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Nikon Coolpix S610c 10MP Wi-Fi Digital Camera with 4x Optical Vibration Reduction (VR) Zoom (Midnight Black)
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Product Description

The Nikon COOLPIX S610c is built on a custom application of Nikon's innovative EXPEED digital image-processing concept and incorporating the precision optics of a NIKKOR lens, the COOLPIX S610c is a powerful photographic tool that blends elegant design and quality construction with high performance and advanced features.Featuring immediate response, which includes a fast start-up time, the optimized performance of the COOLPIX S610c makes it easy to capture special moments at will while feeling free to enjoy being part of the fun at hand.Practically defying their ultra-compact dimensions, the COOLPIX S610c features a large 3.0-inch LCD monitor with a wide-viewing angle of 170 degrees and anti-reflection coating. Combining the freedom of easy Internet connectivity with ''anytime, anywhere'' access to Nikon's my Picturetown service adds the fun and freedom of picture uploading, categorization and sharing directly from the S610c.

  • 10.0-megapixel resolution for stunning prints as large as 16 x 20 inches
  • 4x wide-angle optical Zoom-Nikkor glass lens; Optical VR Image Stabilization
  • Bright 3.0-inch high-resolution LCD; Scene Auto Selector
  • Wireless my Picturetown; E-mail and store, up to 2GB free, pictures directly from the camera in Wi-Fi open access hotspots with the new Picture Mail button
  • Captures images to SD/SDHC cards (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent and fast
    Nikon Coolpix S610 10MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Vibration Reduction (VR) Zoom (Deep Red)

    Just upgraded from the Coolpix 3100 3mp.
    Took this on a recent trip and the camera worked wonderfully. I was nervous about a rechargeable battery, but that lasted a little longer than it states. The camera is very fast from picture to picture and goes quickly from playback to shooting with a touch of the button. 10mp takes a very nice picture. A very nice point and shoot.

    The only unperfect thing is the night shooting mode. You have to hold the camera perfectly still or the shot is blurry.
    A gorillapod takes care of that for those outside night-time shots. It's worth the extra 2 seconds. ...more info
  • A huge drawback
    This is a really nice camera - large monitor, easy to use, takes fine pictures...but it doesn't have a viewfinder. Outdoors, in bright sunlight, the monitor is too washed out to use - leaving you in a real 'point-and-click' quandry. No framing possible (much less picture review or menu setting check/change). Use it only in the dark or indoors and all will be well....more info
  • Coolpix S610
    I love this camera. I purchased it as an early Christmas present for myself. I took it on a trip to Washington D.C. and took many pictures. The power up time is very fast and I am pleased with the time between taking pictures. I have experimented with most of the different settings and have found most of them to be useful. I am also very pleased with the quality of pictures it takes at night and in low light. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • great camera
    Bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas, and he really likes it. It has good indoor settings, and takes clear pics. ...more info
  • Nikon- the best
    What can I say more about this camera. It is NIKON. So great performance, compact size, great pictures for great price. I don't think any other cameras from the same class could compare.
    Always NIKON...more info
  • Wrong color sent.
    This camera is excellent. However, I ordered Smoke Grey, but they sent Brown. Not too happy about that....more info
  • Poor highlight rendition
    This camera is one of the worst digital cameras I've ever used, in terms of image quality, related to highlight rendition. If the dynamic range of the scene clips one or two of the color channels in the sensor, you will find yourself with a picture with colors in the highlights that don't exist in the real scene (a terrible artifact that shows poor technological design). Suppose you are taking an outdoors portrait, with clouds and everything. If the highlights clip (as it happened to me in 50% of the time) then I ended up with pink-colored clouds! Unacceptable.

    Face detection doesn't work all that well, and the menu design is deeply flawed. Suppose you are deep in the menus changing the config, and while you are on it, you view a scene that has to be shot FAST, or you loose the moment; In most digitals, pressing the shutter will take you out of the menu instantly and you'll be able to take the picture. The S610, on the other hand, will do nothing and you will have to navigate the menu to get out of it, thus loosing the picture opportunity and becoming very frustrated.

