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Don't Forget
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With producer Jon Fields at the helm, Demi teamed up with Jonas Brothers to co-write several of the album's 11 songs. It was a natural collaboration, since Demi counts Nick, Joe and Kevin among her best friends. Their inerrant feel for hook-laden rock helped Demi deliver on her vision. "If I were to write the album by myself it would probably have been a little more serious," she notes. "But I didn't want that. I wanted a fun album."

It's hard to imagine anything more musically fun than full-out rockers like "Get Back" and "Gonna Get Caught," both written by Demi with Jonas Brothers. Says Demi, "So many guys cheat and play games. I thought there needed to be a song about a guy getting caught. Nick said, `Can't it have a happy ending?' But I said, `No, no, no!'"

She balances the uptempo tracks with sweeping ballads like "Two Worlds" and "Believe in Me," the latter featuring a message Demi takes seriously. "Being a teenage girl you deal with insecurity," she says. "People think if you're in the spotlight, you're overly confident, but most of us deal with so much criticism, it gets to us. I'm the type of person who wants to take it with a grain of salt."

Demi's vulnerable side comes through on "Until Your Mine" and the title track, a touching ballad (co-written with Jonas Brothers) about a faltering relationship. She explores similar territory in "On the Line," an uptempo duet she co-wrote and sings with Nick Jonas. "We wanted to write a breakup song," Demi says, "and what better way to say it when you're breaking up over the phone than with the title `On the Line.'"

Demi's inner rocker girl comes roaring back on "Party" and "LA LA Land," a droll take on SoCal life and all its attending artifice. Showing her songwriting skills Demi wrote "Trainwreck" all by herself. She wraps the album with "The Middle," a strikingly mature song about finding balance in love and life.

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Demetria Devonne "Demi" Lovato is an US actress, singer and songwriter. She is best known for her role as Mitchie Torres in the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock and for her role as Charlotte Adams in the short five-minute Disney Channel series As The Bell Rings. This is her 2008 debut album, Don't Forget.

Customer Reviews:

  • Surprisingly good!
    So, I felt a little weird buying this cd because I felt like I was too old to be listening to her (I'm 23). But... I really liked 'La La Land' so I went for it. First of all, her voice is really good. She doesn't really sound like anyone else out there that I have heard. Her voice is very distinguishable if you hear it. I should also say here that I am not a fan of Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers.
    So, here's my breakdown of each song:

    1. La La Land - The reason I even bought the cd. I listened to some samples online after hearing this song and decided to be open-minded. Very fun, catchy song. Her voice is awesome. This is one of my favorites--just like the beat and how she sings the song.

    2. Get Back - A song about wanting to be with someone when you're not. A universal theme if you ask me. She kind of sings the chorus in the way that Kelly Clarkson sings hers--with a lot of emotion and really kind of belts it. Good song.

    3. Trainwreck - A song she wrote on her own (she co-wrote most of them). About a guy who is, as the title says, a trainwreck. But that is part of the appeal in him and why she loves him, flaws and all. Another good song.

    4. Party - Has a pop-rock beat to it, and she sings appropriately here. Just a fun song, suitable for summer. Her voice sounds really good.

    5. On the Line - This song features one of the Jonas Brothers, which it would be better without him. She sounds good, and the song really would be much better without him (in my opinion). About having a fight or breaking up and not wanting to take blame at the time, but feeling bad about it later.

    6. Don't Forget - This song has a very vulnerable sound to it, especially the beginning. This song is about being forgotten and having your heart broken. About 2.5 minutes into the song, she really breaks it down and the beat picks up, before slowing down again. Another good song.

    7. Gonna Get Caught - A little more upbeat than Don't Forget. About a guy who is basically playing games (that is something any girl can relate to). The chorus is very catchy and upbeat and sticks in your head (which is something that reminds me of Kelly Clarkson's songs). A good one.

    8. Two Worlds Collide - A song about a friendship. This is kind of a typical song that teenagers tend to sing. It's not a bad song, but it's not super either. It reminds me somewhat of Ashlee Simpson's 'Giving It All Away' on her first cd (obviously with very different sounding voices).

    9. The Middle - This is one that she didn't write on her own. The song starts out a little slower, then it picks up. I actually really like this song. It's really fun to sing along to.

