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At Last! (Eco-Friendly Packaging)
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This is Etta James's first full-length album, recorded for Chess Records' Argo subsidiary in 1960. It taps all aspects of her then-blossoming talent. There's the crooning rock ballad "My Dearest Darling" and the elegantly symphonic "Sunday Kind of Love." Her classic, brokenhearted "All I Could Do Was Cry" follows the sweet title track and the bawdy blues stomper "I Just Want to Make Love to You." And there's a version of Harold Arlen's "Stormy Weather," which Lena Horne made famous. James's fine way with such a wide embrace of material wouldn't again be this well displayed on a single album until she was united with producer Jerry Wexler for 1977's Deep in the Night. --Ted Drozdowski

The R&B queen's classic collection is augmented this time around by a long-overdue digital remastering, plus a few bonus tracks, presumably for those who found the original album a little on the brief side. In addition to James's well-known hits, including "I Just Want to Make Love to You" and "Stormy Weather," there are four additional songs: "My Heart Cries," "Spoonful," "It's a Crying Shame," and "If I Can't Have You." Although one might cynically suggest that these were added to give Etta fans something to purchase besides The Essential Etta James, it's definitely true that these tracks are worth hearing. --Genevieve Williams

Customer Reviews:

  • the very best indeed
    This here is another collection of Marvin Gaye's work coming from the Motown vaults. As we all know, Marvin has many classics under his belt and he serenades the listeners while working his groove. The history speaks for itself. And if that isn't enough for the average person, or someone that has all of Marvin's albums and does not want to buy another greatest hits collection, there is an unreleased track included that is entitled "Where are we going?". Once again, it shows him pouring more emotion than the average singer out these days. So in conclusion, I say this should be another addition to your Marvin Gaye collection. As the title of his 1995 box set states, he is "The Master" indeed. Rest in Peace MPG. We'll remember you>...more info
  • Great, Wonderful, Fantastic!!!
    This CD was given to me as a gift because I mentioned it in passing(isn't that sweet!!). Anyway, the only song I knew was At Last, now I've found other songs by Ms. James that I find just as great if not better. A good investment!!!...more info
  • what a voice
    hearing Etta James sing is a treat period.she has a drive in her voice that sends chills down your spine.her version of Stormy Weather is tough.and at last is a classic that is timeless.the Lady is bad.if Tina Turner had have stayed (i Respect her alot)more blues than Pop she might have sounded like Etta James....more info
  • Early Etta -- At Her Best
    I'm sure you've heard her biggest hit - "At Last" which is included here, but the variety of styles featured on the balance of this excellent album is quite surprising. A truly gifted soul shouter, blues queen and balladeer. If you appreciate fine female singers - you'll love this....more info
  • At Last....the song that changed my music listenings
    When I heard At Last on a T.V commercial for Jaguar for the first time,I was just speeechless.It blew me away. Most of my friends and I were into those hard core alternative music,so nobody could not tell me who the singer was. Luckily, I had a chance to hear the song once again in the movie "Rain Man".I bought the sound track right away and found out who the singer was. I immediately fell love with her magnificent voice and her singing ability, and blues has become my favorite music listening. This must be the finest album of Etta ever....more info
  • Etta,Etta,Etta
    I first heard Etta James about 5 yrs. ago, but had no idea who it was. I heard her song "At last" and was blown away by her voice and that song!!! I knew that would be my wedding song someday. I finally found out who it was singing "that song" and enjoy listening to her every chance I get. I'm getting married this year, and "At last" will be playing as I dance my first dance with my husband!!...more info
  • The best of Etta's "Best Ofs" were some of her first albums
    At Last! The digitally remastered release with bonus tracks is this one, so you don't need the Essential Etta James, this is it, and it is truly essential. I personally can't live without this album in regular rotation; it's a superb pick-me-up that just grabs your heart from the get-go and keeps you smiling and grooving all the way through. At last! showcases Etta's power as the hottest blues diva on the 60's circuit, and along with Etta James Rocks the House you've got two of the best CDs ever put out in blues and R&B . She'll rock your house till it rolls right over; these tunes have stood the test of time and should be on everyone's most played lists....more info
  • Etta James -- "At Last"
    Simply one of the finest female jazz vocalist of all time...and one of the finest collections on CD as well....more info
  • How Have I lived this long without Etta James?
    I discovered this album totally by accident and while listening for the first time I was totally taken in by this captivating singer. Of course, I've heard "At Last" in a few ads and movies and always liked the song, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it's only one great song by this singer. I've listened to this non stop since I got it two days ago and I bought a second copy to go in my car. I highly recommend this!...more info
  • Spectacular!
    This is classic Etta James with such songs as At Last, If I Can't Have You and Stormy Weather. I love the "Best of" CD's like this one because every song is a gem and this is no exception. Her voice is powerful and raw and will reach right into your soul. This is a great album to listen to on the iPod while taking a walk on a Sunday afternoon or to listen to on the stereo at home over a romantic Saturday night dinner. The nice thing is that these old songs have been all remastered and sound sooo much better than they did when they were on old 78's or 45's. Listening to this now, it could have been recorded last week.

