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    This FIRST set is GREAT! The first 2 episodes detail the Mach 5, it's development history, and enough character history to add much enjoyment and fun to the rest of the series. Now as an adult I really appreciate that the art and production quality for the first episode is the same as for the very last; no rough beginning that loses value after watching refined episodes later on. And the stories in this first set are the best introduction to this Great Classic racing (and adventure) series. They'll make devoted fans out of you, leave you anxiously yearning for more, and prepare you to get the most enjoyment from the rest.

    Speed Racer was my favorite cartoon growing up. I would pass up an after-school KickBall game to watch Speed and the Coolest Car on Earth. I always laughed myself onto the floor watching Spritle's tears spraying out like fountains. These cartoons were crude ... but they had a unique character and spirit that made refined art, sound, and production irrelevant. In fact the mismatched mouth movements (seemingly due to more than translation) and coarse animation only added to it's unique charm. I've waited a long time for a collection like this.

    These characters are beyond endearing. You just love them; even the villains! And the voices are so perfectly cliche, and in that way so uniquely Speed Racer; they're hilarious! The main characters have such great personalities and charm. And you've got to love the 60s/70s music and pop culture as well as the fun Japanese interpretation (and Japanification) of it that stands out to western audiences (like Trixie's sort-of full-bodied winking peace-sign expression and stance). And you'll never forget that great opening sequence in which Speed is frozen in that Groovy Racing/Go-Go pose that spins around in a 3D effect. And the Mach 5! It's as beautiful today as it was so long ago! To me, it's the most beautiful car EVER conceived. I Treasure this great show!

    HOWEVER, I agree with other reviewers in that Lion's Gate should have included the original Japanese theme song, and it would have been GREAT to have included a whole episode in Japanese as it aired in Japan. Interviews with voice-cast members and the Japanese creators (who've got to be the Grooviest most interesting guys!) would have been nice. Such extras would have made this a much better collection. But they provided none of those things in any of the 5 sets.

    Also, they should have put forth some effort to improve the video quality. I have a VHS tape that provides better image quality. It's as if they did not use original masters . . . or perhaps those masters have not been well kept (although it's not bad by any means).

    I'd give the Series itself every star in the Universe, but I have to give the collection only 3 Stars. It could and SHOULD be so much better with the extras and improvements I've mentioned....more info
  • OK; Should be Better
    The quality of the video and audio is great -- much better than I've seen on video tapes (most of which were recorded at EP speed). But it's pretty [bad] that they changed the graphics for the opening, and even [worse]that some of the episodes are recorded at the wrong speed -- they play a little fast (you can tell because the voices on those episodes are higher pitched, as is the theme song). That's bad.

    Also bad is the misspelling of Jack Grimes' name as one of the voices. On the videotapes, it is correctly spelled Grimes; on the DVD it is Crimes. That, along with the fast playback on some of the episodes shows that little care was used in putting this DVD together. Family Home Entertainment should be ashamed. I expect more....more info

  • Have a 4 and 6 year old at home?????
    I remember watching Speed Racer when it first came out. I was 4 years old. My two boys are now Speed Racer junkies. They have worn out this DVD. I even had to shell out 12 bucks for a Mach 5 Hotwheel.
    It's great for kids. They don't make cartoons like this anymore....more info
  • A few issues but decent
    Those of us who grew up with Speed Racer know the theme music for both the start and end of the show. The episodes are of good quality and faithful to it's era. However The opening sequence is different. It appears during the remastering process they superimposed a new logo that is digitized. It is noticably different and sloppy a bit. Also the same thing was done with the ending credits. New Credits were digitized over what appears to be a copy of the animation at the end. The animation sequence at the end looks like a 3rd or 4th generation copy. My feeling is that they lost the originals for this. Also the Trans Lux original logo in the beginning is absent as well.

