Hawking HWREN1 Hi-Gain USB Wireless 300N Range Extender (White)
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Product Description

The HWREN1 effectively doubles the operating distance of your entire wireless network. Whether it's an area in your home that has limited or no wireless coverage or a warehouse in your office, the Hawking Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Range Extender takes the signal from your wireless access point and retransmits it at a higher rate. Simply place the Range Extender halfway between your wireless access point and wireless trouble spot. The HWREN1 is the only wireless repeater on the market that supports most wireless 802.11b/g/n networks and devices so you never have to worry whether the wireless network you have at your home or office will work with the Range Extender. The HWREN1 also features a software setup wizard for hassle-free installation. To setup the Range Extender you simply load the CD and scan for a network to extend.

  • Doubles the range of your wireless network
  • The only repeater that works with most networks and access points
  • New setup wizard for quick and easy setup
  • Eliminates wireless dead spots in your home or office
  • Works with XP and Vista

Customer Reviews:

  • satisfied customer
    after reading many of the reviews, I bought the Hawking HWREN 300N range extender.
    I have my router located in my home and have a business next door. The range is about 100 ft or more. I wanted to be able to use my wireless system in my business with a better signal than I was receiving. (very low)
    I followed all the directions but needed tech support to fix some problems. They were so helpful. My computer kept trying to find my old network by default and not the new Hawking network.
    I am now sitting at my business using my laptop with an EXCELLENT signal, all 4 bars green! (My router is Linksys N series)
    I found out from Linksys there might not be any range extenders compatable.
    A very happy girl I am....more info
  • works well for me
    Works well for me.

    I even had the issue that I didn't have the option of cabling it to the wifi router during the configuration step, but Hawking Tech Support instructed me to set my laptop to fixed IP (or other number .2 to .200) in order to cable it to my laptop, then press reset button on the HWREN1 and then unplug/repower it, then browse to in order to configure it using the manual brower approach. It worked.

    I was worried when it didn't let me choose a WEP "shared" configuration (which my Vista laptop always needed to be manually configured to in order to work with that wifi router) but just using the plain WEP option worked. (FYI, it already had the current firmware version, 1.50.)

    My application was to extend the DSL WiFi router signal from a church office through heavy walls to their basement meeting hall. Now I can just walk in with the HWREN1, plug it in an outlet of their basement kitchen, and as quick as I can snap my fingers the basement meeting hall has a very strong wifi signal throughout. Very convenient, esp. with the small power adapter size and the fold-down antennas so I can easily carry it in my laptop luggage.

    ...more info
  • Performs well, but don't look to the instructions for best configuration
    I tried the Hawking HWREN1 WiFi repeater at the urging of a helpful, knowledgeable, non-troll clerk (!) at the superstore whose name begins with F and rhymes with "dies", which is what my three previous Linksys WRE54G repeaters did-- those were total junk. I'd had some previous experience with Hawking's products via a printer server several years ago. That was a somewhat entry-level device, and support and documentation had been pretty pathetic, but it had mostly worked, so while I wouldn't have placed Hawking at the top of my preferred-vendor list, they didn't seem awful. I'd done some googling on this item and the reviews were mixed, but so they were for all its competition. So: shrug, decided to try it.

    Setup requires connecting the Hawking and your PC to your router with Ethernet cables, one of which is supplied with the Hawking. This might be a problem if your router has only one Ethernet port, and it won't work at all if your router is wireless-only.

    With my PC and the Hawking cabled to my router, the (Windows-only) CD setup wizard and poster-sized quick-setup guide resulted in a working system in about five minutes, but with a separate SSID that would have confused and annoyed my family as they roam about our house with their laptops. That's kind of a silly result; after all, you'd think most purchasers shopping for a WiFi network extender would want to extend their WiFi network, not set up a second one.

    A bit of googling suggested that others had had good luck with setting the SSID and channel the same as their main wireless access point/router. So I tried that, using the device's browser-based configuration page, and it worked. Hm. But I remembered a bad experience when I'd bought a new WiFi router and set it up but forgot to unplug the old router it was replacing; the battling SSIDs on the same channel brought my network to its knees until I figured out what was happening, so I decided to try setting the Hawking's channel to a different one than the main router. That didn't work at all, although googling revealed that others had set things up similarly with good results. Worse, after several tries, something went sour in the Hawking, and it took some real effort over a couple of hours to restore it to a state where it wouldn't crash my network. Eventually, after many hard-resets and more than a bit of cursing, I got it back to where I'd had it: same SSID and channel as my router.

