Keep the Faith: A Memoir
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KEEP THE FAITH is Faith Evan's first person account of life at ground zero of hip-hop's greatest generation.- She'll share the truth about the love affair that changed her life, and the innuendo that rocked the hip-hop world to its core.- From her passionate and tragically short-lived life with Biggie, Faith will finally lay the true story on the line.- We'll get to see the good, the bad and the ugly side of P Diddy; nobody knew either quite as wellas Faith.

Customer Reviews:

  • Better than I expected!!
    I read JD's bio (garbage), Miss Jones, Supahead, Pepa's and so on. None of them were the page turner that this book was. This book is a must read for all my 30 somethings who were big on Hip Hop and R&B in the 90's. We all know about East Coast / West Coast beef and all that. This book gave Faith's perspective on everything that went down. Of course there are many more sides to the stories and rumors she addresses and if the parties involved want to write a book about it than I will read them too. Many of the negative comments focused on how the book was written. This book was well written in my opinion and I am a die hard reader. She started at the beginning and ended at the end. Grammatical missteps aside, I'm smart, it was easy to understand what was being said. She kept it street and entertaining at the same time. I didn't know she'd gone through so much. Props to Faith for a great read and for keeping her head up. Keep doing you lady!!...more info
  • Intrigued by my Brooklyn roots
    I read this book because I had to know the truth! I love to relive history and truly understand where someone's story is coming from. Faith went through a lot of the industry drama and success. As the Notorious BIG's wife she had nasty rumors said about her and became the center fold of a nasty battle. I wanted to hear her side and really understand where she was coming from. I though she bared it all whole heartedly and I liked that part. Some of it was a bit repetitive but overall I respect her hustle and realize it is not all the glamour its cracked up to be....more info
  • The realest there ever was
    I felt I was right there throughout the book. I couldn't put it down, I couldn't wait to get home from work to continue reading it, and when it was finished I was sad and bored. Faith has a way of making you believe and take the journey right with her, she is very oepn and blunt....more info
  • I was glued
    to this book from front to back. My measuring stick on how good the book is, is how fast I read it. I started late Saturday night and finished it the next day. I couldnt put it down! I was interested in Faiths life and the lives of those around her. I felt I got juicy tid bits about the biz. ...more info
  • Faith Tells All!
    I enjoyed reading Faith's bio. I think she really opened up her heart, and allowed the readers to get to know her for her. She has not really been recognized outside of her marriage to the late Notorious Big, but I think her book allows readers to see the individual. Faith is very talented. I was sad to see that she had suffered so much abuse and issues with multiple abortions, but the fact that she shared it in her book reveals that she is indeed human, and not exempt from making bad decisions.
    I think Faith showed us another side of her late husband. Big did have a loving side to him, but he also struggled with being faithful to her.
    Overall, the book is a must read. I am glad that I purchased it. I do believe that she was careful in her comments about Lil Kim, and some of the drama that was going on with the East Coast vs. West Coast rivalry.
    Great read!!! ...more info
  • I Couldn't Put This Book Down!
    I bought this book to read on a long flight out to Nevada and it did not disappoint...I couldn't put it down. Faith gives a very open and detailed account of her life and the book was written and edited very well. Overall, it was a very insightful look at her life, relationships and career. A must read!...more info
  • AMAZING!!!!
    This book is a must read for any Faith Evan fans, Biggie Fans or anyone who grew up in the Bad Boy/Death Row reign. She really goes in depth and gives an amazing view of her life and Biggie!...more info
  • This Book Should Have Been A Movie
    This book was awesome!!! Simply because I could not put It down and I grew up in the BadBoy era so alot of what she was relaying in the book I could identify especially going to the Tunnel nightclub in Manhattan and dancing to the latest hip hop and running into Mary J Blige and Misa. This book took me back to memory lane. Both Biggie and Faith were in love with each other but Big got caught up with being a celebrity.Strangely though after reading this book If Big was still alive I do believe he and Faith would have still been apart of each other's lives because they were never legally divorced and the baby they shared would have left a bond....more info
  • (RAW Rating: 3.5) - A Memoir
    Faith Evans is a woman who has been through a lot. Raised by distant relatives in Newark, New Jersey, Faith has seen both the good and the bad sides of life. Graced with beauty, talent, brains and determination, she is one child earmarked to make it out of the hood.