    Still at this price it is worth checking out....more info
  • Speed kills.....
    I am so pleased to have Speed Racer back in my life, and especially in the life of my 3 year old son. I don't imagine there are many really young Speed fans anymore. How sad. We were even able to get him toy Mach 5 cars and he knows all the characters. This DVD is a great way to re-introduce yourself or your children to this great series. I wish and hope that more episodes will become available. The only downside is a sparse list of extras on the DVD. I hope that the company owning this franchise will see that there is still a demand for this great show and for related projects.
    On a side note, Speed Racer items are available at the official Speed Racer web site. Ebay carries a number of Speed Racer items also, including the Japan-only Hot Wheels Mach 5.
    The only hard part is, do I buy for my son to play with or for me to collect!...more info
  • Speed Racer
    Can't go wrong with a Speed Racer DVD in your collection. If you're a Speed fan, this will bring back the memories. ...more info
  • Speed Racer: Episodes 1-11
    I am not a collector, so I cannot give an expert opinion about this genre of media. I ordered this for my 5-year-old son out of a sense of nostalgia as well as a desire to find something for him to watch besides the vulgar trash that passes for "children's television" on channels like Cartoon Network. I could not be more pleased with this DVD! The DVD case cover ha an actual raised tire tread on it! My son loves watching it, and my husband and I enjoy reliving a little bit of childhood. I couldn't believe how low the price was....more info
  • Finally!
    I've loved Speed Racer since I was a little kid. When Ted Turner's first television station, WTBS, Channel 13, started up in Georgia in the mid-70s, he had all the great old shows, The Munsters, The Brady Bunch, Get Smart, The Addams Family, I Dream of Jeannie, The Partridge Family....all part of his afternoon lineup. Speed Racer came on at 3 PM, Monday thru Friday. Every weekday for years I'd get out of school at 2:30, the bus would take me home, I'd rush into the house and turn on the TV just in time for the theme song. I never got tired of it. (Just an interesting point of trivia - I think - in a book on Speed Racer I read the results of a survey where Speed fans were asked what they considered the single most important reason Speed Racer is so popular. The #1 answer: the theme song.)

    I've seen some TV shows I loved as a kid, years later when they were released on video, and wondered how I ever could have enjoyed them. Being three years old is no excuse. The prime example being 8th Man. But I watch Speed Racer today, and while I'm well aware that, because of my history with the show, the fact it was such an important of my life while growing up, I love it perhaps more than can really be justified by what's there....some episodes still DO it for me. And that's pretty cool.

    What in America we call Speed Racer actually began in the Sixties in Japan as a manga (comic book) called Maha Go Go Go. In America you'll usually see this partially translated as Mach Go Go Go so that's the terminology I'll use from here on. Grand prix auto racing was very popular in Japan at the time, almost a national obsession. To Tatsuo Yoshida, the creator/artist/writer of Mach Go Go Go, the opportunity presented by this situation was obvious: create a series about a teenage Grand Prix driver. I have reprints of several of the original manga. At least some of the anime episodes (more about which shortly) were adaptations of previously published manga stories.

    The ....Go Go Go part of the title was a triple entendre. (1) "Go" means the number five in Japanese, it was a reference to the car's name, the Mach 5. (2) In the original manga and anime, the main character we call Speed Racer in the US was named Go Mifune (or Goh Mifune, I've seen it spelled both ways), a homage to Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune (Yoshida was a huge fan) which explains why "Speed" has a yellow G on his shirt and his support crew is called the Go Team. (3) The American word "Go," i.e. "Haul it, dude."

    The big red M on the Mach 5's hood, which in America we commonly assumed stood for "Mach 5" was actually the emblem of Mifune Motors, Pops Racer's car company. Likewise this explains the M on Speed's helmet. Trixie had an M on her blouse because in the original manga/anime her name was Michi Shimura. Sparky lucked out; the S on his chest happened to match both his Japanese name, Sabu, and American renaming, as well.

    One thing that never made any sense to me, when watching Speed Racer as a kid, was that Racer X had the "Mach 5 symbol" on his chest. It makes even less sense once you learn this is the Mifune Motors emblem. "Hello Speed, I'm secretly Kenichi Mifune, your older brother who ran away from home years ago. In order to hide this fact, I will....wear the emblem of the family business in foot high lettering on my chest!" Good plan. They'll never figure that one out. And of course, they didn't.