    My mother has a canon SD870IS. It is a much cheaper and lower tech P&S than the S610, but it does all of the things that the S610 does so poorly. I highlly recommend the SD870 over the S610. (the 870 has the same wide angle capability of the S610)....more info
  • NIKON S610 Review.
    Great camera so far. The battery life is GREAT. Super-fast shipping from Amazon as well....more info
  • Probably the Worst Camera from Nikon
    I have a Nikon DSLR and I am quite happy with its performance, so naturally when I decided to buy a point and shoot camera for my girlfriend as her birthday gift, the first thing that came to my mind was a Nikon coolpix. I did some research and finally bought the camera.

    We opened the package, which by the way was quite neat and charged the battery and it was then that the disaster struck. The photo quality was uncharacteristically terrible. The white balance was way off even though the flash was on. The picture looked as if they were taken with the highest ISO on the camera. I manually set the ISO on 80 (or 100 I am not sure) and set the white balance on Flash and the photos became a little bit better but you could still see that the colors are way off. Did I mention that it also looked as if you are taking pictures with the 2MP camera on your cellphone? There were absolutely no details, I was really shocked and quite disappointed with Nikon.

    We eventually returned the camera a few days later through a hassle-free process. So it goes....more info
  • Good, convenient little camera
    This camera is easy to use and takes decent pictures. I got a bit spoiled with the quality of my Nikon D200 so it was hard not to be dissapointed once I loaded the pics onto the computer and saw that despite the 10MP size they can't be zoomed in much or printed larger than regular photo size without losing a lot of quality.
    The battery life is good so far and it is easy to use even without reading the manual. Took it through three states and many mountain passes and it held up well. Mine didn't come with a memory card or carrying case - so needed to purchase those separately....more info
  • Great Camera
    This camera takes amazing pictures and is extremely easy to use. I love the rotary menu dial on the back for browsing through the menus and pictures... very intuitive. Even without a memory card at all, it can hold 160 pictures with 1024 horizontal pixels, which was nice for testing, etc. It has an incredibly fast start time, and pretty fast recovery time between pictures (not quite as fast as the Canon PowerShot cameras). I would definitely buy Nikon again....more info
  • mislead by the pics
    i went for this camera solely because of the looks and vibrant color shown in the pics. please dont go by the pics. it looks totally different when have it in ur hand.
    but everything else is good and has right and good features for its price....more info
  • Coolpix S610
    I bought this for my daughter. This is an excellent camera with easy to use extensive features and excellent picture quality. Ideal camera for any point and shoot needs....more info
  • Nikon Cool-Pix S-610
    The camera arrived promptly and on time from The packaging of the camera itself left a lot to be desired. The camera box was in a larger mail box without any kind of packaging or protective material, and so the camera was probably jostled and banged during the mailing process. Since it is a Christmas present, I have no idea whether the camera was damaged in the shipping. A few pieces of scrap paper or styrofoam whould have assured me that the product was in good shape....more info
  • Nikon Coolpix S610 revies
    This is a great camera. It gives high quality pictures in a compact size. It's easy to download pictures to share on the computer. It's easy to use from the startup. There's no need to read the manual to get started at the beginning. Overall, it's one of the best small point and shoot cameras that I've ever owned.

    ...more info
  • A terrible value
    I got this camera and I really wanted to like it. Despite the problems outlined below, I tried to use it for several weeks, taking it everwhere with me. I'm not a photo professional, but it appears to me that it does take nice pictures and produces reasonable quality video. Unfortunately, I ended up returning it for the following reasons:

    * When you are in a menu, pressing the shutter release does not return the camera to picture taking mode. Instead, you have to navigate out of the menus! This is a very serious problem. Also, you have to remember whether you are in the "Mode" menu or the "Menu" menu. You cannot exit the Mode menu by pressing the "Menu" button, nor can you exit the "Menu" menu by pressing the "Mode" button. I missed several good shots because of this fiddling.

