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Packed with functions but free from wires, the CatEye Strada Wireless epitomizes power and elegance. The Strada Wireless boasts the largest screen and numbers in its class. Thanks to the new CatEye ClickTec? interface, you can switch among seven modes by simply pressing the bottom of the computer face ? easy to do, even on rough terrain. Your selected mode displays at the bottom of the screen, while your current speed appears at the top in huge, easy-to-read numerals. An up/down arrow tells you how your current speed compares to your average speed. The innovative FlexTight? bracket mounts quickly, securely and tool-free to virtually any handlebar or stem. The new tool-free wheel sensor mounts effortlessly to most road and mountain forks. Strada Wireless: Ride fast, ride sleek, ride wireless. Functions , Current speed , Maximum speed , Average speed , Total distance (odometer) , Trip distance , 2nd trip distance , Elapsed time , 12/24hr clock Features , ClickTec? button interface , Programmable odometer , Auto start/stop , Auto power-saving mode , Pace arrow , Dual wheel size , Measurements in kilometers or miles , Universal speed sensor and magnet , FlexTight? universal mounting bracket Specifications , Fits almost any handlebar or stem: 22-31.8mm , Fits almost any fork: 11-55mm , Batteries: CR2032 x 2 (1 each for head unit and sensor) , Front fork speed sensor , Transmission distance up to 70cm - 27 inches

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Customer Reviews:

  • good product- battery was dead
    product works great. Battery was dead when i received it but that is solved and now it works very well, no complaints....more info
  • Great product!
    Bought this Cateye Strada wireless a few weeks ago for recreational use, and it's great! Installed it on a Giant FCR bike, which I ride ~5 days a week. It literally took just minutes (did it in my parking deck at work) with no tools. It works perfectly, and it took very little playing around to figure out the controls. Once the time, date, and wheel circumference are set, the controls are just pressing on a pad below the display to advance through the different readings, or holding down for a few seconds to reset distance, avg. speed, etc. for each ride. I've seen a previous review that said that the bar/stem bracket broke when taking the unit off. I think you just have to pay a little attention when you slide it on and off to make sure that you're sliding it squarely with the bracket rather than at an angle. Because I have to lock my bike outside every day at work, I remove/replace it frequently and have had no problems whatsoever. I'm very happy with it....more info
  • Nice Package! Good choice.
    I just installed the Cateye RD-300W computer, but have only used it on one ride to date (too much snow here in Chicago still!!), so check back later for an update to this survey.

    I researched many, many different types and makes, but am very happy with the RD-300W so far.

    I really like the overall looks as well as the features. The jet black finish and slim design are sleek, plus larger display charachters make it easier to see. The simple action of pressing the bottom portion of the computer base to change modes, instead of fumbling around trying to press a different button for different modes, makes mode changing simple. Installation was a breeze...tool Free!!!

    I ordered additional magnets for my other wheelsets because the older magnets I had would not work with the new Cateye wireless pickup. That actually worked out to my benefit because all my wheels now have this new magnet. The magnets do not need a tool to install/deinstall. An aluminum thumbwheel replaces the typical screw or clamp.
    ...more info
  • Cateye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer
    The Cateye Strada wireless bicycle computer was very easy to install and the instructions were easy to follow. It works great and is easy to read. ...more info
  • Love It!
    This is my first bike computer, but I love the ease of use, the large numbers and the "tap" to cycle through the displays. It is a very small unit as some other people mentioned, but the display works fine for me.

    I deducted one star as I can't seem to reset the time after daylight savings time. I tried about 5 times. When I get a chance, I'll try some more. Or perhaps, just wait till daylight savings time again, when the time will be correct once again....more info
  • Great bike computer -- very accurate
    I had a bit of trouble installing this computer until my wife pointed out that the wireless sensor needs to be within 5mm of the magnet on the wheel spoke -- sometimes I neglect to fully read directions! Once I resolved that issue, I was off to the races! I am especially glad that I purchased a wireless computer so that my bike is not cluttered with wires running down the head tube and fork....more info
  • bike computer
    Excellent product. Easy to install.....Written installation instructions can be overwhelming for someone with no previous experience, due to the amount of written information in small font, crammed into a small space. Wish that the computer display window was larger. Overall, very satisfied with the product....more info
  • Good value for your money

    It was a good purchase and great value for the money.
    The shipment arrived on time (and with the right price), it took me 30 min to read the instructions and install it. The gadget works perfectly. Its pretty acurate, just to illustrate, I ride a trail near my house witch informs the total distance (6.1 miles), what its exactly what it displays every time I ride. Its also small and brings all the info you need.
    I totally recomend the purchase.
    ...more info
  • Quality Product
    Would recommend this bicycle computer to anyone. A word to the wise.....just make sure you take time to read, thoroughly, the instructions for setting up the unit and make sure the magnet you install on the spokes is properly aligned and very close to the sending unit. This was our first experience with a bicyle computer so some of the nuances were not so familiar to us. Though very compact, important data is very readable on the face of the unit. A good product. ...more info
  • Excellent Cyclocomputer
    Installation was quite easy. It is worth the trouble to download the user manual from however. The font size on the included sheets is a strain to read.

