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    This movie absolutely rocks! Ive watched it soooo many times and i cant help acting it out everytime i watch it, since I know it word for word :) My friends and i watch it every time we have a sleepover! Its the best movie for people of all ages since it relates on all levels. You will laugh hysterically everytime you see it, and wont be able to stop quoting lines from it! TROOP BEVERLY HILLS ROCKS! AND IF YOU DONT LIKE IT.. THEN... "EXCUUUUSE ME OFFICA!" (sorry i had to) Just watch the movie and you'll see what i mean!...more info
  • Blue Light Special
    A great Childhood favorite that still does not fail to amuse. Good Family Night Movie...just remember the popcorn!...more info
  • A Just for Fun Movie
    This movie is just whimsy. It is enjoyable for young girls. It has been popular at slumber parties. Shelley Long is very good
    as usual. The cookie selling scene is fun and for any girl that is in scouts this will be especially an entertaining movie.
    Get it just for fun. This is also one they should release on DVD....more info
  • Shelly Long is a good actress
    I love this movie and Shelly Long the mom helps Emily's Girl Scout Camp and she is a counselor this a very funny movie...more info
  • This is my favorite movie!
    Oh my gosh,if you have not seen this movie,go out and rent it!It's everything a good movie should be.It's funny,up-lifting,entertaining,not boring,and easy to get addicted to.I saw this when I was about 6.I didn't understand all of the jokes,but I still loved it.I'v been renting it ever since.Everytime you see it, you pick up on something new.I still occasionaly pick up on new jokes.I have all of the quotes down.Everything from "Excuse me officer" to "He permed me!" Oh gosh,you'll die laughing.If you're kids weren't around when this movie was made...get off the computer and go rent it for them....more info
    FUNNYFUNNYFUNNY! This movie is THE BOMB!!!! A teenage neighbor was baby-sitting one night, and she told my sister and I that her mom was going to blockbusters, was there anything she could pick up for us? We said, no, we don;t want to see anything, what do you recommend, and she told us about this!!!! It's HILARIOUS!!!! SOooooo funny, and also touching. But it's just soooooooooooo funny!!!...more info
  • Troop Beverly Hills What A Trip!
    I LOVE this movie 'cause I like the story line! Chica is my favorite charater. It is funny and shows that no matter how bad you look or act you can acomplish no matter how you are! Sincerly, Kat a big fan of movies and books and music!...more info
    This movie is the perfect setting for a Girl Scout or other girls night movie! There are lots of laughs but plenty of morals to be learned as well. A great addition to anyone's movie collection. ...more info
  • it was a wonderful viewing experience
    It is a worderful movie for all ages. It has great music and a great cast...more info
  • It's great..............
    I purchased this movie for my daughter. When she was little we would have movie night together, and this was one of her favorites. I purchased it, so one day she and her daughter could have movie nights together....more info
  • troop beverly hills
    one of shelley long's best movies!she's warm,witty and quite humorous and has a great supporting cast!...more info
  • Excellent comedy
    Hi, I was looking for this film everywhere ever since I watched it on tv one day last year I now I have it I am over the moon very funny film....more info
  • FUN!
    Good-time movie for all ages...more info
  • Fun Movie
    This is a fun movie that takes me back to my childhood when I was envious of the rich girls in the movie. It probably didn't win any oscars back in the day but it is still a fun movie to watch!...more info
  • My Guilty Pleasure!
    This movie's pretty corny but I still like it! It's got cameos by lots of hot celebs from back in the late 80s like Kareem Abdul Jabbar & Robin Leach! Also this movie shows that not all really rich people are stuck up & conceited!...more info
  • An intriging tale .......
    An intriging tale of one mothers attempt to bring normalcy to her posh beverly hills daughter and her little friends....more info
  • excellent dvd
    It was a pleasure to watch this movie because to me it had more adventureous moments and also some funny moments. ...more info
  • special, aisle thirteen...cookies...
    This was one of those fabulous 80's movies that Shelley Long made after her surprising "Cheers" departure. As a kid growing up, I loved this movie because it was so funny. My brother and I would watch it all the time, it got to a point where we memorized most of the lines ( special, isle thirteen...cookies...)

