Velcro Reusable Self-Gripping Cable Ties, 0.5 Inches x 8 Inches Long, Black, 100 Ties per Pack (91140)
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Product Description

Ties, Reusable, Adustable, Pre-cut, 8, 100 Count, Black

  • Take control of computer and electronics cord clutter with easily adjustable, reusable hook & loop ties.
  • Simple one-piece design wraps onto itself for a secure hold.
  • Tie attaches to cords to prevent loss.

Customer Reviews:

  • simple, versatile, cheap
    Peel them off the roll and use them everywhere ! Note: don't have high expectations of the first one -- it seem that they end each roll with a tie that is a bit shorter than the rest. I was disappointed that it wouldn't reach around my long extension cord very well, then discovered that the rest of the roll was fine....more info
  • Uses: Everything from Organizing Cables to Staking Plants!
    These work great. I've used them to organize the bunches of computer cables and other appliance cables. But I've also found another great use for them. I used them along with bamboo garden stakes to support my plants instead of using other wire ties or twine/string. They are easy to adjust when the plants grow larger and I can also save them to use year after year without loss of quality or loss of effectiveness for my garden. I bought about 300! ...more info
  • Vey handy
    These cable ties are great for organizing the cord mess behind the computer. They also work well for storing power cords and other cables in a laptop bag, though it takes a little longer to wrap a cord up with the ties than I would like for that purpose. I guess that's my only criticism. It's not much of an issue though. You can't beat the value. For a relatively low price I get more than I can use in this lifetime....more info
  • Velcro Strips
    This is a unique product purchased it through Amazon, got it rather quick, went to the hardware store found the exact same item. Maybe, I should have checked there first. But if you are not able to find it in the hardware store and you need to organize your calbes this is a great and easy way to do it!...more info
  • good stuff
    These are good, they work, even though they are kind of narrow, they are thick enough. I tihnk they do need to be in multiple colors, but I'm happy with them. Could feel a little more durable, but they attach and release very well....more info
  • Velco Ties
    The product worked as promised. I like that they are in a roll. Not cumbersome at all to access. I did however find them in rolls at my local Lowes at a comparable price. Would probably buy there next time for convenience. Shipping time for this product was acceptable and came earlier than expected as usual....more info
  • Great Product!
    It's amazing how many wires we accumulate in our lives. I had a chaotic mess of computer and electronic wires that was driving me nuts. I tried to organize them neatly by tying them with rubber bands but after a while, the rubber bands would lose its elasticity, get weak, and snap. These 8" velcro ties are a perfect length to wrap around most household wires. They seem cheap and flimsy but don't let that fool you; they are actually very strong. I was able to restore order to my wires, which brought me a lot of peace. Despite the x-mas holiday, the item arrived very fast via UPS. ...more info
  • Velcro-like ties
    I have some velcro ties...I actually like these better! They have a slot to pass the other end through (like pulling a belt through the buckle) which makes it easier to adjust. They can be stuck together end-to-end to make a tie as long as you want. I use them around garden hoses, rope, supporting tomatoe plants, etc....more info
  • Works great!
    Picked these up for home and office. I use them often for computer cables, power cables, and some misc. uses as well. They are not as robust as some that I've used, but for the price they're a bargain....more info
  • These velcro ties are worth their weight in gold!
    They really are excellent. I'm a gigging musician and carrying a roll of these cable ties in my gig bag has made my work so much easier...I'd rank their contribution to the betterment of mankind right up there next to duct tape...yes, I would!...more info
  • great deal on ties
    These are very nice cable ties, and are priced very well too. The eye style on them means they stay connected to your cable, which is great for laptop power cords, since you don't have to worry about losing it.

    One odd thing, the bag closure is also velcro ( which makes sense, I didn't buy the ziplock brand ties ), so be careful taking them out of the bag since they tend to get caught on it....more info
  • Best tool for cleaning up cables - finally, SANITY!
    I did a lot of research before settling on this low-tech way to clean up the tangled mess of cables behind my desk. Two towers, speakers, external hard drives, printer, scanner, and a bunch of peripherals = a lot of cables to manage. While they are lightweight/thin and not what I would consider "industrial strength", they are strong enough to hold all different kinds of cables, from stiffer/heavier monitor or power cables to thin adapter cables. I was able to clean up all the cables with about 20 of these cable ties and now I can't wait to use them all around the house! These ties are the most convenient, adjustable, reusable, reasonably-priced cable organization solution. I am very happy with this purchase and with the end result....more info
  • Buying these in bulk is awesome.
    I love these velcro straps. I use them to organized all my cables. And I attach them to cables I use. Like my phone charger. I don't have to make a big knot around the charger with the wire anymore. ...more info
  • Everyone with cables needs these
    My favorite feature of these cable ties is that they loop around the cable (or other object) and back through the cable tie (like threading a needle) so that you don't loose them. They do a great job of holding cables together despite inexpensive construction and at about 15 cents a piece, the price is unbelievable. I used the word inexpensive, because they aren't cheap. The wraps are Velcro all the way on both sides instead of just the last inch. The female Velcro isn't as thick as on others I've seen, but it's surprisingly strong. The end with the eye is strong and well designed, so it doesn't rip out easily. (I've had that happen with another brand.) While others complained about them coming in a roll, I find the design to be very efficient, because it keeps them all together.

    This product gets an absolute A+ from me, and I've already recommended it to half a dozen friends.
    ...more info
  • Handy for anything requiring cables.
    These things are amazing at organizing anything from a server rack to an ordinary office desk, if it has several cables, these are just the thing to organize them....more info
  • Great, Cheap Way To Alleviate the Wire Rat Nests
    As cable ties go, these are absolutely great. They're more versatile than the semi-permanent plastic cable zip ties and relatively inexpensive verses the overpriced Belkin Velcro cable ties.

    There are three things you should be aware of about this product, however. First, despite the brightly colored packaging, these cable ties, as the description notes, are all black. That's not a bad thing, but know that this isn't the multi-colored package.

    Second, the way these ties work is that they come in several rolls. To get a new tie, you basically tear one off the roll (like you would a sheet of toilet paper), poke out material left in the little hole on one end, then thread the tie through that hole. These don't come as 100 individual ties you can just grab from the bag, there's a very small amount of work involved in their use.

    Third, the price is a bit deceptive with the current seller. Check the padded shipping charges to know the true cost.

    That said, these ties are still my favorite of the few brands/types of ties I've tried. The product is a great value and highly recommended!...more info
  • Love these things!
    These ties are great. Buy these for someone with a ton of AV or computer cables. I find new used for these all the time....more info
  • An excellent product
    This is one product you definitely want on your work bench. This must be a new generation of Velcro. The velcro is very thin (much thinner than expected), yet holds very well and wide enough that it will not dig into soft cables. It is easily cuttable with scissors, yet does not tear....more info
  • Tied & True - These Really Work
    You can go out and buy htose plastic cable ties at the local hardware store and walk around with a pair of wire cutters to cut and replace one of those plastic things every time you need to adjust a bundle - or you can simply use one of these handy Velcro ties. The 100 pack is great as the ties come in 4 spools of 25 ties wound together so they are easy to store and place wherever you may need to grab them. The professional look of these ties is matched by their strength and flexibility....more info
  • All you will likely need
    Unless you are planning to try and hide wires completely either behind the walls or otherwise, these ties are a great solutions. The pack includes enough ties to cover the entire household easily, and they work very well. Worth the price IMO....more info