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Targus Zip-Thru 15.4-Inch Corporate Traveler Laptop Case (Black)
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $54.99

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Product Description

The Targus Zip-Thru 15.4" Corporate Traveler case is designed to help you clear airport security without removing your laptop from the bag. This case is specially designed to split down the middle, thereby isolating the laptop on the one side to allow for clear X-ray scanning. Designed to fit 15.4" widescreen laptops and weighing just 3.74 pounds, this case features lightweight and durable ballistic 1680 denier nylon fabrication and also includes the patented SafePort Air Cushion System to help prevent drop damage. This protection system features adjustable cushions inside of the case to protect your laptop and provide a snug fit for smaller laptops. The case features a dedicated file section, zip-down workstation with business card holder, pen loops, key clip and multiple accessory compartments to keep items organized. For added comfort, the case includes a padded ergonomic shoulder strap with non-slip coating to keep the pad in place on your shoulder. The Targus Zip-Thru 15.4" Corporate Traveler is designed to expedite your airport security experience and withstand the wear and tear of everyday business travel.

  • Checkpoint-Friendly--Split design separates laptop from accessories, to allow clear x-ray scanning
  • Screen Size--Designed to fit 15.4-inch widescreen laptops
  • Protection--Features the patented SafePort Air Cushion System for maximum laptop protection
  • Organization--Includes zip-down workstation with business card holder, three pen loops, key clip, multiple accessory compartments and a dedicated file section to organize documents
  • Ergonomics--Includes leather wrapped nylon handles for added comfort and a padded ergonomic shoulder strap with non-slip coating on the pad to keep the strap in place on your shoulder

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent protection, easy to get to everything can't wait for my next flight to give this bad boy it's first airport "test"
    Let me start by saying that this is not my first laptop case........sigh!
    However, I think it may well be the end to my search for the perfect solution to my needs!

    It's shoulder strap is extremely comfortable, does not slip off or dig into you when you have it loaded up to the max!

    It looks like it will stand up to quite a bit of "travel" wear & tear.
    Only time will truly tell, just wanted to give you my opinion.

    This is for 1 15.4" laptop, so if you have one of those "big honkin' puppies" you are out of luck! Maybe they come in different sizes, but this was the one I needed so I can't help you out there, sorry!

    Don't be put off by their lower end cases, this is not low end!
    I couldn't be more pleased as I ordered without actually having seen it in person, just by the description, which is pretty accurate.
    It is well designed to zip through an airport checkpoint, there will be no fumbling or stuff strewn about after their "inspection" there is a place for EVERYTHING & you can store everything in it's own sweet little space! LOOK,........ me HAPPY! :-) LOL

    Hope this info helps you ascertain if this is the one for you!!
    ...more info
  • Greatly simplifies travel with a laptop
    The TSA has recently changed the requirement that you remove your laptop from your bag while going through security as long as you use certain bags that they approve. This is one of those bags. What they require is that the laptop be in a bag with nothing else stacked on top of it so that the x-ray can clearly see the laptop. This bag accomplishes this by having a zipper in the middle of the laptop case that effectively allows is to be opened up such that the bag lays open like a book with the laptop compartment on one side and all of the other compartments on the other side. It is a simple job to unzip one zipper, lay the bag on the x-ray machine, and then simply close it and zip it up when you pick it up from the machine.

    The main styles of TSA approved bags are the butterfly style (as is this Targus Bag), the tri-fold style (similar concept, except it is in 3 sections), and the sleeve style (an already existing style where you have your laptop in a separate sleeve; you still need to open your bag and pull it out and lay it on the x-ray machine separately). I personally like the butterfly style.

    When I travel, I have always hated having to remove my laptop from my bag. Usually, I am trying to take off my shoes, pull out my plastic bag with my liquids and trying to hold onto my boarding pass. This new bag removes one of the annoying steps of going through security.

    The bag itself can hold a 15.4 inch widescreen laptop. I personally have a Dell Latitude D630 14.1" widescreen that fits in perfectly with the heavy duty padding that they have in the case. With a bigger screen, you would probably need to remove some of the padding on the sides (it is velcroed in and removable or adjustable).

    The other side of the case comes with a big accordion file section that can hold a lot of books or paper. It next has a smaller zipped up compartment something like a cell phone or keys. It then has a bigger zipped section with several velcroed holders for things like business cards, pens, passports, glasses, etc. The final section is a reasonably big pocket for things like boarding passes or other things you want to grab quickly without having to deal with a zipper. There is also a separate little bag for your laptop power cords and cables that can go into any of the bigger compartments.

    There is a double handle with one on each side of the case and finally a very comfortable shoulder strap. Overall I like this case for travel and day to day use since I always take my laptop to and from work....more info
  • It all fits!
    It took a while, but I found a bag that can carry my laptop (15inch screen), canon i80 mobile printer, wtih room for ink supplies, car charger, and all other plugs, 100 sheets of paper, pens, markers, calculater, stapler and whatever else may be in my desk that I could need without warning... all at an affordable price. And it is STURDY! My last bag started to rip at the zippers... no such problem here. Great produt!...more info
  • Pricy but worth it!
    Needed a bag for my 17" HP notebook. Searched the web and decided on this one. Good choice for airport security inspection. Open bag, lay flat on scanner belt, pick-up at other end, put on shoes, get dressed ...........well you get the picture. Bag was easiest part of the check-point process. :) Well worth the price. Buy it!...more info
  • works as advertised
    I purchased this bag in the last month. Since then I have taken two different trips and both times it was so simple to unzip the center section of the bag and lay it down on the belt to go through the xray. I have had a TSA person question me about the bag but only to make sure I had put only the laptop in one side. Another TSA guy was excited to finally see one of the new bags. It is very roomy and I would heartily recommend it....more info
  • Received wrong case
    The Targus case I received did not open flat like the picture showed on the Amazon page. Targus case #CUST02UA15S does open flat. I received Targus case #CUST02UA15, which I didn't want. Seller denied the wrong case was sent to me. Seller also was not prompt in returning my initial emails. I returned the case for a refund. ...more info
  • Very Nice Laptop Bag
    This high-quality bag replaces my previous cheaper bag which has served me well but wasn't the best to travel with.

    First off, the Targus Zip-Thru case is quite a big larger (taller) than I expected. My Dell D610 fits easily with ample room to spare. The air cusions on the bottom and sides seem very well built.

    The file compartment can take a full ream of paper, which is great for folks like me who travel with lots of handouts.

    One of the most impressive features is the oversized and very comfy shoulder strap. It's probably one of the best and most comfortable I've ever seen on any bag.

    The front panel, for accessories, has plenty of pockets for just about anything. I travel with a LOT of accessories including cables, adaptors, and the power adaptor. Everything fit quite well.

    For someone who is looking for a step up from the average $20-30 bag, and especially someone who wants to save a little time at TSA and protect their laptop better, this is a great choice.

    I was skeptical about the TSA and how they'd react to this kind of bag, but if you search on TSA's website you'll see they've authorized it as of August 2008.

    I don't know what else is on the market, but I'm quite happy with this one....more info