    "Troop Beverly Hills" is a the story of a Beverly Hills homemaker (who's going through a divorce) that attempts to lead her daughter's wilderness girl troop. Phyllis Nefler (played by "Cheers" star Shelley Long) leads this group of spoiled Beverly Hills princesses.

    Along their journey, they learn how to be "real wilderness girls" in a non conventional way while fighting the evils of Vesta Plendor (played by the very funny Betty Thomas.) Vesta will stop at nothing to prove Phyllis and her troop are nothing more than a group of pampered Beverly Hills brats.

    Audra Lindley (Mrs. Roper from "Three's Company") also has a small part in this movie as Francis Temple, the good-natured wilderness girl official. Ironically, Tori Spelling (of 90210 fame) also has a small part belittling the girls from Beverly Hills!

    If you're looking for classic 80's movies that are slightly off the beaten path, that everyone will love, I also recommend: Three for the Road, Who's That Girl?, Splash, The Wizard, She-Devil, Just One of the Guys, Steel Magnolias & Quick Change.

    This is a great movie for kids or teenagers because it has a positive message. It is also very wholesome, there isn't any s-e-x in this movie, or any profane language....more info
  • Troop Beverly Hills Rocks
    This is the best movie of all time - I was unable to find it in DVD format for a very long time. Amazon had it in stock and I received my order within 4-5 days. Now I can watch Troop Beverly Hills daily. ...more info
  • It works until the ending!
    It arrived in time, and in condition described, however when i watched it, the ending doesn't work! It just freezes & jumps around a little bit, but cant be watched, so that was a shame!...more info
  • Pass This Troop
    I am shocked and amazed at the great acclaim this film is getting on this page. This is a very bad movie. That's all Shelley Long has made!(except Outrageous Fortune and The Brady movies). This is a waste of time and money. Awful waste....more info
  • Delightfully campy
    When this movie came out, myself and the other girls in my troop knew that we had to see it.

    Although the acting was lax and the fashions were way out of our league, we liked the developing sense of sisterhood and the warmth and compassion each girl and leader showed towards each other.

    Phyllis Neffler is the perfect leader for the Beverly Hills wilderness girl troop because she can relate to them. Even though this troop had everything against them, they kept on being themselves and made the local wilderness girls of the year. They were the first troop to cross the jamboree finish line with their leader.

    The assistant troop leader Annie Herman is initally a spy who is supposed to doccument all of the allegedly horrible things the troop is doing. Annie gradually comes to realize that the District Leader Velda Plendor is the problem.

    Her transformation is one of the hidden joys of the film. By the end of the film, Annie is telling the former boss to take a hike.

    ...more info
    I have seen this movie so many times, I never get sick of it. Shelly Long is always great. It is not the deepest movie you will ever see but you do feel good after you watch it....more info
    This movie is absolutely funny, what with Shelley Long as the spoiled rich mother being the new Wilderness leader for BH, and the WG's scout master trying to fire her for her wacky wardrobe and being eccentric. I give it a 8 out of 10....more info
  • Very Funny - Worth a Look
    Troop Beverly Hills stars comic genius Shelley Long. She was made to play this role and plays to perfection the spoilt Beverly Hills wife.

    The perfect 80's movie. It can't get any better than this.

    ...more info
  • A good find
    I enjoyed this movie as a child and I wanted it on DVD. I was pleased with the speedy delivery and the packaging. ...more info
  • Beverly Hills what a thrill!
    This is a feel good movie! Great to enjoy with your family or friends! I was so excited to see this on sale for DVD! I snatched it up as soon as possible! Enjoy with popcorn and m&m's! ...more info
  • Great "Flash Back to the '80's" Movie
    Troop Beverly Hills is one of the greatest "'80s" movies there ever was. I saw this for the first time when I was ten (I'm 19 now) and I have loved it ever since. You just have to love this dyfunctional bunch of spoiled little rich girls because they try so hard to accomplish their task of becoming Wilderness Girls when everyone is against them. Will they succeed, or give in to what everyone else believes? Only time will tell. For those of you who are true children of the "'80s" check out the cast for such stars as Kellie Martin, Tori Spelling, and Jenny Lewis. I love this movie because it makes me feel ten years old again. Grab the sleeping bags and Barbies out of the closet and make a night of it with Troop Beverly Hills! You won't be disappointed!...more info
  • This movie is a great example of team work!
    I like this movie a lot, because it shows that even if everyone seems to be against you, you can still do what you want to do. Velda tries to get troop Beverly to quit. They don't and end up prooving her wrong. I won't spoil the ending too much, but watch the movie it's great!...more info
  • two words...
    JENNY LEWIS!!!!!

