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iZel - The Innovative Stand for Hands-free Viewing of Your iPhone?, iPod?, Blackberry?, Zune?, and Other Similar Devices
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Product Description

The iZel is a totally unique and innovative way to support your device for hands free use. Its remarkable design supports a wide range of the worlds most popular devices. It has a clever method for adapting its shape to landscape or portrait orientations and it is easily adjusted to position your screen for the optimal viewing angle. Best of all, it folds flat and travels easily. The iZels durable construction is made possible by using a sophisticated slip-resistant elastomer that helps to keep your device in its place and looking new. Use the iZel when you want to watch a video, make a hands-free call, monitor your email, surf the web, or to simply use your device as a digital picture frame.

  • Supports a wide variety of the world's most popular devices.
  • Adjusts for viewing your device in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Positions your screen for the optimum viewing angle.
  • Unfolds easily for travel and weighs only 1.3 oz.
  • Proudly designed and manufactured 100% in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Cool.
    This is pretty neat. I am very picky about buying accessories for my toys/gadgets as there are alot of products out there.....I found nothing like this. It works, it's solid, and does not feel cheap. I am heading off to Maui next week and can't wait to use it on the plane with my iPod.

    ...more info
  • Not worth the Price
    Only thing I like about it is that you can unfold it to keep it in a case....more info
  • Pretty Slick item
    I've been using my iZel for a couple of weeks now and am impressed. It is durable and unique. On a recent flight, I used it to hold my phone so I could watch a movie. The way it adjusts is simply great design....more info
  • Not quite what I expected
    Does it do everything it claims to do. Yes. Does it do it well? Yes. Is it some type of neat metallic Transformer Movie like device? No. It's made out of rubber and basically bends into the shape necessary to hold your digital device. So, it's disappointing and I think very overpriced in terms of Form but perfectly okay in terms of Function. If it were made in China it would cost less than 10 cents to produce. It is made in America, so if it costs 10 times as much to produce and you add in the packaging, it's still overpriced....more info
  • Travel Perfect
    What an awesome accessory! It fits easily into the pocket of my Bose headphone case so it's handy when I travel. I had downloaded a couple of videos to my IPod Touch and used the iZel to watch them on a recent airline flight. I like its adjustability to fit an iPod or smaller Blackberry with or without the protective cover. They make great gifts for my tech conscious family and I got a couple for a charity auction....more info
  • Now my daughter wants one too!!!
    I bought my first iZel in November. I absolutely loved it and used it all the time. Then my husband "Discovered it" and took it over for his iPod Touch. Needless to say I bought my second iZel in January. It is perfect for my Blackberry. Now my daughter has discovered it works with her Nintendo DS. Must run in the family!
    ...more info
  • The perfect Office/Travel Companion
    On my last trip my neck got very sore from bending to watch my iTouch movie during a flight. So I decided to look for a solution and I stumbled across this little GEM!!!! I looked rather bulky in the product shots but said I'll take a chance and see.

    When I received my iZel, I flipped out - this was the PERFECT companion for my iTouch. Then I realized that my Blackberry Storm also fit, perfectly. So now I have one stand competing for pleasure of hold my tech devices.

    Since I work from home, this is the perfect stand for my Blackberry. And when I travel it can hold either device in my hotel room, at the clients site, and on the plane. Since it folds flat it slips into my carry-on, next to my devices, perfectly.

    I am buying another one just to keep in my travel bag, so I never leave home without it....more info