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  • Saved $40 over Best Buy
    I was at Best Buy yesterday and the price was $149 and some cents. And this was their "new store" Nov 22, 08 sagging economy, poor sales Christmas prices. But since I've seen this happen before with the alien nation movies where Best Buy's price was also a huge amount higher.

    I waited to check out the Get Smart original TV series on Amazon and saved $40. So, I'm glad I waited.

    I will say that Best Buy did have the really cute 2008 Get Smart DVD case which turns into a shoe phone. I couldn't resist that.

    I'm disappointed to hear one of the other reviews that this does not have Close captioning. You don't have to be hard of hearing to use it. It works great in just allowing you to keep the TV low despite background noise in the house with people, pets, appliances and other superfluous noises. It also has the benefit of catching indistinct conversations on the show which would have been inaudible. Been using CC since 1985 and my hearing is perfect. Since CC can be done with computer translating, there's not a lot of excuse for not including CC or subtitles for viewers who would like to use it.

    CC is not just for the hard of hearing. It also helps people who have trouble with English or those with short attention spans or other medical issues.

    The only complaint I have about CC in general is on TV with the errant placement of the caption locations on the screen, blocking out things you are trying to see. There is no reason the networks are so sloppy in handling it. They have no problem placing crawlers at the bottom of the screen among other junk.

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    Don Adams starred as Maxwell Smart for 5 years on television and this set is highly recommended for fans of the show. Each year is highlighted by hours of extras including interviews and bloopers and priceless clips of Don Adams and his many television appearences. A perfect gift for someone who likes slapstick humor. Get this set and go back to a time of shoe phones, secret agent dogs, zany evil spies of Kaos and much more. ...more info
  • Get it NOW that's SMART!
    I paid twice as much to Time/Life a year ago for this as BestBuy has it today $109..and I don't feel ripped off at all...its worth every penny.
    EACH season has a bonus DVD chock full of amazing stuff from commercials to appearances on other shows (Andy Williams) to numerous EMMY awards wins..and a fabulous ROAST of Don Adams...his Eulogy...goodness they did this thing right..and the packaging..WOW..even more fun and functional. This is the best set of a TV series I own and I own many. If you are only a casual fan I'd consider buying each season as they come out....they are cheap at $16 and do not have the bonus disc..which is essential viewing for true fans! The prints are great..each episode has an intro by beautiful Barbara Feldon (Agent 99) ...this is one of my treasures along with the Twilight Zone complete series. I've dipped into this over and over in the last year and have never once regretted the purchase. For a kid who grew up in that era its great on so many levels. With the economy as it is I felt compelled to review this set from the standpoint of value and I certainly think its a fabulous deal for fans.

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  • Would You Believe ???
    This is classic television at it's best, and a trip down memory lane, to boot. Who can forget these classic phrases?
    -would you believe?
    -sorry about that, Chief !!
    -missed it by that much !!
    -what's he saying, Max? He wants me to get my knee of his chest !!
    -of course ! The old camera in the gun in the camera trick !!
    .That's the second time I've fallen for it this month !!
    -and.....loving it !!
    -you're worth two 43's, 86 !!
    -if only he had used his talent to work for the forces of niceness
    .instead of the forces of rotteness !!

    And let's not forget the Cone of Silence !!

    It is refreshing to watch a program that does not need to resort to vulgar language and filth to be humorous.
    One almost misses the Cold War era. At least we know who our enemies were !!
    And, last but not least, there was Agent 99 !! The prettiest spy in history !!

    PS And this show is a treat for auto enthusiasts, with all those
    1960s Chrysler and Ford products !!

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  • Great Series
    How many catch phrases came out of this series? "Sorry about that chief" "He missed it by that much" " and loving it" "Would you believe" The shoe phone doesn't seem so far fetched as it did back then. You can tell the series was made in the 60's. The asians and hispanics are played by white actors. Get Smart is a great series. Get this boxed set with all the extras. ...more info
  • Get Smart
    This is an excellent presentation of the Get Smart series filmed in the 60's. My kids and I enjoy it over and over. A very handsome box set. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Complete GET SMART series.
    I received a single series for Christmas. One of my granddaughters loved it. I purchased this complete series for her birthday. IT WAS A HIT!...more info
  • Good Times, Great Show

    For those of you who only know of Maxwell Smart from last year's movie, let me start by saying the series is a million times better. Don't believe me? Would you believe a thousand? No, OK, probably like a hundred. But that's still a hell of a lot.

    Get Smart is easily one of the funniest shows to come out of the late 60's-early 70's. While the movie does it justice, it misses it by that much. This is slapstick spy-spoofery at its finest. Parodies of the Bond movies and just about every other spy/mystery series of the time are here and hilarious.

