Microsoft SideWinder X5 Mouse
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Product Description

This Microsoft SideWinder X5 Mouse is designed with all the gaming features you need to own your opponent. Get the latest and greatest gaming features from a mouse that's built for fast action. Five programmable buttons, including vertical side buttons put all the control at your fingertips, and the high performance laser tracking engine keeps the action fast and furious. Engineered for Speed - Right-handed shape designed for quick, balanced, precise gaming action. 1) RESOLUTION - 2000 DPI laser. 2) IMAGE PROCESSING - 7080 frames per second. 3) MAX ACCELERATION - 20 G. 3)MAX SPEED - 45+ inches per second. 4) USB REPORTING - Full-speed, 500 Hz.5) BUTTONS (Left/Right) - Rated to 10 million clicks. Quick Launch Button - One-touch access to Microsoft PC Gaming features. Quick Turn - Check your perimeter with the click of a button. Wide Rubber Scroll Wheel - With detent clicking action. Built to Last - Main button life - Rated to 10,000,000 clicks. System Requirements - Windows XP or Windows Vista, USB Port. 3 Year Warranty

  • 2000 DPI Laser Tracking Engine - For fast action
  • Built to Last - Main button life: Rated to 10,000,000 clicks
  • On-the-Fly DPI Switching - Instantly switch sensitivity between high (2000), medium (800), and low (400) with one click.
  • Five Programmable Main Buttons - Customize your main gaming buttons to your preference.
  • Macros - Create and assign macros out-of-game using included software.

Customer Reviews:

  • Sidewinder x5... takes some getting used to
    So i bought this mouse and received it pretty soon afterwards. It's a great mouse with buttons to change sensitivity on the fly and 2 buttons at the side that are convenient but feel a little weird. Overall this mouse is beastly once you get used to its size (took me almost 2 weeks to get comfortable with it). I recommend it to anybody who doesn't have small hands....more info
  • X5: Comfortable With Cool Features
    As a gaming mouse, it gets four stars because of its comfortable shape and convenience features.

    The generous size and curvature makes it easy to maintain grip during intense gaming action and it's extremely comfortable to my [XL glove-sized] hand.

    The three DPI on-the-fly buttons are great for both gaming and for general use. These can be individually assigned laser resolutions of 200, 400, 800, 1000, 1600 or 2000 dpi - I love this feature!

    There's a convenient logo button which opens the "Games" folder in Vista.

    Wheel tracks nicely and clicks firmly. This mouse does not provide left or right sideways wheel movement...the X5's bigger flaw is its lack of side scrolling.

    The two vertical thumb buttons protrude a bit for easy thumb tip access. I accidentally press these at times when web browsing as I pick up the mouse.

    The X5 is awesome if you don't mind right-hand only. I prefer symmetrical for both hands (I game left and work right). The features are very nice and it's exceptionally comfortable....more info
  • Good, if you don't mind a wide grip. Should be more comfortable for large hands.
    What stands out the most about this mouse is actually the shape. If you're a palm grip gamer, it feels just right -- when you first put your hands on it. There is a place to rest for the ring finger, and if you claw grip, your pinky can rest there too. However, it feels like one needs to spread their hand more than they should for this mouse and it actually puts some slight strain in the long run. The mouse doesn't actually look that big, but it seems to be better for people with larger hands. I think Microsoft just loves making things feel big, like the first "hamburger" Xbox controller, which most people did not find comfortable or easy to use.

    It's mostly plastic, but the sides where your thumb and ring finger rest is a smooth grip so at least that feels nice.

    There are 5 plastic feet on the mouse, which was surprisingly much smoother than my Logitech G9 mouse on SteelSeries gaming mouse pad.

    There are three buttons below the scroll wheel to switch between DPI (mouse sensitivity speed). I think it would have been nicer if those buttons were horizontally placed (one button a little bit below the right click, one in the center, and one slightly below the left) instead of all vertically in the center so close together.

    There are two red lights that glow on the bottom when the mouse is connected.

    I give it a 3 1/2 stars or 4 stars being lenient. Definitely not a 5-star product, but if you're on a budget, this is a good gaming mouse. And if you have large hands, then you might want to consider this one. This mouse is easily a lot better than Creative Fata1ity's gaming mouse, but Logitech still makes better gaming peripherals. Again, this mouse is not that big, but I do feel the hand needs to spread out wider than most mice. If you prefer a smaller holding grip then I would go for a different mouse (such as the G9), but if have large hands or feel that most mice is just too small, then these might be right for you.

    - Light weight and pretty smooth
    - Actually like the forward/back buttons is on top/bottom.

    - No left/right scroll wheel
    - A little clicky noise
    - Somewhat cheap quality (but not as cheap as Creative Fata1ty's gaming mouse)
    - Slight strain on the hand for long use because of the wide grip. ...more info
  • Not as good as legendary SideWinder!
    Micro$oft's SideWinder X5 Mouse reviewed here is a stripped-down version of Micro$oft SideWinder Gaming mouse which was released sometime last year.

