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Omron HJ-113 Walking Style Step Counter Pedometer
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Product Description

Omron HJ-113 is a technological evolution in pedometers. It acts as a discreet partner to your exercise, an invisible accessory hidden from public scrutiny, that you can use throughout the day. The HJ-113 has been engineered with a new sensor technology that brings a whole list of added features than those found on more traditional step counters. Old style step counters have to be worn on the hip and the mercury movement detection mechanism they use is not particularly reliable, especially in cheaper models. Omron's new sensor technology means you can pop the HJ-113 discreetly into your pocket or bag and it will reliably count every step you take. It even automatically calculates the difference between normal walking about and the rhythmic pattern of an aerobic workout. Better yet, the Omron Step Counter doesn't just count your steps - it measures distance, too, and calculates calories and fat burned. With a 7-day memory, this step counter will motivate you to take more steps, every day, towards your fitness or weight loss goals. So add all your daily steps to tally your actual exercise with the Omron HJ-113. Whether you place it in your pocket, bag, or belt, this pedometer will help keep track of your continuous waling habits. Large display Includes Clock Detachable belt holder and security strap for the traditional sports walker

  • Unique dual accelerometer sensors let you carry your pedometer in your pocket or bag
  • Measures steps, aerobic movement, calories and distance
  • Separately displays aerobic steps and minutes walked more than 10 minutes continuously
  • 7-day history lets you review a full week of exercise
  • Resets at midnight automatically so it's ready to go every morning

Customer Reviews:

  • The Perfect Pedometer
    The Omron HJ-113 is just perfect for my walking needs. It is easy to set up and offers me a history of the past 7 days, with options for steps, miles, calories etc. My favorite feature is the double clip with strap. I've lost 2 previous pedometers, but won't loose this one. Recommend with confidence....more info
  • Didn't come with battery...
    This pedometer didn't come with a battery which has been a big pain in the butt! It is the third one I have ordered from this company and they have always come with batteries. This has delayed my use of it...i.e. I have not set it up yet and I got it a month ago...still don't have the battery. Would be so much better if the battery came with it so consumer could start using it right away. I would pay extra for the convenience!...more info
  • Worth the price
    I purchased this pedometer before the price reduction and it is still worth the higher price. It is easy to set up. Only had a minor problem inserting the battery since the battery cover screw is somewhat small. The unit fits snugly into the clip holder. I use the strap with the small clip attached to my clothing for extra security but the unit has not dislodged during heavy exercising. I am using it for just a few days and it is accurate whether in my pocket or clipped to my clothing. The re-setting at 12MN is nice however there is no way to turn off the pedometer to prolong battery usage....more info
  • It's okay
    The Omron HJ-113 does what it is supposed to do: count your steps, calculates calories burned, etc., but it has a glaring bug: there is no reset button to clear the "steps" display. (One can reset it but one must use the "system reset" whichs clears out everything requiring a complete setup again.) Or you can just wait until midnight when it automatically resets to zero.

    I start my walk at the front of my house, in the street. By the time I get out there the HJ-113 has registered about 10 to 15 steps so one must remember to subtract this number from the end-of-walk number. Assuming of course you remember to look at the number when you finish and don't add more steps as you walk inside the house. And assuming you can remember the number at the end of a bad walk.

    In the grand scheme of things this is a minor item but it made me mad that such a small thing would be left out or forgotten. I sometimes walk two times during a day and not being able to clear out the prior walk's data is a bummer....more info
  • The BEST Pedometer on the Market by FAR...
    I've spent plenty of money on pedometers that never seemed to work for me. The clips would break, the number of steps were never accurate, they'd fall off... never to be seen again. Until I found this one. This current model has a really COOL color scheme, but the underlying product is PHENOMINAL. For those reviews that say they "lost" their pedometer due to a falty clip, the only thing I can say there is they must not have engaged the safety strap that I clip to my belt loop to avoid such a situation. Of course, as a male, I wear pants with a belt loop, and so this has never been a problem. This current product is an upgrade from my previous one, which lasted nearly 4 years before the unit itself stopped working properly. An upgrade on this version from the previous one is the "reset" button is no longer on the front and accidental resets (a small problem previously) no longer occur.

    Options I love: 7 day memory, auto reset at midnight, EXTREMELY accurate counting of steps.

    My only "negative" comment about the product is the inaccurate counts I get when I wear the thing on long runs. Depending on where I put it, it can be off a bit, and I'm not annoyed enough by that to give it a negative star rating. That's what I get for taking the thing to the edge of it's capabilities. If you want the most accurate step counter on the market, you can't beat this product at the price it's offered. You could spend a lot more for a product as accurate, but why? ...more info
  • Great Pedometer...use it every day, and it is accurate.
    The product is great, and I've bought a few and given them to people who are into walking/running. I use it every day and it is accurate. Love the fact that it resets at midnight, and allows you to see your history for the week....more info
  • My wife is very happy
    My wife is no techie and has difficulties handling her cell phone, so I thought this pedometer would give her trouble. Not at all. She is walking her feet off, managing statistics, and entirely happy with her gadget. She has been using it daily for two months now. And the battery still works.
    Nicolas...more info
  • easy to use
    This is my first pedometer and it's incredibly easy to use. Set-up is also pretty simple - just a quick measure of 10 strides across the floor. I use it mostly for walking, but when I jog during my walks, it stays pretty accurate. Obviously, the jog stride is longer than the walking stride, but the measured distance is still within 5%, I'd say. As for the walking measurement, I tested it on a quarter mile track and it proved very accurate. I just clip it on my shorts or sweatpants and go. So light you forget it's there. So get one and get moving!...more info
  • Great Pedometer
    I like this pedometer because it is more accurate than other pedometers I have tried in the past and it's silent. It is also easy to set-up and use....more info
  • Omron Walking Style Pedometer
    This is an excellent pedometer! I exercise every day, and thought I was burning sufficient calories; however, this pedometer has given me a wake up call, and encouraged me to exercise more to meet my goals. I was amazed at the steps and miles I walk at work! I have lost several pounds since having this pedometer.

    ...more info
  • Defective product alert
    Be careful with this company. While some of their products are good, they take no responsibility for shipping out defective product. I bought this pedometer which never functioned. I thought it might be the battery and went out and bought a new one. It still didn't work. I called their customer service number (which was not easy to find) and left a message (no real human was available). No one ever bothered to call back. I contacted Amazon, but the 30 days had lapsed and they wash their hands of the matter as well. They did however, provide me with another customer service number where I was able to speak with "Jennifer".

    She asked me a couple of questions and explained that they send their product out with "trial batteries", which have very little charge, so they know that you are going to have to go buy a new battery pretty much right away. Jennifer offered to set up a repair order for me so I would have the priviledge of mailing the defective pedometer to Texas where they "might" be able to repair it. Of course there were no guarantees and there was a slight fee for the repair and no, they do not send you a shipping label or take any responsibility for shipping....I didn't bother wasting more time and money.

    They sure generated a lot of ill will for a product which cost less than $20 .......more info