    In the original manga - and this is something we never really got from the anime - Michi (Trixie) was the spoiled, willful, rich daughter of the head of a rival car company (which explains how she owns her own helicopter - something I always wondered about as a kid - and drives a Mercedes). She first met the Racers when she was sent to spy on them. Wouldn't she know it, she fell in love with Speed which kind of scotched that plan. In my early teens I couldn't understand what Speed saw in Trixie. It's only with adult sensibilities that I appreciate what a total little hottie Trixie really was.

    Of course I hated the bratty kid brother. And the monkey! Don't get me started. WAY too much unneeded so-called comic relief in what should have been - and was - a really exciting, dramatic adventure series. I took my Speed Racer seriously. I could never understand how a guy as cool as Speed could have such a whiny little snot-nosed punk of a brother.

    All 52 episodes of the original Mach Go Go Go anime were translated into English and in 1967 began airing in America as Speed Racer. The series is about equally split between stand alone eps and two-parters (there's only one three-part Speed Racer). The series has a very self-contained air, with a beginning, middle and an end. It begins with Speed's first professional race and ends when he wins the world championship. In the late 80s thru early 90s the entire series was released on video tape. I bought about half the series, all the tapes I could find, at that time. Just a few months ago the first 11 episodes were released on DVD. You better believe I bought that one. (Hopefully we'll eventually see all 52 episodes on DVD.) All the video tapes that were dupes of DVD eps I then turned around and gave to my next door neighbor's teenage son. Spreading the glory and majesty that is Speed Racer to a new generation. And he really liked them. Obviously there's hope for America's future, after all....more info

  • back to the 70's
    this is a good show for the times that it came out in,I did not miss a show,that and marine boy that I wish they would come out with. this is a good dvd to have five stars up...more info
  • Feels like a ripoff
    I thought this was the new live action movie that came out. It's a bad time to have this on sale. The unbox version also seems to have only 2 arcs. Maybe half of what you get on the DVD.
    Bad deal in every way. Avoid this. I rented the Unbox for Tivo...more info
  • super fun DVD
    My 9 year old son loves this. He thinks is way cool and totally hilarious....more info
  • This is a great DVD!
    Speed Racer is a Japanese "Manga" that was created in 1966. In 1967, the 52 episodes of the show were dubbed into English, and syndicated across the U.S., where they were watched by millions of young people who carried the cartoon in their hearts all the way to today! Speed Racer is the story of a young racecar driver who experiences excitement and danger around the world, both on the racecourse and off. Even though the show is now some 38 years old, the cars are still fantastic to look at and the story has lost none of its fascination!

    Recently, the first eleven episodes of the show have been released in this DVD. The eleven episodes cover five stories: The Great Plan, Challenge of the Masked Racer, The Secret Engine, The Race Against the Mammoth Car, and The Most Dangerous Race. Not only that, this DVD is crammed with extras, the best of which are and interactive look at the Mach 5 (Speed's car) and a gallery of villains - each with a clip showing the villain in action!

    This is a great DVD! My ten-year-old son has been a fan of Speed Racer since he was quite young (a chip off the old block!), and he is very glad to have some of the episodes on DVD. So, now he and I can sit and watch this great cartoon together. If you know a young boy who likes racecars, then get him this DVD, and he will love you for it!

    One extra thing: the limited-edition "rubber tire" packaging is a nice touch. It is so well done that it is really a work of art. Get this DVD!...more info

  • Blast from the past
    OK, so the animation isn't exactly stellar and the plots are kind of silly. But I remember watching these things as a kid and they really bring back the happy memories! If you grew up on these like I did, you're in for a treat! If not, this DVD may not be for you. But you probably wouldn't be looking at this if you weren't already into Speed!

