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Adobe Premiere Elements 7
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Product Description

Create incredible movies with Adobe Premiere Elements 7. Get started quickly with automated moviemaking options, add knockout visuals and sound, and share your movies everywhere. And now, extend the capabilities of your software with new Plus membership (Annual membership terms apply).

Upload your movies to YouTube or your personal sharing page - optimizing and formatting for the specific destination is automatic Design custom disc menus, or choose from dozens of menu templates - scene indexes or chapters for your menu are automatically created with links that correspond to your video clips With Plus membership (Annual membership terms apply), you can - Turn video clips into polished movies with ideas, tutorials, movie themes, and special effects delivered regularly to your software Backup your memories automatically with no scheduling required - get 20GB of storage, enough for up to 4 hours of DVD-quality video Access your clips and movies virtually anywhere

With Adobe Premiere Elements 7 software, making incredible movies is easier than ever. Get started quickly with new, automated options that instantly turn your raw footage into polished movies. Enhance your stories with knockout visuals and sound. Share your movies on YouTube, your own website, disc, and everywhere else. New membership* works with Adobe Premiere Elements 7 so you can protect your videos with automatic online backup and 2GB of storage, and access your movies and clips anywhere you are.

Enjoy a variety of easy ways to show off your movies. Share far and wide by uploading directly to YouTube, or share with family and friends on your personal website. Burn to DVD or Blu-ray Disc. Or play your movies on mobile phones and other portable media devices. Click to enlarge.

Let Adobe Premiere Elements automatically analyze and tag your footage based on quality and interest (such as brightness, focus, or content) to make it easy to choose the best clips for your movies. Click to enlarge.

Add visual appeal with hundreds of effects and transitions, interactive disc menus, animated titles, and professional credits. Click to enlarge.

Go from camera to DVD or Blu-ray Disc, complete with menu and scene index, in a few easy steps.

Instantly create polished movies with no effort. Just choose a theme, and InstantMovie automatically edits your footage using Hollywood directors' techniques.

Do it all with one powerful yet easy-to-use product
Use Adobe Premiere Elements 7 software with* for all your video needs: import and organize your clips; edit them together yourself or choose automated options to effortlessly create incredible movies; enhance your movies with knockout visual and audio effects, titles, and interactive disc menus; share them on the web, disc, and everywhere else; protect your videos; and view them anywhere you are.

*Available only in the U.S.

Introducing new membership*
Works with Adobe Premiere Elements 7 to help you protect your videos from computer loss and hard drive crashes with automatic online backup and enough storage (2GB) for up to an hour of DVD-quality video, and access your movies and clips anywhere you are. Upgrade to Plus membership at any time and get 15GB more storage, and a variety of inspiring ideas, tutorials, movie themes, and special effects delivered regularly to your software.

*Available only in the U.S.

Quickly find your best clips
Let Adobe Premiere Elements automatically analyze and tag your footage, so you can quickly find your most interesting, highest quality clips.

Create a polished movie, instantly
Create polished movies with no effort. Just choose a theme, and InstantMovie automatically edits together your best clips with coordinated music, titles, effects, and transitions. You can even customize the final result if you wish.

Conveniently share your movie and enjoy the latest technology
Follow easy steps to create your movie once, and then in the Sharing Center choose to save it to disc, the web, or mobile devices. Share on high-quality HD or Blu-ray Disc, so you can enjoy your movie on virtually any screen, from your iPod to your HD flat screen TV.

Make movies with drag-and-drop ease
Create your story fast in the Sceneline, an easier alternative to the more traditional video-editing Timeline. Make your movie by simply dragging and dropping thumbnails of your clips, transitions, and effects.

Edit and preview in one convenient place
Edit and view your movie in one convenient place--the large Monitor window--where you can easily trim and split clips, drop filters and effects right on a frame, create fun picture-in-picture effects, type titles and text right on the screen, and more.

Easily enhance with dazzling effects and transitions
Choose from hundreds of amazing special effects and TV-style transitions that you can drag onto your movie to add a unique look.

Start quickly with all your media at your fingertips
Find what you need fast using an Organizer similar to the one in Adobe Photoshop Elements software. Visually tag clips to categorize by people, places, or events, and easily browse thumbnails in the new clip preview and tagging window. Then search and sort files by date or ratings, or browse Smart Tags to quickly find your best clips.