    The entire series is here, including three seasons that are not yet sold individually. That means if you want them now, you gotta buy the set (Which you can do at the top and bottom of this review: hint, hint). Unlike so many TV box sets, this one doesn't skimp on the special features either. Commentary from pretty much every major living cast/crew member, award show appearances, celebrity roasts, its all included.

    The packaging looks like the doors leading into Control HQ, which gives the set a unique, possibly collectible exterior. This set cheaper than the identical one released by TimeLife, so that's a plus.

    Overall, this is one of the best box sets of a TV series I've ever plunked down the cash for. If you like classic comedy, it doesn't get much better than this. Five out of five stars....more info
  • A Classic Television Comedy
    Get Smart must certainly be ranked as one of the most outstanding comedies of the 1960's. The show was highly successful both in terms of ratings and as a social phenomenon: the series was widely quoted and mimicked, and numerous catchphrases from the series found their way into vernacular use almost immediately upon the show's inception. Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, Edward Platt, and a host of others became famous from the show, and its five-year run (on two networks, no less) was nothing less than an apogee of television for the period.

    Get Smart is based on a premise that, today, perhaps holds little meaning. Maxwell Smart, secret agent "86," works for a secret U.S. spy organization called "CONTROL" (the name is not an acronym) whose nemesis, "KAOS" (again, the word is a name, not an acronym) were in constant cold-war-style efforts to subvert one another. Someone once asked Max in an episode how one could tell the "good" spies from the "bad" spies. Max's answer was simple: "The good secret agents work on OUR side; the bad secret agents work on THEIR side." This is the basic premise of the show, a comedy based in part on the James Bond series of movies, by this point in time achieving its first international notoriety, but within the structural format of a situation comedy. This was the Cold War played out in a series of comedy vignettes, with nothing taken too seriously even if it meant the potential end of the free world once each week.

    There are a number of factors which made the series so successful. As with most successful TV shows, the writing was uniformly excellent (particularly in seasons 1 - 3), with two-person writing teams used to develop many of the episodes. The show capitalized on both the Cold War fears and interests of the time, but also jumped on the James Bond phenomenon, which was an excellent background for satirical humor. But we can also in hindsight see that it is unlikely the show would have shot to such levels of popularity had it not been for the casting of Adams, Feldon, and Platt. These three made the perfect trio, with Adams yucking it up as the daffy secret agent who always, miraculously, came through in spite of his ineptness, Platt as the Chief who had the perpetual headache due to Max's behavior, and the moderating and professional competence of Feldon. Nearly every episode capitalized on the dynamic created by the contrasts within this ensemble.

    Given the unique premise and idiosyncratic setting in which Get Smart became popular, it would seem natural to believe that the show would never be enjoyable to watch outside of the political and social context in which it was created. This feeling could be magnified when we consider that the show contains so much political and social commentary as a background for its episodes. It is an odd irony of the series that for some reason, perhaps due to the extent to which the show pushed its unique character, Get Smart remains extremely entertaining today. It's true that this type of humor is not everyone's cup of tea, but for most, its mix of sophmoric, tag-line humor combined with moments of sophisticated insight make it a unique entry into the comedy world, a classic that retains its humor, warmth, and charm. Some people describe the show as hysterically funny, and indeed, it can be. The humor works so effectively that, even if one has all the lines and scenes memorized, laughs are still evoked. (And Get Smart is one of those shows that defies all convention by becoming even more funny when episodes are repeatedly re-watched.)

    Many have been waiting for years for this series to be released on DVD, and as aggravating as the wait was, it was completely worth it. The video and audio transfer from the original film stock is so outstanding that it almost appears as though the series was filmed last year rather than almost half a century ago. The image quality is incredibly crisp and colorful to the point that even those who have watched the show in reruns on television for years will have the unexpected experience of seeing the show in an entirely new light. Add to that the restoration of segments that have been habitually cut out to maximize commercial time, and it becomes a uniquely enjoyable experience to sit down and plow through the entire set once again.

    If you have never watched Get Smart, I can tell you that this is one of the truly great comedy shows to have ever been made, and chances are you'll find a lot to enjoy in it. If you are a veteran get Smart watcher, you probably are not even reading this review, because you have already purchased the set the moment it became available. Buy the set, and if a concerned spouse raises a "magenta alert" about the $139 price tag, just say "Sorry about that, Chief!"