    10. Until Your Mine - The grammar freak in me hates that she uses the incorrect form of 'your' (it should be 'you're'), but besides that... The song is a little slower, but the chorus picks up. The chorus is very catchy and she gives it a lot, like most of her other songs. This song is about wanting someone and being willing to do whatever it takes to get them.

    11. Believe In Me - A little slower, but the chorus, once again, is catchy, a little more upbeat, and fun to sing along to. About self-esteem and trying to be yourself and believe in yourself. This is something I think many people can relate to, but especially young people when they're trying to find themselves. I really like this song.

    All in all, I really enjoy her voice. It is very good, and she can really belt it out, but doesn't do that too much on this cd (which disappoints me, but I know that some people don't like that). She co-wrote most of the songs, which is awesome. She is 16 and sometimes that is reflected a little bit, but I think that she will definitely have more to show in the future as an artist as she and her music mature. Just think, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake started out on the Disney channel. And Britney, who is a great entertainer (maybe not as musically gifted as Christina and Justin)... Anyway the cd is definitely worth checking out....more info
  • Finally, a good Disney-made artist. YES, Artist!
    Normally, I'm not one that's too into Disney-made "stars". I dislike Miley Cyrus, and I had no expectations for Lovato's CD debut CD "Don't Forget."
    Before purchasing the CD, I had only heard the first single on iTunes, "Get Back." It's a very upbeat tune, and I really enjoyed it.
    Now to the CD.
    The CD opens with a very catchy tune, La La Land. This song opens her CD on a very rockin' way, great vocal range and nice lyrics. Not the most impressive CD on the song.
    The next song, "Trainwreck" is my personal favorite on the CD. This is a track Lovato wrote on all by herself, and she shines as songwriter. The song has fantastic lyrics for a Disney-made star. I appreciate the fact that she doesn't hold back on the song, and isn't afraid to go for those higher notes. This song is also very upbeat, yet rockin'. Also, I enjoy the fact that the lyrics don't sound very disney-ish at ALL!
    Other stand-out songs include "Get Back" which is a great first single song, catchy and shows off her great voice. The standout track is definitely the title song, "Don't Forget."
    This song, to what its worth, is amazing coming from a 16 year old. Emotion sings in her voice, and she has amazing control and range. I was very surprised. As I said, I hadn't initially expected much from this CD. I usually don't from Disney "stars."
    Some Pros:
    *She wrote or co-wrote every song on the CD.
    *Her vocals are fantastic, pure and not put through strange editing and fixations like Cyrus' often is.
    *Her lyrics aren't so cliche like Cyrus' (always about the same damn thing, like breaking up.
    *SHE CAN ACTUALLY SING! Yes, she really can! And believe me, I'm usually critical on vocals. I find even Vanessa Hudgens can't sing that well. But Demi can definitely sing.

    A couple cons:
    *Too much Jonas influence on a couple of the songs.
    *Several of the songs could have been taken from the CD and replaced with potentially better tracks. The weakest track is probably Party. It's a bit too cliche and Jonas-y.

    I appreciate this album, and enjoy it for it's re-playability. You can actually listen to her songs on shuffle and not skip over em, like Cyrus' songs.

    I can't wait to see how she grows! I hope she continues moving away from Disney's vicegrip. Miley can learn a lot of things from this girl.
    ...more info
  • Finally, REAL Talent!
    I didn't like Camp Rock, even though I'm a JoBro fan. One thing I did like was that Demi Lovato can actually sing! And her debut album doesn't disappoint. I love every song. She has the perfect balance of upbeat, catchy songs with ballads. It's a rare album where every song is amazing. Bottom line: this girl puts Miley to shame, and makes those HSM stars look like a joke! So if her Disney status is holding you back, just know that this girl is a true artist, and this is an amazing album!...more info
  • not worth the hype
    This cd is'nt what its cracked up to be.
    i thought this cd would be as amazing as the Jonas Brothers newest album, since Demi has written most of her songs with them. Demi kept saying her songs "are more rock" than what most people think. umm, NONE OF THE NEW SONGS ARE ROCK SONGS!
    honestly, i thought only 2 songs on the whole album were good enough to play on the radio
    her Camp Rock songs are better, and she didnt even write them.
    im very disappointed. this IS her first album, so hopefully her next will be better. ...more info
  • Simply Amazing.
    I don't think anyone really expected much of this 16 year old girl when they heard she was going to be side by side with the Jonas Brothers for the huge Disney success, Camp Rock. Boy, were those people proven wrong.