Energize your movies with music
Use SmartSound to add a variety of musical soundtracks that automatically adjust to perfectly match the length of your movie. Even synchronize scenes to the beat of your soundtrack.

Personalize your movies
Add polish and personality with custom, interactive disc menus, animated titles, and professionally designed credits.

Use footage from virtually any device, including AVCHD camcorders
Bring in video from all your devices, including the latest camcorders (even high-definition AVCHD), digital cameras, webcams, and mobile phones.

  • Stay connected with your favorite people and memories with new membership
  • Get started quickly with automated moviemaking options
  • Enhance your stories with knockout visuals and sound
  • Share on YouTube, your own website, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and mobile devices
  • Protect your videos with automatic online backup and 2GB of storage--enough for approximately 25 minutes of DVD-quality video

Customer Reviews:

  • Premiere Elements 7 - Good but some problems
    Premiere Elements 7 is a good product - ran on Vista premium with 2 gigs of memory. Nice features and functionality. However, product locked up a lot so you need to back up frequently. I am in the process of doubling our Ram so that I minimize this problem. Nonetheless, the templates are nice and its easy to work with. DVDs that we have created turned out well....more info
  • A happy Photoshop CS user
    I'm a bit surprised at some of the negative reviews here. I guess people want different things. For me, as a Photoshop CS4 user wanting to develop some chops in video this seemed like a reasonable way to go. And I have not been disappointed. I feel comfortable with the Adobe interface style that I'm used to and I find the software intuitive to use. I like the panels and being able to spread the workspace out over my monitors. So far everything seems to work as it should.

    My one piece of advice if you don't want to be disappointed is to be sure you've got at least a dual core processor with a few gigs of memory and the right video card. Video is after all an intensive computer operation. My next purchase will surely be a 1TB drive for a little more elbow room with these large files. By the way I'm using Vista 64 with no problems....more info
  • Patience needed by the bucketload
    OK I admit I'm a newbie, never edited a movie before. In fact it was the first time we made a movie with our Canon HD video-camera. But 3 weeks later all we have managed to do is load the clips. Struggled for hours with making titles. This in not an intuitive program and there is no easy to follow guidebook provided with the software. Although there is a lengthy online manual but it was impossible to follow. Even some of the Adobe videos online weren't really helpful. I think we're going to give up and buy something simpler. I haven't got the time to become an editing professional, have you?...more info
  • No updates
    They are really dropping the price on this for a reason... it's not worth it! First off Adobe Elements never patches their software they send it out and then repair whatever is broken in the next version! I have been an elements user from version one and discovered this by verison 4... they them jumped to version 7 for synergy purposes. This version is still very buggy so be prepared to hit save, save, save... and get ready to shell out another $100 in sept for the next patch with two or three new bells and whistles... because they might have fixed the problems by then... I would advise to wait until you read they have fixed them because you certainly won't get it through their updates... it only updates Adobe Reader!...more info
  • Powerful, but very unpleasant software
    This is the third version of Premiere Elements that I have owned. Each version adds new features. This one (version 7) includes some really advanced features, such as chroma keying, picture-in-picture, and more audio options than you could shake a stick at. I would say that using this program, you could do just about anything you wish with your video material.

    I like that you can output all sorts of video. Flash, Quicktime/H.264, MPEG, and so forth. I am missing 1080P/MPEG and H.264 in containers other than Quicktime. I don't know if anyone cares about those, though.

    This most recent version seems a bit more stable than the previous version too. It has not crashed on me yet.

    So Premiere Elements is amazingly powerful for a home video program. It is also extremely unpleasant to use. It is, hands down, the most unpleasant program that I own.

    Starting at the beginning, when I launch the program, I am presented with an "invitation" to join an Adobe online service. I will never join this service. I will have to click a button to make this go away, every time I use the program.

    The program launches with the topmost part of the GUI "off screen." That is, I could see the top of the GUI if my monitor was about an inch higher. It's too bad, because all the GUI top level controls are on that topmost portion. In particular, the menu item that I could use to change the size and shape of the GUI, and therefore get it back on screen! This is incredibly irritiating.

    The help system is simply a launcher for your favorite web browser. You ask for help on something, you get an Adobe web page. This method is slower than the traditional Windows help system, and less useful. I really miss the speedy contents / index / search tabs that most Windows programs offer.