    The journey she took led her to make foolhardy choices that could have ended her career before it even began. From a pregnancy by an older drug dealer at the age of fifteen, to her ultimate rise as the reigning queen of "Bad Boy Records," Faith's life was played out, almost from the onset, for the whole world to see.

    She holds nothing back in this tell-all book as she chronicles her life and her relationships with husband, Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace, and up and coming music icon, Sean "Puffy" Combs, as well as many other well known hip hop musical giants.

    For those who are planning on seeing the soon to be released "NOTORIOUS" movie, KEEP THE FAITH is a must read.

    Reviewed by Jacqueline Moore
    for the RAWSISTAZ Reviewers...more info
  • player 4 life
    at first reading the book was a lil slow for me, i actually had to get into i would have never thought was so ganster lol. however for my lil kim fans omg she made the poor girl look so bad i even was like is this for real. she also keeps it all the way real a good read....more info
  • If you think you know have no idea!
    Wow, is all I can say. In just over 24 hours I read this entire book. I kept putting it down to savor it, but I just kept picking it rigth back up. I have been an avid fan of Faith since 1995 and am a die hard supporter of her to this day. I thought I knew everything there was to know about the First Lady, but after I read this book, I realized there was so much more. Her honesty and rawness will really make you appreciate all the struggles she went through. I dont know what the dude who rates her 2 stars was talking about, Faith by no means has painted herself to be innocent about anything. In fact she paints a picture of a young girl distraught and without the proper guidance and a lot of young ladies today should be able to read, relate and draw inspiration from this book. It's a must read for anyone who's ever loved Faith Renee Evans!...more info
    As someone who is a true lover of music (every genre) and sometimes overly obsessive with every aspect of my favorite stars lives, I will have to say that Keep The Faith is definitely a must read!!!

    I have been a fan of Faith's since her debut album and was very eager to get some closure of all the relationship rumors between Faith & Biggie, Puff, Mary J, Lil Kim, Charli Baltimore, Missy, Tupac and the list goes on and on. I appreciate Faith's honesty in this book. She painted a vivid picture of her life. The ups and downs, the good and the bad. There were so many questions from the fan regarding these broken relationship rumors and Faith's involvment with the West Coast (Tupac). Faith puts it all down in her book. I was intrigued with every chapter. I did not want to put the book down. Faith answered all my questions and so much more. I'm sure that this was healing for her as it did provide closure for me.

    Faith is "A True Champion" for sharing her story with the world.
    ...more info
  • Faith I will always love you as an artist and your work no matter what. LOYALTY
    First i must say that this book put me through a number of emotions. I laughed, I cried, I got angry and in the end i felt happy for Faith and as a fan i finally got closure . I remember clearly wondering back in 96-97 if any of the things said about faith in the media was true. I felt sorry for her. More because she didn't respond to any of the accusations in the media. I was more stuck because there are two sides to every story. I wanted for her to come out blazing on all the hatters but no response until now. Faith if you ever get to read this review I just wanna say that i am proud and happy for you. You have come a long way. Coming out with this book showed me that we have a lot in common. I too am a gemini and reading how you handled certain situation in life and people showed me we are a lot alike and that you are human just like everybody else. Reading your book was like theorpy for me. Many times i would laugh and say to my self while reading this book " I did the same thing too" But now that i am older i have learned to take care of me. Thank you Faith I put you on my list of favorite books right with the Coldest Winter ever. Your book was just that good . God Bless and remember to keep the faith. ...more info
  • Nonstop drama with the First Lady!
    I never expected this book to be as good it was! Wow! Faith opens up to readers and doesn't hold anything back in this book. She tells how she grew up, she lets us in on her relationships with the different men she dated and slept with including Biggie and her new husband Todd.

    Lil Kim, Missy, PDiddy, Tupac and Mary J..she gives us a front row seat to what REALLY went on with them in reference to her. (Lil Kim, Lil Kim, Lil Kim..shaking my head)