    I had forgotten about some of these songs but this brings them back and I remember why I loved them in the first place. Even if this music is new to you, if you love artists like Whitney Houston or Glady's Night, I think you'll like this one. For me, it will provide many hours of pleasure. Two thumbs up for this collection!...more info
  • At Last I Found Her
    I had never really paid much attention to Etta James growing up in the 60's. But a year ago I heard some absolutely beautiful music while visiting my son and his girlfriend. It was Etta James. What a voice. I do not know how I missed her before, but now I have found her. Within days I had tracked down this CD. I play it at least once a week. I am not a musician, but I certainly recognize the quality of her voice, the range, and her fantastic control. This is an essential CD for anyone who enjoys female R&B....more info
  • at last "the Best"
    I heard about Etta James from my boyfriend and I could not resist to listen because of his comments.
    I was surprised. She has such wonderful voice and the songs are so perfect for the blues !!!
    I bought this c.d. and after thatI had bought another 5 C.D.'S more, all of them very good music, but AT LAST is the best......more info
  • Voice of pure silk
    I am enjoying this CD. All my friends that listen to it tell me what was going on in their lives when it came out. Thank you Etta for such sweet memories with your voice of pure silk. Johnalita
    ...more info
  • alas, At Last
    Good music but rather poor production quality. This should be remastered and re-released to allow Etta's music to shine as it should, can and does on her newer works....more info
  • Never Heard of Etta James? You jest!
    Etta James occupies a special place in music history, one that may have been overshadowed by rock and roll or other soul/blues singers who may well have catered to the "pop" culture of the time. If you've only heard a bit of "At Last" on a Fancy Feast catfood commercial, you can appreciate this lady's work. This is a steal at the price for some great songs!...more info
  • Sheet Music Search for Etta James version of At Last
    This is not a review-but a question-Do you know where I can buy the sheet music for At Last? I have searched the web and no one seems to have it. Thanks-I hope someone can help....more info
  • Etta James, National Treasure
    This is one of the most pleasurable CDs on the market. This collection of Etta's songs showcases her considerable talent as a blues singer. Though the instrumentation is dated on some of the songs (the strings soar a little too high), her voice saves the day, alternately powerful and vulnerable.

    Her version of "I Just Want to Make Love to You" rocks harder than the Rolling Stones version, and that is no small feat. 'At Last' is a great song, and her vocal interpretation is the best out of many artists who attempted it. 'Sunday Kind of Love' is another masterpiece, as is her rendition of 'Stormy Weather'. Not a bad song on the record.
    Etta James is a national treasure. Thanks for the beautiful, heart-felt music.