    My experience underscores a perennial frustration in wireless networking: what works for my setup might not be optimal--or even work--for yours. In my case, my router uses a late-model Atheros chipset. Whatever is inside the Hawking seems to want to connect to my router in a particular way; with your router it might be different. Another lesson: If it's working well, don't touch it!

    Setup hassles aside, the net result is a happy one: my WiFi network now extends strongly throughout my house and into my patio, where I'd previously had no connectivity at all. Practical throughput is unimpeded, though there's usually a theoretical throughput hit for this type of repeater (not that most folks would notice, as the net WiFi speed would still far exceed even the best broadband connection's capabilities). In my case, maybe that theoretical throughput hit is avoided by the fact that the Hawking seems to connect to my router via 802.11n whereas my computing devices utilize 802.11g? (I say "seems to" because my router's client log shows a MAC address one digit different from the MAC address documented for the Hawking device in its browser-based configuration page, which shows the same MAC address for both its WAN and LAN interfaces. I suspect this is a bug in the Hawking's browser utility; the two MAC addresses have got to differ.)

    My Hawking HWREN1 came running firmware 1.50, the current version per Hawking's website. Its hardware is rev. A.

    Performance testing via VisualWare's superb MySpeed facility (http://myspeed.visualware.com/) shows:

    o Broadband Internet throughput, both up and down, is identical to my pre-extended network's performance, even though I'm now sitting in a former dead zone. Conclusion: the Hawking repeater imposes no bandwidth penalty for Internet usage.

    o Quality of service (QOS) and latencies are also identical to before. Conclusion: the Hawking repeater does not degrade the responsiveness or consistency that are important for Internet streaming, VOIP and gaming applications.

    o I'm an Internet security nut, and the extender fully supports my WPA2 encryption and my router's dual firewalls. It also offers MAC filtering and supports WPA Radius authentication and WPS, though I am not using these features.

    o My router, the superb D-Link DIR-655 (highly, highly recommended) seems happy with the extender.

    o My corporate VPN tunnels right through it with no problem.

    So far, only the configuration hassles keep me from giving it five stars. I've only had it a short while, so those memories will fade, and if this device proves stable and reliable then my overall-positive estimation will only go up. Its connectivity has already survived much microwave-oven activity in the nearby kitchen.

    Certainly, compared to Linksys' WRE54G competitor, the Hawking repeater is light-years better. Another alternative would be to purchase a second access point that supports a repeater mode; D-Link has a few of these, and this would have been my first choice after giving up on the Linksys unit and the salesman convinced me to give this a try. So far, no big regrets, and it's working well....more info
  • So far it's a zero...
    Set up easy at first. But then the internet connection kept dropping off after about 30 seconds. Tried to reset and set up again but then it was no longer recognizable by any pc's I had so I was unable. Hawking tech support basically advised me (after 30 minutes on the phone) to return it to Amazon and get a new one. I'm going to try that as there appear to be more positive reviews than negative ones and maybe I just had bad luck and got a lemon. If a new one works, I'll revise my review......more info
  • Working Well ... ... But
    Looking for value, we all usually have a sub-conscious mental list du jour of goods & services that get away with atrocious prices, often by lobbying against competition. Telecom services is definitely one such.
    I had noticed that my kid never used our Verizon home DSL claiming its not the transmission speed but the constant server delays. Spark Notes and school research is far better on her (open & un-encrypted) school wireless network which I found she could access even at home; her room being school facing even though one suburban block away. Realizing how reliable the school network was, I bought the Hawking WREN1 repeater to enable the rest of the house & yard. Initially I had a hard time configuring it b/c in an effort to be non-technical the documentation does not tell you how to set all IP addresses and configure the device from the internet. Fortunately the support guy in India was great. He knew the product well, spoke good English, was polite, helpful and professional, answered several questions about the product and the WREN has been performing solidly for two weeks now. A good product enhanced by tech support. 5 busy body home users now rely on it. Verizon DSL is powered off for 2 weeks & no one knows. My pilot period ends in 2 more weeks. I think I will save $40 pm for a poky overpriced 3Mbps service and use the 54Mbps FREE tax supported school network. Eureka, maybe I do have an alternative, inspite of the FCC. BTW, $3/month Skype all-U-can-Call within US/Canada phone works great on the internet and the $42 Channelmaster 4221HD antenna on the chimney gets a whole lot of HiDef TV channels for FREE in NJ. The Olympics never looked better last year....more info
  • Warning! STOP BUYING anything from Antonline.com
    I have bought this item on Amazon through their third party [...]. Please STOP!!! Don't buy anything from [...]. They won't let you return their items you purchased from Amazon, AND Amazon won't back you back either (Normally I am pretty happy with Amazon's services). Warning!!!