    You may ask why a new version? When the award winning SideWinder gaming mouse also sells for the same price or sometimes even lower?

    Micro$oft has done some small refinements to the original SideWinder Mouse to cut the costs down and attempted to make it more lightweight ending up with SideWinder X5 which feels more plastic overall.

    [+] Moisture resistant coating
    [+] Still a good mouse for Gaming with customizable DPI ranging from 200- 2000 DPI
    [+] New refined smoothened sculpted design with Rubber Scroll Wheel & detent clicking action
    [+] Main buttons are rated for 10 million clicks for shooting those enemies down in a game or hit that send button sending as many emails as possible.
    [+] L.A.S.E.R tracking engine for accurate results.


    [-] Lightweight Plastic cheap feeling
    [-] Designed for Right handed gamers only!
    [-] Missing most of the goodies found in the original SideWinder!

    I consider this mouse worth buying if it becomes cheaper than the original SideWinder from Micro$oft. Do not get me wrong, It is still a good gaming mouse but is slightly more expensive. Price on X5 will surely come down soon.

    Given the options, I would still buy the original Sidewinder Microsoft SideWinder Gaming Mouse from Amazon as it is better than X5

    Happy Gaming!
    ...more info
  • Very responsive mouse not just for gamers
    When it comes to mice, I have always been picky. Since I touch the mouse more time than any other computer peripherals, I have chosen the best mouse available on the market if I can. That is why I am using a Logitech MX Revolution as my first choice. I have been using many different kinds of mice, however, I have never used a gaming mouse. I happened to have a chance to own a Microsoft SideWinder X5 mouse and would like to share the experience. I am not a avid gamer, so this brief review would be one from a non-gamer's perspective.

    From the first look, I thought that this mouse looks the best if it sits on Batman's desk. It really has a Batman look, and I would not be surprised if I see this mouse in the next Batman movie. And the red lights coming out from two places in the bottom look pretty cool. If you actually grip it, you would immediately recognize that the mouse was not made of the best plastic material you can get. The material used to build a mouse is just OK. When you grip it, your thumb naturally lies on the two vertical buttons in the left side. These buttons pop out more than the thumb buttons you can find on different mice. However, if you need to consistently use it (ex. for gaming), you can recognize the buttons easily and press it faster. The problem is that while you are using this mouse for normal usage, you might press it by mistake. As a matter of fact, I did it several times. These buttons are programmable, so you can assign any action you like for your favorite games.

    At first time, I was wondering what the real benefit of 3 buttons in line on the top of the mouse for a on-the-fly dpi switching. By pressing each button, you can change the sensitivity of the mouse action from 200 to 2,000 dpi. I do not play games often, however, this feature really helps me to do my everyday work. I use two big LCD monitors side by side (dual display) and can use on-the-fly dpi switching to move between two monitors very fast. And I change the sensitivity at any time using different applications without opening any setup windows to change the parameters. Once you get used to it, you can switch it very fast. For the gamers who need faster actions than others, they would definitely love this.

    Most buttons on the X5 are a little bit too clicky for me. Microsoft says the left and right (main) buttons last for 10 million clicks, so the FPS game lovers do not need to worry too much about the longevity of buttons. As a matter of fact, I tried to click the buttons as crazy as possible and it seem like the buttons were durable (of course I can hardly reach to even 100,000 clicks). There are 5 plastic feet attached at the bottom of the mouse (most of my mice have 4 feet) and those are very smooth. I have a good feeling to slide the mouse in any direction. The quick launch button that brings up the games built in Windows would be useful for the people enjoying solitaire and mine sweeper on a daily basis. I know that the X5 offers macros to do multiple jobs in a single click; however, I did not try it.

    I know that this is not a gaming mouse with lots of bells and whistles such as a Logitech G9 or a Microsoft SideWinder X8. However, I think it will fit most gamers nicely. This mouse focuses mainly on fast actions, durability and several programmable buttons that I think are most important for a gaming mouse. In addition, the X5 is the most responsive mouse I have ever used. I would not replace my MX Revolution with the X5, however, I would recommend the X5 for anyone looking for a good gaming mouse at a reasonable price.
    ...more info
  • Great for gamers
    OK, caveat - I am no gamer. I wrote this review with input from my teenage son (who plays WoW).

    My teen says: The Sidewinder is extremely useful for gamers. Its extra buttons on the side increase the available range of commands. Its light-plastic exterior is perfect for fast moving gamers, and its ability to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the pointer allows the user to adjust his/her mouse movement speed according to circumstances. The programmable buttons are helpful and very easy to program. Not only is this mouse extremely useful, it is also quite cool looking.

    I say: I don't like it for email / casual internet use. It feels bulky under my hand and it sometimes drags on my desk. I also find it unwieldy - I prefer wireless. And, unlike my son, I think it's ugly. However - I can't mark off for any of that except the bulkiness; the mouse is specifically marketed to gamers, not to middle aged moms like me.

    ...more info