    As an aside, does anyone else see a resemblance between Etta's singing and Janis Joplin?...more info
  • Etta James At Last CD
    I like the CD, but there is a lot of feedback from the amplifier during the song play on the CD - it ruins parts of the songs. ...more info
  • Her First and Best album
    "Stormy Weather" and "I just Want to make love to you" are both Great songs that she sung with heart. She hit the pop charts with songs on this album and created a new vocal model....more info
  • One of a Kind Etta James
    She is an awesome talent that is one of a kind. She still knows how to work a stage like a beast (check out her recent Austin City Limits performance). She come from a time when the voice was the thing, and she has that thing almost better than anyone else. Check out this album you won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • Etta James at last!
    The music quality had been fixed up,(do'nt know the word) to sound really great! I listened to the music when I was a teen, forty-five years ago. It sounded better now, even though I truly thought it was the best & loved the songs then!...more info
  • Words Escape me
    I can't stop listening to this cd. I love the style and Etta's voice is incredible. My favorite songs are the first 3 and the last 3. She has spunk and she adds a lot to the music. She's talented. Buy this cd. This is real music. It's fun and very danceable!...more info
  • AMAZING music
    To hear the purity of Etta James is to be as close to perfection as is possible on this planet. "At Last" alone is worth the price of this phenomenal collection of soulful exuberant song collection. I cannot praise too highly when I tell you that this music has uplifted my very being, just from the deep feeling this woman has given to each note - each syllable. Whether she is rocking with Harvey Fuqua (of the Moonglows) on the song "It's A Crying Shame" or doing her own very special take on the classic "Stormy Weather" in a reach-right-into-your-gut variation, the ride you take is a thrilling one in so many ways.

    I fell in love with this song all over again when I heard a singer at a favorite resort do this number and strangely enough when a ventriloquist through a puppet sang this title song that I just had to own this CD and I'm so glad I did. Etta James has joined Aretha Franklin for me as the royalty of soulful music. And that's saying something since I fell hard for Aretha while still in my teens so many years ago.

    "Sunday Kind Of Love" is another cut that deserves high praise. The phrasing alone is superb, and if these songs don't touch you, I would seriously consider a soul transplant.

    If you love music that moves you and makes you glad you're alive, this CD is a MUST....more info
  • unhappy camper
    I did not received my order because you sent it by the USPS. Amazon does not allow a PO Box as a shipping address and you won't say how it is being shipped. Since only physical address is allowed my order was sent back by the post office. This was not the first time this has happened but it will be the last. Barnes and Noble has what I want....more info
  • Gotta Get Etta, at last!
    So glad I got this album! It's all here! Won't point out my fav cuts; if you're a blues/Etta lover you'll figure yours out - they're all there. If you're not(yet), this will be your epiphany - this stylist and the selections are astounding. [Note "Sunday Kind Of Love" and "Stormy Weather".]