    I started this book and only put it down to cook, sleep and go to work. I laughed and cried as Faith told the events of her life from a little girl to a grown woman. This book was GOOD, GOOD, GOOD! It deserves more than just five stars!!...more info
  • I love Faith Evans!
    I've always enjoyed a few Faith Evans songs now and then. I've been listening to her music since the late 90's! I went to the bookstore and started reading this book. I think it's a really good memoir! I learned a lot about her and her background. She is very down-to-earth in this book. If you enjoyed Faith Evans's music over the years like me you'll probably like her book. So I might be a little biased since I am a fan of her music but this is a great book....more info
  • Beautiful!!!
    This book was fresh and takes a powerful and spiritual human being to open up their lives to hopefully inspire warts and all..after all the junk written by other so-called entertainers (i.e. Vixen person) Faith's words are truly refreshing...may she continue to inspire others as she has inspired me..Thanks Ms. Faith Evans, one with true talents and insights on life's journey!!!
    sincerely, Romeo...more info
  • Faith That Can Move Mountains
    First off I'm a huge fan of Faith Evans' music; I own all of her albums. With that being said I knew that this book would be a must read for me because although I love her music Faith remains somewhat of a recluse. I wouldn't categorize her private life as exactly being private especially not with being married to B.I.G and involved in the Tupac fiasco but most of what we as fans know about those situations are all rumor and speculation. Keep the Faith not only provides readers with her account of those situations but also allows you an opportunity to get to know Faith Evans the person.

    What I appreciated the most about the book was Faith's initial statement, "I also want people to understand that although he was a large part of my life, my story doesn't actually begin or end with Big's death." And from reading her memoir I found that statement to be 100% accurate. Faith provides a very candid look at her life and it was far from pretty. Some of the things she admits to doing you think would be found in an unauthorized biography but instead we have Faith herself exposing the good, the bad and the ugly.

    Topics from domestic violence, drug-use, infidelity, s.t.d's and abortions no stone is left unturned. Not to mention her feuds with Big's mistresses with the most notable ones being Lil Kim and Charli Baltimore. Add to that feuds with Puffy, Mary and Missy or even her normal celebrity relationships with Usher, Redman, Misa, 112, Al-B Sure, Christopher Williams, Whitney Houston and so many more and you have enough drama to keep readers glued to the pages.

    Especially readers like myself who entered adulthood in the 90's and can clearly remember when Bad Boy was actually on top. Just for her insightfulness into the music industry back then makes this book a must read. If you weren't a fan at the beginning of the book you will be one by the end as Faith truly proves that she can conquer anything!!!
    ...more info
  • must have
    this book was so great. if you love juciy stories with some surprise you will love this book. while reading this book you will get lost, the writter makes you feel like you are right there going through all of her struggles. i love this book. i took it with me every where and i do mean ever where i went....more info
  • Finally- a book about this golden age of music from someone who was part of it
    Like Faith says in the book, her story doesn't begin or end with Biggie. She was a musician before, and she still is today. It really does feel like she just wrote this just for you to read- you can almost hear her telling the stories. And she isn't afraid to make herself come out looking bad in a couple stories. It's great to read about this era in American music from someone who was a part of it, and not just a journalist. This is a good rainy Sunday curl up and read it in one sitting book. And if you haven't kept up with her music since the 90s, her last album, 2005's "The First Lady" is her best work ever. ...more info
  • Gives us Faith, the real person
    I remember the 90's when Mary J. and Faith hit the scene. I was in high school and college. I dyed my hair blonde and cut it short, not realizing that singers used weaves to change their looks and keep their hair healthy.

    I can't say I could relate to a lot of these ladies' songs, but I loved their music. You could really feel what they were singing (probably in part because of what they were experiencing personally while writing and performing these songs back in the day). In the mid- to late- '90s, I had only had two boyfriends, and with that, had experienced only a little heartbreak, a lot of drama, but no love.

    I like that Faith Evans opens her book, Keep the Faith, with a prologue that says that she had a life before and after her relationship and marriage to Biggie. We knew very little about it before this book.

    I heavily associated the thought of Faith with Biggie whenever I saw her on TV or read about her. I always just thought of her as his wife and a singer. It's not like the latest hip hop couple Jayonce, where both Beyonce and Jay-Z have had healthy careers that began long before their union.

    So reading Faith's memoir was eye opening. I was able to relate to her lack of assertiveness as a girl, her feistiness in defending her territory (Big), being somewhat sheltered in her upbringing, and then coming into her own as a full grown woman. In her book, she is candid and honest about her lack of thought in beginning intimate relationships, and most of us have been there.

    Faith takes us from her upbringing in Newark, NJ, to her years as a young teen, finding herself pregnant many times, but trying to pursue her dream of singing. You get to see her as her own person before anyone had ever heard of Biggie. She pulls no punches (pardon the pun) about her affairs and abusive relationships, as well as Biggie's escapades and demeanor about it all. She mentions beating down quite a few women along the way, which I never heard about before. And I never knew she smoked weed. She didn't portray that image.

