something high-end, keep looking. Otherwise this is a great buy.

    As for setup, it couldn't have been easier. If you're looking for a gift for a not-so-tech-savvy friend or family member, this frame will be just fine.

    The device has built-in memory but I opted for an old 128mb SD card I wasn't using. I have about a hundred pictures loaded on it so you can imagine what a much larger card will do for you. Since I used the SD card there was no need to connect the frameto my PC, I just plugged in the card to my built-in card reader, copied over my pix and slapped the card into the frame. The frame automatically recognised the card and began a slideshow. From opening the box to viewing pictures took only about ten minutes.

    One note about file types- it only recognises .jpg

    So all in all, I am very happy with my purchase and may even purchase more of these (in varying sizes) for home use. I would definitely recommend this item....more info
  • great, if you can keep it working.
    This frame was great at first. I set it to turn on and off so it was not wasting power at night. One day I noticed it was not turning on anymore so I tried to turn it on manually but it would not turn on. I had used it for maybe 3 weeks so far. I had t wiggle the cord every morning before it would get any power. After MANY calls to Samsung I was able to get them to send me a new cord. This process took an entire day since they kept hanging up on me or transferring me to the wrong person, etc. A few weeks later I get the cord and it is the wrong one. I had to do it all over again and finally got the correct cord. It worked for about a week or two and then one morning there was just a clock on the frame, no photos. Upon further inspection I found that all the photos that were on there were gone. It was almost like it had been reset except the on/off setting was intact. When I try to put more photos onto th frame my computer tells me I need to format the disk before I can use it. I tried updating the firmware, formatting and everything else I can think of. When I purchased this I got two, one for me and one for my Grandmother. I don't think I will be sending her the other one because I do not want t upset her when all her photos are gone and it stops working. I also got a letter from the store I purchased it from saying that the software that came with it contained a virus that was very harmful to any computers with Windows XP so that was awesome. Luckily I connected this frame to the only computer in the house that runs Vista so hopefully I should be ok. My computer has been acting funny since I tried to put new photos on it, maybe I will get the Vista version of tat letter in the mail soon.
    Also, just for the record. 99%+ of digital cameras are NOT 4x3 ratio. Any photographer (like myself) can tell you that all SLR/DSLR cameras are 2x3. When you put those photos on this frame they will look "widescreen" with the black bars on top and bottom. It is likely that 99% of point and shoot or compact digital cameras are 4x3 though. ...more info
  • Picture Frame Samsung 71E 7 Inch
    Samsung SPF-71E 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame (Black)

    I bought this digital frame for my boyfriend. It is easy to use, very practical. My only complaint would be that some images cannot be seen clear enough, but for the price I paid I am satisfied!...more info
  • software glitch
    My first impression- this is a wide screen viewer, not the 4 x 6 that I thought I was getting. When I connected with my pc, I was shocked to see my firewall spring into action to block a program in the viewer, followed by McAfee deleting a virus from the viewer! ?? After that, the transfer of photos to the viewer went smoothly. I don't know what the program on the viewer was. It was identified as a worm.
    Contorls were easy to use, and displaying the 4x6 photos in wide screen format is okay....more info
  • Oh, all the little things and the one big one...
    Well, it doesn't let you put more than 4000 pictures into the "cycle." So, when giving our parents a christmas present of 10 years of our marriage... We prepared a very large (1.6 gig) of 200K photos for this frame. My wife noticed it stopped in about the same spot. After digging through menus, I discovered it goes from 0-3999...

    Then, to make matters worse, the thing after being on for 12-13 hours (in two days) it wouldn't turn on the third day without scrambling menus.

    Picture resolution was nice and the viewing angle was a bit limited. Also, we got one with a white frame and that was nice (black frames are limited to dead people and non-humans in Japanese culture).

    ...more info
  • Pretty good
    This is easy to use and looks very nice. for full sized pictures, you can only load the pictures either all horizontal or all vertical inless you want very small ones going the opposite direction to the way the frame is sitting. No big deal to me. They have an enormous cord for this thing so you have to have some place to hide all the wires....more info
  • It worked for 5 minutes. (SPF-85H 8-Inch)
    Let me start by saying that the Samsung (SPF-85H 8-inch model) digital frame is very attractive with a discreet circular design on the frame, and buttons that light up and activate when you touch the bezel, otherwise they are invisible. The stand on the back is highly adjustable and has a rubber base to keep the frame from shifting. The screen is not widescreen, which is nice, and has an 800x600 resolution, also nice.

    With all that said, the frame only worked for a couple of minutes before it froze up and become inoperable. I downloaded about 1,900 photos from my computer into the frame. I downsized all the photos to 800x600 pixels and they took up about half of the built-in 1GB of storage. I started a slide show, then went into the menu to change some setting. After changing the setting an hour glass showed up in the corner of the screen and it froze. I let it sit for a few minutes, then I hit the power button to turn it off. I turned it back on, saw the SAMSUNG splash screen, then an hourglass, then it froze showing the photo directory with a question mark on every photo. It would not move out of that screen and none of the buttons responded.

    I called Samsung and they were unable to do anything for me and suggested I return the frame to the seller. The representative I spoke with at Samsung was very nice, and it was a pleasant experience. I'm sorry that the frame broke. It seemed very promising.

    All in all... if it didn't break it seems to be a great value....more info