    While the handlebar/stem mounting bracket is great, it is possible to over-tighten the bracket which may cause the "touch screen" functionality to not work correctly or at all.

    On my last two rides the trip data has spontaneously reset to zero. The "touch screen" feature is really an electro-mechanical operation of a button on the back of the computer when one presses on the bottom of the unit. I suspect that I may still have the bracket a little tight. I have asked Cateye for an explanation of other possible reasons for this "spontaneous reset" but they have not yet had a chance to reply....more info
  • Great Device
    I recently began commuting on my bike twice a week (30 miles RT). This computer is great. Though small in size, the real-time display of mph is huge and it is easy to use. The accuracy is great. This was simple to set up. Simple to install (make sure you have some back up tie wraps in case you err in the mounting of the wireless component). I am not a speedy rider, but thanks to this computer, I am getting faster and enjoying the ride....more info
  • Great Product by Cateye
    Ordered it on a Tuesday, received it two day later (this is for super saver shipping!). As for the computer, it's much nicer than my old wired one, and the lack of wires make for a much cleaner look in the front. The computer's one-touch operation is a breeze to use, and safer than my old system too. No problems at all with either mounting the wireless sensor or the computer. Overall, a good upgrade for my road bike!...more info
  • Nice Computer
    I'm very pleased with my purchase of the Cateye CC-RD300W. This is my first wireless computer and it has worked perfectly. The fork mounted sensor attaches very solidly and has not moved a bit - I was a little worried about how well the zip ties would work on a mountain bike suspension fork. The cradle for the computer itself is a very well engineered and also mounts firmly to the handlebar. It was very easy to install. The comuter is so easy to use. There are no buttons on the front, you just push down on the lower part of it and it toggles from view to view. Hold for about 3 seconds and it reset. It has a nice big readout for MPH and the various readout option are easy to see at the bottom of the screen. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • Works Great for Me!
    Great bike computer. I mountain bike 3 times a week. This comp has held on through big drops, jumps, crashes, through water, and h*ll and back. I have no major issues with it other then I am usually slightly off on milage distance when I compare to my peers that are riding with GPS. Given the fact that I paid a fraction of the cost I am very happy with this product. I love the average speed feature as I am someone who likes to track my progress through the season.

    Recommended to anyone shopping for a wireless bike comp....more info
  • Wireless Computer
    Works great and easy to set up, even with rather large mountain bike suspension forks. Functions are simple and the display is easy to read. ...more info
  • Awesome Computer!
    I must admit that installing this computer did take some time, i feel that the directions could have been easier, but since its installation i have gotten a lot of use out of the computer. This product is perfect for anyone that loves to track their mileage, average speed, top speed, etc. The wireless feature is also a huge plus-being a mountain biker its nice not having to worry about any wires getting snagged. All in all this is an excellent computer for the money and i would def recommend this product to anyone looking for a good cycling computer. ...more info
  • Small, Compact and Easy to Read
    This is a great little cycle computer. It is much smaller than I thought it would be. To change functions you just tap the entire face of the unit and it changes - very easy to use when on the move. The wireless works great!...more info
  • strada wireless
    wary small and good cycling computer. Everything is ok, but it can interfere with the same units. It is bad for few cyclists with this computers...more info
  • great product
    This is my second Cateye. The first was five years old and still works I just wanted to switch. This model is great because the button to change screens is on the bottom so when attached to the bike you just push anywhere on the computer and it engages the button. The info this computer provides (clock, time, distance, mph, odometer, average speed) is enough for all riders except professionals that desire more data. It does NOT have a backlight. Which might be a problem for some.

    Cateye has GREAT customer service, and great products. I've bought one for my girlfriend and my cousin has outfitted her family with Cateye. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Very nice and easy
    I was surprised that it was so small, but very readable and easy to install. I had to fiddle with the sensor, but within a couple of minute is worked wonderfully. I would recommend this product....more info