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A Winter Symphony
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Product Description

Limited two disc (CD + DVD (NTSC/Region 0) pressing of this 2008 holiday release from one of the most famous voices in the world, including a bonus DVD that includes live performances from this British diva. Featuring many of the season's classics. including 'Silent Night', 'In the Bleak Midwinter' and a resplendent performance of 'Ave Maria'. On 'Arrival', Sarah adopts the originally instrumental track by pop genius's ABBA and adds vocals to create her own winter classic. EMI.

Customer Reviews:

  • Sarah has more versatility than shown here
    Very good but I could not give it 5 stars because of her consistant use of her "little girl voice". some have called it wispy, I call it downright irritating at points in the album. She has great versatility and range and should use it. Big mistake to not use it here....more info
  • A Fix for the Hopeless Romantic
    A Winter Symphony by Sarah Brightman is a stunning collection of seasonal ballads that outstretch the holiday season. Sarah earns our respect just by her tenacity and focus. She knows who she is and doesn't try to sway from it. Her music is a pure fix for the hopeless romantics out there.

    There are just a few contemporary artists that are reviving the art of romantic European ballads for example the beautiful song 'Per Te' by Josh Groban from the album Closer 'Un Amore Cosi Grande' by Andrea Bocelli from the album Incanto 'Un Flambeau, Jeannette, Isabelle' by Loreena McKennitt A Midwinter Night's Dream 'La Promesa' by Il Divo from the album The Promise 'Oiche Chiuin' by Enya And Winter Came 'The Prayer' by David Foster from the album Hit Man: David Foster And Friends (CD/DVD) and 'Com'e Bello fa L'Amore Quann'e Sera' by Liata from the album Intermezzo.

    Again....This music is for the more discerning listener who needs more than pop and rock. Sarah Brightman's A Winter Symphony is another rich addition to this romantic movement in music....more info
  • I lose respect for anyone who likes this collection of trite and worthless crud.
    I actually don't own this piece of crap cd. However, I've not only heard it, but I've also heard this joke of a performer live - just played a gig for the money. This woman sucks!!! It's all just show and no substance - really panders to the lowest common denominator....last remaining brain cells in people's empty heads. ...more info
  • A Diva's Divine Christmas
    This album came as a complete surprise to me, and that's just right for a season that's meant to be full of surprises. I've been a fan of Sarah Brightman's pop-opera style for a long, long time -- to me, she is the penultimate crossover artist of all time --, and since I love collecting (and listening to!) Christmas/December holiday albums, this was a must-have.

    The selections are a wonderful jumbled-up bag of very different songs, from the traditional fare like "Silent Night" and "In the Bleak Midwinter" (to which she gives an especially ethereal, child-like lilt on the last verse) to classical standards like Bach/Gounod's Ave Maria and Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring", to unusual Winter/Christmas-themed selections like Abba'a "Arrival", the rollicking, Big Band-flavored "I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday" and Emerson, Lake and Palmer's very adult and knowing "I Believe in Father Christmas", which she gives an especially knowing, almost tragically disillusioned rendering, as if it were the words of a little girl whose childhood dreams have melted like snow, when faced by the realities of adult life.

    Some of the sound engineering seemed a little uneven and I would have liked more of the broad orchestral sound that characterized her "Harem" and "Symphony" albums, but this is a delightful blend of songs which I will treasure for years and trill along to as I decorate my house for the holidays....more info
  • Have A Bright-Man Christmas!!!!
    Simply the most angelic voice known to man, a wonderful collection of holiday classics and cheer, if you are a Sarah devotee you will already have this title playing on your ipod!!!!...more info
  • Winter Symphony
    I enjoyed about half of the songs on this CD!
    This one was not up to the High Quality Level that all her other CDs have been for me!
    It did not put me into a Christmas Spirit as I thought it would!
    She has all the talent and drive to sing more Christmas Auries which can blow you away but not in the case of this Winter Symphony CD!
    I am still her greatest FAN!!...more info
  • Torture Gitmo Prisoners With This!
    This CD is best suited for torturing prisoners at Guantamano. Sarah Brightman sings every song in an irritating little girl voice. There might be some novelty value in the first track, as an Abba song performed by Sarah Brightman channelling the Bee Gees, but most potential buyers should run away screaming.