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  • Got Smart
    Loved the show. I would have liked to hear more about what the chief did after the show went off the air. I thought it was very well done and very funny....more info
  • Just as I remembered it.
    It's great the old classic TV shows are available. 20 years from now, these shows will still be entertaining and fun for the whole family. The shows on TV today won't make it to "classic" status....more info
  • Get Smart And Get It
    I received my order within five days and I must say that everything about Get Smart-The Complete Gift Set certainly was well beyond my expectations. You get the complete Get Smart series in impeccable transfers all in vibrant color and terrific sound, loaded with special features and bonus footage, and filled with laughs and memories galore. Not to mention the wonderfully creative and durable packaging. Folks, this is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy hours of good clean and comedic fun. A Smart buy at a Smart price. Kudos to HBO for such a well conceived and wonderful tribute to a nugget of television from the tempest tossed times of the 60's.
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  • J Vanz
    When I was a kid Get Smart reruns were on at least 10 times a day. Being a big fan of Mel Brook's movies, this show soon became my favorite. Then, it disappeared from free TV. And, the building I lived in wasn't wired for cable. Plus, when I got cable the shows were edited. I couldn't even find it on VHS. I also had some bad bootleg experiences. So now, finally, they put it on DVD at a reasonable price. You get all 5 seasons, every episode uncut, tons of extras and history. Plus, it comes in cool packaging. Now, as big Get Smart fan, I no longer have to depend on any TV station to watch it. I OWN IT! ...more info
  • "Smart" Purchase
    The "Get Smart" series is a great DVD collection!!! It's a good, clean show that will keep everyone of all ages laughing....more info
    I ordered this from Amazon using the free shipping option on Sunday March 15 and it arrived Thursday March 19. Some of the discs were dislodged but not scratched or damaged. The disc holders were intact. The package is not flimsy. In fact it's very thick and sturdy. After you remove the shrink rap face the opening toward you. DO NOT pull the thin carboard interior out of the hard cardboard casing. The first door drops down like the back of the semi in Knight Rider. The second opening is an upper and lower doorway that opens top upwards and bottom downwards. Finally the phone booth doors. Open them outward like a double door closet. At fist getting the disc sets out is a bit of a trick, but if you carefully follow these instructions you will have a well preserved box set that you can proudly display and easily access. Go back to the double top and bottom doors where the doors meet the sturdy part of the box. This is where the problem lies. Simply fold the thin part of the doors about a quarter of an inch toward you and carefully cut with a scissor. Do not cut the doors themselves. Yes you can just simply cut all the doors completely off, but that would kill the intended tribute of Maxwell Smart Agent 86 reporting for work. Each season is packaged in it's own box. A four section fold out with overlapping discs (my only peeve) 4 for the show and 1 for bonus features, a pamphlet with episode list, bonus features list, and anecdote from someone involved with or inspired by the show, all in a plastic sleeve. 5 seasons 25 discs total. All episodes are English only audio and closed caption. Not subtitled. You may have to go to your dvd player's main menu (not the disc menu) to activate this option. And of course your television must have the closed caption option also. I'm not sure when TVs first offered this option, but if you have to get up and turn a circle dial by hand to change the channel you definately do not have a television with closed caption capability. Now that you know the physical applications of how to make this box set work for you, and not against you, please don't listen to the reviews of the people that didn't have the "Smarts" to figure it out. ...more info
  • Still Funny...
    Very funny stuff. I watched the original series on TV. This is still EXTREMELY funny stuff.

    Interesting stuff I noticed (comparing to TV today): they light a lot of cigarettes, but very rarely actually smoke them....more info
  • Excellent re-mastered collection
    I was not sure that I would enjoy the remastered (in color rather than black/white) versions of the Get Smart series. However, I was NOT disappointed with this set. The color is good and the additional bonus tracks are quite interesting.

    I loved the Get Smart comedy series when I was a kid, and I love this series. It is well worth the $$! If you are not familiar with the Get Smart series, it is a spy spoof comedy with zany gadgets and funny one-liners. If you enjoyed the Pink Panther movies, you would probably enjoy the Get Smart series.

    The series starts off a little slow, but gets funnier and more engaging as you watch later episodes....more info
  • Great series-great price $86.99 (get it?)
    I loved this series growing up and finaly got the DVD's. I remember laughing so much at this show and now I can watch them any time I want to.
    Did anyone else catch the price? Was this a little injoke? ...more info
  • Real Slapstick and Original Comedy
    "Would you believe"'s OK? How about pretty good? How about I absolutely LOVE it?

    I was 12 when it first aired. I loved it then; I love it now. It has all the elements of real comedy with original comedy as well. At 54, I am able to appreciate it even more for its great writing and lovable characters. It was really a brilliant series. Every episode is packed with Don Adams' brand of humor, Barbara Feldon's beautifully enamoured reaction to Maxwell Smart though she was probably smarter than he, Ed Platt with his lovable face and straight-man sometimes comedic delivery, Bernie Kopell's comedic timing along with Don Adams, and all the other wonderful characters created. The commentaries are really interesting and informative.

    It's witty, fun, and you will really get wrapped up in the episode. If you feel like your laughing will send you to the floor, you better locate a phone booth (if you can). Who knows? You might be transported to "Control".