    * The camera takes forever to get picture ready. It takes several seconds between pressing the power button to when you can take your first picture - but its also deceptive. When you turn it on, the LCD immediately begins to show what the camera sees, but you must wait for the rest of the display to load before you can take a shot/access menus/go into movie mode/whatever. I would turn it on and frantically try to take a picture to no avail. I missed several shots because of this. I would absolutely recommend against this camera if you are trying to take pictures of children. You WILL miss shots waiting for it to boot.

    * The software on the camera crashes. Several times, my camera rebooted itself. It would become unresponsive, the screen would go dark, and it would shut itself off. It would come back to life after I pressed the power button a few times.

    * There is no way battery status indicator! Keep you battery charged or cross your fingers.

    If the camera only suffered from one or two of these problems, I could live with it. I hate the hassle of returning electronics. But when you combine all of these problems in one camera, its a disaster....more info
  • S550 a better camera
    I bought the Nikon Coolpix S610 thinking it would be better than the S550 that broke. I thought it was going to be a better version of the camera that I loved! Although the larger screen and the round dial is nice, the simplicity of the S550 was much better.

    S610 is not good at taking night pictures as the S550. Devasted that the newer model is not an upgrade to the S550. A slight disappointment. ...more info
  • Slow start up and recovery
    Received this camera as a gift.

    The reviews I read rave about the start up speed of this camera, but I find it to be terrible. The lcd screen turns on immediately after pushing the power button and the lense shoots out very quickly, but the camera does not respond to any button pushes for a quite a while - shutter release, menu, mode, any button. Eventually the icons show up on the lcd and only then does the camera respond. So you can't even change settings while waiting for the camera to get ready to take a picture.

    Also, the recovery time after taking a picture is unacceptable. The lcd screen goes blank when you push the shutter release, then turns back on and displays the new picture. Then you wait just as you did at start up for the camera/lcd to be 'ready' before you can get a response to any of the buttons.

    I do not recall these delays being the case on my 2 yr old (and lost) PowerShot. In fact, I remember being able to 'interrupt' whatever the camera was doing with whatever button I selected. This does not seem to be the case with this Nikon.

    Picture quality is good so far. Have not put it through its paces just yet though. Did get some red-eye from some outdoor wedding reception shots that the camera did not resolve on its own. The other features, auto modes and settings, etc. I have not yet tried out.

    Proprietary USB is not cool at all. Now I actually have to worry about having the proper cord around. And the big, fat connector that plugs into the camera makes it worse. ...more info
  • Very Fragile Screen on Coolpix S610
    I took about 150 shots with my new Coolpix S610, and then I learned how fragile the viewing screen is. My initial experience was great:
    - Fast set-up right out of the box.
    - Long-lasting battery
    - Easy-to-follow screen settings and icons
    - Large, bright screen
    But then when I was stepping off an escalator, my camera brushed against the handrail and the screen was damaged. I didn't notice a problem at first, but the damage soon appeared: wavy lines on the screen, yellow color, and an ugly black spot the size of a coin. The camera still takes pictures but the viewing screen is messed up.

    So learn from my mistake, and be very careful wth the screen on this camera. Don't let anything press against it or bump it!
    ...more info
  • OK, but not great, so far
    Being a Nikon DSLR user and a Canon point-and-shoot user, I thought I would give the Nikon CoolPix 610 a try. I think I'll go back to Canon.
    The shutterspeed seems slow and there is something "jerky" about it. There are other things I don't like, like the overall feel of the thing. One thing that REALLY annoys me is the PROPRIETARY USB HUB. Had I known this I would not have purchased the camera, but I never thought to ask further when I saw the USB symbol on the box and the camera. That is not right....more info
  • CoolPix camera
    I suprised my son with this camera for Christmas. So far he has been very happy with it. It takes great pictures. He has also been using it to create videos to put on you tube....more info
  • Nikon Extra
    The S610 has exceeded my expectations in size, ease in handling, clarity of image with easy view. Good choice for the amateur who wishes to get an excellent immersion with the use of digital hands on....more info