    On the other hand, playing this CD non-stop for the boys at Gitmo should win the war by Christmas.
    ...more info
  • Exquisite,Music
    Old holiday classics and new, cleverly chosen originals get the full orchestral treatment. Sarah Brightman's gorgeous voice is
    unparrelled. ...more info
  • More like A Winter Sinphony!
    For some reason unknown to me, and I'm a huge fan of Classical music, why is Sarah Brightman so famous? Her voice at best sounds like a 5 year old girl and at her worst is sheer torture. She sounds like she's on Helium! There are far better sopranos than her, yet they don't get the recognition she gets. There are some nice songs on this album with great arrangements; that's why I gave it two stars. I would have rated it higher if her voice wasn't so irritating. She is simply incredibly overrated!...more info
  • Lots of sound
    Brightman's tone is so bell-like, you'd think she would be a perfect fit for Christmas music. The problem is she also has a rather light, intimate voice, and this CD is anything but. Let the orchestra swell! Let the chorus sing! All this accompaniment borders on bombast, and in my opinion is inappropriate backing because she sometimes gets lost in it. A few tracks work better than others--"Arrival" is captivating, and "I Believe in Father Christmas" is a welcome cover. But even traditional fare like "Silent Night" and "In the Bleak Midwinter" get the heaving strings and chorus treatment. Oh well, it is called "A Winter Symphony." Maybe in the future we'll get hear to a simple treatment of something like Sarah channeling Petula on "The Happiest Christmas." Whatever material she chooses, hopefully she'll "turn up" in it, so to speak. By the way, gorgeous photo on the CD cover....more info
  • Beautiful As Always, But Not Her Best
    I am a fan of Sarah Brightman, so I make sure I get ALL her CD's. This one is beautiful as most of her work is, however, not my favorite of them. I was very happy she brought out a Winter CD though! Definitely get it if you are a fan! Those looking for a great Holiday CD will adore this as well!...more info
  • Correction to Sasha's Review
    Please note that the track Arrival is actually a Mike Oldfield song from his QE2 album. Lyrics have been added to Oldfield's original....more info
  • Great CD!
    This truly is one of the best Christmas CDs out there! A must for all the Sarah Brightman fans and not only!

    But it because you won't regret it! ...more info
  • Sarah Brightman jumps the shark
    I have been a devoted Sarah Brightman fan for years and years, and have been to most of her concerts but in this CD I see I can no longer ignore that she's going in a direction I don't want to go. Her song "Child in a manger" set to the music of Cat Steven's "Morning Has Broken" just did me in and in my book, she's officially jumped the shark. I was not thrilled with her prior CD "Symphony" but now having wasted another $20.00 on the winter version I'm done. I miss the days of La Luna and Harem but I think they are long gone....more info
  • A little winter brightness
    I love Sarah Brightman's music, and this CD is no exception. I read one comment that said she sounded like a little girl. That is the charm of Sarah. She can sound like that or a mature operatic star, and it all depends on the music she is presenting. She remains my favorite female vocalist, and in my opinion is one of the leading female vocalist in the world. ...more info
  • A beautiful winter album!
    I have been listening to this album everyday since Christmas and absolutely love it. Sarah's crystal clear voice is heavenly and even my young kids love listening to it. My favorite songs are #2 Colder than winter and #12 I believe in Father Christmas. Check out the videos for album, they are stunning. I highly recommend this CD and can see myself listen to it every winter....more info
  • Sarah Brighman
    Sarah Brightman probalby one of the greatest vocalist of all time, in this CD she perform may Christmas songs and I highly recommend that one add this CD to there Christmas list.

    enjoy! ...more info
  • Everything She Does Is Magic!
    I didn't think I was going to be able to enjoy this CD, but after a few listens I was hooked!
    She does a magical xmas CD like no one else, it's brilliant and different from anything I have ever heard before, including her previous records.
    Definitely worth buying....more info

    When A WINTER SYMPHONY was first released I picked it up in a heartbeat without so much as a look. I have all of Sarah's stuff and was not about to let this slip by, whatever it was.