    Quite personally, I've found most Disney stars entertaining, but never vocally talented. Demi took the stereotype of Disney stars and literally smashed it.

    With her extremely mature debut album, Demi Lovato has exemplified that talent runs in all ages. Even more impressive? She co-wrote most of the album, except for two, "Until You're Mine" and "The Middle".

    Although most of the tracks were co-written with teen bombshells Jonas Brothers, one of the most ear pleasing tracks is one she wrote by herself entitled "Trainwreck". All the uptempo songs have a unique sense of fun, and each ballad is filled with heartfelt and personal lyrics. In the title track, "Don't Forget", you can cut the emotional tension with a knife.

    The boys also come in for a great duet, which pretty much laid out every teenage breakup in a matter of 3 minutes and 26 seconds.

    My personal favorites? Trainwreck, La La Land, On The Line, and Until You're Mine. =]

    I suggest you try this album out, especially if you're a Disney fan. It will definitely redefine how you view "Disney stars". ...more info
  • I was surprised...
    I'm not really into the whole Disney Channel scene, but my sister picked this up for me the other day and I really liked it. Demi Lovato has talent and even though the songs sometimes sounded similar, it was catchy, and her voice totally blew me away. This CD is much better than some of the professional reviewers are giving her credit for so before you completely blow this CD off as 'just-another-Disney Channel star' give her a chance. She's actually pretty awesome....more info
  • Demi Makes Her Rockin' Debut!!!!
    I love Demi's Debut Album.She was good in Camp Rock in Acting and Singing in the that movie. I saw that Music Video to her song call get Back from her album and it's a good song.I just listened to all of her songs is the whole songs on YouTube.There are aome songs that I like that started growing on me now is On The Line with The Jonas Brothers,Until You're Ming,Believe In Me,Don't Forget,Trainwreck and Two Worlds Collide.Those others songs is La La Land,Party,Gonna Get Caught and The Middle are also good songs.I'm so glad that Demi made her Debut Album so we can hear alot more from this girl and her music and to know alot more about her.I know that she'll make more albums to come.I would Love to get this CD!!!!...more info
  • If you are a true fan buy it.
    WOW!Demi is the talent of our era.Her voice makes me want to go to lala land!I love her go buy a lot of copies.Shes just TALENT!!!!=)BUY HER CD!If you are a fan you have to buy the cd to be a real one.If you are just browsing around try her!=)Shes awesome!!!!!You won't regret DONT FORGET!...more info
  • Bright and brilliant
    Demi Lovato is one of the best vocal performers that Disney has in its repetoire. Her talents are many and varied; her voice is completely unique and her sound and style are just as different. She is bright and enthusiastic one moment and the next, she is soulful and warm - there is insane talent within this girl. This album showcases just what she's vocally capable of and her songwriting ability. The songs on 'Don't Forget' are nearly impossible to forget....more info
  • DEMI!!!
    O.K., first of all, this is not Karen Rowell, this is her daughter. I love Demi she is amazing! I used to not like her, but I have definitely warmed up to her. Her voice is amazing. She can pull off any note. Can't wait to but this! I love "On the Line" with the Jonas Brothers. I checked it out on iTunes this morning. I think it's a great song. "Until You're Mine" is a great song, too.

    Vote for Nick 2038!
    Jules...more info
  • Demi Lovato = best Disney Artist
    compared to other disney artist, such as the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus...Demi can actually sing!!...more info
  • Love It
    I haven't bought the product, but I have heard all of the songs on it. I love each one. Some are better than others as in every album, but an overall good buy. Demi provides good clean songs with a range of pitches. Some are good if you just want to relax, others are for having a good time. I really enjoy her voice and I can't wait to hear future albums from her....more info
  • Demi Lovato
    I write this on behalf of my 9 yr old daughter, she loves this CD. Gives her great dancing and singing time. ...more info