    ...more info
  • poor disc quality
    I order this disc twice...both were listed as new. The first disc would not track properly in my auto CD player. Returned the first and recieved the replacment...same problem with first. Will not track properly in the car CD player. I burnt the disc onto a generic CD-R and it works fine. I've been told that occasionally music labels will use less than quality material and have results similar to mine. too bad considering the cost of quality CD's today. No reason to cut corners. ...more info
    Miss Etta James is a treasure. I first heard her back in the 70's and this re-issue is a masterpiece. Forget the Whitney's and the Mariah's..listen to a real Diva sing. You can feel her music....more info
  • Etta James With A Vitamin For The Soul!!!!!!! have to remember this is a debut album we're talking about.And even at Chess,the name of the game at the start of the 60's was 45 RPM singles. Well I am sure what's here were single sessions but when put together.........the effect is just hard to describe. If you have ANY doubt that Etta James was the original Queen Of Soul this is completely affirming. She and Aretha are just going to have to share that title;they're both essential. Even if you haven't seen the film Cadillac Records and don't know anything,even if semi fictionalized about what was going on inside Etta's heart as she recorded this,what you hear on this album will amaze you.The remastering album,especially for the original music's vintage makes it sound showroom new;Etta's voice is heard in all it's glory. What do I hear when I hear Etta's voice?She's smokey,firey and can plain just attack the mic with a raspy growl.It's also clear and some of most wonderfully phrased singing I can think of.So tell you something you don't know right?I don't know if that's possible so I'll work with my own impressions right now. EVERY song on this album is full of soul-EVERYTHING!The Riley Hampton Orchestra just melts like carmel,setting a nearly impossible standard for all soul music orchestration to come.Now we've all heard the title song;it's one of those undisputed R&B classics that's etched into the subconscious of pretty much everyone. On music such as "Anything To Say You're Mine","Trust In Me" and works of utter beauty such as "A Sunday Kind Of Love" and "All I Could Do Is Cry",a tune on which Etta falls into her lowest possible vocal register you hear the whole emotional heart of her talent;the ecstacy and agony,the joy and the pain,the blues and the gospel-she gives you everything,even if there's that unmistakable 50's style R&B "swinging" style to the arrangment. Etta can also throw down some serious blues too;the assertive sexuality of her spin on Willie Dixon's "I Just Want To Make Love To You" would be more then proof enough but then you get four bonus tracks;all wonderful uptempo Chess rhythm & BLUES (emphasis on that) with Harvey Fuqua;"Spoonful","It's A Crying Shame","If I Can't Have You" and the slow burning "My Heart Cries". On the album your going to get like minded tunes such as "Tough Mary" and "Boy Of My Dreams".I am not exactly sure how much of the emotion in these songs actually came from Etta's real life but either way she always sings a song they way she feels it and that is exactly what you'll get on everyone of these songs.Whatever era of music you happen to be into,or even if you don't have anymore Etta James (and you should probably collect as much of her stuff as you can) this is something you going to want as part of your R&B collection!...more info
  • Etta James is a treasure known to few. To few.
    This is a classic everyone should posess...more info
  • Etta James At Last CD
    Probably the best CD I own. Every song is great. Her voice is fabulous. You really get more than your money's worh....more info
  • Shipping Issue
    I'd ordered several of these CDs, which were put into one bubble envelope, but not individually wrapped -- consequently, they arrived with three of the jewel cases cracked....more info
  • At Last
    This particular song by Etta James, is truly one to give you goosebumps. John...more info
  • Great!
    This is really Etta James at her best. I was very pleased with the cd and with the good packing and fast receipt. Thanks!...more info
  • At Last by Etta James
    I think Etta James is a first-rate singer and love the songs on this album....more info
  • W-O-W
    I've always loved the song "At Last," but I never knew who sang it. I bought the Pleasantville soundtrack last year, simply because that song was on it (Fiona Apple turned out to be a nice surprise -- but that's another review, isn't it?). When I looked this up on amazon, I hadn't even realized that Ms. James sang "I Just Want to Make Love to You" -- what a fun, sexy song that is! And "Stormy Weather" could really be messed up, but this version is all her own! However, I must say that my favorite discovered treasure on this album is "A Sunday Kind of Love" -- they pretty much don't get any more perfect than this. One word of caution: the only song on this whole album that's a bit grating is #11, "My Heart Cries." Set your CD player to pass it, sit back, and enjoy......more info
  • At last!
    At last! I found a real singer. The first time I heared his powerful voice and deep feeling, I'm sure that she is one of the most important singer female and I try to get more information and CD's of her. I'm involved in a rescue of the masters of the blues and I think that Etta has an important place in the scene of the music in this century....more info
  • poor disc quality
    I order this disc twice...both were listed as new. The first disc would not track properly in my auto CD player. Returned the first and recieved the replacment...same problem with first. Will not track properly in the car CD player. I burnt the disc onto a generic CD-R and it works fine. I've been told that occasionally music labels will use less than quality material and have results similar to mine. too bad considering the cost of quality CD's today. No reason to cut corners. ...more info