    Upon giving it an initial listen, I was not overly impressed. In fact it was more like being significantly under-enthralled. However, THAT reaction was almost six months ago. After repeated exposure, this album as become, hands down, a prized gem in my collection of Sarah's music.

    Let's start at the bottom of the barrel as an illustration. `I WISH IT COULD BE CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY' is a vulgar trashy little tune, complete with vulgar thumping percussion. On hearing it, my first impression was, "What is Sarah doing singing this garbage?!?!?".

    That was THEN............ and illustrates all that I was missing. I have since come to view this cut as worthy of showcasing the entire album! Sure, it is STILL a trashy little tune, but just listen to what Sarah has DONE with it!! Her incorporation of the Steve Sidwell Big Band in the arrangement is knockout stuff. My advice would be to listen to Sarah as background (she won't go away) and focus in on what that Big Band is doing. Sarah is milking it all for everything she can get. Between the two and two and a half minute mark, if one is not howling in delight over the soaring escapades of those screaming trumpets........ WOW!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS MUSIC!!!!!!! THIS IS SARAH!!!!!!

    The Ave Maria Duet with Fernando Lima is in itself worth times over the price of the CD. Sarah was looking for an ideal vocal blend set in a desired interpretation and she got what she was after. The music is jaw dropping!! All the way along from the opening bar, have you been picking up on the magnificent development done by the London Symphony brass section???? YOU WEREN'T LISTENING!!!!! .......... and Sarah had them making those sounds for a very good reason!!!

    In this album, Sarah demonstrates fresh and new pure vocal stylings ......... she has already done that other stuff. Every selection in this collection (nice rhyme) is fully redeemed in a deeply musical sense and stands on it's own merits. Sarah sees to that.......

    So what about those not so hot reviews? That is reviewer deficiency, not Sarah's. Lots of people show up at the dock only to miss the boat...... some people hearing Sarah are better fitted to listening to Enya....... with Sarah and specially this recording, you have to LISTEN......

    With the effort, the delights will unfold...... which is exactly what Sarah had in mind all the time......

    ...more info
  • WOW!!!

    I have been a Sarah fan for many years. To me personally, the earlier stuff appeals more than the recent change in direction Mrs. Brightman is taking.

    I love the Phantom. Dive. Eden. Timeless. Fly.

    I also heard and loved her on the Harem tour. Her voice was divine.

    But this album is REALLY POOR.

    Her voice sounds shot despite her best efforts.

    And to top it off ... the pictures in the cd cover ... LOL ... especially the last one where she looks like she swallowed a lemon!!!!

    Oh my ... what were you thinking?????


    I sill love the Ave Maria song (the one she sings alone) but this is mostly due to the beatuy of this timeless song.

    The version sung with Lima is different, perhaps even interesting but not my favorite.

    Anyways, this CD ensures that I will not purchase any more music by this DIVA.

    Sorry, that's the honest truth!...more info
  • Crunch time Christmas orders.... delivery disappointment
    Though the product seems to be the right gift ordered from Amazon right before Christmas, it did, however, cost $11 USD in postage and came internationally. That wasn't something that was obvious to my dad & I when we ordered this gift for my mom's Christmas present. We knew it would be arriving before New Year's (according to the delivery estimate at the time of checkout/purchase). It didn't arrive until 2 weeks into January. Disappointing that some "sellers" don't disclose their location or where the shipment originates from, nor provide a fair estimate of the delivery given the destination. ...more info
  • Five stars for Sarah, -3 for the audio engineers
    If you looked at the other reviews, even some of her biggest fans panned this CD. I cannot fathom how Ms. Brightman could listen to this and not be disappointed. Her beautiful voice is overwhelmed by excessive orchestration and the lyrics cannot be heard. For example, "Amazing Grace" starts with minimal instrumental accompaniment and the beauty of her voice, but soon is drowned out by the orchestra. I tried to be be biased in her favor, but 2 stars is the best I could give. ...more info