    The program offers an extremely rich variety of scene transitions. Cross wipes, random dissolves, animations, etc. It is really nice. What is not so nice is that I cannot find a way to automatically apply a transition to all scene cuts. This is a big problem if you have a lot of scenes. In particular, if you are making a slide show of still photos, your arm will get tired as you apply transitions over and over again. Did you forget to choose a reasonable time duration for your transitions? Tough luck. Start over again.

    Putting together a title crawl or title roll is an exercise in frustration. Did you get the duration right? Did you get the speed right? Did you spell all the words correctly? Did you make one tiny mistake? Tough luck. You have to start over again from the beginning.

    This is a general theme for this program: you can create wonderful things with it. This takes time, effort, and creativity on your part. That's OK. What's not OK is if you muff it even a little, you have to start over again.

    I much prefer Pinnacle Studio to this program. It is less powerful though. In particular, the Pinnacle software can't do 1080P output. That's a requirement for me, although most folks won't care.

    In conclusion, this program is an even mixture of great power and unpleasant operation. I would give it a three star rating (half way between awful and great!) except for one little problem. On many projects, I get so frustrated with the program that I just quit. Screw it. Therefore, the "great power" aspect of the program has gone missing. So, two stars. ...more info
  • Disappointing
    I bought a copy of this program and installed it on my computer. When I try to run it, so far all it does is put a notice on the monitor saying it has encountered a problem and must shut down. For $80 I expected a little more performance than this!...more info
  • Not as many features as I was expecting from Adobe.
    Perhaps I have become so accustomed to Adobe's professional grade design products that my expectations were just too high for this one. I was looking for something with a pro-sumer level of features. You know, better than Window's movie maker, but not as complex as Adobe Premier Pro. Yes, Elements is better than movie maker, but not significantly enough to make it worth the time, money and disc space. The interface was not as intuitive as I have come to expect from Adobe and the features were lackluster and geared towards teenage type effects. Not what I was looking for....more info
  • One Confusing Memory Hog
    This is one POWERFUL program! (when it doesn't crash). Its main strength for me is the flexibility it offers when using the Picture In Picture, Text, and overall creative controls. If you are an experienced video editor, the world is yours with this program. There is nothing you can not accomplish. You will end up with a professional quality unmatched by any other video editing program I have ever encountered. Truly outstanding accomplishments!

    THE BAD:
    The User Interface is cheap looking, and does not offer a sense of confidence as you try to work through your project.

    The software will CRASH unpredictably but consistently, this makes you have to save your project every two seconds because you don't know when the next crash is coming. I am running this software on an AlienWare computer with ample memory, a speedy 7200 rpm drive and Windows 64Bit Vista.

    The feeling you get when you finish a project is like finishing a 1000 mile trip in a junker car. You feel lucky that you made it, and don't look forward to doing it again -- yet you know you will. This software is a computer-resources hog from hell. It feels as though your machine is being taxed to its limits just to keep the software open.

    I often lose files (misplaced) from the visual video library. Where are they?! I have to import it again!