    Personally, I want to thank all of the people who created this marvelous show for the laughter in a time when we were in such turmoil. It provided an escape into a world of happiness and silliness, and gave us something to hold onto. Thank all of you....more info
  • Love the series...Hate the careless packaging!
    Don't get me wrong...I love Get Smart! The series is a prime example of what television should still be! But what is happening to quality control!! I paid $109.00 for this package on Amazon. It arrived sealed..Brand new! But fifteen of the discs were scratched and fingerprinted! Ten of those looked like they were played with by infants! Please, if you are a DVD collector and this is happening to you...complain! These things are outrageously priced and should be perfect. I blame the manufacturers. They are probably packed by people making minimum wage who don't care. I am at the point where I am afraid to buy DVDS! Every package I buy has at least one or two bad discs. Take a look at yours. If any are scratched or marked...Let people know!...more info
  • Would You Believe...
    ... the entire series, each year's episodes in a colorful 1960s mod-style slip-case, loaded with extras and an intro commentary for each episode by Barbara Feldon (Agent 99) with liner notes for each season - all tucked into a heavy slipcase with a triple door opening that mimics the classic title sequence? I started laughing as soon as I opened the box.

    Uncut, re-mastered in glorious color - all but the pilot episode which was in black and white - and loaded with extras, it's an hysterically amusing romp down TV's memory lane. "Get Smart" was always more than just a send-up of the whole James Bondish-007-techno-spy-cold-war-standoff genre. It sent up everything - there was no element of popular culture left unscathed by the writers and performers: everything from war movies to the "Wild One", hippies and rock music, every movie with a fiendish mastermind and out of-the way lairs, robot henchmen, incredible gadgets, beautiful and conniving female henchpersons, and ever so much more. Mention the show to people of a certain age and without fail they will recall the shoe phone and/or the cone of silence. What they might have forgotten is how many later-famous guest stars there were, and even some legends; Bob Hope showed up in a bit part as a room-service waiter; talk about stunt casting!

    "Get Smart" stands up very well, all things considered and especially considering the current television comedy on broadcast channels. I had forgotten how many catch-phrases seeped into popular culture from the ineffable, bumbling yet ultimately successful Agent 86: "Sorry about that, Chief!", "Missed it by that much", "I told you not to tell me that!" and "Would you believe.....?" Max fought for goodness and niceness, buoyed up by a serene and never shaken confidence in his own abilities. And the fact that it was sheer dumb good luck, or the timely intervention of Agent 99, or Fang, the canine agent - or something else miraculously removing his chestnuts from proximity to an intense heat source - that never dismayed Maxwell Smart for a second.

    All the series episodes are here, neatly organized with each season in a separate folder, four discs of episodes and a fifth bonus-feature disc - plus a neat little four-page index. The producers in some cases have really gone the extra length in rooting out contemporary promos, appearances by stars on other shows, a birthday roast of Don Adams at the Friars' Club, contemporary NBC broadcast standards memos, blooper reels, Emmy Awards appearances, and more. This collection is truly a labor of love for everyone involved in putting it together. ...more info
  • A Great Deal and Must Have Set for Get Smart Fans
    I was so excited earlier this year when the First Season of Get Smart was released on DVD at a reasonable price. I was delighted once again to see that the rest of the series was going to be available in a complete.

    The packaging was very unique. I was quite surprised that a company would go to the trouble of creating a slip case with fold out sets of doors (imitating the doors Maxwell Smart walks through in the credits). It was a really nice touch. Each season is packaged individually in a foldout case that slides into a clear sleeve that is decorated with Mod circles. The foldout cases contain a booklet with an episode list and pertitent information, the episode DVDs, and a DVD containing bonus material. The bonus material is very interesting in most cases. The first season bonus features alone contained a couple of documentaries, footage of Don Adams pre Get Smart, and an introduction to new NBC shows hosted by Don Adams in character as Maxwell Smart. Lots of fun!...more info
  • Excellent
    The series brings back good old memories when I first saw it in the 60's. I recommend it to everyone who still likes innocent jokes, lots of unusual situations and lots of laughs....more info
  • As funny as we remembered
    I bought this as a gift for my husband. He and my son are thoroughly enjoying these episodes - other than the fact that we sometimes have to pause the DVD to explain to my son how things were different in the 1960s (i.e. a lack of cell phones and other technology). If you are Get Smart fan, you will enjoy this set....more info
  • Get Smaqrt!?
    This type of comedy is rare in today's market. To be understated and not requiring loud laughter is an art that seems to have been lost with vaudeville. Don Adams manages to extract a maximum of comedy from a few well chosen words and actions that are reinforced by excellent scripts and supporting actors. ...more info