    She also sets the record straight about matter such as how long she and Big were together before their wedding (two months, not nine days), and what really went down with Tupac. It was disheartening to read about how he and others put her through a lot without paying her for her work. But all the haters had to shut up when her first son CJ was born looking like a straight-up light-skinned version of Biggie.

    The tone of the book is conversational and matter-of-fact, not unlike Pepa's book (see my previous review, "Let's Talk About Pep"). It's as if Faith is sitting across from you on the couch telling you her story. She only talks about what she saw, knew, and experienced. It doesn't seem to me like she took sides on the controversial matters we heard about in the Bad Boy heyday-- she just tells it like it is. And she didn't make excuses for anyone's behavior. She appears to have gotten past her issues with Lil Kim, Mary J., and Missy. She doesn't hold grudges.

    I was hoping that Faith would end her book discussing what she's been up to in recent years, but she left that pretty vague. I was thinking maybe she would mention an upcoming album (with fewer ballads), but she doesn't give much detail there. We'll have to wait and see. I can only assume she is living her life peacefully as a mother and a wife. Hopefully, she will re-emerge soon with more good music, and step out of the shadows of Biggie and Bad Boy Entertainment once and for all. ...more info
  • Faith Evans is truly The First Lady
    Faith Evans is truly the "real deal"!! Her book was an excellent honest look at her life and Musical Career. I have always been a fan of her music, now I understand where she get all the passion and pain she puts in her music. She is truly "UNDERRATED" as a musical artist!! I look forward to her next project and Concert Tour! Faith has more talent class and style than Mary J Blige could ever have!! HATS OFF TO FAITH EVANS!!

    ...more info
  • New Fan for Faith
    I recently bought a bunch of books in this genre, because I love hip hop and I love the fact that all these women aren't afraid to tell their stories, which I believe is uplifting to women in a genre that is doggin them out right now.

    Well, Faith is no exception. I have always thought Faith could sing, but her albums never did as much for me as a Mary J. Blige or a Keyshia Cole joint, mainly because although she could sing I never knew her pain and her struggle. Maybe it was bad publicity on her label's part, but I just wasn't into her story.

    After reading "Keep The Faith," I have become a new Faith fan! I never knew all the things she comes clean about, and it was refreshing to hear a woman in the industry just tell the truth about what it's like. From the Biggie stuff to the bad boy stuff to all the stuff in her life (though I couldn't get into some of the technical singing things she went on and on about in the beginning), Faith has given hip hop one heck of a story to pick up. ...more info
  • The title says it all
    Very well written. This book speaks from her heart and she holds no punches. The love she had for Biggie shows. I'm glad she cleared up a lot of rumors that were out the there about her, I now have a new found respect for Mrs. Faith....more info
  • She shed some light on some things...
    This book kind of lags in the beginning. Faith seems really dumb for men in this book. I don't know what she saw in Big (rest his soul). But hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Anyway, I agree with whoever said that Faith is trying to paint herself as "lil miss innocent." I didn't know she smoked weed as much as she did, cried as much as she did, or beat Big's girlfriends down as much as she did. Then no matter what she still ended up having sex with Big after he was so blantant about cheating on her. Yes, Faith, you were an idiot for that one. I mean you were feeling Todd, but continued to sleep with Big. Come on now. Sorry, I just have to say what's on my mind right now. That whole Tupac situation threw me for a loop. Man, who knew he could be that heartless and crude. Although he's not here to defend himself, and we'll never hear his side to it, I think there's truth to her statements about that situation. She got screwed on that one.

    I do want to hear Mary's side of the story as to why she was upset with Faith. I don't care to much for Kim's version. We all know that chick is still immature and silly. There's just so many people mentioned in this book. I want to hear other sides, but I think we have to be contempt with Faith's story. I only suggest this book to people who are hardcore Faith Evans fans or if you want to know the truth about the whole Tupac situation. Other than that, don't buy it. ...more info
  • Dis is hot
    This book is off the hook. I'm glad she is able to tell her side of the story. Before this book even hit the shelves, people were talking about how she didn't know what she was saying and truthfully speaking they don't know either but at least we have an insider who saw it all. I Believe she is telling the truth. ...more info