    Additionally, the output files are way too big in size! (almost any format). I have to b...more info
  • H264 Video Authoring Info
    I have Adobe Premiere Elements 2 version 7 is the same if you want to create H264 video nothing has changed Quicktime Pro dose all of the work. even worse AVCHD media is import only. also, the "crashing" more like PC freezing due to too much computer work need to be done is caused by a file the newer Adobe Premiere Elements installs and runs in the background can be shut off (unchecked) or on (checked) with a program from Microsoft called autoruns.exe. program seems to work just fine without it....more info
  • Change Project settings !
    I had problems with PE7 playing back STANDARD DEFINITION video from my Sony HDD camcorder.
    Adobe applies a preset to the type of clip for playback. Mine played blurry.
    When you start a new project , click the CHANGE settings box . They had standard assigned and I just thought I would try the 720 setting under the HD. Turns out that is what I needed.
    If you are using a HD camera, even for shooting standard definition at times, you need to change the settings for each project. Adobe DOES NOT make this clear.
    One other thing, you cannot change the settings once you begin a project.
    Hope this helps anyone who didn't realize this , Like Me !...more info
  • No DVD drives found for Windows Vista
    Well, I must share this experience with you, before making expensive mistakes. We all know of the Adobe creative software excellence, but this has an anoying problem with Vista.... when I installed Pre 7 not only it self failed to recognize my burners (one internal an one external) but my Roxio Creator did it too. That problem araised as soon as I got Pre 7 in my laptop, a Dell 1420 core 2 duo home basic (Spanish). No forum, no support could solve the problem. I uninstalled Pre 7 from my 1420 and everything came back to normal with Roxio ( I must say that Windows never stopped recognizing the DVD was only for Pre7 and Roxio...). This week I got a new dell Studio 1537 Core 2 duo centrino 2 home premium (English)... but.... same problem...coincidence?, I don't think so... there must be a kind of confict between vista and Pre... so, be awared of it. Software performance is good, but you must know that some extra work in some burning software (not Roxio) may be necesary to get your project done....more info
  • Misleading advertising
    This was marketed as easy to use. It is not. At start up you keep getting prompted to join thier video club every time you start the application. Then you have to select a new project or recent project. It won't let you just start to look at files unless you select something.Very annoying. The get media option doesn't work if you choose HD camera. The camera is not recognized. It does show a a USB hard drive but than you need to dig through folder etc. to find what you need. I have to use the cheesy software that came with the camera to copy video from the cam to the computer because from what I can see there isn't a way to do this from Premiere Elements. The documentation is poor. Would get a full refund if I could and try Corel....more info
  • Unstable
    I bought Adobe Premier Elements 7 with a new Dell XPS Studio with MS Vista, 12 GB RAM, 1 TB of disk space, and 1GB of video RAM. It came pre-installed. PE7 barely runs. Most times, I do not get to the "Share" phase because PE7 says there is an unexpected error and shuts down. I even get MS Visual Studio C++ Runtime errors. The dialog says MS is looking for a "solution", but it never responds that one was found. Other times, the Open Project fails, so that I cannot even open a saved project. Very frustrating. Normal (i.e. non-esoteric) program usage like adding scene transitions, or merely clicking on the scene scroll bar also causes the program to crash, but even that is not the worst. The worst comes after three hours of video crunching, the disk write fails causing all that time to be lost.

    Even with my powerful PC, I've taken all the normal precautions-- I run nothing else concurrently, only on a fresh startup or re-boot etc., but none of this seems to have any effect.

    I've given PE7 two stars because amazingly enough after many false starts and do-overs, I managed to squeak out two DVDs and one Bluray movie. The bluray feature lacks a burn to file (which the DVD share allows), so if after several hours of video crunching the disk write fails-- you've lost all that time.

    When it does work, it works well and I was very pleased with the quality of the finished output. However today, I cannot open my latest project and if this is not resolved, I will have lost HOURS of setup time. I cannot imagine how or why a company like Adobe would release a program like this that is so not ready for prime time.

    UPDATE: After hours of re-doing yet another project, the program failed while processing the video during pre-burn processing. After walking away from the computer, I returned to find it re-booted and now although Premier Elements itself will start, that project will no longer load, causing a fatal error that causes the program to close. If I could change my rating to one start, I would do it....more info
  • Be prepared for frequent crashes
    You have to have a lot of patience to use Adobe Premiere Elements 7 because of the frequent error messages and crashes. Save often, keep the kids out of the room so they don't have to hear your swearing, and with only a few weeks of work and tons of perseverance you can put together a pretty decent AVCHD video. Something like driving a car in the early 20th century - lots of breakdowns and flat tires. But wait, isn't this the 21st century? What's up Adobe?...more info
  • Not worth $40.00
    Not worth the money. Difficult to use, not intuitive at all. Imported video from my DVD camera leaves audio and video out of sync. I've used free programs that were easier to use only the resolution of the finished product suffered. I expected more from Adobe....more info
  • Plenty of feature
    I'm a computer geek and am not artistic. This software gives me the power to look like what I am doing when it comes to video editing. It was easy to install and very straightforward to use. It had plenty of features for the neophyte (Templates were great and plenty of items one can add to a video...effects and such.) and there are great features for me as I grow. I used an earlier version and they have repaired the features I didn't like. Make sure you have plenty of memory and disk space, especially for HD. You'll end up with multiple copies of one video so you'll need the room.

    If you are looking for something high-end, this isn't it. ...more info
  • Great product for my 9 year old
    My son wanted to produce videos for YouTube. This was not the most intuitive solution for him...I had to learn it first, then teach it to him. But once we got past the basics, he took over and figured out a lot on his own. It's really perfect for him....more info