    My working Den is a little far from my wireless router. The signal of wireless router is one to two bars. After I did many researches on line and tried to replace my ATT 2wire Router with latest Linksys 610N dual bands router, I decided to try this repeater. The setup is pretty easy if you follow their instructions. I have placed this item in the middle of my Den and wireless router where repeater can get four bars of the signal from 2wire router. The signal from the repeater is very good from my Den, the speed is very good if it stays connected. Now the problem is after five min, I always get disconnected from internet, I have to either wait or reboot the repeater to get it reconnected again. I have checked the status and ping the repeater, I have found that it always drop the packets. I have called the Hawking Tech Support, they have helped me to reconfig it, but still not help. I decide to return this item. Then I find you CAN'T return it to [...], and Amazon is not back you back. So DO NOT BUY anything from [...] EVER!!! No Service, The performance is not up to spec. ZERO STAR....more info
  • A Wireless N Range Extender that WORKS AS ADVERTISED!
    I was skeptical about this product due a lack of reviews on the net but decided to take the plunge...

    My wireless network consists of a Belkin Wireless N Router (F5D8233-4)using WPA,WPA2 w/ TKIP+AES security and the Hawking range extender has no problem communicating with it.

    I chose to forgo the setup CD and went directly to the web interface to set things up. The interface is simple and pretty self explanatory. Out of the box the ip is Login is: admin, pw:1234

    Initially I was getting intermittent and/or limited connectivity when trying to connect to the internet; this is usually due to the security/encryption settings so make sure to enter your info carefully to match your parent router exactly. To remedy this here's what apparently worked for me (my security settings were matched up)

    -Updated the firmware. Mine came shipped with ver. 1.10 There is a new one out 1.13 that you can find on the Hawking Technology website.
    -In the "Advanced Wireless setup" I unchecked the WMM option...possible conflict with parent router?
    -Set CTS protect to auto (as suggested in manual)
    -Unplug the power for 10 seconds and plug back in.

    After that I was all connected!

    The am VERY impressed with how much my overall network range has increased, especially considering the 5 or so walls this it has to go through...where there used to be no signal, I have full bars and an excellent signal. In contrast, the belkin g range extender it's replacing did little to improve my range. On a plus note is that you can upgrade the antennas if needed.

    Primary use is for my Direct TV HR-21 for VOD. As far as I know there are few marketed "N" options available to do the job...two are:

    -Linksys WGA600N- Wireless bridge that reportedly works very well.
    -D-Link DAP-1522- includes 4 LAN slots. (I was concerned w/ compatibility issues with my router)

    I chose the Hawking because it advertises to work with "any" AP or router and for roughly the same $$ of the Linksys, I can extend the range of my signal too. If I need another LAN port I'll just buy a cheap 10/100 switch.

    I can't give it 5 stars because I have no long-term experience with the product.

    In short, if you're looking for a "N" WURE solution for your network, give it a try. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

    ...more info
  • Good device, a few setup issues
    Once you get it working it is great. My router is in the basement and the signal is not the best on the second floor. Using the HWREN1 I now have full signal for the entire second floor. My connection speed more than doubled. I'll share a couple setup tips that will save you a headache and a call to tech support.
    1) the auto setup CD does not correctly set WPA passwords with spaces in them. It accepts them, then truncates everything after the space and fails. Use the web interface setup instead (see the manual on the CD).
    2) Don't leave your router's channel selection set to auto. You have to set both the router and the HWREN1 manually to the same channel. Their tech support recommend channel 2....more info
  • It works
    Not a lot to say. I hooked it up, followed the directions using the CD and had it working in minutes. No drama whatsoever extending the range of my Linksys router. I now have the extender on the periphery of my Linksys signal, and both routers have the same strength in the room where the linksys is located, so the extender clearly broadcasts a more powerful signal.

    I located the extender high in the house to give a maximum line of sight signal for remote links....more info
  • Works As Advertised
    I get consistent 5 bars from this puppy and it has never dropped the signal.