    As for the DVD itself, I have had some problems. I have a couple of players. My older Toshiba (which is usually picky) plays it fine, but my Apex (which normally plays ANYTHING without problem) doesn't. It's like it's in some kind of "single frame" mode, playing about one frame every couple of seconds and no sound. Haven't tried it on my PCs....more info

  • Speed Racer
    Movie was in great shape.
    My grandsons enjoyed it a lot
    Received before expected.
    Would buy again from this seller...more info
  • A (Speedy) Drive Down Memory Lane
    First of all, the dvd I recieved didn't have the collector's rubber dvd case, that having been said I was still very happy for being able to see these old episodes again.
    As a huge fan of the series in my youth, and still being quite the kid now, I was very happy these episodes made it to dvd.
    A must for fans of the old series, or anyone curious to see where the Wachowski's new movie all started from!...more info
  • So good to have Speed back !!!!!!!!!
    I'm proud to say that I'm one of Speed Racer's FIRST generation American viewers. I distinctly remember seeing this fantastic series for the first time in late '67--when I was a mere 14 yr. old growing up in northern New Jersey--and it blew me away from the get go. There was nothing to compare it with--the beautiful animation and snappy dialogue was WORLDS APART from what the Hanna-Barbera people were doing at the time--of course, back then, I was way too unsophisticated to notice or care about such droll distinctions--all I knew was SPEED was COOL and Trixie was a BABE!! hehehe (never could "get" the whole Spridle,Chim-Chim thing, though.....but I guess that was part of SR's over-all charm, I suppose..a little strange incongruity doesnt hurt, does it?) As I view the series now--well into middle-age, a WONDERFUL NOSTALGIA overwhelms me--as I'm sure it does for all those who grew up with this quirky, yet seminal cartoon (I cringe at having to refer to SR as a "toon"--- because it means SO much MORE than that to me---but, alas... that's what it was, after all).... A truly BELOVED cartoon that will never be forgotten by so many of us over a certain age. I thank from the bottom of my heart all those brilliant Japanese artists and American voice actors who brought us this glorious work of art so many years ago. This dvd is a MUST for those that adore the show....more info
  • Speed Racer (Episodes 1-11)......
    I remember this show back when I was a kid. I was an absolute nut over the show then. When I found out it was on DVD now, I had to get it to add to my collection of animation. Boy, am I glad I did. The old adventures that thrilled me back then, along with the sleek automotive: the Mach 5 was well worth waiting for on DVD. This first DVD collection contains episodes 1 through 11, which-basically-tells how Speed Racer came to be who he is. See, Speed Racer wants to become a professional racer, despite the fact his father doesn't want him to. When Pops quits his job after the company he'd worked for had declined the production of a modified engine for his new racing car, the Mach 5, he thinks of creating his own family owned company, Racer Motors. Speed takes it upon himself to obtain the money for Pops to produce this modified engine. Using his driving skills to do so, Speed decides to enters a race. Pops conceals his plans for the Mach 5's new engine on a windshield. When the company he worked for finds out, they go after Speed to get it back. Speed soon realizes that the Pops had hidden the plans on the windshield and fights to prevent them from getting it. He shatters the windshield so the company doesn't get it. Speed ends up winning the race but doesn't get the money due to the company's interference. So, Speed apologizes to Pops for this and, thus begins, the adventures of Speed Racer. I really love this first collection. If I had to pick a character, besides Speed, that I loved..it'd have to be Racer X. Him and his car, The Shoooting Star, were awesome.

    Admittedly, you can tell the show was made a long time ago. It looks nothing like cartoons of today. Rightly so, as todays' cartoon are digitally done...instead of the cell animation of old. This might disappoint some of you out there who have recently seen Speed Racer(the motion picture) and are expecting this to be something newer. The vocal work is a bit dated as well but nothing to get upset about.