    that's all the review you need... it's a must have if you are a fan of ms. lewis and her fabulousness...

    :D...more info
  • Cute little film BUT WHERE IS THE WIDE SCREEN?
    I have always enjoyed this film.

    Not a box office hit when released.

    So, you know there are NO EXTRAS on this DVD. I did NOT expect any.

    My complaint about this DVD-no choice to see the film wide screen!!


    I have NEVER understood this but they show the opening credits & a few seconds of the film widescreen but then go to full screen.

    Why? Makes no sense.

    Film makers learn by your mistakes. If you had the choice of wide screen/full screen for the film it may encourage people who have never seen it to view it & maybe buy the DVD on their own.

    And, you see the cameos of several celebrities which is note worthy.
    ...more info
  • Great rainy day chic flick
    Fantastic, fun comedy thats worth being in any dvd collection for those rainy days at home....more info
  • The Greatest
    Troop Beverly Hills is the funniest and greatest moovie ever made. The Beverly Hills Troop is looking for a new Wilderness Girl leader Hannah's mom Philis Nefler volunteers to be the new leader. meanwhile the head leaders assistant Velda Plender is trying to get rid of the troop. Mrs. Nefler is going through a divorce. So she takes the girls shopping and to get their nails done and they earn patches for it. Velda doesn't think that is right so she sends a spy to spy on Mrs. Nefler's troop. They are earning patches that wilderness girls do not earn. At the cookie fundraiser the troop that sells over 1,000 boxes gets to attend the annual Jamboree Troop Beverly Hills sells over 4,000 boxes and they end up winning the contest. Velda gets fired and ends up working at K-Mart....more info
  • WOW what an experience!
    This movie is sooo touching and Funny. It has many aspects to it that makes the story a Classic. I love the way all the rich parents get together with their high-class sophisticated children. Get it! I wish i could watch it again for the first time! Oh it's very funny...more info
  • Funny!!! Family film!
    My daughters love Troop Beverly Hills when they were preteens! I am now buying the movie for my granddaughters!...more info
  • Troop Beverly Hills
    A great family film. Funny, serious and teaches a super lesson to young and old alike.
    Material wealth can not by happines or friendship. Team work, trust and a willingness
    to help others ROCKS!!!!...more info
  • Troop
    Troop Beverly Hills is the BEST Movie that has ever existed, so says David Fifield....more info
  • My Childhood movie
    This was my favorite movie when I was a little girl. My mother and I would always rent it. Shelly Long is incredibly hysterical in this movie. The scenes are classic! This is the ultimate mother daughter movie...more info
    One of my favourite "pick-me-up" films, TROOP BEVERLY HILLS is a hilarious romp filled with big belly laughs!

    Shelley Long (one really under-appreciated actress) plays Phyllis Nefler, a spoiled socialite whose marriage is on the rocks. She agrees to take the helm of her daughter's wilderness girl troop, to engage in some long-overdue bonding.

    Along the way, she encounters the bitchy wilderness girl leader Velda Plendor (played perfectly by Betty Thomas) and the mousy little Annie (played by Mary Gross). The "ordeal" also reunites her with her husband (Craig T. Nelson), and the maid Rossario (Shelly Morrison) could not be happier!

    A truly star-studded film, boasting cameos by Dr. Joyce Brothers, Pia Zadora, Annette Funicello, Frankie Avalon, Pee-Wee Herman, and many more!...more info

  • Great Movie!
    Ok, so it may not be in the 5-star league, but it's a great movie particularly for those who are involved in scouting. My scouts think it's too funny!...more info