    I don't understand how anyone could experience an "issue" with this product. A monkey could easily set it up.

    Connect unit to router, run wizard on any workgroup computer, and THAT'S IT! Configuration is flashed. Just plug it in to power anywhere and enjoy.

    As Ron Popeil coined the phrase: "Set it, and forget it"....more info
  • router extender
    This device has improved our communicaions strength on our computers through out the house. Not only the computers but it improved our wireless printers.
    Great device....more info
  • Extender's download and upload speeds were only 30-50% as strong as my wireless router I am trying to extend
    On a bright side, very easy to setup. On a negative note, I performed a comparison, I was within range of original router and the Hawking 300N Extender - Extender's download and upload speeds were only 30-50% as strong as my wireless router I am trying to extend. Tried different channels, similar results. I did NOT perform a firmware upgrade, I knew I no longer wanted this product and did not want to violate any return policies.
    ...more info
  • helpful
    This item helps extend my wireless network allowing access in other rooms of the house. Was easy to set up!...more info
  • Works great, no problems!
    My home office is in an outbuilding about 50 yards from my house. Occasionally I could get one bar of reception from my router but usually not. After installing the Hawking Extender I get 4-5 bars.
    It was the most trouble free set-up of anything computer related I have had except for a printer. Virtually no problems.
    One thing to consider in an extreme application like mine, is that I had to put the extender in a window facing where I wanted the signal to go to get top reception, when placed on a wall near the window the reception dropped a couple bars. ...more info
  • From Very Low to Excellent!
    Having recently purchased a new laptop with a wireless n card and a compatible Linsys wireless N router, I was hopeful that my wireless connection would improve between the router and the wireless laptop. It did not. After a lot of research and much skepticism I decided to purchase the HWREN1 in the hope that I would get a better signal. The signal is transmitted from one building to another building about 50' away. I installed the Hawking device (with the help of excellent tech support at Hawking) and placed the range extender in the building where the signal was poor. I placed it in the open to get an optimal signal and was extremely pleased that the signal went from very low to excellent (5 bars) and the speed went from 30 Mpbs to 130 Mbps. Not really liking the location of the extender, I then placed in an out of the way location and the signal and speed remained the same, excellent and 130 Mbps. I have not written a review on anything before, but I am so pleased with the performance of this product after the genuine frustration I had felt with the weak signal and strength that I felt compelled to share my enthusiasm. This product really works!!! ...more info
  • Watch out! WEP troubles
    I anticipated some WEP troubles based on reviews I had read; sure enough, the HWREN1 would not recognize my PC after I completed sync up to my router.

    Plan an hour to go thru the script with tech support; the script is pretty good, eliminating variables one at a time. However, the script reader, who works in the south of India, was less than enthusiastic about her job.

    I'm glad I know a lot about computers, because the troubleshooting script left my computer in a pretty messed up state. If I had left my computer in the state tech support left it in when she got stumped, I would have no wireless. The script instructed me to turn off my computer's wireless management in favor of windows', she did not help me to turn that back on.

    The last advice in the script was the most disturbing -- turn off WEP on the router and on the HWREN. The intention here was to eliminate encryption as a variable in order to discover if WEP was the problem. Since my router works fine with or without the HWREN, I felt this step was not going to contribute anything to diagnosis.

    Bottom line: If you buy this, and get a problem with WEP, I'd just send it back ... don't waste time with tech support.

    If you're technical, here are the script's troubleshooting steps:

    * reset HWREN with paper clip
    * upgrade firmware
    * Use HWREN's admin panel to detect your router
    * Grab an IP
    * Set the WEP
    * Test the wireless connection...more info
  • Hawking Range Extender
    It was with some trepidation that I purchased the Hawking HWREN1 Hi-Gain USB Wireless 300N Range Extender (White) since I was not at all sure that my problems of slow access to the internet via my pre N wireless router would be helped by this widget. And, I was concerned that linking this into my secure network might be a problem. Not to worry! This gizmo was easy to set up, has functioned exactly as it was advertised and has made my internet throughput very fast and effortless. I have no reservations! This gadget works well and can only be highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • Easy Way to Extend a Wireless Network
    I bought this to extend the range of my Netgear WNDR3300. I hooked it up to the network, ran the install CD, disconnected it, put it in the living room, and I was done. I could surf the net in my living room and my Wii can finally get a good signal. I'm happy with the purchase....more info