    At any rate, I, personally, loved these old cartoons. They thrill me now just as much as they did then.
    ...more info
  • "Gimmie five-thousand clams and I'll steal the plans!"
    Speed Racer is 60's futurism at its best, and is as cool 'now' as it was back 'then'! These episodes offer a combination of fast, manic, campy, and 'cute' (hey, Spritle and Chim-chim pulled their own weight; even Sparky added character) - but most of all, they just burn "coolness" on all cylinders. I shouldn't fail to mention that the dubbing crew for this series was top notch (a few of their members also worked on Marine Boy - wish we could see THOSE remastered) and added to the shows appeal, along with excellent music. These episodes are imminently watchable and enjoyable - no matter what one's age. I've enjoyed delving into all manner of nostalgic re-releses over the years, but Speed Racer has been the best and most surprising by far! I can't wait for the next set to be released. Highly Recommended!...more info
  • Let's Be Real!
    I'm a women who was a child in the sixties, and let me tell you we loved Speed Racer!!! I introduced this to my 7 year old son and 5 year old daughter, and they loved it. Those few of you who disect and criticize are forgetting how much fun these shows were. The rest of us remember!!! There is so much entertainment packed in these DVDs (we have the 1st and 2nd, and are waiting for the 3rd collection)! I personally find the graphics extremely impressive for the 1960s. Keep in perspective. Buy and ENJOY!!!...more info
  • Speed Racer episodes 1-11
    Those of you who have been enjoying Speed Racer The Next Generation on Nick Toons network are sure to love the these classic origin adventures of the original Speed Racer with the first appearance of such characters as Crusher Block and the car acrobatic team. Also interesting to learn how the true origin of Speed brother Rex and Speed's beginning as a racer compared to the live movie that hit theatres in 2008. Though I don't recall the original Speed actually ever doing the 180 reverse thrust car move that his son does people are sure to enjoy the secrets of the Mach 5 being reveal to a new generation of viewers. For those who do enjoy the special features on this disk I also suggest Speed Racer The Movie DVD which came out in 1993 and has a wonderful commentary track with the voice actors. ...more info
  • go speed racer, GO!
    With the imminent release of the "Speed Racer" live action film, a review of the cartoon series that spawned it is in order. This cartoon series having been made in the sixties, shows the simplistic animation prevalent in Japanese cartoons of the period. It's peers, such as Astro Boy, Kimba The White Lion, Gigantor (which were released in Japan under different names) and others, all display this type of animation. There are many adults today, who grew up with these cartoons, that hope the "Speed Racer" Live action film meets or exceeds their expectations. Today's kids won't care, obviously, as their knowledge of this cartoon series is slim to none. It is this reviewers' hope that it WILL be good, and thus possibly reinvigorate interest in the cartoon series.

    The episodes following are in volume 1 of the series:

    The Great Plan (part 1)

    The Great Plan (part 2)

    Challenge of the Masked Racer (part 1)

    Challenge of the Masked Racer (part 2)

    The Secret Engine (part 1)

    The Secret Engine (part 2)

    The Race Against The Mammoth Car (part 1)

    The Race Against The Mammoth Car (part 2)

    The Most Dangerous Race (part 1)

    The Most Dangerous Race (part 2)

    The Most Dangerous Race (part 3)

    There are a host of special features included in the DVD that are a must for fans of this popular cartoon series.

    ...more info
  • He's a Demon On Wheels...
    Speed Racer, though a bit cheesy thanks to Chim-Chim and Spritle, is a top-notch classic series. No disrespect to those 2 characters though, it wouldnt be Speed Racer without them. Fans of the show can now own the first 11 episodes, which are great in setting up the rest of the series. How Speed is such a good racer, how Racer X came to be are some of the questions answered in these first episodes. The rubber tire packaging was a great touch and for what you are buying this is a great price. This is a series adults and kids alike will enjoy so I recommend picking it up. Who can resist the antics of the Racer family and Speed's great races? As far as extras there is nothing great here. There is a trailer for the 90's series, and it looks terrible. It is an abomination to animation. This series will seem even better after you see that so enjoy episodes 1-11 of Speed Racer, then buy Volume 2 with episodes 12-23. Episodes on this set are:
    The Great Plan (1&2)
    Challenge of the Masked Racer (1&2)
    The Secret Engine (1&2)
    The Race Against the Mammoth Car (1&2)
    The Most Dangerous Race (1,2&3)...more info
  • Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer GO!
    Its just how i remember it, the wonderful cheezy theam song and animation bring back so many memories for me and my husband. This is a deffenite must buy, we are planning on getting the rest of the DVD collection of it too.
    ...more info
  • Go, Speed Racer, Gooooooooooooooooooo!
    My only complaint is the original Trans-Lux credits and Speed Racer logo replaced with that uninspired '80s logo. Otherwise, the DVD plays fine and seeing one of my childhood pleasures again is of so good! :)...more info
  • Go Speed Go!
    When I stumbled upon this DVD in the Amazon Gold Box promotions... I was instantly hooked to buy! I remembered watching Speed Racer in the 70's as a kid and loving every minut, but dreading the cliff hanger endings because you couldn't always be sure to see the second part (without VCR's to record a week in advance we missed a lot!) Now, not only could I watch the first 11 episodes at once if I chose, but I could share Speed Racer with my kids (aged 7 and 4). I had a hunch they would be hooked... and you know, I was right! Speed Racer is like the precursor to Pokemon... without the monsters. In fact a lot of the poses Speed makes are like Ash Ketchum... The action... quick and cut away is similar at times. But that is beside the point, my kids were mesmerized by the story lines and the cliffhangers (perhaps it was cruel, but I forced them to watch only one episode a day...not the whole DVD as they would have gladly done... afterall, that is actually part of the experience.. that delayed gratification of seeing Speed beat the odds.)

    If you remember watching Speed Racer as a kid.. don't hesitate to buy this for your own and your kid's enjoyment... Speed Racer is awesome!...more info

  • Adventure's Waitin' Just Aheaaaaaaaad!
    The eleven episodes of Speed Racer on this DVD are a surefire way to bring nostalgic parents and their wide-eyed children closer together. I just got this and my four-year-old has barely watched anything else since it went in the DVD player. I'm not the world's biggest Chim-Chim and Spritle fan, but my son can't get enough.

    All I remember of the show from my childhood is the catchy refrain in the theme song and that I loved watching it. Personally, the problems people have had with the opening and closing titles being different aren't a big issue for me. And I'm not watching with a stopwatch, so time compression isn't a big deal either. The shows themselves are what I got the DVD for and as far as I'm concerned, they're great.

    That's not to say the DVD is perfect. I've noticed an occasional audio "chirping" glitch here and there, but not enough to be a problem. My biggest problem is that your viewing choices are limited to "play all" or each episode individually, and that you can't chapter advance while "playing all." So if I want to watch the three-part "The Most Dangerous Race" I can sit through the first 8 episodes or after watching episode 9, I have to push "play" again for ep. 10 and then again for #11. Not the biggest of deals, but along with the fact that the episodes aren't broken into chapters, either (if you stop watching 2/3rds of the way through, be sure to set a bookmark, or be ready to fast-forward forever), it makes it difficult to watch the DVD the way you want to watch it.

    The extras are nice, but nothing incredible (although the footage of the mid-90s remake makes you appreciate the original even more). A trivia section, explaining things like why Speed has a "G" on his shirt, or why cars change colors halfway through the big turn in the opening sequence, would have been nice. Granted, most of that is available on the Internet, but having it on the disk would have been better than pictures of a few items of Speed memorabilia with no context attached to them.

    I know this review has been mostly drawing attention to the DVD's flaws, but I still stand by my 5-star rating. The individual episodes are wonderful. The stories, while occasionally hokey, are engaging and fun. The artwork and sound are great. And then there's that theme song ... whoa Nellie! Minor gripes aside, this is a great DVD for young and old. Don't miss it....more info
  • what a trip
    this is a great dvd! i bought it for my six year old and we watched it together. it was awesome. it was more like two kids sitting on the couch. brings back the memories. ...more info
  • Such A Treat!
    When I saw the DVD for the first time, all the images came roaring back to me! I'd forgotten how much I loved this show until the movie came out and I've seen that 5 times now!

    So glad I got all five volumns, the picture quality is so much better than the old VHS tapes my brother has and the price is very resonable!

    My only complaint was that I had to buy a new DVD player to watch these on because they are so compact my DVD recorder which is only 2 years old can't play them...but still worth it to see my old friend Speed at it again!...more info
  • The Real Speed Racer
    Purchased for my 7 yo son and he loved the show. It left him wanting more, he could not get enough....more info
  • Speed Racer the first volume
    I guess I have always been into Japanese anime, since I was a little kid and now I am into the new anime. Speed Racer is an adventurous cartoon that my whole family grew up with and is glad we found the DVD. The new Speed Racer does not match up to the old, sorry to say....more info